Am I a Lonely Widow

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Hi my name is Christina, I live alone and have done so for the past eight years.

I received a phone call from my younger brother saying the college term had finished however his holiday job meant he only had a few days break coming to him. Too short to make the long trip home and could he catch up with me for a few days. I told him I’d love to have him stay with me. I had not seen him since his 15th birthday and now at 18 he was quite a young man.

We have a large age difference I am 36, and Mark was a late child surprising our parents. I also would welcome his company. I am married but my husband had a fall at work sustaining severe brain damage. I could not care for him so he resides in a local nursing home. I visit him once a week but he isn’t aware I am there. This happened 8 years ago and I have been faithfully visiting him ever since. I did not consider divorce as he has no family and if I left there would be no-one for him. I feel empty in many ways so a visit from my “little” brother would be very welcome company.

I said he could fly here ( my treat ) and I’ll pick him up from the local airport, that would give us both an extra day to share. He told me he finishes on the Thursday of the following week. Later I rang him back saying I booked his flight getting in around 9pm. I have dancing on a Thursday evening, however I will leave early and be there on time to drive him to my home.

On the Thursday I made my excuse for leaving the dancing classes early, I thought to myself. This is not the best way to greet him, being all hot and sweaty and still in my leotard. Never mind, nothing for it, better get there on time.

His plane was on time and when he walked across the tarmac towards the terminal building I was surprised how much he had grown up. He was nearly 6ft tall, slim and had kept his boyish good looks. When he passed through security we gave each other a big hug and I excused my sweatiness. He said I hadn’t changed one iota and he would have been just as happy if I turned up in gum boots and a spade.

We chatted about his trip and his studies on the drive to my house. He added how much he was enjoying his independence although he wrote regularly to our mom and dad keeping them up to date. I knew that because they had been on the phone knowing he was staying with me and asked me to spoil him a little.

As we entered the house I asked him to relax and pour himself a drink telling him there is some cold beer in the fridge. I told him I know he is now 18 and I am sure he has been enjoying his beer long before he was officially old enough. He knowingly smiled at me. I needed to freshen up so I said I will shower as I’m too sweaty to be good company. I suggested he switch on the television or play some music, whatever he wanted.

I had not taken any fresh clothes in with me to the bathroom so I adorned myself with a terry towel wrap-around over me before joining Mark in the lounge. I was busy drying my hair with a second towel as I entered the lounge. Mark was sipping his cold beer and listening to the music “Albatross” so I made the comment as I rubbed my hair dry that I loved that piece of music

I told him when he was quite little I used to dance to it when mom and dad was out. They had it in their collection since the sixties. I still love dancing to it.”

I threw my hair towel on the sofa as I asked Mark to dance with his big sis, reminiscing old times He looked at me in my state of dress, so I reassured him that I don’t bite and that he was quite safe. I told him I hadn’t danced to that tune in many years and would love him to dance it with me

He was a little awkward as he placed his hands on my hips. I put my arms around his neck and we had a slightly clumsy waltz around the room. I was enjoying the dance when I felt him getting hard. I instantly got embarrassed for him because I knew I was rather too scantily dressed to be dancing so close to a woman I was about to stop dancing when I thought I will really embarrass Mark if I let him know I know he is getting an erection being next to his sister. I pretended I didn’t notice anything wrong and carried on dancing but I was now responding to him being hard by getting wet myself. I had not been this close to a man in 8 years and I found it was making me horny. I was having strange but at the same time pleasurable emotions which confused me. When the music finished I thanked him and headed off to my room and changed into my nightdress. It was mid thigh in length and quite loose fitting. It was a humid night and it would keep me cool.

