A New Friend

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Brad sat on the sofa in Ted and Patti’s playroom, glancing around he liked what he saw. He and Ted had met on Craigslist each looking for bi and bi curious friends. Ted had been bi for quite awhile, he had always been bi-curious. Once he and Patti had reconnected after many years of being apart he realized he was really bi. Patti had brought out many feelings that he had kept hidden from everyone. There were very few people who knew that Ted liked to be with a man on occasion. It wasn’t an everyday thing, just once in awhile he wanted to give and receive pleasure from a man.

Patti had stood by his side and encouraged him in his desires, telling him that there was nothing wrong with the way he felt. In fact she got VERY turned on watching him with other men. There were times she would end up joining them for a threesome and other times she would just watch and she’d bring herself to a hot and wet climax.

“Here you go…” Ted said as he walked into the room handing Brad a beer. Ted didn’t usually drink but once in while he’d have a cold one. Ted and Brad had even talked about meeting up when, Patti had decided to go shopping for the day with her girlfriend. Ted didn’t mind her going and having a day of girl time and shopping, it gave them a chance to be a part for a bit. They loved spending as much time together as they could, but they also knew too much time together could be bad for a relationship. He had mentioned to her that Brad might be coming over.

“Thanks.” Brad said accepting the beer Ted offered him. “I really like this room, it’s great.”

“Thanks, we like it.” Ted said as he sat down on the sofa next to Brad. “It was the wife’s idea to have a special place where we could have privacy and play and enjoy ourselves.”

“Smart lady, is that a 65 inch set?” Brad asked looking at the television that covered most of one wall.

“Sure is, it has a great picture and the sound is fantastic.” Ted said reaching for the remote and turning the set on.

“Surround sound?” Brad asked wondering what porn would look like on the screen.

“Oh yeah, how about we watch a DVD?” Ted asked getting up and walking over to the cabinet where the DVD’s were kept. Unlocking the cabinet Ted took out quite a few DVD’s. “The wife and I also like to make our own video’s.”

“Oh yeah?” Brad asked interested, he wouldn’t mind seeing some home made porn.

“Let me tell you, my wife is one horny woman.” Ted explained as he looked through the dvd’s. He picked a DVD and put it into the player and hit play.

“Is that a bad thing?” Brad asked with a chuckle.

“Well, not really she could suck and fuck every day and not get tired of it.”

“You’re a lucky man.”

“Yes, I am very lucky.” Ted admitted settling back onto the sofa. He had to admit he wasn’t in the mood everyday like his sweet wifey was. But over all they had a great life together and they supported each other in everything. Ted encouraged Patti to find herself a girlfriend she could play with. Her close friend Kate wasn’t always around when Patti wanted or needed some pussy. Ted and Patti had a few “special” friends thay spent time with. They did enjoy the swinging lifestyle but it wasn’t something they did all of the time. Once every two or three months they would have a few couples over for a “Weekend get together”. They had great times but sometimes they liked to have some fun just one on one with another person. That’s why Ted had answered Brad’s ad on Craigslist.

“Oh this is one of our favorites.” Ted said as the video started.

On the screen Brad saw a nice looking older man sitting on the same sofa he was sitting on. The man had his legs spread and Ted was down on his knees between the man’s legs. The man was naked and so was Ted.

“Aww do it, stroke my cock.” the man was moaning as Ted stroked his hard cock.

“You like that Jack?”

“You know I do.” Jack said as he looked down and watched as Ted bent his head and licked the head of Jack’s cock. “Mmmm.” he moaned as Ted took the head of his dick into his mouth. “Suck it.”

“Fuck.” Brad whispered as he watched the action on the screen. He wouldn’t mind getting his cock sucked, he thought as he watched Ted taking that cock deeper into his mouth.

“Jack has a nice dick, taste great too.” Ted said noticing that Brad was getting a bulge in the front of his already tight jeans.

“I’ve only sucked a few guys and fucked one.” Brad said as he continued to watch Ted licking and sucking Jack’s big hard cock. Brad rubbed himself through his jeans.

“I’ve sucked a few but the situation had to be right, the wife loves to watch me suck and get sucked by another man.” Ted explained wondering how fast to try and get things started. It’s not like both of them didn’t know why Brad was there. They both wanted to lick and suck some dick.

On the screen Jack was in heaven as Ted sucked his dick, Ted was bobbing up and down on Jack’s rock hard cock. “Mmmm” Ted moaned as he tasted Jack’s pre-cum.

“Oh yeah,” Jack moaned louder as Ted licked kurtköy escort his way to Jack’s balls. Licking Jack’s balls was great. Ted was so hot and fucking horny. He reached down with one hand and stroked his own hard cock, as he sucked Jack’s balls.

