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Chapter 025 � A Family in Peril



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Major, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Major, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Goodman-Meat: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Noah Goodman-Meat: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman



It was a maze of confusion and everyone working on a different part of Steven”s body. Finally, Doc came out and appraised me of what had happened. Steven”s heart had stopped but they managed to start it and stabilize the rhythm. Apparently, the heart muscle got bruised by the explosion which is a common occurrence. Once the news reached Randy and Adam they were on the com to the head of Army Medical demanding a heart specialist be transported by the fastest means possible to Fort Connor. The men were shocked when a few hours later a fighter jet buzzed our base after requesting clearance to land. The doctor climbing down the plane ladder was less than cordial wanting to know who in the hell had the power and authority to pull him out of his meal, throw him in a fighter jet and take me half way across the country. Adam and Randy simply said questions later, right now you have a patient to see.


Considering he had a dozen Uzi”s and a mini gun pointed at him he really wasn”t in a point to argue. Arriving at medical Doc was surprised at having a world class heart specialist walk in to assist him. Both doctors evaluated the situation and said the next twelve hours would determine whether or not Steven would need to have his chest cracked and the pressure released from his heart muscle.


The men of Fort Connor never slept, they kept their own vigil and with the help of the Chaplain in their own way prayed for the health of the man I love. The “Mess” stayed open all night with plenty of fresh pastries and always a fresh urn of coffee for the men. We were all on pins and needles and not being able to do anything was worse than facing an intruder with a machine gun.


Just before dawn Steven rallied and his heart started to return to a normal rhythm. They decided to keep Steven sedated and quiet with no disturbances until he was totally out of the woods. They would allow me to see him 10 minutes every hour. They didn”t want any stress in his life regardless of how little it might be.


I thanked the heart specialist for coming so fast to help us. He asked who General Best and General Mann were. They must have pull to get the President of the United States to throw me in a jet and fly me across the United States to see this patient. I offered to give him the full details when he was ready to sit down over a cup of coffee. Fort Connor was a unique setting in the United States Army.


Luke, John, Billy Bob and Connor were in constant video conference with Adam and Randy wanting to know the current status with Steven. Luke said whatever Doc needs or whoever Doc needs just let me know and he”ll get it. There was no doubt in Adam or Randy”s mind considering the power that was behind being the CEO of Worthington Industries. In addition, Mama Bear made it perfectly clear whatever needed to be done would be done immediately.


Finally, after a week Doc felt Steven was out of danger and he was becoming a real pain in the ass patient. Doc gave him a two hour pass to enjoy dinner with the men provided he not step foot out of his wheel chair. The men were wild with enthusiasm when we wheeled him in for our evening meal and the Chaplain added to the evening blessing our combined thanks for bringing our friend through this traumatic ordeal.


Noah carefully crawled upon Stevens lap and hugged and kissed him. (The best medicine isn”t always in the form of a shot or pill.) The imps waited on him hand and foot during the entire meal. The squads fought over who would have the honor to wheel him back to medical after the meal. Helping him back in bed he admitted to Doc he didn”t realize how much just this little exertion exhausted him. He wasn”t going to complain about bed rest and thanked Doc for all he had done.


Doc told him to make certain to thank Randy and Adam for getting that heart specialist here in the nick of time. He was a lifesaver for you. I looked at Steven and said we have a lot of people to thank for bringing you through this and giving us our lives back to share.


Randy and Adam offered our guest doctor their plane for returning to his home base. You”ll find it a bit slower than a fighter jet but far more comfortable. And again, thank you for all your help.


Steven”s rehab was long and difficult with Doc being a taskmaster made certain everything was done in the prescribed order. It was a major milestone when Steven could walk around the base and thank all the men for their hard work and prayers. I figure John must have triggered a defense program in Connor because we never heard from our intruders again. They vanished as quickly as they appeared. Both Steven and I know Connor can be lethal if someone on his primary list is endangered. I”m certain Steven and I are on that list along with the imps and our sons.


I was casually enjoying lunch when Steven walked in and sat down beside me. He whispered in my ear that he had just seen Doc and was told we could enjoy having sex again. As I chocked on the mouthful of food I had just consumed I asked Major Allen if he could oversee the base for the balance of the afternoon and I walked hand in hand back to our quarters and locked the door to our bedroom. This may be a gentle afternoon of lovemaking but it will be a countless number of orgasms we will share.


