Bath time 2: Early visitors

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Tahlia lost her virginity to Jace.
The door bell rang while Jace and Tahlia had finished amazing sex.
Who could it be?
Is the family home early?
Keep reading for more incest antics and the beginning of Jace

I ran and put underwear on his body was normal no fat a bit of muscle and put underwear on Tahlia and covered her lower half with a blanket. The bell rang again and Jace answered. It was my cousins Mikayla (14) and little cousin Ashcha (4). Mikayla looked at my body and nervously blushed, I let her in and asked what she was doing here, she said that Ashcha was feeling sick and I was too bored plus I wanted to see what my cousin was doing while he was alone she punched my shoulder and winked at me, I asked her how she got here and she told me her boyfriend Tyler who was 17 took them home, she started sobbing I asked what was wrong and she climbed to my chest and said Tyler just broke up with her because she wouldn’t have sex with him, she she was saving it, asked for who and she just looked at me and kissed me. Mikayla is a thin tanned skinned girl with DD sized boobs which stunned anyone who she saw she even started tapeing them to her chest to be taken seriously, she had beautiful brown hair and eyes. I kept kissing her, she told me to go to her room tonight so we could be together without the kids.

Mikayla went out until 10 with friends so i was left with Ashcha and Tahlia. I hadn’t seen them since Ashcha got here so i panicked, i rushed through the house until finally I herd an ow and a giggle I ran into the kids room and looked in the tent. They were both naked and Tahlia was sitting on Ashcha face while putting blocks escort bayan in Ashcha’s pussy and a bottle cooler in her ass Ashcha was clearly crying but her mouth was full of Tahlia’s pussy. I grabbed Tahlia off Ashcha and took out the little block out of her pussy and the bottle cooler out of her ass she screamed and I held her trying make her stop nothing worked until, I kissed her and shoved my tongue deep in her mouth. Ashcha was hair fair skinned with freckles on her cheeks and amazing orange hair she was very small just larger than a 2 year old. She stopped and started sucking on my tongue, I pulled my tongue out and put her on the floor. I grabbed Tahlia and told her it was mean and cruel she promised never to do it again but i had doubts i asked Ashcha should we do it to her she nodded and Tahlia looked scared. I grabbed her and some rope from outside I tied the rope around her arms and hung them out to the corners of the shed outside and tied her ankles so she was doing the splits which she always bragged about to parents. I left her hung there for half an hour and came back outside with a box of large dildos from her moms drawer she looked at how big some were and started to weep, but first I started tickling her she had no defence she was screaming stop it and i did it continously until she peed herself. I told Ashcha to pick one for her fanny and she picked a 10 inch one with super vibration setting as powerful as 5 vibrators together. Poor Tahlia I slowly pushed it in her until it was gone and taped it to her belly so it stayed all the way in her eyes rolled back and she was shaking uncontrollably flailing around. Asked Ashcha to pick one for her bum kocaeli escort bayan and she picked a monster 10 inches long and 2 inches wide but first I wanted to take her anal virginity so I fucked her until I came one and came the rest into Ashcha’s mouth. I shoved the dildo up her arse and taped it there and she spazed out so much she fainted I could see the bulge out of her belly and left her there for half an hour. I came back and she was crying I asked her if she had learnt her lesson and she nodded. At the moment she ran from me I realised what I had done. I chased after her and held her and kissed her, her pussy and ass were flowing cum continuously and she was still vibrating.

Ashcha and Tahlia had both fell asleep it was 7 now only 4 hours left. I went to bed and fell asleep, but what I didn’t know was that Tahlia was not asleep, she grabbed Ashcha and took her to my bed, Tahlia lifted the blankets and sucked on my cock until it was hard and sat Ashcha on top Ashcha was so exited and awake that she kept bouncing up and down until I woke up and her hymen broke I looked at her and before I do anything Ashcha bounced all the down on my cock her vagina obsorbing all of my dick. I was so excited and jumped up Ashcha was still stuck on my dick hanging there like a ragdoll, I turned on the light and saw Tahlia hiding and giggling I pushed Tahlia on the bed then put Ashcha’s head in Tahlia’s vagina and started kissing Tahlia I noticed no matter how deep my tongue got she wouldn’t gag it gave me an idea. I got Ashcha off my dick and
layed Tahlia on the bed with her head hanging off the side, I pushed my dick into her kocaeli escort mouth and it went into her throat she was trying to swallow which massaged my dick and I could see my dick in her throat. I continued until I came straight into her stomach Tahlia took a gasp of air and coughed a bit until she was coughing my semen.

It was 11 and I made sure the kids were asleep. Mikayla arrived back with two friends Chantelle and Emma I was naked waiting on the couch when they all walked in. I looked nervously and all started to run at me Mikayla held my arms down her her knees and took off all her clothes, Emma took off her clothes and pushed my legs down with her knees and Chantelle got naked and started making out with me Mikayla said they were all virgins that wanted sex that I could provide. Chantelle sat on my face while Mikayla sat on my chest making out with Mikayla and Emma sucked my dick. After I came in Emmas mouth Mikayla sat on my face Emma sat on my chest and I came in Chantelles mouth. Chantelle (13) was very small pale very thin with blue eyes and blonde hair, Emma (15) was tall thin with bigger boobs than Mikayla she had brown eyes and dark orange hair. After cumming in all their mouths Mikayla sat on my dick she sat all the way down until her hymen broke and she came straight away and so did I. Then it was Emma’s turn she was easier and screamed baby alot until we both came then it was Chantelle she had a tiny pussy and I could barely fit, she looked sat but I quickly pushed her down and she screamed and came and passed out on my chest. Mikayla said that Chantelle was the only one who didn’t want anal so she said to do it while she was out, so I did and it was the tightest fit ever but I git in and came we all went to bed in one bed naked and i fell asleep with my dick all the way lodged into Mikaylas ass.
The end Part 3 soon

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