“He looks like he’s enjoying it.” Brad said as he had to finally unzip his jeans and pull his hardening cock out. “You do know how to suck a dick.”

“The wife taught me.” Ted said watching Brad stroking his cock. “I uh could help you with that Buddy.” Ted said as he stood up and quickly got undressed.

“Be my guest.” Brad told Ted as he also stood and stripped naked.

Ted noticed that Brad had a nice size cock, cut just the way he liked a guy. Moving closer to where Brad stood, Ted sat back down and reached for Brad’s dick.

“Nice cock you have.” Ted said as he stroked Brad’s cock. It felt so good in his hand, hard and starting to leak pre-cum.

“Lick it.” Brad whispered watching as Ted stroked his cock.

Ted bent his head and licked the tip of that hard dick. “Mmmm.” he moaned tasting pre-cum. Damn, Brad tasted great. Swirling his tongue all over the head of Brad’s cock, he slowly took the head of Brad’s cock into his mouth. He loved to suck cock and taste another man’s pre-cum. Ted sucked slowly and gently on the hard dick in his mouth. Taking his time wanting to make it last. He wondered if Patti would walk in on them. He didn’t mind if Patti joined them but there were times when he liked to know she was sitting back and playing with herself as he and another man brought each other off. It was hot to him knowing that he and another man could satisfy each other.

Brad wasn’t even watching the screen anymore he was watching Ted sucking him, even though he could hear the moaning coming from the television. “Suck me.” Brad groaned grabbing Ted by the back of his head and pushing his cock deeper into Ted’s willing mouth. “Just like that.” Brad said as Ted fucked that cock with his mouth. Up and down he took that hard member, still tasting pre-cum.

Brad reached for his own nipples and pinched and twisted them as he felt Ted take his cock as deep as he could. “Fuck, Ted you are great keep sucking me.” he said as he started to fuck Ted’s mouth.

“Ummm.” Ted moaned around the cock in his mouth, he loved the taste of cock. Still stroking his hard dick he continued to suck Brad, slowly making it last.

Ted had to pull away from Brad for a few seconds to catch his breath. Gasping for air he sat back on the sofa. “I love sucking your cock Brad.”

“I love you sucking me.” Brad said as he glanced over at the Queen size bed. “Nice bed you have there.” he commented as he stroked himself.

“Thanks, care to try it out.” Ted suggested getting up and walking over to the bed. “Why don’t we 69, suck each other at the same time.”

“Good idea.” Brad agreed as he followed and made himself comfortable on the bed.

Ted sat down on the bed next to Brad. Suddenly leaning into Ted, Brad kissed him. Ted was surprised, but not put off by the kiss, it was actually kind of hot to be kissed by another man.

Brad reached over and took Ted’s cock in his hand, stroking him. “I want to suck you.”

Not saying a word they each turned facing each other’s feet, side by side they laid on the bed. Reaching for each other they took each other’s hard cock’s in their hands, stroking and licking.

“Damn, if I didn’t like pussy so much I’d be gay.” Brad thought to himself as he sucked on the head of Ted’s hard cock.

“Fuck yeah.” Ted thought as Brad sucked his cock, he did love to be sucked off.

Nothing better than a good blow job to help you relax Ted thought as Brad took his cock deeper. In and out they sucked each other, licking and slurping on each other’s hard dicks. The moaning was getting a bit loud, but they were enjoying each other. The DVD was finally finished and there was static coming from the television.

Both men were in heaven sucking and tasting each other. Ted took Brad’s cock as deeply as he could as he stroked Brad’s balls.

Brad was loving the way Ted was sucking his cock, he wanted to cum but on the other hand he wanted it to last.

Patti and Stacy were lying on Stacy’s bed, after having just ate each other’s pussies.

“It sure was nice to have a day together, it gets so lonely when Phil has to go out of town.” Stacy said. “are you sure Ted won’t be upset if he finds out we played?”

“Oh no, as long as he knows before hand he’s fine with it.” Patti said reaching between Stacy’s spread legs, she slid her finger’s into Stacy’s still wet slit. “Mmm pussy juice.” Patti said as she brought her wet fingers to her mouth, tasting Stacy’s pussy. “I told him we’d probably end up in your bed.”

“You’re spoiling me.” Stacy said with a giggle.

“Admit it you just LOVE my pussy.” Patti said as she got up and walked toward Stacy’s bathroom.

“Well, yeah that too.” Stacy agreed following Patti into the bathroom, starting the shower she stepped in under the hot water.

