Another Week on the Lake Ch. 08

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Author’s Note:This is a sequel to “A Week On The Lake” and “Snowed In.” A few of the characters in this story appear in the “Lucky Cable Guy” stories also. Readers of my previous stories will already be aware that sometimes my group sex scenes involve guys messing around with each other, “so if that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like, and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.”

Special thanks to SpotInTheSand for story consultation and editing. Check out his stories. They’re excellent.

Additional thanks to Stonehammer69 for ongoing story consultation and idea brainstorming. He’s also got a couple of stories posted so go read them and tell him in the comments to keep the chapters coming!

Like Chapter 7, this chapter contains a couple sections of Eva’s POV.

Here is a quick refresh on who is who:

Jack’s Cabin:

Will – Our protagonist

Eva – Will’s girlfriend of one year

Jack – Will’s best friend. His family owns the cabin

Sophie – Jack’s long-time girlfriend, now fiancee

Maggie – Jack’s cousin by marriage

Dani and Kristen – Maggie’s friends

Next door neighbors

Mike and Tara

Josh and Liz

Marine Patrol

Barbara, “The Chief”

David – Barbara’s husband

Jodi – Marine patrol assistant

Brad – Jodi’s boyfriend

Characters from Lucky Cable Guy (this story takes place thirteen years after LCG)

Jason and Amber

Matt and Tina

Jack and Stacy

Trevor and Emma



Kaylee’s group

Kaylee and Connor (this takes place the summer before “Connor’s Senior Year”)

Jill and Tommy

Jess and Roger

Katrina and Tyler

* * * * * * *


Andrea played with her tits while I fucked her pussy in the bow seating of one of the many boats pulled up onto the sand of Bonfire Island. I’d met her just a few minutes before while she was riding Matt’s cock while Amber licked her pussy and Matt’s balls. I had been able to taste Matt’s cum in her pussy after we were introduced. Andrea was a young member of Luke and Rebekah’s church in their home town and this was her first summer at the lake. She’d told me as both of us recovered from our most recent orgasms that she’d turned eighteen on the same day she’d graduated from high school about six weeks ago. She’d spent the last few days being gradually initiated into the ways of the lake in a cabin she shared with three other girls from her graduating class in the Christian high school that was affiliated with Luke and Rebekah’s church.

She’d been having sex with her boyfriend Jacob for weeks before coming to the lake for the annual church summer get-away, but both of them had been under the impression that they had to sneak around and hide their sexuality. The last few days had cured both of them of that notion thoroughly.

I shared some of the details of my first two trips to the lake with her while we chatted and started touching each other’s bodies. I pointed out Eva to her off in the crowd of sucking and fucking orgy participants, her huge gorgeous melons bouncing as she rode hard on a nice fat cock. When my fingers finally made their way to Andrea’s dripping wet pussy we were both ready to go.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked, looking up at me with her dark brown eyes as her chest rose and fell with every breath.

* * *

Almost an hour earlier I slowly regained consciousness to find Eva sitting beside me at the picnic table slowly stroking my rock-hard cock as she pressed her body into mine. Luke and Rebekah had moved on into the crowd, presumably to share their particular set of skills with more of the uninitiated, and I fervently hoped Jack and Sophie would get a turn.

While they may have been gone, the affects of having sex with them lingered, and I realized this slowly as I thought I could feel a big thick cock in my hand, sliding up and down, when I realized that it was Eva stroking my big thick cock and I was sensing her experience. Not as intensely as the link had been with Luke and Rebekah, but still definitely there, only now at an intensity that didn’t feel like it would make me pass out with pleasure again. My cock felt bigger because her hand was smaller than mine, or at least that’s what I thought until I looked down and Eva spoke.

“I think Luke and Rebekah left us both a nice present,” Eva said.

“In more ways than one,” I said as I slid two fingers down to her pussy and felt both the wetness there and the pleasure it produced in her body.

“I got to feel Luke’s orgasm,” she said. “I want to feel yours.”

I kissed her, a long, deliberate, searching kiss. Eva moaned into my mouth and pressed her body more tightly against mine. Our connection intensified and again the surrounding orgy and heat and firelight drifted away as my mind made room to share the experience with my most cherished lover.

