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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 16 – Andrew”s first Bible Study Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Boys are to be loved, cherished and cared for. Never hurt!

Chapter 16

On Monday afternoon, Andrew”s phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hi Andy, this is Pastor Green. Are you up for the party tonight?”

“Sure, how many guys?”

“There will be about 20 guys. Most of them just want to meet you and touch your beautiful naked body. They will probably want to blow you and get a blow job back. None of them will want to fuck you tonight, but you may get to fuck some of them. Oh, and there will be a photographer there, but any money made on the photos will be shared with you.”

“Ok, well, you know my fees, so that”s fine. I”m not sure about the photos, but I”ll ask Ricky. What time?”

“Be there by 7PM. It”s the men”s Bible study in classroom 3. Can you walk over? And Ricky knows about the photos and always lets us do them. I”m sure you”ll like the extra money from them, and they aren”t shared outside the group.”

“Sure, I”ll see you then.”

Andrew hung up and dug through his stuff to find some tight white gym shorts. His cartoon undies showed right through them. Then he found a very tight white tank top that showed off his skinny torso. He found some ankle socks and tennis shoes and waited until it was time to go.

As he walked into the classroom, he recognized many of the men. This classroom had no windows, and there was cardboard taped up in the window on the door. There was a table with cookies, coffee, and juice on the side.

“Welcome, Andy. This is the men”s group I was telling you about. Men, this young man is Andy. Most of you met him Sunday at church. He”s here to help each of you absolve yourself of your improper sexual desires and become kindler, gentler husbands to your wives. We all know these women hate to put out, and by coming here, you will be able to get off as a man should. Andy here will make sure of that, right Andy?” The pastor greeted them.

“Of course, Pastor!”

“Would someone please lock the door.”

A guy in the back of the room quickly jumped up and locked the door.

“Now gentlemen, you”re all aware of how this works since you”ve all been with us before, but Ricky and our little blond friend have moved on. I”m sure little Andy here will be just as pleasurable as the others. Since he is not here with his father, I will be his protector, so please clear any activity with me. As you know, what we are about to do is frowned upon in the bible, but as we have learned, sin is when we hide it from the Lord. This venue will let you get your desires out, and as long as you keep those desires here at the church, you will not be held accountable. It”s a well known fact that the Greeks, Romans, and every civilization has had their servant boys, and they were exempt from their God”s rules. Look at this angel here.” He grabbed Andrew and lifted him up and had him stand on the table. “He”s perfect in every way. He will pleasure you and praise you as long as you praise him and respect him back. Anyone caught hurting him will be turned over to the authorities, and you all know what happens if you go to jail.” The pastor”s hands were rubbing up and down Andrew”s sides, making Andrew”s cock stand at attention, pushing out his shorts. Andrew was getting nervous, but also aroused.

“I”m going to say this for Andy”s benefit, but you all know the rules. They remain the same from our other blond friend that left us. You all know your donation level and what privileges it gets you. Andy may refuse you, and you must respect that. You may help each other as you play with Andy. Anything is allowed as long as you all consent, including Andy. Every moment of tonight will be filmed, so you will not share what happens here with anyone, ankara escort or your escapades will be sent to the authorities and your wives. Does everyone agree?”

Everyone in attendance said “Yes, pastor.”

Andrew leaned over to the pastor and said, “You didn”t say how much I was being paid for the pictures. If someone gets turned over, what about me?”

“Andy, there”s $2000 in it for you tonight on top of the fees we agreed upon. Don”t worry about anyone getting turned in, that won”t happen, but if it does, we will make sure that the authorities only get pictures that show the man and don”t reveal who you are. You”re safe, Andy.”

Andrew had to swallow hard as this was unexpected and great news. “All right, pastor Green, I”m in.” It never dawned on Andrew that the pastor was making even more money by selling the videos and photos, but he really didn”t care since that money was more than he could ever even think about.

“Now gentlemen, let the games begin. You may all come up and help Andy here disrobe.”

The men gathered around him as he stood on the table. One man reached over and looked Andrew directly in the eyes as his finger went into the waistband of his shorts. “May I, my beautiful boy?”

“Yes, daddy.” Andrew responded, knowing these men would probably like being called daddy.

In one motion, he pulled down the shorts, exposing the cartoon briefs. One man rubbed Andrew”s package, which was already starting to stiffen up. The man leaned in and took a deep whiff of Andrew”s crotch. “I can”t wait to suck on you, son!”

“Why don”t you do it now? It needs to be freed. I want to feel your warm mouth on my cocklet and my tiny balls.”

The pastor was amazed. Where did this boy get it? He was a natural. The boy really did love what he was doing.