I had to be a gentle lover for Steven, his butt muscles were extremely tender from all the shrapnel Doc had extracted from his ass. We couldn”t find a pain free position so I just worried about satisfying the man I loved and knew my satisfaction would be seeing the smile on his face.


When retreat was completed and we headed toward the dining hall we were a loving couple with two wonderful sons and a band of imps which we loved dearly. What would be the next challenge we would be facing here at Fort Connor?


It took months for Steven to make a full recovery and return to a normal daily work routine. The First Sergeant and Major Allen reluctantly returned his duties to him only after Doc had given the specific OK he was capable of each duty and the exertion it would cause his body. Very few of us at Fort Connor had living families or families that cared about our lives. We were our own family and we would give our life for one another.


Report cards arrived and I was amazed at the high grades both our imps and our sons received considering the trauma and stress their lives suffered during Stevens injury and rehabilitation. I asked the Mess staff to make a “big deal” of it and they were elated to help me in this conspiracy. OPS finished a PowerPoint presentation of their grades and the comments of their teachers some of which made even our imps blush. The men of Fort Connor were happy their “little brothers” were so talented when it came to academics. (It is apparent Worthington Industries will be in good hands for another generation.)


Colleges and Universities started fighting over Logan and Aiden for early admittance. Logan thanked them but he wanted to spend as much time as possible with the men who had given so much of their lives to protect him. Aiden surprised us all when he asked to take the tests for consideration of an appointment both to West bornova escort Point and Annapolis. West Point I could understand but would he really be a traitor to the men of Fort Connor and accept an appointment to Annapolis? I guess only time will answer that question. With the engineering studies offered by either school he could be an asset to the Worthington Research and Development Program(s).


Luke was pushing Logan toward Harvard and Logan let it be known he wouldn”t attend any school that wouldn”t accept both he and Alex. A new twist for the Dean of Admissions who had been informed to accept Logan for admittance or find new employment by its President and its Board of Overseers. The millions of $$$ in donations they received from Worthington Industries in both donations and research grants was something they didn”t want any chance of losing. I was surprised when Alex was offered a full ride to Harvard. (They really did want to keep Worthingtons in their pocket for another generation.) I knew both Logan and Alex would be groomed to take the reigns of Worthington Industries when it was time for Luke to retire.


At their Christmas festivities the last year Logan and Aiden celebrated before they left for college Mama Bear and Luke asked R.A. to join them in his study. (What in the hell did he do now that he had to face down Mama Bear raced through his mind!) Mama Bear was the first to speak and she asked R.A. what he wanted to do with his life. R.A. had no idea other than he wanted to help other people. Luke and Mama Bear commented that his test scores show he had a fantastic aptitude for business and if that was of interest to him he would need to obtain his M.B.A. (Masters in Business Administration) a 4-5 year program. By the time you get your Masters degree the director of the Worthington Foundation will be ready to retire and the two of us would like you to consider taking the position. R.A. our little prankster being in charge of one of the largest charities in the United States… miracles do happen in life. John and Connor were never prouder of R.A. as were his grandparents (General Best and General Mann) when they heard of the revelation given R.A. by Luke and his Grandmother. (My little nymphomaniac was growing into a man Steven and I always knew existed.)


R.A. was speechless and said he was honored to be so trusted by his Uncle and Grandmother. This totally overwhelmed him and he commented he first had to be accepted into a M.B.A. program. Both Luke and Mama Bear said with his test scores he would have dozens of schools fighting for him without even knowing he was a Worthington. They had assured him his test scores that were forwarded to business schools were done under an alias. The offers you receive will be based upon your abilities and not on your name.


Jay asked his father to let him spend another year after he had completed high school so Doc and the Chaplain could finish what they started with his counseling and therapy. They had almost reached the goal of Jay being returned to his normal self and the trust Jay had in these two men would take years to develop in any other therapist. Luke pulled a few strings and M.I.T. was asked to wait a year to make an acceptance offer to Jay. Jay would proudly follow in his father”s footsteps as one of the top engineers and physicists at Worthington Industries.