I was still seated exactly where izmit rus escort I’d been when Rebekah had fucked my cock while I sucked Luke’s, and Eva climbed into my lap and impaled herself on my cock. Fireworks exploded in my vision, but the only thing I could hear was our heartbeats and the soft sound of our skin as we moved against each other. Eva was taken by surprise at the difference in the size of my cock, and I gasped at the tighter fit in her pussy.

“Oh fuck baby,” she groaned. “Oh fuck it’s fucking huge!”

I couldn’t muster a reply because besides the feeling of her exquisitely tight pussy I could feel her sensations of holding me inside her as though her pussy was a part of my body and the cock pushing into me belonged to someone else. These two opposite and complimentary sensations exploded through both of us at the same time and we both started to cum, as soon as I was as far inside her as we could get.

Eva drenched my cock and balls with her cum while I pumped huge thick jets of cock cream deep into her pussy. Our orgasms merged and amplified each other, resonating in our minds and bodies as we both experienced the dizzy pleasure of the other. The link seemed to have intensified with the onset of our orgasms, and it faded again slightly as they subsided and passed. But it was still there and it was still incredible to feel my girlfriend’s sexual desire and pleasure as though it were my own and to know she was feeling my love and lust for her in the same way.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “If it’s going to be like this from now on I don’t know how we’re ever going to be able to leave the apartment.”

Feeling an energy that would normally be sapped after such a powerful orgasm, indeed after so many in such a short period of time, I stood up from the bench with Eva still impaled on my cock and she yelped and threw her arms around my neck to hold on for the ride.

“Yes, baby,” she grunted. “Fuck me. Fuck me, Will! Fuck me!”

I walked with her tits mashed against my chest to the nearest table to find our friends Roger and Jess having sex with our cabin neighbors Josh and Liz.

“Hey guys!” Jess exclaimed as she bounced happily on Josh’s cock. Her small gorgeous breasts bounced lightly on her chest. Liz was leaning on the end of the table while Roger fucked her from behind, every stroke of his cock bringing his hips to smack against her generous bottom. Liz’s big tits swayed heavy beneath her body.

I set Eva down on the edge of the table next to Josh, giving me a good view of his cock disappearing into Jess’s pussy while I set to giving Eva a fuck we would both remember. The two other couples swapped partners several times while Eva and I fucked between them. We still shared the link between our bodies and minds as long as my cock was inside her and neither of us wanted to break that connection just yet. But it was amazing to me to feel the way she lusted not just for me, but for all four of our friends at the table with us. She took long hungry looks at their cocks when they were exposed and similar thirsty stares at Jess’s and Liz’s tits and pussies. She felt my own desire for them as well, especially for Jess, who Eva already knew I found especially desirable. I’d told her at home more than once how much I liked the way Jess’s little frame looked taking my cock into her pussy and the way her boobs bounced as I fucked her. Now Eva could feel that lust directly and we fucked each other harder and harder with every shared sensation.

“Yes Will!” Eva shrieked. “Give it to me! FUCK ME! CUM IN MY PUSSY, BABY!”


My balls roiled and pumped and again I felt the twin sensations of two powerful orgasms merging together as both of us exploded into wordless screams. Will’s cock and Eva’s pussy were indistinguishable to me as she soaked me with her juices and I pumped her pussy full of my hot cum.

“I love you Will,” Eva whispered hoarsely into my ear as we held each other and gasped for air. “I love you so much.”

We kissed gently in anticipation of the breaking of the link between us as I slowly extracted my cock from her cum-filled cunt. When my cock head popped free and my cock slapped hard against my stomach I watched a river of spunk flow out of her pussy and we kissed one more time, getting reacquainted with having only one person inside our heads.

“That was fucking incredible,” Jess said beside us.

“Yeah, can you do that to me?” Liz said.

It seemed as though Roger and Josh had moved off into the orgy and Eva kissed me before doing the same. “Have fun, baby,” she said. “I can’t believe how fucking horny I still am.”

Liz got up onto the table and spread her legs in front of me and Jess started sucking my cock as I leaned over to lick Liz’s pussy.

* * *

There seemed to be no end to my erection or my miraculous reservoir of cum, almost certainly further after-effects of having sex with Luke and Rebekah. I fucked Liz izmit escort and Jess and filled both of their pussies with huge loads of hot cum. I was surprised to find that there was still a faint connection between our minds and bodies when my cock was inside them, although nothing like the mind-bending explosion that had happened with Luke and Rebekah, and much diminished from the link I had shared with Eva. Still, it was there, and it helped me give more pleasure and stronger orgasms to Jess and Liz, being able to get faint sensations from them of what felt good or better or made them totally blow their stacks.