The man pulled down Andrew”s briefs and began licking and slurping in his boyhood.Another man was feeling up Andrew”s bare ass and stuck his face in to lick at Andrew”s little pink star.

The man licking Andrew”s cock began to suck. Andrew was so excited he almost had a boygasm, so he bent over to give the man at his backside better access. The man probed with his tongue, making Andrew squirm and squeal in delight.

“Gentlemen, bring Andy up to the front.” The pastor said.

Then there was a bed up front that Andrew was carried to. The men were disrobing and surrounding the bed, drooling over Andrew”s naked body.

“May I have the honor to suck on your toes, my little Angel?” a man asked Andrew.

“Yes sir, you may.” Andrew noticed the pastor was marking down on his tally sheet to make sure nobody cheats on their donation or to collect more should they go over their limits. He also noticed that each man had identical necklaces on with a number. He figured that was a way to identify them.

The man was licking between each of Andrew”s toes. He”d never experienced this but was liking it. The man that was previously sucking on him continued. As Andrew drew closer to cumming he pushed the guy off again and asked him to wait. He rolled over and got on his knees to allow the man that had been rimming him to continue.

A man that reminded him of Don came up to his face. “Would you mind plesuring me, son?” he asked.

Andrew didn”t need any encouragement, he just opened his mouth and took the monster cock deep down his throat.

“Wow, this kid knows how to deep throat! Holy, oh, crap, ugh, I”m cumming!” he yelled. Andrew backed off enough so he could taste the man”s load. When the man finished, he leaned down and kissed Andrew, and got a taste of his own seed. The man went and sat by the refreshment table.

The man that was sucking on Andrew asked if it was his turn yet. He loved how this man worked his cock, so he agreed. Another man walked up to his head and fed him his average cock. As he pumped into Andrew”s face, his balls kept hitting Andrew”s eyes, and he started laughing on the man”s cock. Just then, the man sucking on him crossed the point of no return. Andrew was bucking, humping, and twitching as his whole body orgasmed. It made the man he was sucking on shoot his load. The man was quick to come down and suck his load from Andrew”s mouth before the boy could swallow.

The men all watched as Andrew came down from orgasm number one. He”d taken two oral loads and came once. Toes sucked and now escort ankara the men were just rubbing his body. Andrew thought, “This is how it should be. Why did my daddy ruin it?” He was so happy that he found Pastor Green, and to get paid for what he loved? Even better.

Andrew would be able to get off at least five more times, so the rest of the night was going to be a blast.

Another man got Andrew”s attention. “Young Andy, may I have the pleasure of giving you your second tingles tonight?”

“Of course, sir.”

“How would you like to have them? Do you want me to blow you? Fuck you? Or do you want to fuck me?”

“Sir, could I fuck you this time?”

“It would be my pleasure. Could we do it missionary style so I can see your beautiful face?”

Andrew was flattered by this. “Of course. He leaned in and kissed the man. The man got onto a bench, and two other men that had been listening came and held up his feet. One of the men smeared a bit of lube on Andrew”s dick and the hole he was about to breach. Andrew mounted up and started to jack hammer into the man.

“Oh, Andy, that feels so good.” The man was rolling his eyes, even though Andrew knew he couldn”t possibly be hitting the man”s prostate. It was obvious that the man was mentally into the fuck and soon his sphincter squeezed down on Andrew giving him his tingles as the man shot his load straight up. It landed on Andrew”s chest. The man just lay there, panting. Andrew pulled out and one of the men holding the legs picked up Andrew and took him over to another bench and laid him down.

“May I clean you up, young man?”

“Yes, you may.”

The man licked Andrew from head to toe, removing the other gentleman”s cum. He licked Andrew”s penis clean from the lube and then spent a good long time tongue kissing Andrew.

“I love a clean boy. Would you ever consider being my boy and coming to live with me?” The man said.

“Well, sir, I don”t know you, but you do treat me very nicely, but right now, I”m the pastor”s boy. Maybe if we get to know each other more through bible study, we can see.”

“I understand, my sweet boy. I would never hurt you, and it really bothers me to think that these other men may fuck you or hurt you.”

“Thank you for your concern, but the pastor assured me I was safe. I like being fucked when it”s gentle and loving. But the pastor said I didn”t have to ever do that.”

“My boy, please, don”t get too carried away. You need someone who will protect you all the time and who you can live with. I look forward to getting to know you better and maybe someday I can be your protector.”

“Thank you, sir. My last protector, well, he raped me.” Andrew started to get sad.

“I would never do that or let it happen to you.” The man went down on Andrew”s cock and got it hard again. “Thank you again, my sweet boy.”

Andrew felt this man really did care and was not like his daddy. Maybe over time he would trust an adult more, but for now he needed to earn and survive. This was a piece of cake so far.