Steven and I were starting to realize that soon we would indeed have an “empty nest”. With the growth spurt of puberty it was a major task for him to be held in our arms even with his arms wrapped around our neck. We loved this our smallest “imp” even if he was now over six feet tall and solid muscle at 135 pounds. Talk about an odd couple. Noah and Hayao were about as opposite as two men can be but it never deferred the love they had for one another. Never once did I hear of either of them straying away from the commitment that had made to each other. It now was time for Hayao to face the most difficult decision of his life.


As I brought up his squad leader on my com and ask that Hayao be sent to my office. A puzzled Hayao knocked at my office door and requested permission to enter. As I told him to be “at ease and have a seat” his apprehension only became more obvious.


As Steven entered and joined us Hayao started to feel like he was really being ganged up on. I spoke first saying we are having this meeting both as your commanding officers and as the fathers of the boy you claim to love. (The word “claim” made him bristle but he remained seated and in control.)


You once told us that you planned on having Noah as your partner in life. Is that still your plan? He emphatically said it was. Alright, if you want our blessings you need to do two things immediately. 1) Tell your parents about Noah and your desire to marry him and 2) Go talk to the Chaplain and ask him to marry the two of you. You two have been shacking up long enough, time to make it legit. Besides, married housing is much better than the two of you sharing a dorm room.


I”m sending you off for the Federal Marshall training school so you”ll be legal to carry a firearm on campus and protect Noah. You will be enrolled in every class he has and with your smarts I”m certain you”ll be a good study partner also. And, I don”t want to see any out of shape men from enjoying too many “keggers” when you visit us on breaks and the holidays.


If this is of interest to you I would suggest you propose to our son and see if he really wants to spend the rest of his life and eternity with you. I suggest you do it quickly, you know how fast this Jungle Grapevine works here on base. Hayao”s response: “Permission to be excused, sirs?”… “Granted!”


Steven looked at me and said: “You realize in 9 months we will be all alone for the first time in over ten years. Scary isn”t it?” Don”t get too comfortable with that thought, Luke will throw us a curve ball when we least expect it.


Hayao met Noah as he walked out of his classroom that afternoon and asked him to take a walk. As they walked to the most beautiful setting at Fort Connor overlooking the chapel Hayao got down on one knee and asked Noah to be his partner for life. Noah”s face was flooded with tears as he wrapped his arms around Hayao and cried Yes, Yes, YES!!! The next stop was at the Chaplain”s office and it was no surprise to him, he had expected this request long ago. He explained to them the premarital counseling I required of all men requesting marriage. They wanted to be married here in the chapel among their friends at Fort Connor.


As our two lovers walked away from the chapel Hayao took Noah”s hands, looked into his eyes and begged him to help him get through his next ordeal. He had to tell his parents that he was in love and would be marrying Noah. Noah was shocked after all these years he hadn”t told his parents about him. He understood when Hayao explained after they threw him out of his home and their lives when he came out to them as being gay he wasn”t ready to argue with them over the age difference between the two of them.


The entire compliment of men at Fort Connor held their breaths knowing what Hayao and Noah were facing that evening. I do believe Hayao”s parents had realized this day was coming and had accepted their fate of either accepting a gay marriage or totally losing the son they love. A few months later our two lovers were joined in the eternal bonds of love and marriage on Valentine”s day (how appropriate). Even Mama Bear accepted the invitation and was happy for our newlyweds. After a short honeymoon I sent Hayao off for his U.S. Marshall”s training and Noah was in withdrawal until I announced the pending return of a newly minted U.S. Marshall who finished at the top of his class. The entire base erupted and the celebration of the year was planned.


I made certain a well stocked VIP suite was ready for the night Hayao returned to Fort Connor. The Mess staff outdid themselves with shrimp, oysters, and finger food that had a reputation to help in giving/maintaining a major erection. (Something which neither of our two lovers had any problems with this night.) I managed a have a magnum of chilled contraband Champaign ready for them to enjoy and Luke and clan smuggled in a decanter of their prized Worthington gift moonshine.


