An Office Complex — Amour

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Burt arrived a little early at his third floor office of a business complex located in a suburb of a Northwest city in the United States. It was a cloudy morning, a light rain was falling, but this was typical for a mid – February day. But it was a bright day for him — earlier that month his divorce had been approved.

He looked across the courtyard to a very specific office window on the second floor. The office light had just come on, his very special friend had arrived for work. As she took off her raincoat, Ruth looked up toward his window. Even at a distance, smiles came across two faces, they waved. He dialed her phone number, they talked for only a minute, but made plans to meet for lunch in the nearby cafeteria. She started work — but Burt sat in his office chair, closed his eyes and visualized the pleasure she provided him about a week ago.

* * * * * * *

He THOUGHT about the first surprise that evening. She answered the door wearing a gold colored dressing gown and indicated more time was required to get dressed. In a few minutes, she entered the living room wearing a form fitting black dress that went to her mid-knee — — a matching jacket, black hose and shoes completed the outfit. With her blond hair, she looked absolutely stunning in black. Just before they got out of the car at the restaurant, she softly told Burt that she was not wearing any panties. Conservation during the meal consisted primarily of Ruth talking, he was thinking about her pussy lips and the sexual satisfaction that would soon come.

Most of his THOUGHTS pertained to the mutual pleasure later that evening and not the restaurant meal. Back at her apartment, she stood in front of him and slowly pulled up the dress — uncovering only white skin and pussy hair where her legs join. Another surprise was soon uncovered — she was wearing a black bra that had been modified. Most of the two center sections of the bra fabric had been cut out. White mounds of flesh and pink nipples were exposed. Like a picture, her breasts were framed in narrow strips of black cloth. The black dress went over her head and placed neatly on a chair. She unzipped his pants, then pushed and pulled the pants and underpants to the floor — in a continuous motion. She played with her breasts and cunt as he removed the rest of his clothing.

He THOUGHT about the balance of the evening that consisted of slow dancing in her kitchen with little to no clothing between bare flesh, mutual caressing of breasts and genitals, an excellent bare penis blow job, side by side 69 with mutual kissing of genitals, and intercourse in different positions: chair, rear entry, and missionary. To top off the intimate contacts, she had several mild orgasms. Then, she had a strong orgasm; while her orgasm was continuing — he had an ejaculation. Both bodies were shaking and quivering at the same time. A wonderful pleasing experience for both.

He also THOUGHT about the black thigh high hose and modified cut bra she worn most of the evening — except for the time in the bathroom when they showered together after resting from intercourse. Each washed the other’s breasts and genitals — they would need to have more showers together.

He THOUGHT , YES — the varied sexual stimulation and the sex that evening was wonderful. He thought about the many mutual pleasures each had willingly provided for the other — and the mutual pleasures to come. Yes, play time and serious sex with Ruth certainly is superior to any sex that he had with his former spouse. If his ex would have provided him with similar pleasures, he possibly would still be married to her. But life with his former spouse was now like a closed book — never to be opened again — some pages had been read, but many pages would never be read now.

* * * * * * *

Opening his eyes, Burt started working, many things were on his ‘To Do List’ .

Burt was approaching sixty and had worked for this current employer for about twelve years. His college education centered on accounting and computer science — this combination of education had brought him a professional job with an excellent salary, and a private office. His work was very satisfactory. But, over the years, the marriage had gradually deteriorated — effective communication was missing, and the little sex the couple had was almost always of the quickie type. Each seemingly had other things to do and other interests — they functioned as two people living in the same house but seldom as a married couple — when two become as one. With their children now adults and on their own, they decided to separate. Burt has been living in an apartment located near his work for about six months.

Ruth was just past the double nickel age and had worked for her current employer for about eight years — but had recently transferred to this location from another city. In college, she majored in accounting — her professional work was very satisfactory. Her husband had left her last year; their divorce was approved Ankara escort just as the year end Holiday Season was starting. Their children were adults and lived in another state. The house she lived in — before the transfer — was currently for sale; prospects for a sale were very good. Currently she was living in a small studio type of apartment, but was starting to look for a larger apartment.