I came through to the lounge and poured myself a large drink in the hope of dampening down my erotic feelings. I told Mark I felt much fresher now and looking forward to hearing all about him. We chatted away but I noticed his eyes would drop to my legs every so often. I had panties on but my legs were slightly apart. This was not intentional, however when I noticed what he was doing I felt like an exhibitionist and let him see bursa escort bayan a little more. I noticed his drink was finished so I stood up and picked up his glass from the coffee table. On bending over the loose nightdress revealed my breasts to him. It was unintentional too but I got a little turned on knowing he was looking. I made out I wasn’t aware and he was afforded a similar view when I returned with his drink. After drinks we both decided it had been a long day and time to think about getting some well earned sleep. It felt strange sleeping in a house with another male here.

In the morning I was up early and prepared some breakfast for both of us both. We planned to go out sightseeing in the morning and coming back for a swim in the pool in the afternoon. It was a hot day so the pool was something we were both looking forward to. We had a light lunch and got changed into our swimming gear. I decided on my bikini, although I often did wear it, there was no-one there to appreciate it except when my girlfriends were across to visit, but somehow that didn’t count. Let say it was a very well fitting bikini. Mark appeared in his shorts. We enjoyed the swim in what was a hot and humid afternoon Afterwards we sat in semi shade after coming out of the pool feeling refreshed by its coolness. I asked Mark if he could rub some sunscreen on my back.

I loosened the cord at the back to give him unhindered access and he rubbed the cream on my back, however his hands would wander around to the side touching the sides of my breasts. I chose not to stop him, As I lay there I was thinking how much I was enjoying a man’s hands on me. Like the previous day I was starting to enjoy the sensation. I then asked him to rub some on my legs, this he did very slowly and deliberately. I was sure he was testing me to see how far he could go before I said enough. As he rubbed higher I parted my legs giving him easier access to put cream on my inner thighs. His fingers now touched the rim of my bikini pants. I pretended to be dozing in the afternoon warmth. He brushed his fingers lightly over my gusset but I made no movement. At that moment he stopped and jumped back into the pool, he did a couple of laps of the pool before coming out again, the cool water having a magical shrinking ability, helping his cause. I rolled over and sat up, picking up my bikini top off of my towel to replace it back where it belonged, this allowed a few seconds of visibility to Mark. I pretended I wasn’t aware he was staring. After my modesty was re-established I suggested we go back inside.

I showered in my en suite and suggested after I was through Mark could use the same shower, he was agreeable to that. I deliberately left my bikini lying on the floor along with my panties and bra from earlier beside them. When I came out I was wearing only a towel around me. I left only a medium towel ( shorter than mine ) for him. When he emerged with that towel around him I noticed how sunburnt he had become. I berated him for not wearing sun-block and suggested to him to let me rub some aloe vera cream on his sunburn.

I rubbed it in very gently over his back as he sat down on the sofa. I came round the front to do his chest and knelt in front of him. I too only had my towel covering me as I knelt down in front of him. I began to see his towel bulge and he covered it with his hands. As I looked down at him, I knew my kneeling had caused my towel to part at the bottom giving him an open view of my shaved pussy. I also knew this was going to get a reaction and pretended I hadn’t noticed as I coated his hot skin with the cooling balm. As I looked back at Mark he blushed and nodded down. I looked at him and he again gestured with a nod of his head to the bottom of my towel. I feigned embarrassment as I pulled my towel closed again. I told him he should stay in his towel and let his skin cool from the heat of that sunburn. He looked down at his own towel with embarrassment. I mentioned to him it wasn’t worth worrying about that its very normal for an 18yr old and if it was me that caused it then I will take that as a compliment. I told him not to be embarrassed girls like seeing it in all its glory. I offered to do his legs too but he declined I even suggested that I’ll stay with my towel wrapped around me so he didn’t feel too awkward.

We made our way into the kitchen deciding on something quick and easy to eat. As I leaned over the freezer chest, my towel would ride up at the back. I tried not to make it look too obvious

We opted on a pizza to be washed down with a nice wine I told Mark we probably have a game of something. I suggested to him that there are a number of games in the cupboard that belongs to Martin ( Mark’s brother in law ) Since Martin has been in the nursing home they have not seen the light of day. I suggested he select a game and I would get us another bottle or two of wine.