After their mandatory social obligations our two lovers stole away to their VIP suite never to be heard of or seen from for the next 72 hours. I made certain they had nutritious meals delivered after all they were going to need their strength to survive and enjoy. Their “Brothers in Arms” respected their privacy and as much as my now grown imps wanted to prank them it was made well know if anyone picked on their “little brother” there would be hell to pay from the men. He may be over six feet tall but he was still the little Noah they loved in their hearts.


It wasn”t long and Steven and I were down to only Jay and Noah on base. I knew both of them would be off to college in the fall and we truly would be empty nesters. Little did Steven, I or anyone at Fort Connor know what we had yet to face.


I knew it couldn”t be good news when Luke, Billy Bob, John, Connor, Randy and Adam walked down the ramp of Worthington One and asked to meet with in our secure conference room. The doors locked down and the windows turned opaque as Luke brought up the video conference and we all sat their looking at Mama Bear. We all knew we were beat regardless of any objection we might have to whatever we now were to face.


Gentlemen: A month ago close lifelong friends of our family were tragically assassinated. Both he and his wife were killed leaving three sons who now have no living relatives. I refuse to see them go into the foster care system and I had our attorneys petition the court to allow them to become part of the Alpha Zulu program. I bostancı escort used every power at my disposal and as you might know they are considerable. I know Randy and Adam want to retire and after all the years they have given they are so well deserving. I expect Meat and Steven are long overdue for their silver star and there couldn”t be two better persons to move up to replace Randy and Adam. But I must ask and plead for you four to stay on and help these three young men recover their lives and lost innocents. I would consider it a personal favor if you would agree.


The four of us looked at each other, looked at Luke and clan and knew we only had one answer. We would walk over hot coals for Mama Bear for all she had done for us. We thanked her for the opportunity and assured her we would do everything within our power to help these three young men. With the miracle you worked with Jay I know I have the right men for the job.


Mama Bear logged off and I asked if I could ask my command team to join the six of us in the conference room. It got a little crowded but I wanted everyone to hear it once and no misunderstanding arising from being told mouth to mouth.


The parents had been assassinated, why and by whom had yet to be determined. The workup by social services would be available to Doc and the Chaplain. Officially, they were placed as wards of Luke and John. When we asked if they were coming to Fort Connor willingly the reply was: “We don”t know yet”. Wonderful, this keep getting better and better.


I turned to my command team and simply said this is the results of us doing such a fantastic job with Jay. These kids need our help. I don”t know what or how yet but I hope we are all ready to pitch in and do our best. I was assured it would be a team effort. I dismissed our command team and had further questions for Luke and Clan.


Right now the trio of new imps were under lock down at Camp Phoenix and you know how fast that gets old to active teenagers. Luke replied he hoped the two of us will fly back and help us to convince them that Fort Connor is a place where they can live safe and secure and be loved. After all, you must be tired from all that practice walking across the water of your swimming pool. Time to put it into useful action.


In reading their files we found that both of their parents were high ranking officers in the Israel Defense Force and their children held dual citizenship. It still was undetermined by whom or why the parents were killed but this wouldn”t be the first time we had to deal with aggressors from this part of the world.


I brought up Logan, Aiden and R.A. on a secure video link and explained to them what was happening. Their first comment was: “Just when you thought your life would be getting easier”… I want you three to video chat with the three sons and tell them about life at Fort Connor less the mishap of switching out my lube. A few disgruntled comments were made but simply boiled down to my being told I was an old “spoil sport”. I”ll let you know when is a good time and I hope they can trust you because adults sure haven”t provided much trust to them of late.


It was so nice to be flying again with my stomach and I sharing the same seat during take offs and landings. Even Randy and Adam had to smile at my comment. We dropped Randy and Adam off at Andrews Air Force Base and proceeded to take a helicopter to Camp Phoenix. The big monstrous home was as quiet as a morgue. As Luke asked one of the housekeepers where the children were he was told they were still in their rooms. I suggested we be introduced to them at dinner and keep it light and social.


As we did with Jay we want to try and have them ask to go with us to Fort Connor. We just don”t have all the imps to help us conspire and convince them it is in their own best interest. It was apparent when the children joined us for dinner they had still been doing a lot of crying. I thought back to my days of being a homeless orphans and I knew Steven and Connor could also relate closely to their feelings.


