A New Beginning Ch. 08

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This is a story about lesbian older-younger domination/submission. I strongly recommend to all readers to read previous chapters first. All characters in the story are fictional and at least 18.

Chapter 8.

Ah, the starry night…

For centuries it had been a source of mystique and awe, a symbol of unknown and questions unanswered. Yet, at the same time, it had also been an inspiration for romance and love. Did it play a role in the first human romance on this earth? Were those two hearts holding their hands and whispering words of love, while the stars, silent as ever, were sharing their subtle light and smiling down on that first couple? Millennia went by, but the fascination with the night’s sky never stopped. How many hearts had told their most intimate secrets gazing at its magnificence? Kings and queens, noble men and women, peasants and workers had found such beauty and power in the starry night. Van Gogh had painted it from the window of his asylum in 1889, wondering, and seeking universe only knows what… and even though the view in southern France, at the end of 19th century, was quite different from the one Diana and Jenny had before their eyes, the starry night they were looking at was just as mesmerizing…

“Do you ever try to imagine what is up there?” Jenny asked, her tone of voice hushed, as if not to disturb the perfection of the moment.

“Sometimes…” Diana answered in a similar tone of voice.

They were sitting in Diana’s backyard, sipping wine, with only a lone candle to serve as a source of light. The faint sound of music pervaded the relative darkness, as they gazed at the night sky, holding their hands.

“As a young girl, I used to think that every star represents a person who lived on Earth at some point…” Diana said after a moment of silence.

“But not anymore?” Jenny asked, turning her head towards Diana.

“Let’s just say that over time, I have become more cynical,” Dina said with a chuckle.

“I like to think that on many of those stars there are worlds… worlds created by our imagination. Middle Earth, Oz, Wonderland… all those worlds exist somewhere up there, we just can’t reach them,” Jenny said after a brief pause. Diana turned her head to look at her. Somehow, it seemed to her that Her Pet’s lovely eyes were reflecting starlight.

“In that case, we should create a world of our own!” Diana exclaimed.

“Ohh… My Lady, that is such an amazing idea!” Jenny said, with obvious enthusiasm.

“So, let’s see… It would be a big world, with many different races… and it has Elves… it must have Elves!” Jenny said matter of fact.

“We should also create some bad guys… We don’t want it to be boring,” Diana said and added, “

…maybe some alien invaders?”

“Elves and aliens? My Lady, what kind of fantasy have you been reading?” Jenny said with a smirk.

“We must be innovative! Everybody can come up with Elves and Orcs, but Elves and aliens… Maybe some aliens with mind controlling abilities… Maybe they aren’t strong physically, but they can attack the minds of Elves and humans…” Diana said.

“Hmm… I am warming up to the idea… Now, there should be a human kingdom as well, with knights, wizards and sorceresses…”

“And a Queen… no, an Empress!” Diana said, pointing at herself.

“Yes, Your Highness…” Jenny said, feeling a touch of arousal at the very idea of it.

“Then I would be your personal servant, but also your bodyguard, hiding in plain sight… I would need to have some Jedi-like powers…” Jenny said, obviously thinking about her abilities.

“I would need to be a powerful sorceress as well,” Diana said.

“Hmm… nah. You are an Empress because you were born to rule, and the mere sight of you makes your subjects kneel in worship, but otherwise, you are just a gentle flower who needs me to protect her from all danger… A true damsel!” Jenny said, trying to keep a straight face.

“Shut up!” Diana said, both of them laughing at it for a while.

“You know how in movies, when we see certain landscapes or cities, or even when we first see a smaller scene, like when the palace is shown, or the throne room or some love scene…there is always some appropriate background music?” Jenny said, after their laugh settled down.


“I’ve always loved that… The music always adds so much to any scene, to any landscape… I want that in our fantasy world. I want a different and appropriate tune for every place in our world…”

“I think that is a fantastic idea, My Pet… I would also love to see people dancing to that music. Can you imagine being in the forest, listening to its song and dancing with the Elves…”

“Hmm, yeah…” Jenny said with hesitation. Diana noticed her sudden change of mood.

“My Pet?”


“Did that idea upset you?”

“No, My Lady… I mean, maybe…” Jenny said reluctantly.


“It doesn’t matter really…”

“Jenny?!” istanbul travesti Diana’s voice had just a hint of authority, but it was enough for Jenny to cave.

