An Accommodating Lady

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This story details a true encounter way back when I had just turned 21 and was cocky, confident and bullet-proof.

My mother, the fashion buyer for the main department store (the only one) in Maseru, Lesotho, had been on a buying trip to Johannesburg and had gone to a movie to kill some time. In the queue she had got talking to a friendly woman in her early forties.

She took the woman up on an offer to come for tea with her and her 18-year-old daughter at her apartment and in a short time they became firm friends.

I was working in Bloemfontein at the time and when my mum passed through on her way home she mentioned meeting this woman with a very attractive daughter. She said they would love to meet me and that if I was ever in Johannesburg I should look them up.

With this information filed away I got on with my life until about five months later I was invited to a wedding in Johannesburg and needed a place to stay.

I pulled out the number my mum had given me and phoned the woman (Ruth), explaining who I was. She was delighted to hear from me and offered to put me up for the weekend.

I duly arrived early Friday evening and was made most welcome by this slightly overweight, big-breasted, very attractive woman. Her daughter Zelda, she said, had gone down to the coast for the weekend and laughed when I obviously registered disappointment. “You can meet her next time. In the meantime I’ll take you out for dinner and then show you the sites of the ‘big smoke’ on Sunday after your wedding.”

We went out for dinner and told each other our life story. She had been a divorcee for 10 years and although she had dated she had not found anyone she wanted to start with all over again. She said she was lonely but didn’t want the bother of a man. “In the long run they are just too much trouble.”

We were enjoying each other’s company, laughing a lot, drinking even more and the evening went by in a flash. She didn’t come Ankara escort on to me (although I was hoping she would) but we talked a lot about sex and I got the idea that in the right circumstances I could bed her.

Back at the apartment she showed me to my room and then sat down on the bed. I sat down next to her and the booze had obviously swept her inhibitions away because she started to tickle me, saying: “I’m sorry I’m not a young, nubile thing that you would find attractive.” I assured her that I found her very attractive but when I started to tickle her in reply she said: Please don’t tickle me.”

“Why not?” I asked. “Because if I’m being tickled I lose control. You will be able to do anything you like to me, and I don’t want you to think I’m an easy lay. Also, I am old enough to be your mother.”

I digested that for all of two seconds and started to tickle her. She giggled and squirmed and while I tickled her ribs with one hand I slipped the other inside her blouse, over her soft, well-filled bra. I stroked her breasts gently over the soft material and then slipped my hand inside, fingers searching for a nipple, which hardened to my touch. “Please don’t, you are getting me excited and I don’t want to be left high and dry.”

“Leaving you high and dry is the last thing I want to happen,” I laughed, unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking the startlingly white sexy front-opening bra, causing her lovely alabaster breasts to spill out into my hands.

She moaned with pleasure as I held one with both hands, nipping and sucking on the erect nipple. “You are making me feel so randy, Gordon, she mouthed into my ear before grabbing my face with both hands and slipping her tongue into my mouth to begin an intimate friendship with mine.

We continued to kiss as I slipped my hand up her skirt, feeling the outside of her thigh over her lace-trimmed half-slip and then moved it inwards to stroke her soft inner thighs just where her Ankara escort bayan stockings ended and the suspender belt began. “This is like going to heaven,” she breathed as she slowly opened her legs to allow my hand to slip over her panties, which were damp to my touch. “Oh yes! It’s like an electric shock! I’m feeling so sensitive to your touch, its wonderful! Please don’t think I’m a slut!” The words came tumbling out as she turned her attention to my cock that was standing uncomfortably to attention within the confines of my underpants. She pulled my zip down, reached inside and murmured: You’re a big boy, Gordon”, as she pulled it out, stroking it and fondling my balls.

By now my fingers had found their way past the panty barrier and slipped gently into her, stroking the hot, lubricated object of male lust. “God but you’re wet”, I muttered as I stroked her, feeling her eager response. She shuddered as my hand slipped upwards to her clit and gasped as if in pain as I worked it gently with sopping wet fingers. “I’m coming”, she shrieked, bucking and thrusting herself against my hand. I quickened the tempo and she had one juddering climax after another. “You really must think I’m a nympho”, she sobbed, “but it has been a long time. I didn’t realise how long.”

I pulled away from her and moved down the bed so that I could rub my face against her sopping panties. She opened her legs and her skirt rucked up, exposing her slip, stockings and flimsy lacy white panties. I realised then she was mine. She had opened to me as a flower would to the warmth of the sun and I was going to do my very best not to disappoint this wonderfully sexy mature woman.

I nuzzled the warm and sticky fabric between her legs, enjoying the sharp, erotic pungency of her secret place. Slowly I pulled her panties down, tossing them aside before addressing the object of my throbbing lust with my tongue. She screamed out as if in agony as I tickled her clit before Escort Ankara plunging my mouth deep into her, allowing her warm juices to slip down my throat.

She lay there, bucking and moaning as I now paid full attention to her clit, licking and teasing it while she stroked my face and slipped her fingers in and out of my mouth as I paid homage to the centre of her sexual universe.

“I’ve come so much and feel so selfish. I want to taste you as well and make you happy,” she whispered. I said I was very happy, but I lay back anyway and she kneeled between my legs, pulled off my underpants and held me firmly with both hands and her tongue flicked out to lick the dewdrops that had formed on the tip of my penis. Then she licked the shaft and my balls, causing me to gasp with pleasure and stroke her soft, sweet-smelling hair. “Don’t do it anymore. I am going to come if you don’t stop and I want to make love to you properly!” I warned.

She replied: “We have all night, all weekend for that. I want you to come into my mouth. I want to feel it spurting from your cock over my tongue and down my throat. I want your sperm to warm my tummy.” I couldn’t take any more of that talk or action and with a stifled scream I held her mouth to my cock, fucking it with short, sharp strokes until a torrent of sperm ejaculated, most of it disappearing down her eager throat but some spattering on her face as I slumped beside her, my heart pounding and my chest heaving. With one hand she stroked my now limp penis while with the other she wiped the cum off her face with her fingers and then slipped the fingers into her mouth.

“I’ve never had sex like that before and we didn’t even fuck,” she laughed. “Yes, not bad for an old girl,” I replied and she hit me with a pillow. “If you think that was something, just wait till I have recharged my batteries. It’s going to be a long night,”

“I can’t wait,” she said as she snuggled up to me, her one breast resting on my chest.

Before I nodded off I said a silent thanks to my ever-friendly mum who had struck up a conversation in a cinema queue, an incident that had led to the best sex yet in my short life, with the promise of even better to come.

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