The three children barely ate any of their food before they asked to be excused. Luke approved their request but asked if he could come and talk with them later. They nodded as they got up and left the dining room.


As the quiet overtook us we just sat there looking at each other and wondering if this was more of a challenge than we ever faced with Jay. These three kids were severely emotionally traumatized and still hadn”t come to grasp with the death of their mother and father. As much as the entire base of Fort Connor wanted to help these young men I had to be concerned if we had the ability. After all, the first rule of medicine is: “Do no harm”.


Luke and John formally introduced us to our three new imps later that evening. Jacob, David and Uri… three beautiful young adolescent Jewish imps. It was obvious even to us lay people these three young men were still in shock from the deaths of their mother and father. Before we could get started Connor rushed in and said the Secretary of Defense was on a video conference call and we were requested to join him immediately… all four of you. (Shit, this keeps getting better and better!)


As we linked up and joined the existing secure conference call the Secretary of Defense introduced us to the head of Mossad. (This just went from bad to worse.) This briefing was under the national security act and the word “Treason” was used far too often not to mention Mossad had a history of taking ACTION not prisoners. The parents of our three imps weren”t just Mossad but headed the “Kidon” its Counter Intelligence division. They were on the hit list of every radical organization in the middle east just by virtue of their work. Only the secrecy of their identity protected their lives and apparently somehow that secrecy had been breached. The Secretary of Defense was authorizing a member of Mossad Counter Intelligence to join the Command Team of Fort Connor to help us with our imps. (He also was a close member of the family and someone the imps knew and trusted.) He would be at Camp Phoenix within 48 hours. We could video conference with him while he was in transit. Ariel “Ari” Rebel was to be our liaison, a Captain in Mossad “Kidon” (Counter Intelligence). We were to extend him every courtesy of being part of our staff.


SecDef thanked us for taking on this major assignment and as always he was available to assist us as necessary. He transferred our video conference to Ariel Rebel who was in transit somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. As Ariel started to take control of the conversation Luke was quick to remind him he was here as a guest of the Secretary of Defense. Luke had the authority of a parent for the minor children and Colonel Meat and Colonel Goodman were in operational control of Fort Connor and he would answer directly to us. Now if you understand those rules we will have no problems.


Our new friend wasn”t used to being put in his place and begrudgingly accepted his “pecking order”. (Just wait till he meets Mama Bear!) Our first question to him was did he have any suggestion as to how to get the imps to want to live at Fort Connor. Ariel just smiled and asked to have the children added to the conference. Luke asked Connor to have the three children join us and they were ecstatic to see Ariel”s face on the large full wall conference screen.


These three imps went from being sullen and introverted to exuberant youngsters of the type which we had become accustomed to living with over the years. As he got them quieted down he told them he had a surprise for them. He was being assigned as a Liaison Officer to a security base in the United States and Luke said they could spend some time with him while he was in the United States.


There was an immediate change of attitude pleading to Luke to let them stay with Ariel while he was in the United States. Luke took a very non-committal attitude and told them to go clean up and get some sleep and we would see what we can work out when Ariel arrives here tomorrow.


Luke just turned to Ariel and stated I see “Meat” isn”t the only one who can work MIRACLES, welcome to the team of Fort Connor. You have accomplished more with one conversation than any of us have in the past month. So long as we are all working toward what is best for the children we”ll have no problem. Any time I feel you aren”t part of that program I”ll personally strap you in the back seat of a fighter jet and send you back to Israel. Agreed (?) !!! (Luke was definitely in his CEO mode and no discussion would be tolerated.)


We thanked Ariel for his assistance and looked forward to meeting him in person tomorrow. As Luke, John, Steven and I settled back in comfortable chairs John broke the ice saying: “What just happened”? I broke the ice when I said “Fort Connor just became the `Bull”s Eye Target” for every radical group in the middle east and every anti-Jewish group in the world.” I turned to Luke and serious said: “Are you certain you are ready to foot this bill”? His reply made it evident none of us had any recourse… “Mama Bear has spoken”!


I watched three imps with their faces stuck to the window glass as the sound of a helicopter became louder and louder and then the exuberance erupted as Ariel disembarked the copter and security verified his credentials. As he entered the residence he was mobbed by the children. He assured them they would have plenty of time together but now he had to work out with Luke how they could stay with him at Fort Connor. (Steven and I were getting concerned he even knew about Fort Connor.)