They also both noticed the increased size of my cock and wondered aloud if their husbands could possibly get similar upgrades, to which I chuckled and suggested they seek out Luke and Rebekah. So when they left the table I went to find more friends to fuck, my cock standing out bigger and harder than it had ever been in my life, and coated nicely with a mix of Jess’s and Liz’s and my own cum.

I wanted to find Becky or Sophie or Felicia or Kaylee and see if they wanted to try out my newly enhanced equipment, but I considered it fortunate that I ran into Claire first. Claire had been half of the Marine Patrol pair who “busted” us on Tuesday after Jack had told me he was going to propose to Sophie. She and her husband had come up on our little orgy on the beach and joined in, but while she’d briefly sucked my cock, we hadn’t had the chance to fuck before she and her husband Kevin had gone off to finish their patrol route.

“It’s Will, right?” she asked, smiling up at me and eyeing my free-standing cock glistening in the fire-light with a fresh coating of cum. Claire was about my age as far as I could guess, a few inches over five feet tall with brown hair, a nice round bottom, and full firm tits. I’d had the pleasure of watching her take her clothes off a few days ago, but today of course, being about two hours into an orgy, she was already naked.

“Yes,” I said, enjoying the way her eyes roamed up and down my body and taking in the sight of her fantastic tits rising and falling on her chest. She seemed to be short of breath, and given the cum running down the insides of her thighs and streaked across her tits, it wasn’t a stretch to figure out what she’d been up to. “And you’re Claire?”

“I am,” she said. “Do you want to fuck me, Will? Your cock looks really fucking good and I want it in my pussy.”

“Definitely,” I said. “Lead the way.”

She grinned and took my arm and led me past blankets and tables crowded with the naked forms of writhing sucking fucking cumming people to the water’s edge and a boat against which leaned Matt with none other than Kaylee sucking his enormous cock. Claire climbed up onto the edge of the boat next to Matt and spread her legs for me and I knelt next to Kaylee and glued my mouth to Claire’s delicious pussy.

Kaylee wrapped a hand around my cock and pulled her mouth off of Matt’s prick in surprise.

“Holy fuck, Will!” she cried. “Your cock!”

I pulled my mouth away from Claire’s pussy. “You like?” I said to Kaylee before giving her a wink and diving back into Claire’s pussy. I heard the slurping sounds of Kaylee returning to suck Matt’s cock and Matt’s groans of approval at her efforts as I sank my tongue into Claire. Her taste was delicious and tangy, and I could taste traces of cum from at least one guy who had spunked inside her tonight. She gasped and bucked her hips when I licked up, dragging my tongue up between her pussy lips and over her clit.

“Do that again, Will,” she moaned. “Keep going. You’re gonna make me cum.”

I obeyed her instructions and continue to lick her pussy from bottom to top, just forcefully enough that my tongue dipped inside her juicy opening on the way to her clit every time I licked. Claire bucked against my face, forcing her pussy against my tongue and giving herself even more pleasure.

“Oh fuck, YES!” she wailed. “Suck my pussy! Make me cum!”

Matt soon added his own cries of delight to Claire’s. “Oh fuck, Kaylee, yes!” he gasped. “Suck my cock just like that! I’m so close!”

“Oh fuck me too!” Claire cried. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna CUM!”

Matt bellowed as he exploded into Kaylee’s mouth and Claire went silent as she started to cum in mine. Her body trembled on the edge of the boat, and I reached up to palm one of her big jiggling tits as she rocked back and forth as I licked her clit and sent her over the edge.

“FUUUUUUCK!” Claire screamed. “AAAAAAHAAAAGH!”

I knew when she finally began to come down from her orgasmic high that she had been with Luke or Rebekah at some point. It might not have even been tonight, but I was able to make that psychic sexual connection with her through the interface of my mouth and her pussy and I could feel the pleasure of her orgasm, if muted and somewhere deep in my mind rather than right up front. I was looking forward to fucking her to see if we could get as strong a link as I’d had with Eva.

But first, Kaylee took kocaeli escort my attention while Claire got control of her breathing.

“Oh my god, Will!” she cried as she wrapped both hands around my cock. “It’s thicker too!”

“A little present from Luke and Rebekah, I see,” Matt said. “That happens sometimes. Happened to me too.” He pointed down at his mammoth cock, still rock-hard and covered with Kaylee’s spit.

