A Look Into Tyler’s Life Ch. 01

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*Beep, beep* *beep, beep* A loud beeping filled my room as y alarm went off again. Slapping snooze I turned over to get a couple more minutes of sleep, when my mom walks in.

“Tyler, get up, you have school today”

I was tempted to start the cheesy; but mooooom… stuff, but it was the first day of school. Maybe I won’t start with a bad record, for once.

Running to my bus stop, I realized that this year, I was finally a senior.As well as an adult, having turned 18 in early July. Time to rag on the freshmen. When I got to the stop, my friend Rick was already there talking to his girlfriend, Jannette, the biggest bitch at school. I don’t know what he sees in her. But whatever.

When I arrived in class; I immediately fell asleep. To bad about turning over a new leaf. Awoken by the bell, I took off to second period: Environmental Sciences. My day went on in a sleepy blur from there, not sure if I ever actually made it to third period or not.

When the final bell of the day sounded, I started to go home, when I remembered what Coach Farsely said last year. We’re meeting up at the swim hall for orientation. Damn topkapı escort it, I almost forgot. I was a few minutes late, but it was all good. Coach was to busy handing out information to the new guys on the team.

Looking at all of my new teammates, I noticed him. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s not like I was totally surprised that we would be getting new swimmers on the team every year or anything, but still, someone should have told us how hot he would be. His dark hair and light green eyes, muscular body. Damn, I just couldn’t stop staring at him, it was a miracle I hadn’t dropped to my knees in mock worship of this statuesque figure. I wondered what his name was?

Walking over to him, I decided I should ask himm who he was, and what grade he was in, cause he was most definitely not a Freshmen.

“Hey there”

He looked at me rather startled.

“Umm, hi?”

His voice was really amazing. It wasn’t to deep. Nor to high. Just perfect.

“I noticed you standing over here, all seperate from he rest of class and thought you might need a friend.”

Turns out we ride the same etiler escort bus, but he had been dropped off by his Mom this morning. I learned the he was also a senior, and 18, though younger than me having turned 18 in August right before school started. I asked him why he transferred in his senior year, but all he said was he didn’t want to talk about it. And that was the end of that.

Going home, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Whether he was gay, or bi. I seriously hoped he wasn’t straight. Getting to my room, I locked the door, since I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I might as well enjoy myself with it.

Sliding my hand down my chest, to the top part of my gym shorts, I slipped my hand into my briefs, and feeling myself, I just started thinking about his face, and couldn’t help myself but get hard. Sliding my hand against my dick, I imagined that I was kissing those soft lips. The lower just slightly fuller than the upper lip. Caressing it with my tongue, slipping my hand down his chest and pulling his shirt up. Thinking about what I wanted to do to him, I saw myself tugging the zipper of his jeans ataköy escort down, slipping my hand into the dark place where his dick was. Oh how I wanted these thoughts to be true. Sliding my hand against my dick, the rough texture of my dry hand tugging against the soft, smooth feeling of my crotch. I wanted to use some lube, but I was all out. Then I remembered a porno I saw once, Spitting into my hand, I rubbed my hand down my shaft, feeling the soft suppleness of my dick, it wasn’t as rough now, and felt so good. I saw myself bending down to take him into my mouth, god I wanted him so bad. Rubbing faster, and faster, I saw myself being bent over, his tongue sliding down my back, to the bone at the base of my spine, his lips sucking slightly on it, then him continuing down to slip his mouth agianst my ass. I started to rub my finger against my asshole, imagining that was him, I wanted him to fill me, I was still jerking so hard, feeling myself shudder, I came all over my stomach, the warmth felt good, I wanted him to give me this. So badly.

Hearing a knock at my door, I realized I better clean myself up.

“Tyler, Rick’s here, he wants to know if you want to hang out”

Wiping myself off, I told my mom to tell him just a sec. Running to my bathroom, I got some water on a rag, and cleaned myself. Running out to the living room, he was at the door “Wanna shoot some hoops” he asked. “Sure”

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