“I don’t know how to dance…” Jenny said in hushed tone, her face blushing with shame.

“You don’t know how to dance?!” Diana asked, surprised.


“Oh, My Pet… Why would you be ashamed of that?” Diana said, smiling lovingly.

“Because I can’t figure it out… I always move so awkwardly when I try…”

“Don’t you worry, My Pet. It just happens to be that I am quite a good dancer myself, so I am going to teach you… and we are going to start right now,” Diana said, getting up from the reclining chair and pulling Jenny to her feet. Jenny got up, but there was some reluctance in her moves.

“She seems so intimidated by dancing… Well, it is time to correct that,” Diana thought, seeing the hesitation on Jenny’s face. Diana pulled at her hand until they were at the patio. She put some slow romantic music on.

“Put your hand on my shoulder… there… now just follow my body… just gently sway with the music… Don’t think about it; just let the music guide you…” Diana said, starting the slow dance.

Jenny started swaying awkwardly, her body still tense under Diana’s touch. Diana caressed her back soothingly, trying to make her relax. She loved the feel of Jenny’s slight and slender body through the thin fabric of her dress. Even in the faint candlelight, she could tell Her Pet looked so stunning. Jenny was wearing a lovely dark blue dress that fit her cute body perfectly. She was wearing subtle make up and lovely earrings, a gift from Diana. Diana was wearing a tight fitting black dress, and she enjoyed the touch of Jenny’s hand on her hip. They were both so dressed up, even if it was just a romantic evening in the back yard…

After a minute, Diana slipped her high heels off. She was towering over Jenny too much. She wanted to be closer to Her Pet’s lovely lips. She kissed her lightly, feeling Jenny’s warm breath, lightly scented by the wine.

“Yes… that’s it, my love…” Diana purred in Jenny’s ear, feeling Her Pet finally relax in her arms. The awkwardness and tightness of Jenny’s moves was going away. Her body had melted in Diana’s arms, and she was unconsciously following the swaying of Diana’s hips.

“See, you can dance after all,” Diana said, touching foreheads with Jenny.

“This dance is maybe the easiest, but it is also the most important one… This is the dance of romance and love… the one I intend to dance with you a million times more…” Diana said, kissing Her Pet once again. Jenny kissed her back, savoring Her Lady’s lips. She smiled, realizing she was actually dancing!

“We should make time to dance every night…. Or we can just never stop…” Diana said, nuzzling Jenny’s neck and inhaling her scent. She felt the warmth of Jenny’s body; she could feel her arousal, yet neither of them wanted to move past kissing, and even their kisses were gentle and romantic…. It just felt right.

Time passed and they were still just dancing, completely oblivious of anything else. Jenny’s head was leaning on Diana’s shoulder, her eyes closed, and her face showing absolute happiness. Diana was watching her with love and occasionally kissing her sweet lips. The night was resonating with the sound of “Time After Time,” by Cindy Lauper, and Diana started humming the song, placing light kisses to Jenny’s neck. Jenny was smiling happily, her eyes still closed, her mind wandering through stars and galaxies, imagining all the worlds where Diana and Jenny existed and wondering if they were just as madly in love everywhere. The chorus hit, and Diana started singing in hushed voice…

“If you’re lost you can look and you will find me,

Time after time…

If you fall, I will catch you, I’ll be waiting…

Time after time…”

Jenny’s lips started moving by itself and she joined Her Lady, whispering the song, so only Diana could hear it…

“I love you,” Jenny whispered, opening her eyes and searching for Her Lady’s face.

“I love you more…” Diana whispered back.

“You can’t love more than infinity… math never lies,” Jenny said, smiling at Diana.

“Oh, shut up…” Diana whispered, and shut Jenny’s lips up by kissing her sensually.

The song finished, and many other songs followed after, until Diana and Jenny started to feel the effect of wine and late hours. They went to take a shower together, humming and dancing even in the shower…

Sometime later, Diana was lying in her bed, listening to the sound of Jenny’s rhythmic breathing.

“What a perfect evening it was…” Diana thought, while gently caressing Jenny’s hair. Jenny was sound asleep, using Diana’s breast as a cushion. They always slept naked, as they loved the feel of each other’s bare skin.

