A Weekend With No Roommate

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Sarah is a 21 year old girl with an average size body all the way down until her ass. She always had one of the biggest ass compared to everyone, but it was rock hard which made it even sexier. She and her friend Heather got an apartment together after their second year of college. The two of them had been friends since freshman year of high school when Sarah first move to Fort Worth with her family. Since then, they were inseparable. They talked about everything, even their sex life with their boyfriends.

Starting near the end of their Senior year, Sarah started to get a bit more wild. She began partying and had sex with some random guys she had just meet. Heather however was the quite one. She had the same boyfriend for 3 years and seemed very content.

Sarah began dating a Marine about 10 months ago, but he was never there. He was constantly deployed to different areas of the world. Her birthday gift from him was a little blue vibrator. After he left last to go oversea for a bit, Sarah overheard Heather and her boyfriend, Josh, having sex. All she could really hear was Heather screaming out in pleasure, making Sarah wonder exactly what Josh was like in bed. She quickly washed the thought from her mind.

“That’s my best friends boyfriend. You can’t be thinking like that!” But after that night, she was using her vibrator every day thinking about Josh fucking her like he did to Heather.

This Christmas was like any other for the two of them. Heather went away for a week to see her family out in the country, and Sarah stayed at home by herself. The only difference was that this year Josh was staying more at the girl’s apartment. Sarah and Josh started to become closer friends, and they would even just go hang out together if Heather was working.

The night before Heather was suppose to leave for her parent’s house out near Big Bend, Heather and Josh started to argue because all he wanted to do was play his new X-box game against Sarah. So instead of staying downstairs, Sarah headed up to her room and left them be. They finally made up after Josh gave up, and Heather left the next morning without doing their normal “good-bye sex” routine.

That night after Heather had left, Sarah and Josh got into a game of football which she had just learned to play earlier that week, but was surprisingly good at it. Every time she made a good play, Josh would hit her with a roll of wrapping paper on her butt since she laying on the floor next to the couch he was on.

“I’m going to start using my hand if you keep this up” he playfully threatened.

Right after he said that, Sarah made a touch down and all she felt was his hand strike her ass. She wasn’t much for spankings, but this turned her on for some reason. After she beat him, he chased her around the apartment with the wrapping paper. When he finally caught her, he started tickling her instead though.

Josh’s friend Jeremy was over, but not for long since he had a flight in the morning for his family Christmas. Sarah always looked beşiktaş escort bayan forward to when both the guys were there. She got to act like one of the guys rather than what her girlfriends expected her to be like. After Jeremy left, Sarah and Josh started their normal game of catch in the living room. Of course, this time instead of throwing the little bouncy ball, they decided to try a bottle that was half full of Sprite and closed as tight as they could. It resulted in a lot of painful catches, but it was easier for Sarah to catch than the little ball.

They made usual small talk, but started to get more into a heavy conversation after a while. Earlier, Heather had called Josh, and they started arguing about something.

“I just don’t understand her sometimes.” Josh pleaded to Sarah.

“Don’t worry, in three days she will be back, and you can have sex and make everything better.” she responded while throwing the bottle back to him.

“HA! I wish. We won’t be having sex for about 3 weeks now.”

Sarah looked at him confused. “All because of the fight?”

Josh just smiled and shook his head. “No. She has her moments where she doesn’t want to for a long period of time. It’s usually right after a fight, but sometimes not. I just know her too well by now.”

A few tosses later, Josh missed the bottle and it went on the floor again. He looked at it and then started to reach for it, but Sarah had jumped up and started to head for the bottle too. When she got it in her hands, he tackled her and started to tickle her again.

“No! UNCLE! UNCLE!” was all you heard coming from her mouth other than laughter. She got into a sitting position with his head below her and she opened the bottle.

“You wouldn’t dear!” Josh screamed.

“You tickle I’ll pour this on you.” He reached his hand up to her side and squeezed it gently. Sarah poured a drop on him, and he leaped on top of her. She continued to pour the liquid all over both of him getting herself wet at the same time. He managed to pin her down to the floor, but she turned her head and bit him in the hand softly.

“You bite, I’ll bite.” And with that he leaned down and bite her boob through her shirt. A wave of pleasure went through her body and she let out a soft moan that she tried to cover.

Josh however caught it. They laid there for a while with him on top of her acting like he was watching tv. Sarah was still trying to struggle out from under him. She was only able to roll over onto her stomach which just made it easier for Alan to tickle her more.

“I’m actually getting turned on by this!” she thought. The guys in the past just told her to do what she wanted. She was never handled like this. Not even her current boyfriend would hold her down as long as he was, and she liked it.

Josh slowed the tickling and started to move more to the small of her back. In the process of rolling around on the floor, Sarah’s jeans had started to slip since she had on no belt. He had a perfect view of beşiktaş escort the top of her light blue thong and he felt the bulge in his pants starting to grow a little. He sat on Sarah’s asss and started to massage her back. She was loving every minute of it.

