Bathing Beauty

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I’ve been swimming for many years. It’s my favorite, if not my only, way to exercise. I’m no longer young or in good health. Swimming is very good exercise given my physical condition. I learned to swim young and still have very good form and technique. I go to an athletic club in my mid-western home town at least three times a week. Since I retired early a few years ago l go just after lunch to avoid the rush times before and after working hours.

It was early in the summer, a few months ago when I went to the club at my usual time. With school out, older kids can use the club without direct supervision. Consequentially, the pool was a little busier than usual, but I only had a short wait for a lane. I did my usual stretching and walked a couple of lengths to stretch my legs. Then I pulled on my goggles and started a slow easy swim.

After a lap or so, I noticed the girl one lane over. She was a determined, if not well-trained swimmer. She was wearing a conservative two-piece suit. The top was loose fitting and hung down to cover most of her midriff. It had spaghetti straps, which were adjusted too long. As a result, her top fell down as she swam, exposing her underdeveloped breasts. Her breasts were conical with aureole that puffed up significantly leading to small nipples that stuck out above them.

After looking at her under-water display each time we passed for several laps, I was feeling aroused. As a father of three daughters, I also felt someone should tell her of her “problem.” At the end of my lap, I took a break at the wall. To my surprise, the girl in the next lane also stopped and took a break.

After pulling her hair from her eyes, she turned to me and said, “You know, you have really good technique. I’ll bet your were a competitive swimmer as a kid.” I answered, “Yes, I was, but that was a long time ago. Thank you for noticing. I have something to tell you too, but it’s a little difficult. The top of your suit is a little too loose. As you swim, you’re breasts are exposed. I enjoyed watching you, but thought you might want to know.”

“Oh, I didn’t know. Well, at least you didn’t think I was a boy. Actually, it’s kind of nice to have someone look at them. All through high school, no one ever did, because they’re so small. It makes me kind of hot to know you were looking. I wish they were bigger; I sometimes wonder if they’ll ever grow?” “Oh, they’ll grow as you get older and become sexually active. By the way, my name’s Dave” I said.

“I’m Amy. You sound like a real expert. How’d you get to know so much about young girls’ breasts, and for that matter, swimming. Sounds like I should hire you as a coach. “

I thought, what a girl and what an idea. I’d love to coach her in a number of ways. I don’t know if I’m up to it, but it would be fun to try. I said, “If you’d really like to talk about it, meet me in the whirlpool in five minutes.” Her answer was, “Great. See you there.”

Chapter 2

After re-arranging my swim suit, I went to the whirlpool which was entered from both locker rooms. I really wondered if she’d show up, but in a couple of minutes she did. Bending over to get in the whirlpool, her breasts again fell out. She really didn’t seem to care.

“O.K.,start by telling me how you became an expert on swimming and breasts.” “Well Amy,” I said, “I’ve been around a few years. I swam in the state time trials when I was in college. I was never great, but I did have good coaching and could pass it on.”

“What about breasts? Where did you learn about them?” “Well, Amy, I raised three daughters and remember the growth process pretty well. My girls didn’t all start out as 38C’s.”

“I watched you swim. I know you could teach me a lot. I’d like to be able to swim competitively in college next year. Maybe you could help there. Now you said my breasts would get bigger as I got older. I’m already 18. How much older do I have to get before they grow?” By the way, I’d rather we talked about tits than breasts. That’s what everyone call them these days.”

“Amy, I also said your tits would grow with sexual activity. Are you willing to tell me how much experience you’ve had?” Amy snuggled over into my shoulder and talked into my ear. There was no one in the whirlpool, but it certainly felt more intimate.

”I wasn’t very popular in high school. I’m not very pretty and I have small tits. I did have a few dates, but they weren’t very good. A couple of guys groped me and I was aroused, but I really didn’t like them well enough to go ahead. A couple of girls hit on me too, but I really wasn’t interested.”

“Amy, who told you weren’t very pretty? You have nice light brown hair, beautiful eyes and nothing wrong with the rest of you. Your tits aren’t large, but they’re enough. The old guy joke that more than a mouthful is wasted is pretty much true. To look sexy and attract guys, you have to think of yourself as sexy. A little eye make-up and lip gloss would your best features too. Amy, may I ask if you masturbate?” “Yes, I started several years ago. I heard the other girls talking about beşiktaş escort it and listening made me hot, so I tried it. It doesn’t do much for me though. I never have the kind of orgasms the other girls talk about.”

“Maybe your technique is wrong. What do you actually do?” “God, I’ve hardly ever thought about it and certainly never talked about it.” Amy closed her eyes as she thought about it. “Well, I usually start by pinching my nipples a little and thinking about what sex must be like. When I start to feel warm, I put my hand down my panties and stick one finger in my pussy. As I move it in and out, I usually feel hotter and hotter, but nothing special happens.”

