Aunt Faye Ch. 08

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Aunt Faye Ch. 8

To say Icy was hot to trot would have been silly. Few adjectives exist to describe a woman who simply wants to fuck. Hard, fast, deep, no frills, just git-r-done and we’ll worry about the foreplay later kind of fucking. That was Icy right now.

“Just stick it in me, Big Guy.” She gasped, breaking the kiss and pushing me toward the sofa several feet behind me. “I need you in me right now!”

When my knees hit the front of the sofa I went over backwards landing flat on my back with Icy on top of me. She crawled up onto me reaching between us to find my cock and worm it up and into her steamy wet pussy. Once I popped inside of her, she pushed herself down, taking me all the way to the root. She remained motionless for a full minute before she started flexing the muscles in her cunt again and again, faster and faster, harder and harder, all the while her face pushed into the hollow of my neck just under my chin. Her breath hissed from her nose and mouth against my neck each time she bore down on my firmly entrenched pecker until she gave one huge final thrust, froze in place, clamped her teeth down on the soft flesh of my neck, growled like a bitch in heat, and erupted like a volcano.

Ever so slowly, the convulsions in Icy’s pussy eased and gradually ceased. Her breathing returned to normal as the tension in her body relaxed and I could feel her stirring slightly as she lifted her head to look at me. She had a fiery glaze in those ice blue eyes that slowly morphed into a twinkle as she whispered, “Thanks, I needed that!” I still had not spoken a word to her since she had stepped from the limo. Her body began a slow undulation on my still fully impaled cock. “I guess it’s time to pay the man for his services, wouldn’t you say?”

“Um, sounds like a splendid idea to me,” I managed, as Icy inched herself up so only the very tip of me was still immersed in her.

With agonizing slowness she descended back down ’til she once again rested firmly against me. Her face nuzzled back into my neck and I could feel her breath each time she exhaled. Again she withdrew from me and again she lowered back all the way down. With deliberately slow movements she repeated her stroking. Up and down, again and again, keeping perfect cadence with her shallow breathing, for uncountable minutes. Each time her body came fully against me, I would flex my insanely hard pecker up against her cervix. Eventually, she began to grunt softly each time I flexed inside of her.

Her breathing became more ragged as she continued milking me with her sopping wet puss. The grunts were joined by a soft hissing as she breathed in and out in unison to her movements. I could feel the pressure building in my belly and knew I was getting pretty close to giving Icy what she came for. I was forcing myself to lay still and let her do all the work, but I was about to lose the battle when she lifted her face from my neck and rasped, “So how much you reckon I gotta pay the man for the services?

“Dunno, it depends,” I hissed through clenched teeth.

“On what?” Icy begged.”

“Services rendered,” My reply.

“I want the full meal deal,” She whispered again.

“Blow job in the morning when I wake up.” Again, my reply.

“Done,” She wheezed.

As she drew up to the top this time, I locked my arms around her waist, pulled my legs up under us and launched upwards into her, pushing her toward the back of the sofa. Spinning as I lifted us, we landed with me on the top of Icy, and my cock lodged completely inside her. Her breath came in one harsh woosh as I stroked out and in exactly one time and sent the mother of all loads throttling deep into her now frantically pulsing cunt.

Icy growled again, like before but this time it lasted longer, and came from deeper down inside. Her orgasm was intense and lasted a long while. Her pussy continued to pulse through several gradually diminishing after shocks ‘til she lay quietly under me. Every now and then, she’d flex again until she finally pushed my now limp cock out of her, followed by a great glob of our mixed goo that ran down over my balls and pooled under her butt on the couch.

Exhausted, I rolled off her and sat myself on the floor next to the sofa. Many minutes passed before our breathing regulated and she could speak. Rolling on her side behind my head on the sofa, Icy asked, “So, does that mean I’ll be spending the night so I can pay you in the morning?”

“It would seem that way,” I stated.

“Cool,” Her response. “But I don’t have any jammys.”

“Awww, that’s such a shame.” I said, “Somehow, I think we’ll manage.”

I stood and turned to her reaching my hand out to help her up from the sofa. Glancing at the clock on the end table I noted it was after 2:00 AM. Taking her hand, I headed for the stairs and up to the bedroom, Icy in tow. Of course, the bed was all disheavled from my recent tryst with young Melanie earlier in the evening and the odor of sex lingered in the air. Hell, this whole house smelled of sex. I wonder why?