“Make bayan kurtköy escort room for me.” Patti said joining Stacy under the hot water. “I’m just so bad, I made you such a slut.” Patti said reaching for the soap and soaping Stacy up.

“Yes, you did.” Stacy agreed liking the feeling of Patti’s hands on her body. They didn’t get together like this very often but she had been very lonely and needed to get out of the house for some girl time.

“But isn’t it fun?” Patti said rinsing the soap from Stacy’s body.

“Oh yes, a lot of fun.” Stacy said as she returned the favor and soaped Patti’s body and gently washed her off. “There nice and squeaky clean.” she said smacking Patti’s ass.

” Yeah I like that.” Patti said with a evil giggle.

“I’ll spank you next time.” Stacy told her as she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.

“Is that a promise?”


Meanwhile on the other side of town…

“Suck me.” Ted moaned, while relaxed against the headboard of the bed. Looking down he watched Brad licking his balls and stroking his cock at the same time. Jack was great at sucking cock and so were a few more of Ted’s friends but Brad had most of them beat by a long shot. Brad just seemed to be so into it, he really liked doing it. It seemed to turn Brad on when he sucked cock. Ted had been with some guy’s who did like to suck and lick cock but they just did it to get the end result, cum down their throats. It was if they liked to do it but they were forcing themselves. Ted glanced over and saw a bottle of massage oil on the bedside table.

Brad laid across the foot of the bed licking Ted’s big balls, he loved licking them, the taste, everything. He wondered if Ted had ever been fucked by a man before. He was thinking of how to approach the subject in case Ted didn’t care for that. Slowly he licked his way past Ted’s balls and he licked lower.

Ted teased his nipples, pinching them, tugging on them, he did love to have his nipples played with and especially sucked on. He had loved it from the very first time Patti had done that for him. He gasped as he felt Brad licking around his asshole. Brad spread Ted’s ass cheeks apart and licked gently. “Fuck.” Ted whispered as he felt Brad’s tongue licking around his anus. He had thought about maybe trying anal play at some point, maybe today was the day.

Ted laid there with his eyes closed, enjoying the sensations of Brad’s hot tongue licking his ass hole. He wished that Patti could be here to see this. He knew it would really turn her on, he could just see her sitting on the sofa, watching as Brad teased and licked her husbands ass.

Brad was loving licking and flicking his tongue across Ted’s hole, he wondered if he should try and go further. Taking a chance he licked his finger, gently he rubbed his finger across Ted’s anus. He heard Ted moan when he did that.

“I want your ass…” Brad said hoping Ted would agree, but he wouldn’t be upset if Ted had said no. “Ummm.” he moaned as he started to tongue Ted’s asshole.

Ted was surprised by the feeling, it did feel nice, different. He wanted more, he even would let Brad finger his ass if he had wanted too. They could always stop if he didn’t like it. “More.” Ted said when he felt Brad start to gently insert his finger inside of Ted’s ass.

“Are you sure?” Brad asked looking up at Ted, he didn’t want to hurt him, he wanted them to both enjoy themselves.

“Yes.” Ted said looking down at Brad, waiting to feel Brad’s finger entering his tight asshole.

“I’ll be easy.” Brad said as he went back to licking Ted’s tight hole. Brad ate Ted’s ass like he was starving.

Ted reached down and stroked his cock, jacking himself slowly. God, Brad’s mouth, tongue and finger’s felt so good on his ass. “Here, use this.” Ted said as he tossed the oil to Brad.

Taking the bottle of edible oil Brad poured a bit of it across Ted’s balls and ass, rubbing the oil in he made sure it was nice and slick.

“Nice.” Ted said as he felt the oil being massaged into his balls, felt it running down over his ass. He liked the feeling, so hot and sexy.

After taking a shower with Stacy, Patti got dressed and asked Stacy to give her a ride home. She knew that Ted was going to try and hook up with Brad today and she was hoping to walk in on them. Walking into the house, she looked around for Ted, seeing a strange car in the driveway she knew Ted had company. Quietly she went upstairs to the bedroom and she undressed, slipping into a robe she walked back downstairs.

“Yeah, lick me.” she heard Ted say as she silently walked down the stairs. There was Ted lying on his back on the bed, legs spread and a sexy young man down between his legs, licking his ass.

“Looks like I got home just in time.” Patti thought to herself as she got to the bottom of the steps. The hadn’t seen or heard her, she hoped she would get to watch some before they noticed her. Walking over to the toy cabinet she picked a couple of her favorite toys. escort bayanlar She would love to get fucked by two hard cocks, but she wanted to see Ted and his friend. She sat in a chair across from the bed, making sure she could see everything. Un-tieing her robe she let it fall open, showing off her tits and her shaved pussy.

