At Her Feet

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Ever since I was a little guy I knew I had a thing for women’s feet. Don’t know when it started or why it started but they always enticed me. But growing up there is not much you can do about it except just stare and look at them and think about what you could do, no matter who it was or how close they were; whether it was a teacher a classmate, or even a family member.

The older I got the more experimental I got and before I knew it, I was getting girls into my fetish, and they obliged; needless to say, it almost got boring. There was no challenge anymore. I was twenty three, living on my own, doing my own thing, and the one thing I loved more than anything else was a nice pair of feet, and it got boring. I eventually stopped with it, figuring out that the best part of it was the chase.

With my job, I did a lot of work at home so I didn’t even really have a chance to meet new and exotic people so I gave it a rest. I actually missed old home with my mom, who I had left at the age of twenty to explore the world. She was alone, my dad leaving when I was young, (I was the only child, and she had me when she was eighteen.) So it was always just me and her. But I had to move out and grow and expand, but she told me I was always welcomed back. I never figured out why she didn’t marry again or at least find someone. She was 41, and had a very good figure for her age, she said she never worked out but I knew she did. She was tall, kind of a Helen Hunt look going, with the blonde hair. She was humble and a great mother, always taking care of me. I once asked her why she didn’t re-marry; she told me she didn’t want that to interfere with our relationship.

I called her one afternoon and she was delighted to hear from me.

“Hey mom,”

“Hi dear, how are you?”

“I’m good and yourself?”

“Fine, just cleaning up the house, what’s going on? Is my little guy in some need for money?”

She always joked with me saying the only time I called was for money.

“No, I was actually thinking I haven’t seen you in a while, I was wondering if I can come by for dinner tomorrow or something.”

“You know you don’t have to ask me that, you could always stop by. But I’m glad you did call because if you would have come tomorrow I wouldn’t be here. I am going on a business trip to the east coast. For two days. You’re welcome to come with if you have nothing going on,”

I contemplated it and realized I did want to see her so I obliged.

We made plans to meet up the next morning for breakfast at the house before heading towards the airport. I arrived to the house around 7 am. I knocked on the door but it was ajar, and I walked in. Just then my mother walked into the front room in only her towel. The towel went about knee length, exposing her legs. It also exposed what to me became the discovery of a set of gorgeous pedicured toes to go along with the most beautiful shaped feet I had ever seen. I was shocked at this discovery. How had I never noticed this before?

“Hey sweetie,” she said giving me a hug coming towards me, “I left the door open I figured you would come while I was in the shower.

Her soft looking long toes were painted a bright red and they were each proportionally smaller than the next. Not a single flaw with them. I felt my penis twitch in my shorts, but quickly snapped Ankara bayan escort out of it realizing it was my mother. She walked into the bathroom and as she turned around all I could do was stare down at her soles walking away from me.

I sat on the couch and waited for her. She came out later all dressed in a pants suit, unfortunately obstructing the view of her feet were closed toe black heels much to my dismay.

We had breakfast and talked but my mind really wasn’t on anything besides her lovely peds.

What was I thinking, this was my mom. Did I dare even to go after them? Isn’t there laws for that? Was she ticklish? How would she react if I asked to give her a massage?

Before we boarded the plane, the fun security guards performed their search on us, giving me a chance to see her feet again, as they made her take her shoes off, of course finding nothing. What I would have done to be one of those security officers. I wonder is she knows how good her feet looked. I wonder if anyone had told her.

The first hour of the plane ride we caught up and talked about what we both had been doing and what brought me back to see her and other nonsense. It was a four our trip from the west coast to New York so I knew there would be a good time to take a nap. Fortunately she also felt the same way, telling me that she was going to pass out and to wake her upon arrival. I agreed with her, knowing I probably wouldn’t since I was going to sleep too. That plan changed, as she decided that sitting in a chair for three hours with uncomfortable shoes was not going to be a good idea, slipping her heels off, once again exposing her feet to me. For the first time I would be able to stare at her feet without her noticing, and for three hours! What a treat. I wanted to go to the bathroom so bad after that first ten minutes, wanting to relieve myself over the thought of her feet, but I just couldn’t make myself get up and do it. I found myself in a daze just staring when,

“What are you looking at?” She asked, stunning me. I froze and turned red, trying to catch myself.

“Uh, just the carpet, wondering how many flights it’s been on.” I was rambling.

“Yeah,” she answered, “or how many people have put their dirty feet on it,”

I felt that she was on to me, but I played it off.

“I’m sure they weren’t all dirty,” I said.

“Feet are dirty, period.” She said.

That was a bad sign. Anyone, especially a girl who thinks feet are all dirty, most likely doesn’t accept a foot fetish.

“Yeah,” I agreed reluctantly.

And that was it for the plane ride; I kept to myself, even falling asleep for a bit.

We arrived at the hotel expecting our two queen bed room, only to have the service clerk tell us that they had sold those out and the only thing available was the king suite.

“With a pull out couch,” she added.

“Well ok,” my mother said, and we went to our room.

It was truly a beautiful suite, the bedroom connecting with a front room and the couch.

I unpacked my bag in the walk in closet and went to sit on the couch. My mother walked into the bedroom and also unpacked.

“Don’t come in, I’m changing,” she said, sounding so flirty.

I fidgeted with the couch trying to open it up, but I gave up after a while. After a bit, she walked Escort bayan Ankara out in full workout gear. Gone was the pants suit replaced by a sports bra and spandex shorts. Gone was the pantyhose and heels, replaced by little cotton socks and sneakers.