I heard him call out about a game called Forbidden Question? Initially I couldn’t place what game that was.

Mark görükle escort brought down a boxed game. I was rather surprised and made the comment that I had forgotten the game was still in there. I told him it was a game Martin bought to play when they were alone together because its personal and rather adult.

Mark claimed he was an adult now but had never heard of the game, Curiosity was getting the better of him so I had a think about it.

The naughty side of me thought this could be interesting and I wondered where this could go. I agreed to play but warned him it’s a very revealing game as I poured us both another large glass of wine.

I pointed out the rules of the game—there were male cards in blue and there were female cards in pink. Depending on the points system the questions could be quite embarrassing.

Mark threw the first dice it was a four, the square on the board suggested he ask me a question from box 4 of the six boxes.

Mark’s card had written question on it about when I lost my virginity?

I was ok with this question and told him that Martin was the only guy I have made love to and I lost my virginity shortly after I was engaged to him. I was nineteen back then.

There followed a conversation about the morals of being a virgin. I suspected Mark was still one. As he finished his large glass of wine so I refilled it, knowing it would soon be taking its toll.

I grabbed the dice and threw it. It came up a two. That card had printed on it to ask my opponent if he had ever seen a woman naked before?

Mark took his time before answering he had not in real life, only girls in magazines or on DVD’s.I asked .him about the internet adding that I know all 18 yr olds look at naked women on there and there was no need to be shy about telling me. He admitted he did but justified it by saying they were not real people but models and it looked so set up.

When asked if he would like to see one in real life, he readily nodded. Unaware of my intention in the question, his naivety was beginning to show through.

Before we went any further I decided if any of us refused to answer a question we must finish our glass of wine and have a refill as a forfeit before the next question was asked. He appeared already to be under the influence which I wanted to take advantage of.

Mark threw the dice again a five card . It was labelled “Personal” He looked at the question building up courage to ask it. The card said he needed to ask if I was getting wet, however he took so long I nearly called a forfeit.

Eventually he built the courage to quietly ask the question. I didn’t answer initially and he told me to drink up.

So I told him I was wet, very wet, playing this game was making me so, I added that girls get wet when thinking of sex or when they get horny

Mark with an embarrassed red face could not say any more although I knew he wanted to ask if I was horny, however not sure where to go with that if I said yes.

I was getting so turned on that I put my finger in my wet pussy and wiped my finger on his hand. Mark was almost frozen to the spot I was so wet and horny I almost asked him to feel me with his own finger but I am sure that would have scared him off. He was speechless, I broke the silence by picking up another card. Five again another personal question, this time it was my turn

I smiled as I looked at the question he was to answer. It instructed me to see if he was hard talking about sex like this. Mark didn’t answer and after a minute it was suggested he stand up and let me see how big he was knowing his towel wasn’t going to hide very much. He was now as red as his sunburn. He did neither so I told him to drink his wine in one go and I refilled it. I didn’t know if he was stunned or getting more drunk but I intended to find out.

We decided to stop for a little breather and regain some composure, well I really mean Mark was the one needing the break. I was ok with this but made sure his supply of alcohol was kept up

After these drinks he realised it was now his turn again and thought he could muster the bravado to ask some more. He threw the dice however was slow to read the card because of his intoxification, he was getting quite drunk. He had thrown a three, he picked up the card and then looked at my chest. He looked back at the card before showing it to me.

It asked if my nipples were pink or brown?

After some persuasion I got him to read it out

I asked him what he thought. He shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to say.

My answer was that they were pink He looked confused by the answer. So I justified my answer by saying I had never had any children of my own and maybe that is why they are not brown. I didn’t sound very convincing so he held on to the card. He then made an observation that my nipples were sometimes visible through my clothes and sometimes not.. His gaze again back on my breasts as I bursa escort bayan was poking very clearly through my towel wraparound.

I jokingly made a remark about sneaking in two questions instead of the instructed one.

