Anticipation Ch. 08

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She opened the apartment door for me and took off her leather jacket inside. I unzipped and peeled off my hoodie.

“I’ll get the alcohol,” she said.

I kicked off my shoes and then joined her in the bathroom. I sat on the toilet seat and let her position my head for the best light to inspect my bloodied lip. I noticed a very slight cut on her own lower lip.

“It’s not too bad,” she said, delicately pressing around it. She dabbed it with a cotton ball wet with alcohol. I flinched at the initial sting. After a few dabs, she set it aside and began lifting my t-shirt. “Let’s check you out.”

I lifted my arms as best I could, at the moment, and let her pull the shirt over my head. She ran her fingers over my back, as she looked for any wounds, and then inspected my front.

“You know, it’s been a long-time fantasy of mine to have a beautiful woman treat my battle wounds.”

She smiled. “I’d be lying if I said I haven’t imagined it, myself.” She paused. “But it was a guy treating MY battle wounds.”

“Oooh. Interesting. You do have a little cut on your lip, you know.”

“It’s nothing. Didn’t even bleed,” she said, almost disappointed. “I don’t see anything. Any place sore?”

“Something jabbed me here,” I said, lightly rubbing the front of my shoulder. “Not sure if it will bruise, though.”

“Nothing there now,” she affirmed. “Let’s see those ribs.” I moved my arms out of her way. “Does this hurt,” she asked, lightly moving her fingers over my ribcage.

“No. Feels good.”

She smiled a little. “How ’bout this?” She pressed just a little harder.

“Still mostly nice,” I said.

“Probably just bruised, then, ” she assured. “There’s blood on your pants,” she said in a more concerned tone. “And a hole.”

“I think something sharp in the trash stabbed me a little.”

“Stabbed you ‘a little’? Stand up.” I stood and she began unbuckling my belt. I began to feel a little aroused, but I kept my mind on other things.

Unbuttoned. Unzipped. She lowered them, and herself with them. I lifted my feet one at a time so she could set my pants aside, out of the way.

She lifted her eyes to where the wound was located, and I could see the realization in her eyes that it was behind my boxer briefs, very near my crotch, and that there was only one way that she could properly inspect it.

She looked me in the eyes and stood up. Stared a moment, then took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

She turned on the light and positioned me at the foot of the bed, facing away from it.

Her hands on my shoulders, she kissed my lips, then my shoulder. My chest. My stomach. Her hands traveling with her, and she lowered herself into a kneeling position.

She slid her hands down my thighs keçiören escort and back up to my hips. She kissed just above the waistband. Just below the waistband. A bit lower. As if to meet her half way, my arousal surged.

She set a prolonged kiss on my bulge, and another slightly shorter one further down.

She looked me in the eyes, briefly, then focused on her task of slowly peeling down my underwear.

When my trimmed hair was uncovered, she paused and ran her fingers through it a moment. She pulled the band down far enough further to expose my first couple of inches from my base and kissed it.

Two more inches. She pressed her head against me right above my base, the initial arch of my shaft conforming to the shape of her nose. I felt the breath from her open mouth as she exhaled slightly faster than normal.

She kissed my skin. Wanting escape, my groin muscles involuntarily flexed causing my shaft to move a little beneath her.

Multiple times, the tip of her tongue flicked out, indecisively.

She nestled her nose along the left side, and then moved the right hand over the remaining covered bulge. She kissed the top of my thigh and then pulled my waistband down from the back with her left hand.

I groaned a little as the material rubbed downward across my fresh wound. That little pain was short-lived and soon forgotten after the material released my full length into the care of her right palm.

Her eyes still hidden, she began moving her fingers over and around my shaft, causing me to let out a sigh. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, taking in the sensation as she explored. A little tingle went up my spine. Two fingers traced the underside to the head.

Soon the exploration became light stroking, up and down and around.

“Oh, yes,” I whispered.

She paused the stroking, and just held, as she pulled her head away from me. I opened my eyes and looked down to see what she was doing.

Completely ignoring the wound and the light smear of drying blood near her hand, she stared at my length and began running fingers of both hands along either side, from base to tip. Back to one hand stoking, as the other lightly grazed the back of my scrotum.

She was staring at the tip, expectantly, while her fingers worked. Her stroking became a little slower, and a little firmer.

Soon a drop of pre-cum oozed out. A little smile formed on her face. One slightly firmer stroke coaxed out a small surge. She quickly moved her left hand to catch the drop as it fell.

She wondered at how it remained connect by a thin string to the tip in spite of being inches away. She lowered her hand to see if the connection would break, but it did not. She moved her hand kızılay escort out sideways, but it stretched even further.