She crossed Ankara bayan escort the room to the bed and snuggled under the covers and was asleep before I came out of the bathroom. I followed suit and was sawing logs almost before my head hit the pillow. What a day this had been.

In as much as I had just turned twenty one, and this was my first adventure living in my own place for such a short time, waking in the darkness with another person asleep in my bed was not a common occurance. That being said, something had wakened me. The room was quite dark, the only light being cast by a night light through the open bathroom door across the room. I was laying on my back. It was very quiet in the room but for the very shallow breathing of one very sexy Italian couger curled up in the covers on the far side of the bed. There was a blend of various scents floating in the air. My brain was still half asleep so it took a while to identify what they were. Perfume, more than one fragrence, the odor of cigarettes, and sex. Naw, I’m dreaming, and I had to pee.

I rolled out of the waterbed and staggered to the bathroom and took care of that problem. I returned to the bed and crawled back in and was again soon asleep. Again, I was awakened by movement in the bed. It was still very early and not completely daylight but the room had brightened slightly. I glanced up into the mirrors of the canopy over the bed and saw the shape of Icy, still sleeping on the far side of the bed. Slowly the events of the previous afternoon and evening seeped into my brain.

I had spent the early part of the evening with Melanie, ending up here in the waterbed screwing like bunnies. Then some time after one o’clock in the morning, Icy had shown up and we had sex downstairs on the sofa. Hence, the lingering scent of perfume in the air and the smell of cigarettes, not to mention the odor of sex. Then it came to me why Icy was still here. Silly me, I was gonna get a wake up call this morning from her.

I got hard instantly. I thought back on her last visit and the way she emptied my balls with her mouth. This woman is a pro. The clock on the night stand told me it was 6:59 AM. I wondered how much longer she would sleep before the fun started. I figured it would be cool to grab a quick shower and wash off the left-overs from last night.

I carefully rolled to the side of the bed and started to roll out when I heard a voice from under the heap of covers, “Don’t you dare take a shower, Buster. I want you just the way you are right now.”

So, I lay back down as Icy emerged from under the blankets. Her hair was a wild raven colored tangle. The make-up was less than perfect, and I could see that I had smeared her lipstick when we were kissing downstairs. Those huge blue eyes were ablaze as she rolled across the bed and rose up on all fours. My dick was really hard now.

“I always pay my debts.” She stated, reaching her hand out to lift my cock up. Her tongue extended between her lips and she started way down on the bottom of my balls and slowly licked the bottom of my shaft all the way to the tip, carefully removing the rivulet of pre-cum that had formed there. “Know what I mean?”

No argument from me. Icy’s long dark hair cascaded down, obscuring my view, so I just lay back and closed my eyes and savored this moment. She closed her lips around me and
went to work. I felt the back of her throat with the head of my cock. She stayed down on me for several seconds before she lifted her head pulling out to just the very tip again
her hand followed her lips up and down until she eventually took me all the way down her throat. I could feel the muscles in her throat working to keep me down there. As she withdrew, a great flow of saliva slathered my dick as she followed her lips again with her hand. I just had to watch her so I pushed the mass of tangled hair to one side with my hand so I could see.

One thing I had noted about this woman was that although she was not a screamer nor a moaner, she had a tendancy to grunt or growl when she was in the throws of sex. This was no exception. I could feel the vibrations her throat made each time she took me fully to the bottom.

Growling was to be the norm at this point as I was getting really close to washing her mouth out with cum and I could hear my own gutteral sounds, in unison with hers, as the money shot grew closer. Icy sensed it as well because she stepped up the speed and increased the volume as I crossed the barrier. I grabbed her head with both hands and thrust all the way down her searing throat and erupted. She managed to back off just a very little bit and pumped with that slippery hand milking huge ropes of goo out of me into her mouth, snarling through her nose as her orgasm hit her.

I concluded that her old man must really be lame for not taking better care of her. If I had one like this, I’d surely do my best to keep her happy and all to myslf.

My flacid dick plopped from her mouth, “We good?” She asked.

“Splendid,” I replied. “Just absolutely freaking Escort bayan Ankara splendid!”

“Great,” She said, crawling out of the bed and heading for the bathroom. “Get cleaned up and I’ll take you to breakfast and you can ride to the airport with me.”