I enquired when was he watching and his answer was when I picked up his drink off the coffee table the night before. I lied to him by saying that I was unaware he was looking last night so I was not aroused at all.

I re-iterated to him they get hard when I am horny and this game was responsible for me being horny as well as him staring at them.

I suggested to him that if he stopped staring at them then I might let him see my nipples for real. He moistened his now dry lips and nodded. I think he thought this was only a tease and I wouldn’t follow through with it.

I stood up and turned my back on him. I opened my towel and re-arranged it around my waist before turning round to face Mark. My breasts were now fully exposed to him, my nipples very sensitive and protruding. A drunken gaze is what followed for the next thirty seconds. His mouth open but no words came out, when offered a touch of them he still said nothing as if mesmerised.

I didn’t want this to go on too long because I was afraid if I got him too drunk then the whole evening would go flat. So I suggested only one more question each. This time it was my own question and not one from the pack. I wanted to know if he looked and felt about me in a sexual way? The question embarrassed him but he did answer saying the night before when he saw my breasts through my nightdress he got very turned on and wanted to know what I looked like completely naked’

When I asked him if he would like to, he replied that it wasn’t going to happen so its’ irrelevant. I reminded him that he told me earlier that he had never seen a woman naked in real life before.

Grown up sisters don’t do that for their brothers was his lame excuse. So I stood up and walked around beside him and handed him my towel

I was completely naked in front of him very wet and very, very horny.. My nipples hard, my pussy lips swollen and very sensitive. I could almost smell how wet I was.

I almost demanded he read out his last question

It was a six — action card. Mark suggested I could ignore the question. He was giving me an out. It said that he was to offer me a massage. I readily agreed which seemed to intimidate him.

As I stood him up it was obvious that the massage would not happen tonight. Mark could hardly stand, ataxic and slurred I walked him through to my bedroom. Bed and sleep was all that was now on the cards, I had overplayed my hand

As I stood him up I walked him to my bedroom. On the way I removed his towel mmmmm he was really very well built and still sporting his erection.

We both entered the bedroom naked, I lay him on his back on the bed and stared at his cock. I had not touched one in eight years. I took him in my hand and slowly began to pump him. I looked up he was asleep. I took him into my mouth tasting him I could feel him start to build so I stopped, climbed on top of him and lowered my hungry pussy onto his very large cock. I was so wet he entered me, stretching my wet pussy to the max He exploded into me. It wasn’t what I was wanting, I wanted to be loved, however who knows what tomorrow may bring. We lay there under a sheet naked and cuddled my way to sleep.

As I woke up in the morning Mark’s hand was exploring my breasts slowly and gently tweaking my nipples. As I opened my eyes he looked at me and took his hands away quickly.

Mark asked if I was serious last night about letting him give me a massage or was it part of the game, my answer to him was it could be both

I had my dancing again that night and often returned home muscle sore afterwards. I would love a massage was the message if he was still up for it

Before we would rise I suggested to him we could have a cuddle before getting up and facing the day We turned to face each other in the bed, his erect member touching my wetness and he began to feel how wet I really was. It was touching my clitoris and I began to build very quickly so I stopped unsure if this was right time to let it go any further.

We discussed lying in bed about his virginity and when, where and with whom he would like to lose it to. He gave me a compliment by saying he would like it to be girl who was as understanding as me. Now at least I knew he was ready

He reminded me that he was due to return to college the next day so I suggested I treat him to some new clothes to take back with him. I said we needed to get up, showered and out if we were to make full use of the day ahead of us.

I stood up out of bed stark naked and pulled the blankets down. I told him there was now nothing left to hide so he could share my shower. I helped him lather up and washed him all over including a very large member in front of him. I asked him to wash me which he did I enjoyed his hands moulding my breasts with the soap suds. I parted my legs so he could feel my pussy as he cleansed it. I reminded him we were going out and although I wished we could have stayed in the shower all day we needed to have breakfast and get out,- not waste the day

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