“…even though it didn’t go as planned…or maybe because of it, who knows anymore…”

Diana istanbul travestileri had decided that she was going to give some wonderful and long overdue orgasms to Her Pet, yet the evening had been so romantic and gentle and so perfect, that she felt sex wouldn’t really fit into it. On the other hand, it had been over a month since the last time Jenny had an orgasm, and Diana wanted to give relief to Her Pet, yet somehow, she couldn’t really find the right moment and mood to do it. She felt that after such a long wait, Jenny’s orgasm had to be something special and memorable, but all the situations so far seemed too plain, so they both fell into their usual cycle, where Jenny spent hours just satisfying Her Lady and getting no relief herself.

Diana sighed. Was she just making up excuses to prolong Jenny’s chastity?

“I don’t know anymore… This past month has been truly amazing. Her lack of relief has been so sexually stimulating for both of us. I can’t remember ever having this much sexual desire and energy… But it gave us so much more than that. It has made both of us much bolder… Jenny especially. I don’t know if it’s because of all the pent up arousal or something else, but there is some newfound… freedom in the way she behaves. She isn’t timid about showing her affection in public anymore. The other day she gave me a sensual kiss in the middle of the park, with dozens of people watching. In the cafe, she took my finger, dipped it in the cream and then sucked on it so sensually that I thought I was going to come right there and then…”

Diana felt an immediate rise in arousal at the thought, and she looked down at Her sleeping Pet. Her mouth was half open and even in the darkness, Diana could see Jenny was drooling lightly in her sleep. She giggled at the sight, wiping the drool and caressing Her Pet lovingly. Jenny stirred slightly, as if to check her cushion was still there, and then continued to sleep, her lips almost touching Diana’s nipple.

“Yes… She has also started to dress more womanly, preferring skirts and dresses and wearing make up whenever we are in the city… She has even started wearing heels – something that was unthinkable before… And I must say she looks so damn hot,” Diana thought, her hand moving to caress Jenny’s thighs. She squeezed her cute ass lightly, suddenly wishing Jenny were awake. Nights when Diana went to bed without getting a few orgasms at least were very rare and her body was asking for it.

“This is how My Pet feels most of the time, only tenfold… I guess I should practice it myself sometimes, to better understand the feeling and the thoughts that come from it,” Diana thought, stopping any thoughts of masturbation. Her hand was aching to go between her thighs, but she rejected the idea right there. She laughed inwardly at her own eagerness and lust. The wait would only make her next orgasm that much better. Her thoughts went back to the wonderful and incredibly romantic evening she had spent with Jenny. Even the intensity of their romance seemed to be affected by Jenny’s lack of release…

“It seems incredible that all that came from the simple orgasm denial… But I can’t keep denying her forever… I don’t want to! Yet somehow, I feel like am finding reasons to extend the denial, as if I am afraid that this incredible energy will somehow disappear, as absurd as that sounds… More than that, I feel like Jenny thinks that as well, so even though she gets madly aroused every day, she doesn’t give me those pleading looks that beg for release anymore… or am I once again just fooling myself and seeking justification to extend her chastity… Damn it, I have a Ph.D. in psychology, yet I suck at reading myself…”

The sleep wouldn’t come easy this night, and the arousal she was feeling wasn’t helping either… She wondered how Jenny found it so easy to fall asleep every night in her state. Her Pet would always find a part of Diana’s body to gently nurse on, no matter if it was Diana’s neck, shoulder, breast or foot. Feeling Diana’s taste and scent seemed to have an incredibly calming and lulling effect on Jenny.

“I am so going to try it one night… Falling asleep while sucking on My Pet’s sweet breasts has to bring some first rate dreams…” Diana thought, chuckling inwardly.

“But not tonight… I don’t want to move and risk waking her…” Diana thought, closing her eyes and awaiting that elusive sleep…

The vibration from her wristwatch woke Jenny from her sleep. She yawned, putting a hand on her mouth. She wouldn’t want to wake Her Lady. It was early morning and she was feeling sleepy, but sleeping in was out of the question. She regarded her household duties with utmost devotion and responsibility, as much as Her Lady encouraged her that it is okay to ease up. She gazed at Diana’s sleeping body and smiled. Her Lady had obviously been restless during the night, as she was sleeping in an awkward position. The cover was almost travesti istanbul completely pushed aside and Diana’s sexy body was on display. Unable to resist, Jenny started placing small kisses all over Diana’s body, starting from her face and making way towards her toes, making sure not to miss any spot.

