Ariana and Nick

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This story is completely fictional. The characters are all age 18 or over. Reader comments appreciated.


At the age of 18, Ariana Pohle stood 6 foot tall and weighed 110 lbs. If you didn’t know she was a swimmer you might think she was anorexic, but she wasn’t. She was all muscle under her very soft, pale skin, the result of working to develop long, lean muscles except in her wide shoulders.

She wore her bright red hair cut very short so it would not cause problems under her swim cap. Her eyes were emerald green and her complexion was lightly tanned because when she was not in the outdoor pool she tended to avoid the sun. She had developed breasts, such as they were, one year earlier, and seldom wore a bra.

Her older brother, Nick, 19, at 5 feet, 10.5 inches tall and 155 pounds, was neither as tall nor as skinny as his sister, but was very slender as well, as he swam for the high school and college swim teams. His hair was darker, almost brownish, and his eyes were sapphire blue. He not only looked up to his sister when she stood next to him, he also idolized her because she was more advanced academically and socially than he had been at her age.

So when, out of the blue, his sister called to him, to ask for help with her homework, Nick was shocked. Nevertheless, he went to her bedroom, knocked on the door, and walked in without waiting for her invitation. “What do you want, ‘Bean?'” Nick asked. Only her family and teammates were allowed to call her that, and never in public where she insisted on being called “Ari.” She looked up from her computer and said, “I don’t understand this reading for sex-ed. Will you read it? Then maybe you can put it into terms I’ll understand.”

Nick read through the text, which was describing how the male impregnated the female through sexual intercourse. The more Nick read, the more embarrassed he became. “What’s wrong, Nick?” she asked. “What don’t you understand about this, Bean? You’ve seen dogs and other animals mating, haven’t you?” he asked.

“Well, no,” his sister replied, “not really. Are they saying that a guy sticks his thing in a girl and she becomes pregnant? Why ever would he do that? How does she become pregnant? Can he do that to her without her getting pregnant? This stuff is too technical, and I really want to understand.”

“Mom should have explained this stuff to you when your body started to mature,” Nick told her.

“Well, she did mention stuff about body modesty and how to take care of myself when I have a period, but that’s all. She said “Don’t have sex with a guy unless you want to get pregnant, but she never said why or how.”

“Okay,” Nick said. “Let’s start with this. As you said, when a guy sticks his ‘thing’ in a girl, she may become pregnant. But it isn’t guaranteed to happen. And by the way, let us be direct in our language. The guy’s ‘thing’ is called his ‘penis;’ it is also called by many not-so-polite terms. Between you and me, for this discussion we’ll call it his ‘cock. And where he puts it in a girl is called her ‘vagina. Between you and me we’ll call it her ‘cunt.’ The act of a guy putting his cock in a girl’s cunt is called ‘sexual intercourse;’ but we’ll just call it ‘fucking.'”

“So, between us, this is about a guy fucking a girl by putting his cock into the girl’s cunt? she asked him. “Yeah,” Nick replied. “But understand that you should not use those terms with anyone else but me. “Okay,” his sister Ankara escort replied.

“Now, when a guy fucks a girl, she doesn’t automatically become pregnant, Ari.” She was almost shocked that her brother had called her by her public nickname instead of her private nickname. Nick continued, “There are many reasons why she would not. He could be wearing a condom. She could be taking birth control pills. It could be the wrong time in her menstrual cycle. Do you understand what I am saying?” he asked her.

“Not entirely, Nick” she answered. “I know about birth control pills because Mom had the doctor put me on them to regulate my periods, but when we went to the pharmacy, she asked for my birth control pills. What does that mean?”

“Ari,” he told her, “those pills do both at the same time. They prevent you from becoming pregnant by regulating your periods. Usually a woman (or a girl) can only get pregnant during part of her cycle, usually in the middle of the cycle. The pills regulate her cycle so that, when she is not taking them, she knows when she is most likely to become pregnant if the guy does not use a condom. But when she takes the pills it is unlikely that she will become pregnant.”