Both had worked many hours per week molding wonderful career — but they also separately realized that their current positions probably would be the highest levels that would be achieved. Slowly, each had realized that there were lots of things each wanted to do outside of work.


They had been introduced by a mutual friend last November — about two weeks before Thanksgiving — at a cafeteria located in the complex. After work, several times they had coffee and shared a roll — each thought the other as only a casual acquaintance.

Without this introduction, it would have been a lonely Thanksgiving Day for both. Burt arrived at her apartment just after noon; then drove for a traditional Thanksgiving Meal at a restaurant. Ample time was used to become better acquainted; with each discovering they had many more common interests than differences.

Near the end of the meal, Burt asked, “when can we get together again — hopefully it will be soon.”

Ruth replied, “we could visit in my studio apartment after we leave the restaurant. It is rather small and I have started packing some boxes but there are still some chairs and a sofa.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.”

Traffic was light, with in thirty minutes they were taking the elevator to her fourth floor apartment. The apartment door closed and the two were together — by themselves for the first time.

“Why don’t you turn on the television and we can watch a football game,” Ruth suggested. And added, “I am going to make a quick change.”

Burt turned on the television, sat down and started watching two of his favorite football teams — playing each other. The score was tied, the third quarter had just started. In a few minutes, Ruth walked into the small living room carrying two beverages. She was casually dressed but neat — blue jeans, pull over sweater, and shoes.

Ruth seated herself beside Burt on the sofa, and said, “I enjoy football but really do not closely follow either of these teams.” When the game was being played, both watched the action; during commercials they discovered more common interests. Time slipped by quickly, the game was over.

Plans were made for another date on Saturday — probably a meal and a movie, either at a theater or on DVD.

Together, they walked to the door and embraced. Burt gave her a gentle kiss on the check. Ruth returned the kiss on his lips and said, “Thank you for this wonderful time, I hope this is only the start of an excellent relationship.”

Burt responded, “I agree. See you in just a few hours on Saturday afternoon.”

After he left, Ruth striped off her clothes and looked at her stark naked body in the large bathroom mirror. She was about 5′ 6” tall, 145 pounds and in satisfactory health. Her blond hair touched the base of her neck. Her breasts were firm and about average size, her stomach reasonably flat. Her pussy hair was thick. While she looked at her mirror image she thought to herself: he seems like a nice man, polite, did not try any sexy things, intelligent, so far we have a number of common interests.

As he drove to his apartment, Burt thought: she is intelligent, attractive, nice body, we have many similar interests, with my recent divorce I am free to establish some type of relationship with her.

Late Saturday afternoon finally arrived. Burt telephoned from the apartment lobby, in a few minutes he was in Ruth’s apartment. Tightly embracing, they kissed, tongues touched and explored. Several minutes passed!

Burt said, “We need to be going to the restaurant and eat first so we do not miss the movie.”

Ruth replied, “Possibly we should just have a relaxing restaurant meal, then return to my apartment and watch a DVD. I just purchased several movies.”

The drive to the restaurant was short, soon they had ordered, received and completed their meal. Jointly, both decided to watch a DVD movie.

Back in Ruth’s apartment, Burt started the DVD movie while Ruth changed. She returned to the living room with chips and beverage — and sat down next to Burt. She was wearing tailored brown slacks and a yellow long sleeve shirt. Burt placed his arm on her shoulder, she put her head on his shoulder. As the movie progressed, Burt’s hand slowly dropped from her shoulder — moving toward her breast. Finally, his finger tips touched the top of a rounded mound of female flesh. Further down, he discovered that Ruth was not wearing a bra. His finger tips reached a firm nipple.

The DVD movie continued, Ruth made no attempt to remove his hand. She only sighed as he Ankara escort bayan played gently with her erect nipple. With his other hand, he unbuttoned the top button of her yellow shirt and placed a hand on the exposed bare skin. Her hand touched the top of his leg. The DVD movie continued to play but was not continuously watched.