“Since you’re probably going to sit around and be a bum,” she said, “I am going to go be productive and workout. Don’t miss me too much babe,” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room, water bottle in hand.

I sat there while she left and contemplated what a crazy day this was. I knew it had to get crazier. This is what I had been looking for. A chase. But she was my mom. She wasn’t any girl. But she had redeeming qualities. Her feet especially. I knew what I had to do next. I walked into her room and right in front of me lying on the floor was the used pair of pantyhose she had worn from earlier that day, next to the pair of shoes. I picked up the hose and slowly placed the toe part to my nose, inhaling the aroma of her feet encased in those heels for four hours. I grew so hard and I wanted to blow my load right there and then, but she could walk in at any minute. I didn’t want to risk any possible future activity by being too overzealous. I took a few last breathes with her pantyhose in my face and put them down, returning to the front room to watch TV.

She returned about an hour later sweaty as could be, but I still found her attractive. More and more it was turning into more than just about her feet. She sat down in the chair next to the couch, drinking her water. She removed her sneakers.

“Sorry if my feet stink sweetie,” she said, putting her sneakers to the side.

She proceeded to peel off her wet smelly socks finally exposing her bare feet to me again. I could smell the aroma of her feet, but I didn’t know if it was from the nylons earlier or the strong scent coming from them now, or maybe both. Either way, I was in complete ecstasy at that moment. She walked out of the room and into the shower, once more leaving her footwear in my reach. Once more I took them into my hand and into my nose. I was becoming obsessed with her feet.

That was it for the time being, we both did our own thing for a few hours before retiring back to the room around eleven that night.

It was time to go to bed. She went into the room and I stayed in the front room to sleep on the pull out couch.

After messing with the couch yet again, I realized it wasn’t going to budge. I had no where to sleep. I knocked on her door and asked her if I could come in. She was changing into her night wear which consisted of a little teddy. I was already wearing shorts and a tee, realizing too late that the shorts were a bad idea. Even the slightest glimpse of her foot would send an obvious rising in my pants.

I told her the situation and asked if I could just chill in here until later then go sleep on the floor. She offered me a spot on her bed for the time being. We ordered a movie and relaxed for the evening.

We both sat on the bed; she sat to the left of me, more crouched up into the corner, her feet on the pillow next to me. Her bare toes were inches from my leg and about a foot away from my crotch. If only she knew what she was doing to me. I looked over from time to time through out the movie; small quick glances over, making Bayan escort Ankara sure she didn’t notice.

Finally, I looked over, and we made eye contact. She smiled.

“That’s about the twentieth time today.”

I was busted.

“Wha, what?”

“That you’ve looked at my feet sweetie. At my house, on the plane, earlier today.”

“No I wasn’t!” I sounded so defensive I knew I was caught anyway. I stood up quickly, but sat back down when I realized I was hard as a rock down there. My mom noticed too, smiled and laughed.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s cute. It seems like something else is a big deal right now though.”

I felt so dumb.

“Want to give me a foot rub? I wanted to ask you earlier but I didn’t know how to approach you about it. My feet are killing me.”

I didn’t know if she was mocking me or if she was serious.

“I guess,” I said, taking her foot into my hand for the first time. I guess I didn’t want it to happen this way but nevertheless, I had her beautiful soles in my grasp.

I kneaded away at her feet, sneaking in a tickle along the way, causing a bit of laughter coming from her side. I continued my manual worship all over her feet and even got up to the ankles. I was rubbing my mothers feet and it didn’t even feel weird. It felt like any other girl. I was so hard. I started to hear her breaths get deeper and deeper, as she closed her eyes and laid back on the bed, her feet still in my hands. Then in a faint low voice I heard her say,

“suck them…suck them.”

I was completely shocked.

“suck them…”

I had to obey. I slowly put her left foot’s toes into my mouth sucking each one with a sensual delight. I heard her actually moan at this juncture. As I sucked her left foot, I felt her right foot creeping towards my crotch. At this position I was able to see up her teddy, and noticed her panties getting damp. I could smell her womanly scent and I realized I had awoken a great thing. Did she have a foot fetish as well? She positioned her toes at the base of my shaft and ran her foot up and down synchronized with my toe sucking. Her hand had now found its self down into her panties and into her womanhood.

“take your shorts off” she said to me.

I slid them down my legs, boxers with them, not caring if she meant for that too.

“you always asked why I never was able to find a guy after your dad?” she spoke again as she foot fucked my mouth while fingering herself, “it was because I could never find someone that was able to love what I loved, and I love getting my feet sucked. No one could get that. Until you, my son.” She positioned her foot back on my bare dick and started to rub it ferociously.

“I saw you looking at my feet this morning and I knew that I had to see where it could go. On the plane, after catching you staring at my feet, I definitely knew I was going to explore what my own son could do tonight.”

This whole time she continued to rub my cock. I felt my balls tense up, I knew I was coming soon.

“Oh mom, this is something I wanted so bad, I knew there was a reason I wanted to see you today,” I grunted as I was reaching orgasm.

She rubbed me now with both feet as she finger fucked herself to an orgasm. It was now my turn as I blew my load all over her feet and legs. She placed her foot in my mouth again as I licked all the cum off of it.

We lied there catching our breathes, laying in the pool of our juices.

I couldn’t believe I just received a foot job from my own mom, and I hoped there would be more to come…

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