“What’s at the aitport?” I questioned.

“Airplanes.” Her reply form the shower.

I should have known better than to ask that question. Icy never misses a chance to complicate the conversation.

“I got that part. I was just curious as to why it is that we are going to said airport?” I asked.

“I’m catching a flight to Italy. My uncle Nino passed away and I’m going to his memorial service and to the reading of his will.” She called back. “Be a sweetheart and fetch my bag from the limo so I can get some fresh undies. It’s the small blue clutch on the back seat.”

I did as she asked, returning to my bedroom with her bag. Entering the room, I was stunned to find her standing naked at the foot of the waterbed, brushing her hair with my hair brush. At 5′-7” and about 135 pounds with a full head of long dark hair, Icy is a sight to behold. With a pair of 38 double D’s, a narrow waist and flairing hips, great legs, and yummy olive skin, huge blue eyes, full lush lips, I felt all tingley again.

“Thanks for bringing the bag, Lover,” She cooed. “Get dressed so we can go.”

Again, I did as she asked and showered, shaved and dressed in less than ten minutes and headed downstairs to see where things were headed now. Icy stood at the little bar in the living room with a bottle of orange juice in one hand and a cigarette burning in the other. She wore a one piece gold clingy dress that fit her like a second skin. It was obvious that other than the dark stockings and the spiked shoes, that was all she had on.

“So, what happened to the undies?” I questioned.

“Must be in another bag.” She answered. “All I could find was the dress I had on before I came here last night.”

“I’m good with that.” I replied. “How long you going to be in Italy?”

“No more than a few days, I hope.” She said. “ I want to come back here and spend a few days with you and Faye.”

“Faye know you’re here?”

“Nope, I wanted to see you so I booked my flight to give me the night here with you.” She said in a husky voice that reeked of sex. “I fly out at 1:00 so we have time for breakfast and the ride to the aitport. The limo will bring you back here after you drop me off.”

Away we went to the IHOP on Atlantic Blvd. Icy drew the appreciative eyes of every male in the crowded restaurant, and the glares of every female, as we entered and were led to a booth. Walking behind this forty something year old woman was indeed an adventure. Those glutes moved up and down like two bowling balls in a croaker sack. I had been naked in bed with them puppies only two hours earlier and the memory staggers me.

All Icy wanted was a bagel for breakfast, but this kid had worked up an appitite over the last 15 hours and it required three trips through the buffet line to kill it.

“You’re going to explode.” She remarked.

“Gotta keep my strength up so I can take care of my ladies.” I answered

“Just how many ladies are there to take care of?” She asked

“Depends,” I said. “Some days could be three or four. Some days more, some days less, depends on the day.”

“Wish I lived on this side of the country so I could get in the rotation.” She mumbled around a bite of her bagel.

I have to say, I would have liked that idea myself. Icy was waving for the waitress and the check and preparing to leave. She paid and again I followed behind her as we left the IHOP.

Carl, the limo driver, was quick to open the door for her so she could climb into the limo. I followed her in and watched as her skirt rode up her butt giving me a whole shot of her ass and pussy as she slid over.

“Damn, Icy,” I said, “You look good enough to eat.”

As the limo pulled out into traffic she hiked the skirt up even higher, spread her legs wide and with a wicked smile she said, “So eat, already. We have plenty of time before we get to the airport and as I recall, you eat pussy very well for a kid.”

So for the next twenty minutes or so, I brought my lovely friend to three resounding orgasms. Too bad we had arrived at the airport so soon, I would have dearly loved to load her up with a snatch full of jizz for the flight. But it was not to be as Carl was pulling the door open and placing her bags on the sky-caps cart. Icy gave me a tounge twister kiss and swished away to the check-in gates inside the airport.

“The name please.” The sky-cap asked holding his hand out for her ticket.

“Sylvia Broccoli Jones.” She replied, handing over the ticket. “See you next week, Cowboy!”

Carl was pulling on my sleeve to get back in the limo. “C’mon man, we gotta split outta the loading zone. You can sit in the front if you want.”

We eased out of the airport and back onto the highway and headed back for the beach. Carl pulled his chauffer’s Bayan escort Ankara cap off and layed it on the seat between us. “Whew-eee, Partner,” Carl exclaimed. “That’s one fine lookin’ filly. Wish my wife looked like that.”