“You’ve mentioned condoms twice,” his sister said. “What are they? How do they work? Why does the guy use one?”

He thought about it for a few seconds, and said, “A guy puts a condom on his cock for two reasons. One is to catch the sperm that comes out of him so it can’t make her pregnant when they fuck. But also, it serves as some protection from sexually transmitted diseases, whatever they are. See, I don’t know everything. But if a guy is going to fuck a girl he doesn’t know, he might be afraid of getting one of those diseases from her, so he uses one to prevent that. And if he knows that he has one of those diseases, he could use a condom to keep her from catching the disease from him.”

“But what is a condom, and how does he use it?” his sister persisted. He told her, “A condom is a thin piece of rubber or some other substance shaped sort of like a guy’s cock. It usually comes in a foil packet, rolled up. He takes it out of the packet, places it on the tip of his cock, and rolls it down until his cock is covered.”

“Okay,” Ariana replied, “I think I understand. So, if you were going to fuck me, and you did not know that I am on the pill, would you use a condom to fuck me?”

“My beautiful Ari,” Nick answered immediately, “I would never fuck you, because you are my sister, and guys are not supposed to fuck their sisters. But if you were not my sister and I wanted to fuck you, then, yes, I would use a condom to keep us both safe.”

She then startled her older brother by asking the one question he hoped she wouldn’t ask: “Nick, if I’m your sister, and you love me, why wouldn’t you fuck me?” Then she made it worse: “Aren’t I beautiful enough for you? Do you have a girlfriend who you would rather fuck than me?”

“Look, Bean, I love you more than anyone else. No, I don’t have a girlfriend who I would rather fuck. It is as I already stated; guys aren’t supposed to fuck their own sisters. It just isn’t right.” Nick looked upset as he answered her.

He continued, “Also, you are still, to my knowledge, a virgin; meaning you have not been fucked by anyone. That also means that inside your cunt is a piece of tissue called a hymen, which a guy would tear when you are being fucked for the very first time. It Ankara escort bayan usually is a painful thing when it is first torn, but after the pain goes away then it feels good to fuck. And people sometimes fuck to feel good, not just to make babies.”

“Fine, Nick” she replied. “I also love you more than anyone else and, by your definition, I am still a virgin. But I want you to be the first to fuck me and make me not be a virgin. I don’t care if it is wrong, and I don’t care if it hurts. I want you. Mom and Dad will be gone to a party Saturday night, and I want you to fuck me then.”

“Ari, please, as I’ve told you, I shouldn’t fuck you. You should actually remain a virgin until you get married. It is your husband’s job to take away your virginity. I want that for you more than anything else,” Nick told her.

“No, Nick, I don”t want to wait for someone I don’t know to fuck me. I want you, and if you don’t want to wait until Saturday night, then fuck me right now,” she said, starting to remove her clothing as her brother watched.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Nick replied, “but not until Saturday night. I will have to find someone to get me some condoms, for both our sakes. Also, when I break your hymen it will cause you to bleed. So we will have to clean up so Mom and Dad won’t see the stains on our sheets. And we have to decide where we are going to do this; in your bed, in mine, or somewhere else.”

“We are going to do it here, in my bed,” she told her brother. Then she stood up, put her arms around him, kissed him on the lips, and said, “I love you, Nick; and I thank you for agreeing to do this for me. I’ll feel safer with you than with anyone else.”

When Saturday night came and their parents left the two teenagers went back to Ariana’s bedroom, and they sat down on the bed right next to each other.

“Bean,” her brother said, “I’m going to kiss you all over your body, so start taking off your clothes, but leave your panties on. And as I kiss you I will also touch parts of your body to make you feel good, even before we fuck. If I do it right you may have orgasms before I get close to your cunt. It is okay, and just means that when I do fuck you, your cunt will be wet and ready to receive my cock.”

So saying, he pulled her into an embrace and kissed her lips, then all over her face and neck, as she started to remove her clothing.