“Oh, wow,” she said quietly. She released with her right hand and pushed the string with the top of her first two fingers, stretching it further still.

More came out and almost dropped to the floor, but she was fast enough with her right hand to catch it.

“Ooop,” she said and giggled a little. “Oh, jeez,” she remarked at the fact that there were now three dangling lengths of the viscous fluid. “I can see how this could get messy.”

She stood up, held her extended fingers between us and looked me in the eye.

“Have you ever tasted it,” she asked.

“I have.”

“It’s sweet?”

“It is.”

She moved her fingers closer to my lips, and I licked it off. She smiled, which made me smile. She backed up a little and brought over the tiny pool in her left palm. She stared at it a moment and then licked her palm clean in one stroke.

Though her mouth was closed, I could see that she was manipulating it on her tongue to explore the flavor.

“Not bad,” she said. She dropped back down and went back to work on my shaft, which had deflated slightly, but was soon back in full form.

As soon as she touched it, another dropped flowed, but not enough to fall. She looked into my eyes, stuck out her tongue and slowly licked upward on my tip.

I let out a sigh of pleasure at the touch of her tongue. She milked out some more and licked it up. What little she manage the next time was not a full drop. She teased the underside of the head with her tongue, while staring at me, then enveloped it with her mouth.

“Oh, sweet mercy,” I sighed. “I need to lay down.” I was not going to be able to enjoy her efforts nearly as fully while standing with an injury.

She continued, moving slightly further down my shaft with each bob. She raised to a stooped position to let me slowly, carefully, and somewhat painfully, crawl backwards up the bed to rest my head on the pillow. Able to relax, I could enjoy it much more.

She had gradually worked her way halfway down my length, and in a moment that our eyes connected, and she knew I that was watching, she plunged her head down until there was nothing left of my cock to see.

“Oh, god,” I reeled at the encompassing sensation. She raised up to normal. “How can you do that, if this is your first time,” I asked, but did not doubt that it was her first time.

She removed me from her mouth and grinned. Keeping her right hand in motion on me, she crawled up the bed and laid beside me, with her lips to my ear.

“Close your eyes,” she whispered, and I complied. “That day you washed my clothes. And you got that raging kocatepe escort boner for me.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Shhhhhhh,” she whispered so delicately. “You handled that so sweetly, and I adored you for it.” Her hand continued.

“But that night, when I was thinking about it, I got so turned on. I knew that one day I wanted it in my hands. I wanted it in my mouth. I wanted to consume all of it.”

“Mmmm,” I almost whimpered.


It was so hot when she shushed me like that, it almost made me want to keep making noises.

“I looked online for instructions,” she continued in her whisper. “I watched porn videos of women sucking cock. I watched how they took it all the way down.”

Mmmm, she was talking a little dirty. With the right manipulation, I could have came right then, but I remained still.

“I bought a dildo.” I certainly didn’t expect that.

“That dildo had one purpose. To go down my throat. Some nights, I went home from here and spent time practicing. But that dildo never went in my pussy. No. Only four things are allowed in my pussy. My fingers. Your fingers. And one day, your tongue and your dick.”

It took everything in me to not make a sound.

“When I learned how to swallow that thing whole, I threw it away. And then I just waited patiently for the right time. I would swallow you whole instead. Just like I’m about to swallow you whole again. And you know what you’re going to do?”


“Shhhhhhhh. You’re going to cum so hard in my mouth. And you’re going to come so much. And I’m going to swallow every… last… drop.”

She quickly moved to encompass me once more. My eyes remained closed, but my mouth opened and half -exhaled suddenly.

I felt the tip of her tongue on the base of my cock, teasing it. She lifted, then plunged down again. Her throat massaged my head. It was mind-blowing. My breathing and noises signaled her that I was on the edge.

She raised back up and then plunged again, and clutched my ass, pulling me firmly to her. She moved her entire tongue, and along with her throat, she was, at one time, massaging every inch of me, and that pushed me right over the edge.

“Oh, god,” I quickly exhaled, and then my hips flew up, and I threw my head back.

Torrent after torrent of cum shot out of me, and somehow, she didn’t falter, even against every prolonged thrust of my hips. Her throat moved a little differently as she swallowed, but she stayed on it until I finally collapsed on the bed.

“Fuckin’ hell,” I said with a grand exhale. She gradually worked her way off, milking me as she went, letting not one drop see the outside of her mouth.

She climbed over me to kiss. I held her head with both hands and kissed her, but I was still out of breath, so it didn’t last long. Instead, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her as closely as my ribs and waning strength would allow.

I rolled us both over so she could get her arms around me as well, and then settled in on our sides, in each other’s tight embrace.

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