“Is this better than the tickling?” He said with a smirk as she just laid there helpless with a smile on her face and her eyes closed.

“His hands feel so good. NO! This is Heather’s boyfriend. It’s just a massage. But I wonder what his hands would feel like on my tits.” She thought as his hands explored further north on her back. He got to her bra strap and acted like he was going to work around it.

“This is in my way.” and with one quick movement, the fabric fell apart.

“You could get in trouble for that.” Sarah warned just to get a response back. “Oh and I can’t for this?” said Josh.

He made his way up to her shoulders and started to go around. She grabbed his hands when they got close to her boobs. “You shouldn’t do that.”

He rolled off of her and laid next to her with some space, but continued to rub her back. He put his hand on her hip and pulled her up to her side and right into him. Then he reached his hand up to her B size nipples and started to massage them the same way he was her back. She let out a soft moan but couldn’t cover it up this time.

“This feels so good! I should stop this.” Sarah thought. But instead, she felt Josh’s hand move from her boob for a moment to brush away the hair covering her neck. He slowly kissed her neck.

“Do you like that?” He said between kisses. All she could do was moan. He moved a little and rolled her on her back and started kissing her. Their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouth. Josh’s cock was starting to push against his pants even more, and he grinded into Sarah’s nether area which was getting wetter every minute.

Sarah reached her hand down to his package and started to caress it gently driving him insane. Josh started to unzip her pants and pull them down slowly. The wetness from the Sprite didn’t make it easy for him to get them off though. He moved down to her pussy and start to kiss around her thighs and right up at the top of her panty line. He then started to bite her clit through her panties. Sarah gasped with pleasure when she felt two of his fingers push into her pussy and his lips sucking on her clit.

“Oh Josh. We can’t do this. Heather is….AHHH!!” that was the last words she could get out before his tongue replaced his fingers, and she realized why Heather was always screaming so much. He was amazing at eating pussy! She came twice just by him tongue fucking her wet snatch continuously. By that time she was hornier than ever before.

He sat up and kissed her on the lips. Sarah pushed him over onto his back and went straight for his pants. With eyes wide open, she pulled out his 9 inch cock. Her boyfriend wasn’t nearly as big as him. She tried to take as much of him as he could in her mouth, but it was too much. He put his hands on the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth.

“You are better at this than Heather. I don’t know if I will be able to go as long if you keep this up.” he said as he felt her hands grab his balls and start to massage them. After a while, she was able to take all of it in her mouth. Josh screamed out when he felt his dick hit the back of her throat. It only took a few more strokes before he said “I’m about to cum!” He pulled out of her mouth out of habit, but Sarah just grabbed his cock and had him blow his load all down her throat.

They sat there for a minute in silence until Sarah got up and grabbed her pants and headed upstairs for her room. She took off her panties and grabbed a pair of her cheerleader shorts.

“What did I just do?” she said aloud in her room. “That’s Josh. Heather’s JOSH!” She had never wanted to fuck someone so much. So she pulled out her vibrator and suck in straight into her already wet pussy. After a few minutes though, she threw it across the room and decided to go talk to him. As she was coming downstairs, he was headed up.

“Look. I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what got into me. You just looked really sexy and I wanted so badly to kiss you all night.” Josh said pleading for forgiveness.

“It’s ok. I’m to blame too. I wanted to also, and it just good we stopped.”

“You wanted to?”

“Yes. I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I heard ya’ll that one time. I just couldn’t help myself either. We just both got carried away. That’s all. No need to tell anyone about it.”

Josh just looked at her. He was in disbelief. “You’re right. Can I hug you so I know everything is ok?” Sarah just smiled and threw her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in causing her to come down one step. It put her right at his face when they pulled away. He leaned in and kissed her quickly. She just looked at him. So he did it again.

“I really want to fuck you.” He said as he picked her up and set her down gently on the stairs.

Sarah didn’t resist. He pulled her shorts off and positioned his cock right at her opening. She felt the pain as his cock spread her more than she was use to. He started going at a medium pace in her pussy. His left hand was grabbing one of Sarah’s tits and rolling it between his fingers while the other grabbed the handrail for extra support.

“Oh! Fuck me! Make me cum! Fuck my pussy harder!” Sarah was driving Josh insane! She was so tight and wet. She screamed out in pleasure after waves of orgasms hit her. Josh pulled her up and flipped her over and started fucking her from behind.

“Do you like fucking your girlfriend’s best friend? Oh fuck me!”

Josh smacked her ass, making her tighten up her pussy, causing him to get even closer to cumming.

“Cum all in my pussy!” And with that, he shot his load deep into her pussy, and she started cumming with him. He collapsed on top of her.

“Can we do this every time Heather goes out of town?” Sarah said after she finally caught her breath.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He said. “Merry Christmas.” With that he kissed her and they fell asleep together on the stairwell.

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