When she was wearing only her panties Nick started removing his own clothing until he was wearing only his jockey shorts. Before he pushed his trousers away he removed three condoms from his pocket. Nick kissed her body from her head down, licking her on any spot where his kiss caused a reaction, until he reached her breasts.

“We’ll call your breasts your ‘tits,’ and when I touch them, suck on them, and caress them, you will start feeling things in your cunt stronger than what you felt while I was kissing you elsewhere. That is normal. You may feel yourself getting wet in your cunt. That’s normal, too. If you feel tension build up in your body, and then suddenly release, that is an orgasm. You should feel very good after that, and even more wet.”

Nick grasped her tiny tits, kissed them, sucked on them, and pinched and pulled on her dark red nipples with his fingers. Ari’s breathing became ragged, and then her body went tense, and then relaxed. As her breathing slowed, Nick smiled at her and said, “Bean, that was your first orgasm. At this rate you should Escort Ankara have one or two more at least before I fuck you.” Nick made certain that Ari felt good every step of the way. If she was nervous, she did not show it.

Three orgasms and much kissing later, Nick looked at his sister and said, “I’m going to fuck you now, Bean. Take off your panties, and feel how wet they are.” She did as he told her, and was surprised how soaked with fluids they were. Nick removed his jockey shorts and placed her right hand on his cock.

“You feel how stiff my cock is?” he asked her. “That’s because it has filled with blood so it will be stiff enough to penetrate your cunt and stimulate the inside of it. It also means that I can tear your hymen away when we fuck. But my cock is too big for the tight muscles in your cunt, so I will have to push it in slowly, so that the muscles in your cunt can relax and accommodate it.

“Now take one of the condoms out of its wrapper, place it on the tip of my cock, and then roll it down the shaft until you reach the bottom. It feels good to the guy when the girl does this to him, but if he is in too big a rush he may do it himself.”

“Okay, big brother, the condom is on your cock, which seems very hard, yet is very soft,” she told him. Then he placed her on her back and spread her legs so that he could kiss and lick her cunt, pausing briefly to suck on her clitoris, which caused her to have another orgasm. Then he pushed himself up on his arms and brought his cock to the entrance of his sister’s cunt, and slowly began to push in.

“You must tell me if it hurts, Ari. I will stop and let your body adjust to my cock before I push on. When I get to your hymen I will stop again,” he informed her, kissing her lips and pushing his tongue into her mouth as his cock invaded her cunt.

When his cock stopped at her hymen, she could feel it, but so far she had not complained. In fact, her breathing was so ragged Nick knew that she was very close to another orgasm. “Bean, why don’t you take a deep breath, and let it out when you feel the pain of your hymen tearing.” As he advised, she took a deep breath while Nick paused, and then pushed hard through her hymen. As her hymen was tearing she had an orgasm, and did not react much to the pain.

After a couple of minutes she said, “Okay, Nick, but slowly.” Five minutes later Nick’s cock was fully contained in Ariana’s cunt. He grinned at her, licked her tits, and slowly pulled out until only the head of his cock remained embedded. He slowly pushed back in, and then withdrew again. He started to speed up his insertions and withdrawals, telling his sister, “Now I am fucking you, Bean, and I love you.”

She replied, “I love you too, Nick, and I am glad you are fucking me, exactly as I wanted. Thank you.”

Afterwards, they pulled the bed linens and, finding just a small amount of blood stains, threw them in the washer and cleaned them, then replaced them on the her bed just before their parents returned home.

From then on, whenever their parents went out they continued with their fucking. Nick taught her about oral sex and she became quite proficient at sucking his cock, and she loved it when he lapped her cunt. They also tried a few different positions.

By the time Nick completed his freshman year at college and Ariana had graduated from high school they were totally in love with each other and moved out of state to a place where they were unknown and were married in a civil ceremony, using a fake id showing her last name to be Sanderson, their mother’s maiden name. Now legally able to fuck each other, Nick and Bean Pohle lived a long and happy life together.

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