The imps obeyed Ariel as if he was the word of God. He asked them to go play and he would have plenty of time for them after our evening meal. The five of us (Luke, John, Ariel, buca escort Steven and I) adjourned to Luke”s secure study and it now got very serious. I was the first to admit you have done more in a few hours than the professionals have in the past month. You can be an attribute to helping these children heal but it will be by our rules. We are more than happy to consider anything you suggest but the final decision will be made by our Doctor and Chaplain both of whom have expertise in helping “damaged” children. I hope you will work as part of our team and if I ever feel you have a different goal Luke will be strapping your pieces in that jet because I have a war dog that will have you for an appetizer. I was even more shocked when he commented he had heard great things about Max.


That did it, I want to know all you know about Fort Connor… ALL OF IT NOW!!! For the next 20 minutes he give us highly classified and restricted details about Fort Connor and the work done starting with Luke, John, Connor up to and including Steven and I adopting Alex and Noah, Alex and Logan attending Harvard and Noah and Hayao just becoming Partners. I knew Mossad had tentacles all over the world but I thought Fort Connor was more secure.


Luke turned to Steven and me and simply said: “I guess we don”t have to worry about him and any security issues, he seems to know everything anyway”. “I suggest you make him an assistant to Major Allen which will give him full access to every area of the base and full access to the “imps”. We were even more shocked that Ariel knew all about our verbiage of “imps” and that it wasn”t meant to be derogatory.


I asked Luke to transport him into Washington and have our favorite Taylor outfit him with our new ballistic armor and a few sets of black BDUs and our berets. If he was going to be part of our program he would dress the same. If you didn”t pack a dress mess uniform have the tailor custom one for him. I”ll have some temporary BDUs ready for the imps when they arrive on base. Steven and I will fly back in the morning and start preparing the men for this transition.


I only have one thing to add and from what you already know about Fort Connor it shouldn”t surprise you when I tell you every man on base is gay. Ariel calmly replied: “As am I”. Here is a six foot two inch hunk of masculinity of obvious Nordic decent which is going to be the wet dream of every man on base. I”m looking forward to seeing the expression on his face when he learns of our “clothing optional” policy. (He probably knows that it exists already.)


I”d be doing less than my due diligence if I didn”t check further on Ariel. I knew Mossad were the world expert at producing “back stories” for the lives of their operatives so whatever was provided through official sources probably had been written to impress me. I was going outside of normal channels to find out what I could. Steven was curious when I video conference with Logan and Alex later that evening. After talking with my son I asked if I could borrow Logan for a moment ALONE? I was surprised when my son quipped: “Just so you want his brain, his body belongs to me” smiling from ear to ear as he walked out of the room.


As Steven sat there with me I told Logan I knew Mama Bear took him to Israel a few summers ago and did he remember meeting the Leib”s (The imps parents). He did remember them in fact they had stayed at their home for a week. Did he ever meet an officer by the name of Ariel Rebel whish produced a shock look on Logan”s face. Yes, he was a military aid to the parents of the imps. So, he wasn”t just Mossad he worked for the parents. I had to wonder just how deep Ariel was involved in this mess. Logan also told me whenever Ariel was around it was usually very hush hush and then ended up in their home office with the door closed. (That didn”t surprise me considering the parents were Mossad Kidon.) I thanked Logan and it was now time to get Luke out of bed.


Luke shared my concern especially as Ariel wasn”t forthcoming regarding his relationship with the imp”s parents. It could just be the ultra secretive nature of Mossad. Just keep a watchful eye and Luke would have my back. I just closed the evening comments telling Luke he best be thinking of an explanation for Mossad when their operative was being returned in pieces after Max gets done with him. Everyone at Fort Connor is there to protect the imps even from Ariel and that includes Max.


Steven and I left Camp Phoenix immediately after breakfast and as soon as we touched down at Fort Connor, had our ID verified I called an immediate meeting of our administrative team. I honestly admitted I only had bad news for them. The imps would be arriving in a few days and we would be adding an Israel Liaison Officer till they became acclimated. Our imps parents weren”t members of the Israel Defense Force they were Mossad Kidon (Counter Intelligence) or what you might relate to as head of a black ops program. That means any and every anti Jewish terrorist in the world is a suspect in who killed them.