“Do it.” Ted said, wanting Brad to finger his ass a bit deeper. Brad was licking and tonguing his ass, making him feel so fucking good. He was feeling so hot and horny. “Deeper.” he moaned as Brad massaged the oil all over his asshole.

Brad gently slid a finger into the first knuckle. Waiting for a reaction from Ted, he pushed in a bit deeper. In and out he gently fingered Ted’s ass.

Patti sat and watched as Brad fingered her husbands ass, still licking Ted’s balls at the same time. Ted was in Heaven he was feeling really good. She reached up and teased her nipples feeling them get hard, she pinched them gently, flicking her fingers across them. “Would Ted let this guy fuck his ass?” she wondered a bit surprised that Ted was letting the guy finger him. There had been times when she and Ted had been making love and she had teased his ass, licking him and tonguing his ass. He had seemed to enjoy it and she liked giving him pleasure.

“Yeah buddy.” Ted moaned as he glanced over and saw Patti sitting in the chair across from the bed. He hadn’t even heard her walk into the room. He liked that she was wearing only a robe, he noticed she was playing with her nipples.

“Hey baby girl.” he said as he looked at her, watched her spread her legs and place them on the arms of the chair, spreading herself open. She laid there and watched as Brad continued to lick and finger his ass.

“Feel good honey?” she asked as she watched Brad push his finger a bit deeper inside of Ted.

“Yes, so good honey. Now I know why you like me to play and lick your ass.” he admitted.

Brad glanced over and saw Ted’s wife, sitting in the chair, with her legs spread, pinching her nipples. “Ted is great, love sucking his cock.”

“I know, so do I.” Patti admitted as she slid her right hand down her stomach to her pussy.

“Come here babe.” Ted told her, motioning for her to come to the side of the bed. Patti got up and went to him, standing next to him she bent down and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Ted sucked on her tongue, reaching for her pussy.

“Mmmm.” she moaned as he gently rubbed his fingers over her slit. She was in the mood to get fucked and suck cock at the same time. She needed some nice hard dick.

Pulling away from him Patti went to the end of the bed and watched as Brad continued to lick Ted’s balls, while he slowly and gently fingered his ass. Damn, that made her hot to watch that guy’s finger disappear into Ted’s ass.

Bending over Patti took Ted’s hard cock into her mouth, sucking him slowly, tasting pre-cum. Ted groaned as she took his cock deep, sucking him, flicking her tongue across the head of his cock. “Awww fuck baby.” he moaned as he felt Brad add another finger to his ass, streaching him even more. It wasn’t painful, just a bit uncomfortable, he was enjoying the sensation of something in his ass. God, but his cock was so hard and throbbing.

In and out Brad fucked Ted’s ass with his fingers, he loved the feel of Ted’s tight asshole around his fingers. “You like this, huh?” Brad asked as he watched Ted’s wife suck his cock, she looked like she enjoyed it. “Do it suck his dick.” Brad said as he fucked Ted a bit harder, he would love to have his cock in Ted’s ass.

“Yeah baby suck me.” Ted moaned as he watched her sucking him. “Your finger’s in my ass feel great.”

“I was hoping you’d like this.” Brad said steadily fucking Ted.

“I might even let you fuck me.” Ted said considering it, if Brad’s finger’s felt this good how good would his cock feel in Ted’s ass. “Damn, this feels so good.”

“You’re nice and tight, an anal virgin.”

“Hon, suck Brad’s cock, show him how good a little cock sucker you are.” Ted suggested.

Patti took her mouth off of Ted’s cock with a popping sound. “I love sucking dick.”

“I know you do baby.”

“Sit on the end of the bed.” she told Brad as she moved over to him. Brad pulled his fingers from Ted’s ass and sat at the end of the bed. “Hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable for you Ted?”

“No it was starting to feel really good.” Ted said as he sat up and watched as Patti got to her knee’s in front of Brad.

Reaching for Brad’s cock she stroked him, feeling how hard he was. She would have loved to watch them sucking each other. Patti was hoping Ted would let Brad fuck his ass. “Ummm, nice hard dick.” she said as she flicked her tongue up and down the shaft of Brad’s dick. “I could suck cock all day.” she said glancing up at Ted.

“And she could too.” Ted agreed watching her expertly lick and suck Brad’s hard cock. Moving down on the floor with her Ted joined her, stroking Brad’s balls as Patti licked his cock. “Do it honey, suck him.”

All Patti could do was moan around the cock in her mouth, he tasted so good, she could taste precum. Teasing his cock, she continued to lick him. Finally getting to the head of his cock, she took the head into her mouth. Gently sucking on the head of his dick, she moved so Ted could join her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32