“You got that right, Brother,” I agreed. “But you can bet it’s a high mantenence operation all around.”

“Amen.” He said.


My cell phone started vibrating in my pocket and then it started ringing. It was Faye. I pulled it out and mashed the button to accept the call. “Hello, Baby!” I sounded like the Big Bopper. Maybe,

“Where are you, David. I’ve been at your apartment for over an hour just worried sick because your not here on Saturday morning.” Faye wailed into the phone.

“Simmer down, Sugar. I just rode out to the airport with Sylvia Broccoli.” I smiled into the phone.


“Sylvia Broccoli Jones. You know, your mother!” I was about busting a gut trying to keep from laughing.

“Nobody ever calls her that. How did you find out her name?” She asked.

“She spent the night with me last night, we bad breakfast and I rode with her to the airport to catch her flight.” I answered. “We had a grand time. I know who taught you how to suck dick now. She’s awsome! I’ll be there in a few minutes, wait for me will ya?”

“Sure, see ya.” She closed the call.

I explained to Carl that the call was Icy’s daughter and if he wanted to feast his eyes on another looker, he needed to come in and take a leak or something so he could check her out. He said he’d had enough excitement over the last twenty four hours and really needed to get home and catch up on his beauty sleep.

Carl made the swing at the end of the cul-de-sac and dropped me at the curb in front of the condo. I had my hand stuffed in my pocket for the key as I approached the door. Before I could get the key out, the door opened and I could see Faye’s face peeking around from behind the door.

“My God David,” She chirped, “I’ve been worried sick about you!” Pushing the door closed she pulled me into her arms and covered my mouth with hers. We exchanged a tongue lashing for a minute or so and she let me go. “Geez, you taste like pussy!” All Faye had on was a mere wisp of a red demi-bra and the tiniest of a red thong.

“I suppose that could be,” I replied. “ I’ve been with your mother for the past eleven hours and spent half of the last hour buried ears deep between her legs in the limo. Why all the concern?” I questioned.

“Well, it is Saturday,” She pouted. “And my husband and your dad are out on the golf course. I just thought we might have a little time together before your mother or some one else came over here to ravage your young body. But it looks like I’m too late already. Besides which, when did my mother get here and why was she going to the airport?”

“Firstly, it’s never too late,” I said. “Secondly, Icy got here around one o’clock this morning, naked and horny. And thirdly, it seems her uncle Nino has passed away and she is on her way to the funeral. Evidently, she’s neglected to notify all of the kin folks.”

“So, you fucked her last night?” She asked.

“I did that.”

“And I suppose she stayed all night?”

“She did.”

“And I have no doubt what-so-ever that she sucked your dick this morning?”

“She did indeed.”

“Lemme see, then you ate her pussy all the way to the airport in the limo?”

“Well, that was after breakfast at the IHOP, but yes that pretty much covers it. Except for the part where I had just taken Melanie home after a very enjoyable roll in the hay with her before Icy showed up.”

“And then you’re going to come back here expecting to screw me all afternoon after you’ve done the nasty with my mother?” Faye seemed tense.

“I’m going to have to check back on my dance card,” I said. “But after Melanie, I don’t recall anyone else having made a reservation. So I guess I wasn’t expecting to spend the afternoon with anyone special. But being as you’re already here, and almost naked already, what say I grab a quick shower, brush my teeth and lets see if we can’t do, as you say, and screw all afternoon?”

Faye reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, pushed her thong down her legs, “I’ll wash your back.” She said pulling me toward the stairs.


I had never been in the shower with a woman before. Much less a beautiful babe like Faye. The experience was almost spiritual. Her soapy hands on my body under the warm flow of the water had me rock hard within moments. I don’t think I have ever been so clean in my life as I was when she finished with me. I nearly lost it when she lathered her hands and reached between my legs, cupping my balls as she slid her fingers across my butt hole. Every day was a new experience for me.

Of coarse, I felt obligated to return the favor. I soaped up and washed every square milimeter of Faye’s body, spending a very long time making sure her boobs were squeaky clean and her pussy was too. I was in heaven. Why I had two huge fluffy pink towels in my bathroom was another unanswered mystery but, they worked marvelously to dry two wet bodies after the hot water ran out. Both of us were laughing hysterically as we rubbed each other red aand then tumbled into the still unmade waterbed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32