I know the Mossad will seek retribution just from the past history of Mossad but we still have to protect our Imps. What our new Liaison Officer doesn”t know that we know is the fact he was the assistant to our assassinated parents. His current only redeeming value is the imps love him and they want to be with him while he is assigned to Fort Connor. But, frankly… don”t trust him any further than you can throw him until he proves he is worthy of being trusted. This conversation is not to go beyond the walls of this room. I”ll be coordinating Ariel”s arrival and orientation with Major Allen and the First Sergeant. I expect him to be treated no different than any other new member of Fort Connor. And, by the way… he freely admitted he is gay.


Luke conferenced with me the next evening and he was astounded in the attitude change in our imps. It is like someone turned the power back on, they were happy and exuberant. I”ll increase your budget for new video games because they sure want to update the old ones we have here at Camp Phoenix. After all, the games are all of six months old.


Plan on John and I accompanying Ari and the imps arriving early Friday afternoon. And, please don”t shoot him if SecDef doesn”t have his security in place by then. It should be interesting when he hears the bolts of over a dozen guns pulled back if his ID flashes RED. (Yeah, even Luke can have a sadistic sense of humor at times.)


Ari at least had the look of being impressed when our security team met Worthington One upon Landing at Fort Connor. Luke quietly turned to me and said let Ari get the imps settled in their bunker and then the five of us need to meet in your secure conference room. Please post a security detail at the bunker till we finish our meeting with Ari.


(For one of the few times here at Fort Connor I was at a total loss at what was happening and after all I”m only responsible for every man, plant and animal on base. Someone is going to need to schedule an appointment with Doc to remove my boot from their ass.)


Luke spoke first… Meat, Steven… Ari came to me after you left and told me everything. Yes, Mossad is well aware of Fort Connor and it was for that reason they made no objection to the boys being made my ward and living here. Israel has nothing in comparison and the children are indeed in danger.


Ari knew you”d find out from Logan about his relationship with the Leib”s. He was their adjutant with the Israel Defense Force. He answers only to the Prime Minister of Israel and his orders are to protect the children even at the cost of his own life. I might add he volunteered when asked to take this assignment. I truly feel you can trust him with my life, your lives their lives. You now know more than what has been told to the Secretary of Defense and I would ask unless SecDef asks you a direct question you not volunteer any of this information.


Ari continued… with your approval I would suggest I move in with the imps until we have them convinced they want to stay at Fort Connor and before you ask I have no problem with Doc implanting me with a chip when he does it for the imps. It just helps to protect everyone. (Do we have any secrets left for which Mossad isn”t aware.) Perhaps I should just send them a copy of the operations manual for Fort Connor?


Luke concluded, John and I have to fly back and run Worthington before SecDef chews on our ass for being lazy again. I would suggest you break out one of your precious bottles of 20 year old single malt scotch whiskey tonight after you put the base to “bed” and ask Major Allen and the First Sergeant to join you and bring them up to speed.


Ari and our new imps were impressed with the quality of food at their first meal and I assured them it was simply our normal fare, nothing special. Wait till you see our staff prepare a feast. That”s when I even have Max running 20 miles a day for a week. Of course, Ari made certain the new imps were well stocked with doggie treats. Max”s reputation for being a mooch had even made it into the Mossad briefing material.


I joined Ari as the two of us tucked our new imps in bed that first night and they received a kiss from both of us. Ari didn”t feel like I was moving in on his turf as he was well aware this was my custom with my previous imps and my sons. I posted a security detail at the entrance to the imp”s residence as Ari joined Steven and me in our quarters.


As Steven, Ari and I settled into the oversized chairs in my lounging area Major Allen and the First Sergeant joined us. I offered ever one present a double scotch (neat) and as they proceeded to enjoy this Elixir of the God”s I announced I wanted to introduce to them Captain Ariel Rebel of the Israel Defense Force on attached duty to Mossad Kidon and currently assigned to Fort Connor by orders of the Prime Minister of Israel. The room had a deathly silence until Ari broke the silence when he with some humor commented: “And, I”m Gay”!





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