Banished to Purgatory? Ch. 03

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You should read ‘Banished to Purgatory?’ and ‘Banished (2) before you read this.


As I strolled down the slight hill through the light drizzle towards the cannery, I reflected on life’s strange twists and turns. I had been turfed out of the family home by Benjamin Goodhew after he and my wife Bethany had discovered me cumming all over the broad white arse of the elderly household cook. I had been banished to a Goodhew owned cannery located in a small coastal village, ostensibly to assist in the management. However, within 48 hours of my arrival, Jim Fletcher the real manager had succumbed to the ravages of cancer leaving me to fend for myself. Just as importantly I had been taken in by Maude Biggs, a big strapping woman who found out what my weakness was; large breasted older tarts who loved to fuck. Before I had left to come to work, she had inveigled out of me the story of my adolescent teachings at the massive breast of my old wet nurse, Elsie.

The day had started well with a couple of great fucks and some generous cock sucking and clit lashing. Maude trailed behind me down the hill so that some of the people might consider our relationship to be lodger and landlady even though she had admitted to having already confided in her best friend Betty. I had work to do, serious work. The cannery was hanging on by the bare threads. The fishermen provided the best seafood in the country but it was turned into cat food or supplied at ridiculous prices to the biggest grocery chain in the world. The fishermen were underpaid, the cannery workers were underpaid and the town showed a distinct lack of go ahead. It was almost forgotten. What started as a small collection of rough houses around a picturesque well sheltered cove had progressed little over the last 50 years or so. The cannery was the newest addition and the pub was a converted house. There was one electricity line direct to the cannery but I had my suspicions as to why the bills were so high.

Two trawlers lay alongside the dock and crates of fish were being hauled up for their innards. The hum of the slicing and dicing conveyor belts was clearly audible but nearly drowned out by the squawking of the gulls as they fed on the refuse that exited at the far end of the shed.

I wandered through the door and waved at the lines of ladies at the slicing and dicing belts. Compared to old Jim in his tea and food stained cardigan I must have looked completely out of place. I had my royal blue shirt with old school tie complete with blazer and slacks. I knew that my name had caused considerable mirth among a community of Bills, Jims and Bobs. However, as Derek Leigh-Mallory I couldn’t help my parentage but had enough gumption and family connections to try to help the town and its motley inhabitants. Why I do not know. Big hearted, as well as big breasted Maude had told me of the daily struggle and old Jim had died a frustrated man trying to do his best. I climbed the stairs to the office and on entering was greeted by the sight of the old crone that had been Jim’s office ‘girl’ standing there with her arms akimbo, a small cardboard carton at her feet.

“Jim would have been at work two hours ago,” she sniffed. “I have been here since the cannery opened and will soon be joining Jim in his grave. My son has found me a nice place in a nursing home along the coast and is bahçeşehir escort picking me up in an hour. You will find details of my banking arrangements on your desk.” Off she went, down the stairs and thankfully out of my life.

I needed help and fast. Down the stairs I went and sought out Maude. I drew her outside away from the noise and told her of my dilemma. I told her I needed a girl – that threw her for a minute – who was computer literate and smart. I didn’t care how ugly she was as long as the she had the necessary qualifications. And I needed her now. She nodded and went inside. I followed and saw her talking with one of the old filleters who followed up a concentrated frown with a big smile. She took off her smock and took off out the door. Maude gave me the thumbs up and I went up the stairs to tackle the enormous task of getting organised to do business.

I had just finished emptying out the single filing cabinet into piles of like matters when the door burst open to admit a female wrestler, or at least, someone built like one. She had short cropped dirty blonde hair, a plain homely face and a bulky body hidden by a bulky overcoat. She was as tall as I, youngish with intelligent grey eyes that looked me up and down and widened as she took in my attire. She looked around the office at the piles of files and then back to me. “Me mam tells me you’re looking for an office girl that knows computers and such like?”

“Absolutely but, what qualifies you for the job? I need somebody who is really bright with computers and can get on with the job.”

“Well, Mister Leigh-Mallory, I may look like a bricklayer but I passed out top of my class at university in economics and computer science. I trod the boards for 6 months looking for a job but all they wanted was somebody who looked like Marilyn Monroe rather than anybody with brains. I’ve been home for a week or so when me mam told me you wanted somebody like me. If it is looks you’re after you can stuff your job up your fancy arse. If it’s brains, then it’s me cos you won’t find anything else in this place.” She put her hands on her hips and glared at me.

“You’re hired. What’s your name?”

“Raewyn but call me Rae. And by the way, I don’t stand for any funny business.”

“Never mind that. What I want you to do is find a couple of computers for us, the best you can find, with all the stuff that goes with it. We’ll need high speed wireless because I don’t think the electricals are all that flash down here. Also, there’s only one telephone and we’ll need one for you and lines for modems. If you’re as good as you say you are then this will be your test. Off you go – I’ve got hours of work ahead of me sorting out this crap.”

She turned tail and headed out the door. Two hours later she returned carrying three cartons bearing the name of a well known high end brand of computer equipment. Four more cartons and she started unpacking. Before she had finished the first box, a smart looking lad wearing a telecom outfit bustled in and began beavering around the office fixing up access points and installing a telephone. “You need satellite,” he muttered. I nodded and with half an hour he was gone and we were connected to the outside world.

Less than an hour after that, Rae appeared at the door to my office. The overcoat had come off istanbul escort some time before and she was wearing a pair of jeans and a bulky hairy type pink sweater. “We’re set. What do you want me to do?” I told her to start inputting all of the data from the amount of fish and their type right through to the petty cash records. I also told her to lose the jeans. Jeans on a big chick are downright horrible. She looked at me for a minute, saw I wasn’t joking, turned and left muttering a ‘you’ll be sorry’.