One after another, the men ravished the boy. One man pressed his nose into Andrew”s ass. He pulled Andrew”s globes apart and licked away at the little pink star he revealed. Andrew squirmed with pleasure as another man was trying to suck him and Andrew was sucking on yet a third man.

Andrew was getting close to having his third tingles while the guy was sucking his pucker. “Please sir, put a finger in and push my button!” Andrew squealed. The man complied, and Andrew immediately convulsed as he had his biggest tingles of the night. He went limp in the arms of the man who was engulfing his cock.

Andrew drank about 10 loads and had 5 tingles with the men. He fucked a total of two men, having tingles in them. When the evening was over, Andrew was taken back to the pastor”s house naked. He grabbed his clothes. The pastor settled up the bill handing him over $4500 for the night. “You were quite popular, son. I hope you will join us again for our weekly bible study.”

“Of course, pastor, it was fun. What can I do for you?”

“Would you, I mean, I know we never agreed to you bottoming, but could I fuck you?”

“Well, to be honest, pastor, most of the guys were fingering me tonight, so I think I”m loosened up enough if you want. But, you need to be careful. I haven”t been fucked since my ankara escort bayan daddy and his friends raped me, so I”m a bit scared.”

“Son, I don”t want to hurt you, so we can wait. Would you like to spend the night? I”ll pay for your time.”

“Are you sure? I”d love to cuddle with you and be hugged. I don”t get that anymore.”

“Come on, let”s shower and get to bed, son.”

The two of them went off to shower and got into bed. The pastor spooned Andrew, and he fell asleep dreaming of the better times he had being spooned by his father before the abuse.

Morning came too soon. The pastor made them breakfast before Andrew left to go home. He stuffed $5000 into his book safe. It was beginning to run out of room. Thankfully, the pastor gave him large bills. Andrew thought he could just stop, but why? This was a lot of fun.

Andrew didn”t need any other customers, he had enough business from the pastor and loved every minute of it. The men”s group met every Monday, but there weren”t as many men after the first night. He still pulled in about $800 or more a week from that, and another $500 from the pastor for their Wednesday and Friday romps.

The pastor kept filming the events and finally let Andrew in on the secret. He was selling the videos to his network of friends, and he would share the profits with him as they sold. This got Andrew a fair amount of extra money for work he had already done. Andrew really didn”t know how much the pastor was making, but he had enough money to survive for a while. Andrew needed to find a better place to store his money. He also wanted to find a better place to stay.

“Let me show you my most popular video. It”s with the blond boy who isn”t here anymore. His family moved away. His father brought him here to share with the group. I think he”s about your age.”

The pastor popped in a video and pulled it up. Andrew nearly passed out. Kerry was the boy in the video. He appeared to be around 9 or 10 in the video. This had to be when they were playmates. Andrew started to say the words just ahead of Kerry saying them in the video. The Pastor looked at him puzzled. “Pastor, I know him. That”s Kerry! He was my best friend. We did that routine for my daddy and his friends.”

The pastor turned white. “Really? That was his final movie. His dad was acting very strange that day. I”m sorry, I shouldn”t have shown you this.”

“No, it”s okay. We played with each other a lot. I even played with his dad. There!” Andrew pointed at Rob. “But they moved away. Why did they come all the way over here?”

“Well, I found Rob online when he wanted to buy a video of Ricky and he shared some pictures of his boy and him fucking. I invited them over, so he would bring Kerry over for the weekend. He made a lot of money. His mom was even in on it.”

“He did go away on weekends a lot. He said it was to see his grandma.”

“His dad told me the day we filmed that scene that someone was on to him and they had to move. That boy was amazing and knew how to work a cock.”

“I know. He was a lot of fun, and we liked to show off for Daddy and his friends. Do you have any idea where he is now?”

“I”m sorry son, they wouldn”t tell me where they went and I”ve had no contact with them since. It”s how it goes since this is very illegal and nobody wants to go to jail.”

“Oh, I get it. I was in love with him. It just sucks. And as for this being illegal I get it since my daddy went too far, but I love it when its done right and don”t see why we can”t do it. I love being here, pastor, and I hope we can keep having fun.” Andrew was a bit sad.

“Well, you”re my boy now.”

“Thank you, pastor.” Andrew kissed the pastor on the lips.

They continued to have their weekly men”s group over the next year. At about 11 and a half, Andrew started cumming, and the men were loving the clear nectar that he shot. More and more of them wanted him to cum in their mouths or asses. Andrew was lucky to be young and able to get off about 5 or 6 times with ease. He even had one night that he counted 10 times. The last was just a drip. His balls ached for a few days after that one.

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