“They are special people, those two,” Claire said. “It’s time for you to fuck me now, Will.”

“I’ll get his cock good and wet for you,” Kaylee said, before launching herself at my fuck-pole.

“Oh yes, Kaylee,” I moaned. “Suck that fucking cock for me, baby. Oh fuck you make it feel so good!”

She popped her mouth off of my bulging cock head with a smack and looked up at me. “You’re fucking me next,” she said. Then she got back to her feet and climbed up with Matt and he helped her slowly impale herself on his cock.

I turned back to the smiling Claire, who reached down to guide my cock in between her open pussy lips just before I pushed forward and sank a few inches into her cunt.

“Oh fuck, that’s a nice big cock,” Claire gasped. “Fuck me, Will. Fuck me!”

I held on to Claire’s big beautiful tits as I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy, my balls swinging happily between my legs. The dim connection we’d had while I sucked her pussy intensified, although it wasn’t as strong as what I’d shared with Eva. Still, I could feel Claire’s pleasure as a sensation in my own body, even if it was dominated by my own pleasure at the wonderful hot constriction of her pussy along the length of my cock. I could tell that she was enjoying my somewhat slow approach so far, but that she was starting to itch for a good hard fuck, and I knew that if I were to pinch one of the nipples digging into my palm while rubbing the flat of my thumb against her clit she would explode into a powerful orgasm. But she wasn’t ready for the fireworks yet. Both of us were enjoying the simplicity of our fucking and both of us wanted to turn up the intensity.

I slid one hand up over Claire’s chest and up the back of her neck and took a fistful of her chestnut hair in my hand and pulled her head back just as I slammed my cock hard into her pussy.

“FUCK!” she howled. “YES! GIVE ME THAT COCK! FUCK ME!”

Now I pistoned my cock in and out of her juicing pussy hard enough to add the sounds of my hips slapping against her thighs mixed with the shrieks and howls of pleasure of the orgy behind me. Still holding on to one of her tits and pulling firmly on her hair, I fucked her hard and fast and helped her to build up towards what we both now knew was going to be a mind-shattering orgasm.

Beside us, Kaylee fucked herself up and down on Matt’s cock and shrieked at the sky as she came over and over again all over his huge prick while Matt lifted and squeezed her tits. “Ride that fucking cock, Kaylee,” he growled. “Fuck my cock with your perfect pussy!”

“Oh my fucking god fuck me!” Claire cried. “Your cock feels so fucking good!”

“Holy fuck,” I replied. “Your pussy is incredible, Claire. It feels so fucking good on my cock!”

“Make me cum!” she screamed. “MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!”

Still pounding her pussy with long hard strokes, I slid my hand back down from Claire’s hair and over her chest, pausing to lightly slap her bouncing boob before working my way down her stomach to the patch of brown hair over her pussy.

“DO IT!” she screamed.

I let go of her other breast and pinched her nipple in between my thumb and forefinger hard. Much harder than I would have tried if I couldn’t feel through our link exactly what she wanted. I gave it the slightest twist to the left and pressed my other thumb down on her hooded clit and she exploded.


Her pussy clenched and spasmed hard around my cock, and I was forced to stop my thrusting and hold it still inside her while she covered me with cum. Over our bond I could feel the thrum of pleasure emanating from her pussy and through her body and it made my balls roil and churn and I exploded inside her, thick hot streams of cock cream cascading into her cunt.


“So fucking sexy,” I encouraged. “Cum all over my fucking cock! Your pussy feels so fucking good, Claire!”

I held her against me as both of us came, and the final few spurts of cum shot up through my cock and into her pussy.

“Oh my god that was an excellent fuck,” Claire gasped when I finally helped her back down onto her feet. “You sir, are a talented cocksman.”

Matt laughed out loud next to us. He and Kaylee had finished their fuck a minute or two before us and they had been waiting to swap. “A talented cocksman?” he chuckled. “That’s a new one on me.”

* * * * *


Right around the time Will and Andrea were getting acquainted, I was riding hard on a nice cock almost as big as Will’s. I’d left my boyfriend in the capable hands (and mouths, and pussies, etc.) of Jess and Liz and gone off in search of some new cocks to suck and fuck. It seemed as though tonight, no matter how many orgasms I had, I was still going to crave more. And I was perfectly fine with that.

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