“Every bit of this gorgeous body deserves proper worship…” Jenny thought, feeling an immediate rise in her arousal. It was incredible how she had gotten used to the feeling of constant arousal. It felt like a permanent fire in her body that gave her extra energy for almost any activity. At first, it was insanely distracting and she found it hard to concentrate, especially when Her Lady would lounge and tease her with that magnificent body of hers. Lately though, her body seemed to have adjusted to it, so now it mostly gave her a strong feeling of excitement. Her mind wandered to that moment several nights ago, when Her Lady gave her a choice to satisfy or be satisfied. It seemed a tough choice at the time, yet now she smiled thinking about it.

“As if it was possible to decide anything else… Giving pleasure to My Lady is what gives me the most pleasure also… Maybe not to my body, but to my mind… There is nothing more satisfying than feeling her body convulse in ecstasy, than seeing her satisfied smile and seeing her eyes gazing at me with such love and passion…” Jenny thought, closing her eyes and smiling at the very thought of that special moment. She placed one last kiss on Her Lady’s lips, and after she covered the sleeping body properly, she sneaked out of the room to start her day.

She went into the kitchen, wearing nothing but her slippers. It felt so liberating to walk around naked. She turned on the stove and took out the frozen croissants. There was plenty of time to take a shower while the stove heated up. She went into shower, the warm water caressing her body and removing the last bit of sleepiness. She rubbed her body with body lotion, her hips swaying, her hands moving sensually and rubbing her small breasts. She loved to fantasize during the shower. She would imagine she was on stage, performing for Her Lady, like a slave girl doing an exotic dance for her queen. When she danced and swayed in the shower, her moves never felt awkward or out of place. Her body was moving for Her Lady and that made all the moves sensual and passionate. As her hands roamed all over her body, she finally rubbed some lotion in her pussy, taking care not to rub more than was necessary. It wouldn’t take much rubbing for her orgasm to explode, she was sure of that. Oh, her body would relish it no doubt, but her mind… She would feel like a thief, stealing something that was Her Lady’s by right.

“She would just kiss me and smile… and say that I am the master of my pleasure and that it doesn’t change anything… But I would mind! I don’t want an orgasm that doesn’t come from her wish… It wouldn’t feel satisfying, it wouldn’t feel right…” Jenny thought as she was drying her body with a towel. She slipped into her usual ‘work’ clothes and tied her lovely blonde hair in a ponytail. Her Lady loved to see it.

“I will wait as long as it takes… a year, ten years… it doesn’t matter. This feeling of constant arousal, this excitement has been so mind-blowing… I feel so liberated and full of life…” Jenny thought, walking towards the kitchen to prepare the breakfast for Her Lady. She licked her lips, knowing she would get a much better dish for breakfast, while Her Lady drank her coffee and ate the fruit and croissants…


Diana sighed loudly, making her secretary raise her head in question.

“I just have so many things weighing on my mind,” Diana said in explanation.

“Anything I can help you with?” Rachel, her secretary, asked.

“I am afraid not, but thanks for asking,” Diana replied with appreciation.

She was feeling so giddy at work today. Consequence of skipping her morning orgasm on top of skipping it last night, no doubt. She smiled, remembering how surprised Jenny was when she told her she wasn’t in the mood this morning. Jenny had undoubtedly seen through her, as her pussy was clearly wet, and it was hard to hide the obvious arousal on her face. Actually, it was quite unclear who was aching more; Jenny, to put her lips and tongue on the object of her worship, or Diana, to get some release by those same wonderful lips… Yet, Her Pet had only nodded, carrying a smirk on her face, and then went back to savoring Diana’s feet.

“Oh, the wait will be so worth it, when I finally let Jenny do her magic in the afternoon…” Diana thought, struggling to focus on the work. It wasn’t just the arousal, it was the question of Jenny’s prolonged chastity that kept coming back to her.

“I can’t seem to find the right answer… Maybe I need a different perspective? Maybe a change of venue would do the trick?” Diana thought, suddenly feeling enthusiastic. An idea was forming in her head and she couldn’t wait to tell it to Her Pet.

“Oh I am going to surprise her today… She will be so happy when she hears it…but not before I get some worship and release from that loving tongue…” Diana thought, her decision making it possible to finally put her thoughts aside and delve into work.

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