Gradually more and more buttons were unfastened — both shirts where soon removed. Her breasts were free to move but restrained — one by his mouth and lips as he kissed and sucked a mound of female flesh, the other by his hand holding and gently caressing the exposed flesh. Her hand went below his belt, but did not touch the growing bulge.

Ruth said, “Please do not be disappointed, I very much have enjoyed our relationship so far. But right now I do not want to get intimate. My recent divorce still affects me. But before this year is over . . . . .” Her voice faltered, her recent experience and divorce were bitter.

Burt said, “I completely understand, and more important I agree. No sex until we both want the pleasure.”

“Thank you. I am very pleased that you understand. I just need a few more weeks to get over my divorce — till then I very much want to continue our relationship, but only on a friendship basis,” replied Ruth.

“Yes, I also want to continue our relationship. There is ample time to become serious.”


Early December was a busy time for both. Ruth moved into her new apartment, Burt was traveling on a week long business trip. But time was found after work to have a warm beverage and share a roll several times plus a restaurant meal and some shopping at a mall. Again and again, it was discovered that they had many common interests, the very few differences were slight.

Burt and Ruth were both practical thrifty individuals. Together, it had been decided that Christmas gifts should be under fifty dollars. Christmas day arrived, Burt met Ruth at her new apartment. They embraced and kissed — tongues explored mouths for many minutes. One hand caressed her breast, the other hand rested on her ass. One soft hand rubbed the back of his neck, the other hand dropped below his belt but stopped just above the slight bulge covered by fabric.

The bottle of wine that Burt gave her was put into the refrigerator to keep cold. Then the couple drove to a nearby restaurant and ate. After returning to Ruth’s apartment, Christmas gifts were exchanged.

He handed her a small box, she handed him a medium size box. Upon opening his box, Burt was very pleased to find two books containing a collection of short stories — he really enjoyed reading short stories. He could easy find the few minutes required to completely read a short story or glance at the index and read any story with an intriguing title.

Ruth opened her box and found jewelry – a hummingbird figure on a silver chain. The bird was made of small pieces of various colors mounted on silver. The couple embraced and kissed — tongues touched and explored. A male hand went upward from her waist to gently caressed a breast. A soft female hand dropped below his belt and pushed against the bulge that was only restrained by the fabric of his pants.

After giving more thanks, they parted. As she went to the bedroom, Ruth said, “I am going to try on this hummingbird necklace. Be back quickly.”

She returned wearing the hummingbird necklace, a sheer delicate yellow gown trimmed in black with matching panties plus thigh high black hose and shoes. The gown went just below her knees and was sheer enough that the shape of her breasts and nipples was quite visible. She faced Burt and quickly turned , the two long side slits separated and showed skin above the top of her hose.

Burt was reading a short story but looked up as she entered the room. He watched her walk toward him and turn. He said, “You look wonderful — even good enough to eat.”

Ruth softly laughed, and said, “We did not have any dessert at the restaurant.”

“Could I sample dessert soon?”

Ruth responded, “Why do you want just a sample? My divorce is now in my past, I would like us to have mutual pleasure.”


“Either tonight or earlier”, replied Ruth as she sat down on the sofa next to Burt.

“Let’s make it earlier — like now.”

“Yes — now, Sweetheart.” Ruth replied.

One hand rubbed her shoulders, then pushed the straps of the gown off her shoulders. The top of the gown fell, her breasts were exposed for the first time for Burt’s pleasure. A small double heart tattoo was on her left breast — with an arrow through both hearts.

“My ex wanted me to get the tattoo. I did it for him”, stated Ruth in a matter of fact tone of voice.

Burt did not respond. His mouth and lips were busy licking and sucking a breast and its pink areola and nipple. The other bare breast was caressed and gently squeezed with a strong hand. Ruth sighed and said”, it has been a long time since a man has Escort Ankara known my breasts. Much too long.”

Those words were like sweet music to Burt — her breasts and nipples received much more attention. Her nipples became firm and slightly enlarged.

A soft hand was placed on his knee — gradually, the hand moved up his leg until it came to rest on a bulge held in place by the fabric of his pants. Burt said, “please rub my penis — through the fabric or bare.”

Ruth replied, “It would only be fair for you to be bare, after all my breasts are completely bare and exposed.”

