Aunt Makes It All Ch. 1

21 Kasım 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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Cuckold Captions

My name is Kumar. I am a male of 26 years, living in a small town in Karnataka State of India. I would like to share my incestuous experience with Laterotica readers. It’s not a “Story”, it’s a real incident happened with me. I was really feeling guilty myself about this before. But after I started to access the various websites on love, sex, passion etc., I have realised that I am not exceptional and incest is there everywhere in the world. Now I am relaxing and feeling that I am a lucky person to have such a great experience. And I’ve decided to share my experience with others.

As I’ve already told you, we live in a small town. I am the only son for my parents. My father, who is aged about 55, is working in a private company. I am too into a small job in computers since a couple of years. My mother is having a younger sister called Padma. My mother’s age is now 50 and she is around 35. As she was very young compared to my mother’s age, I used call her Padmakka (sister) right from my childhood. Padmakka was staying with us during her college studies. After graduation she got a small job, which made her to stay again with us. Since she was the next youngest member at the home, naturally I used to spend lot of time with her. I used to play, fight, flirt, eat with her. She was my best company ever since from my age of 7.

As I grow up and entered high school level, my sexual knowledge too started to develop. Till then I was treating Padmakka just as my sister. As I attained to 15, my interests about females slowly rose up. My eyes started to follow females, especially schoolmates. Since Padmakka was the only female with whom I used to move freely, become my female prototype. I used to watch her body parts closely whenever possible without her notice. I’ve tried to peep a couple of times while she is having bath and changing her dress etc. I used to enjoy by sitting sticking to her body while watching Ankara escort TV, accidental body contacts while flirting, playing etc. I was doing these just out of curiosity about female body; no other intention was in mind. Subsequently Padmakka married to a Bangalore guy at her age of 25. I was 16 then, after that I become alone at home, I was missing her company a lot.

The incident, which I am going tell, was happened four years back, that means when I was 22. After marriage, Padmakka used to come to us once in a year or so. Whenever she was coming form Bangalore she used to stay with us. Whenever she coming or writing to us, she used to invite us to go to her house. Incidentally, Bangalore is capital city of our State, called as “Garden City” of India. That time she had come for some relative’s marriage function with her husband. He was working as a marketing executive in Bangalore. They were at our home for couple of days. Her husband left for Mumbai from here on his business tour for a couple of weeks.

Padmakka was running a Baby Sitting center at her home, for time pass rather earning. So she too had to go back, but she was left alone. She never used to travel alone in long distance journeys. It takes 7-8 hour journey from our town to Bangalore by road; most of the buses were running during in the night. This time she got a good reason to invite atleast one of us in the form of companying her in return journey. I was workless during that time after completing my graduation; there was no other option than me to go with her and my parents asked me to go. It was my wish too. I happily agreed to go since I was loving to travel long distances; that is too to a very attractive capital city. I always loved to visit Bangalore. I had visited there twice before, once with schoolmates on excursion and once after Padmakka’s marriage. I had very much loved that city. Hence, I was very enthusiastic to accompany Ankara escort bayan Padmakka.

We both left to Bangalore at 10pm from our town by bus. It is supposed to reach Bangalore by next morning at 6. Lights were put off, after bus covered a couple of miles. We adjusted our seats to sleeping position and I tried to sleep by closing my eyes. I was bit disappointed because of night journey. I have missed the joy of site seeing. We might have spent a couple hours in the bus; though I was closing my eyes I never able to sleep. As we were traveling in uphill roads, it started to feel very cold. Padmakka was wearing saree and a woolen sweater over it. They were having traveling experience in these roads, and were well prepared for these cold conditions. I was almost shivering due to cold. She noticed my problems it seems. When bus stopped for recess, she asked me to get a blanket from her bag, which was kept on the racks. I pulled a blanket and covered my whole body. Blanket was too big, so, she pulled the other part to cover her body. We were both fully inside the blanket now except our heads. As bus started after short break, lights were again put off.

Now I was feeling little comfortable inside the blanket. I tried to sleep again and fell into sleep after sometime. I suddenly woke up as something was hitting my legs under seat. I came to know that it were Padmakka’s legs. She was looking like in deep sleep. Her head was slept on my shoulder and body was almost rested on mine. Her left hand was on my thigh near crotch. I couldn’t sleep again. The hitting of her legs to mine seemed more now. Indeed bus was jumping, humping on the road. So I couldn’t make out whether it is hitting naturally due to oscillation of bus or intentional. As time passed I noticed that her left hand is on my crotch. As I felt her heat of palm, I had an instant hard on. Her palm was pressing against my crotch as bus Escort Ankara jumping, oscillating and I couldn’t control myself. My cock began to grow. Now I had a feeling that she is doing it deliberately and in a bold move I moved my right elbow towards her left breast, and gently pushed against it.

My first ever sexual contact with a grown female! No resistance noticed from her. I took it further to press little hard. I started to feel her hot breast now under her sweater and blouse. As bus was shuddering her breast was hitting my elbow and upper arm frequently. At this stage she grabbed my hard on over the pants and started to squeeze gently. Now I’ve got clearance to proceed. I started to rub harder her breasts and tried to reach her nipple. I noticed her body shivering in orgasm. I slowly started to probe her body with my palm and caressed her belly. She moved yet closer to me and made herself to rub her breast to my upper arm. I moved my palm further below under her saree, petticoat and panties and pressed her hot bulged mount on. My first physical experience!

Squeezed it with my cups. I was really in a unbelievable state. This made me more hard on; my cock started to throb in side the pant pushing against my briefs. Her saree and petticoat was bit tight so couldn’t move my palm further down. I tried to reach her clit (though I didn’t know where exactly it was), I found it immediately it was throbbing. I rubbed hard there. She started to make little movements inside the blanket and with her right hand guided me towards her slit. I extended my index finger and tried to take inside. It was very hot and juicy inside, my finger easily entered in. She started to stroke her palms on my cock. I too started to move finger in and out and as deeper as possible. She reached to climax; she held tightly my palm between her thighs and squeezed my cock tightly. I released my sperms inside of my briefs with utmost orgasm. She too released her grips from my palm after sometime. I was feeling exhausted after releasing my sperm and slipped to a deep sleep.

Let me wind up here for now. I will describe about my later experiences in the next chapter.

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