At five I told her to leave and so did I. At Maude’s I found a note directing me to the pub. I doffed the tie and blazer and set off up the hill to meet her. The pub’s main room was small, had low ceiling and was smoky. All conversation stopped as I entered. To my relief, there were some waves, some ‘evening, Dereks’ and conversation resumed. Clearly they had accepted me. I spotted Maude in a corner seated with a brunette of advanced years wearing glasses. Grabbing a pint I sat down opposite the woman and quaffed half the ale. It had been a long day.

“Betty, this is Derek, as you well know. Derek, Betty my bosom buddy. Known each other since pre-school, we have. My Bert and her Harold went down on the same trawler, silly bastards.” Maude and Betty clinked glasses of ale and smiled at each other.

“Hello Betty, Maude has told me a lot about you.”

Maude leaned towards her friend and said quietly, “Especially the bit about you not getting a bit for ages.”

“Maude, you didn’t. What must he think of me?”

I looked her over and liked what I saw. Betty had a friendly ruddy face, lovely brown eyes and clearly the dips at her shoulders where her bra straps were under her dress were clearly carrying some hefty sort of weight. The dress was buttoned to the neck but I had no trouble seeing that she sported quite a chest. My prick twitched. “I think that if you are a friend of Maude’s then you and I will be just as friendly. Why don’t we drink up, I’ll get a bottle of Scotch and take it to Maude’s and we’ll have a quiet drinky together. What do you say?” Within minutes I trailed the two arm-in-arm friends down the road with lurid thoughts lighting my way.

It was obvious that the two old friends had been having a few before I got to the pub and this was much giggling, pushing and shoving before they managed to get in the door. I poured three healthy shots and we toasted each other. I was staring at Betty’s heaving bosom and at the flush on her neck. This lady was hot to trot and judging by the bright sparkle in Maude’s eyes, so was she. They told me to have another drink while they made themselves comfortable in Maude’s bedroom. Minutes later I heard a ‘oh Derek, come on in’ and in I went.

My tongue nearly fell out of my head. Propped up against the bed head were two busty women of indeterminate years side by side with an arm under their extremely impressive breasts that raised them as if proffering them to me. What made me gasp was that they both had their legs wide apart with knees raised and each were diddling the other’s cunny with their unoccupied hand. It ranked as one of the sexiest sights I’d ever seen and my eager prick nearly burst from my pants like a moon bound rocket.

“Girls, girls, you are very, very good friends. Keep that up and I’ll need my pants cleaned.”

“Get escort bahçeşehir ’em orf, get ’em orf,” they chorused. I got ’em orf real quick.

“Good gawd, Maude, look at the cock stand on the lad,” gasped Betty. “I’ve never seen the like!”

“I know what you mean, Betty. It was in fine working order this morning, I can tell you. You go first. Give him a quick slurp to say hello and then let him have his head. Trust me, he’ll give you a good gallop and then he’ll do the same to me. He fucks like a dog on heat,” said Maude shoving her friend at me.

Betty got onto her knees and made her way to the end of the bed, her big pendulous tits swinging like bell clappers. She had eyes only for my rampant prick. And I had to rapidly grab her shoulders to stop her falling off the end of the bed as she made a grab for it. She missed and grabbed my hip while my leaking cock slapped her around the face until she managed to wrap her tiny hand around it and feed it into her rapacious mouth. Betty swirled her tongue around the sensitive underside and then applied suction while stroking up the glistening shaft. She swiped some pre-cum off the slit then sat back and wiped her lips with her tongue. She looked over her shoulder at Maude. “This is so yummy, Maudie, a prince among cocks.” Quickly Betty placed my rigid cock against her breast bone, then grasped her left breast and then her right to sandwich it between them. “Ooooh, Maudie, it pokes out the top; Harold’s never did that!”

Betty let go and fell back on the bed narrowly missing Maude who was lazily circling and obviously aroused clit with her forefinger. “Fuck me, lad, fuck my brains out. I haven’t had a stiff prick in donkeys.” She held her big thighs apart and they rippled in the lamp light. Her nether lips were very puffy and darkly suffused with blood while a stream of clear viscous fluid flowed steadily from the bottom of her gaping crack. I fell on it and speared a rigid tongue straight in. “Maudie, Maudie, he’s got his tongue in my cunt! You told me but I didn’t believe me. Oh, Maudie, Maudie, he’s sucking on my button …… oooooh Maudie, I’ve just given him a mouthful of cunt cream, dearie! He’s just got to fuck me now, please, please Maudie, tell him to stick it in and do me!!”

“Fuck her, Derek, you’re driving her mad. You can play with her later,” rasped Maude who was clearly having an orgasm on her finger and at the sight of her best friend about to be impaled.

I held on to Betty’s meaty calves, positioned my knob,swiped it over her bulging clit and then drove it home, right to the hilt. Instantly she shuddered and flushed me with juices, her eyes rolling back in her head. I fell upon her upraised nipples biting and sucking as I rapidly rode her to a series of orgasms, each one greater than the last. My surging sperm could wait no longer. I got my knees on the end the bed and pinching her nipples for purchase drove right to the end and unloosed big spurts of hot steamy joy juice. Suddenly I felt Maude behind me clasping my convulsively clenching arse cheeks as I pumped what seemed to be gallons into the increasingly slimy depths of her friend.

Maude kissed me on the neck. “That’s a fuck she’ll take to the grave, young Derek. I just love to hold your arse when you’re cumming – so powerful, so firm, so young. Never felt the like in all my born days. Pull that prick out of her and I clean you off.”

“Ah Maude, all you want to do is suck me stiff so I’ll have to fuck you to get rid of it. I see right through you, you old tart!”

“I may be an old tart, young Derek, but you can’t say I’m not generous to my friends.”

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