“I like that type of logic. We have many common interests”, replied Burt.

Quickly, Ruth unzipped his pants, fished in though his underpants and pulled out his erect rod. She started to caress and rub his manhood, then said”, let’s go to the bedroom, we will be more comfortable.”

Ruth stood up, her yellow gown fell to the floor. She was wearing thigh high hose, panties, and black shoes. She reached down and gently grabbed Burt’s cock and pulled it toward the bedroom — Burt got up and followed. Ruth stated, “I want this soon.”

Once inside the bedroom, Burt removed all of his clothing. Ruth removed her shoes and was on her back on the double bed. Only a little light from the living room entered the room, Ruth did not turn on any lights in the bedroom. She said, “Since this is the first time that we are being intimate I want to have the room almost dark. Later, we can have lights. OK?”

Ruth reaches into a small drawer and handed Burt a condom, as he said, “Yes. What ever makes you comfortable. Both of us need to have pleasure when two become as one.”

The couple, laying side-by-side on the bed, kissed for many minutes. A firm hand played with her breasts, as she reached down and caressed his erection. She put a few drops of lubricant on his erection, then rubbed and squeezed his manhood. Burt rubbed her hose covered legs from her knee to the skin above her hose. He removed her panties exposing the moist treasure and rubbed her moist pussy lips and hair. Fingers push through the lips and rub her clitoris and the entrance to her moist tunnel — back and forth. Finally, first one finger entered her body — then two fingers entered. In and almost out, two fingers gently explored her body as deep as possible. For many minutes, penis and cunt were rubbed.

Ruth sighs, and says. “Please take me. I want your cock inside me.”

Burt placed the lubricated condom on his firm erection while Ruth elevated her ass with a firm pillow. Her legs are spread wide, Burt spreads then even wider as he gets between her legs. His erect hard cock points directly at her hairy pussy lips. Slowly, Burt pushes the head between the pussy lips, then the rim enters her body. The shaft follows slowly, but penetrates as deep as possible. In, and almost out — fast, then slow. With his deep thrusts, Burt’s balls frequently bounce off her ass. Her cunt is thoroughly explored for many minutes with his rock hard cock. His penis grows some more, then explodes and shots ‘cum’ into the condom.

Burt sighs and says words such as: “Wonderful, Very nice, I like being inside you, Thank you.”

Ruth reaches into the small drawer and pulls out a vibrator shaped like an erect penis with balls. She says, “I am close to an orgasm. Please use this vibrator — until I come.”

Burt quickly pushes the vibrator deep into her body. All three speeds of the vibrator are used and alternated: slow, medium, and fast. Ruth reaches down and rapidly rubs her clitoris. In several minutes, her body starts to shake, then quiver, then jerks as she has an orgasm. Burt turns off the vibrator but leaves it in her body. She moans and sighs.

“You have really pleased me, I enjoyed having you explore me. Thank you.”

Ruth has been completely penetrated, rammed often and explored — both by Burt and by the penis shaped vibrator. Moisture flows from her pussy lips on to the penis shaped vibrator.

The couple rest, side by side, in the bed — exhausted from the sexual exercise. In a few minutes, Burt and Ruth partially cover themselves with large towels and walk to the kitchen for some recently baked cake and the chilled wine. The food is eaten in the living room as they sit side by side watching a DVD movie. Both are topless.

Before Burt leaves, plans are made for December 31 — New Year’s Eve and January 1 — New Years Day — a restaurant meal and a New Years Eve Party at a hotel. After getting back to Ruth’s apartment during the early hours of January 1, they would have a private and intimate celebration. Football games would be watched on January 1 at Burt’s apartment on his large screen television.


The restaurant meal was excellent, the New Years Eve party noisy and crowded with many people. It was good to get back to Ruth’s apartment and have their own private and intimate celebration.

Burt took of his clothes in the bathroom, he was quickly dressed as he put on only a loose fitting black bathrobe trimmed in a deep red color. He watched television and waited in the living room for Ruth. Finally, she entered the room and said, “Happy New Year, Sweetheart.”

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