“Amy, do you know where your clitoris is?” “No, not really. The other girls just call it a clit and I know it’s down in my pussy area somewhere, but not exactly where. God, there is so much I need to learn. So, where is it?” “Just above your vagina. It may not stick out much at first, but you need to find it. If you can rub it while you put another finger in your pussy, you may be able to have a real orgasm.”

O.K., but does masturbation count as sexual activity.” “Of course it does, Amy. I do it too. Just about everyone does, even if they don’t admit it.” “Really, I thought you would have been past that at your age.” “No dear, in fact I’m getting aroused just talking about sex.” “I’m glad you said that, because I am getting very hot too and I don’t mean from the whirlpool. If I were home alone, I’d probably try to do it right now. Maybe I could find my clit and really be satisfied.”

“Amy, there’s no one here but us. Why don’t you go ahead and masturbate if you want to. I’ll watch and stop you if the door opens.” “I don’t know if I can do it with you watching.” “Just close your eyes and make believe you’re alone and watching a hot movie.” She certainly wanted to, because she put one hand into her top and one into her suit bottom and started working at it. She worked her cunt much harder then her tit and she must have found her clit, because it worked for her. Before long, she had her mouth buried in my shoulder and was gasping in orgasm.

“Oh, Dave, that was so good for me. I found my clit and everything. Are you O.K? You didn’t seem to do anything for yourself. Are you still hot?” Saying that, Amy reached over and grabbed my semi-erect cock over my suit. “I never actually felt a cock. The boys would push it against me, but I never touched it. I didn’t want to then, but I feel safe with you and would like to touch yours. Is that O.K?”

“Of course, Amy dear. I would really enjoy you having you touch my cock. Maybe you could move your hand up and down on it and get me to come. I’d really like that.”

Amy moved her hand from outside my suit to inside and started working my cock. Maybe she had no experience or maybe it’s instinctive, but she did very well. I reached my right hand around her and into her top and started fondling her left tit. Her masturbation had puffed up her aureole to half the size of her whole tit and the nipples were sharp little points. We worked together and before long I came. This surprised Amy who apparently had not been lying. She had not done this before. I leaned over, thanked her, and kissed her gently on the lips. We leaned back and enjoyed the warmth of the pool.

Chapter 3

Amy spoke first. “Dave, that was neat. I never felt a guy come before. It’s really different from a girl. You really squirt.” I laughed and said, “Yes dear, and guys your age squirt even more. Amy continued, “There is so much I don’t know about sex and I really want to learn. Most of the girls in my class have had sex and I’ve never even gotten close. I don’t want to be a virgin in college. I just don’t want to learn in a back seat with some kid my age who doesn’t know much more than me. I’d feel much comfortable and safer learning from you. .”

“That’s very sweet. But aside from the fact that guys squirt, what else did you learn?” Amy thought a minute and said, “Well. You squeezed my tit a lot more while you were coming than I did. I almost came again.”

“Great Amy, it would have even been better if I could have sucked them. That kind of activity really feels good and might help your tits grow. I bet if I could suck your tits, I could get you to come without either of us even touching your cunt.” “Dave, you really are old fashioned. Nobody calls it a cunt anymore. We call it a pussy, like in pussy cat. Would you really like to suck my little tits?”

“Oh God, I’d love to, but we can’t do that here. Would you really like me to?” I could get a room near here if you’re really sure about it. When are you coming to the club next? “ Amy thought a second and said, “Friday, and I have the rest of the afternoon free. Mom doesn’t expect me home until 6. Would that work? “ I said “Are you sure you really want to do this with an old fart like me?” Amy only hesitated for a second and said, “Yes. I feel safe with you and you get me really hot. You can suck my tits and then teach me şişli escort lots more about sex. Can we have a swimming lesson first?” I couldn’t believe she could change gears like that, but I guess that’s what it’s like to be 18.

I booked a room at the local Holiday Inn Express for Friday and checked in before going to the club. I arrived at the club, changed and went to the pool. Amy was already there and had a lane. I jumped into her lane and waited for her. When she came to my end, she gave me a quick hug and asked what she should do to improve her stroke. I explained that instead of sweeping her arms wide, she should pull them straight back, lift and bring them straight forward. She looked a lot better. I explained that she should cup her hands not hold them like paddles. She did and looked even better. After two lengths, she stopped and said,

“Do you have a place we can go? I’ve been thinking about this a lot since the whirlpool. It’s like I’ve been continuously horny. Right now, I’d rather have a sex class than a swimming class.” I said, “Yes, my car is the two-door right in front of the door. Meet you there in 15 minutes.”

Chapter 4

We had a quiet ride to the Holiday Inn about a mile and a half away. I had booked a room in the back so we didn’t have to go in through the lobby. I was sure Amy had never done anything like this before. We parked and took our gym bags to the room. After putting our cosmetics in the bathroom, we met in the bedroom. Amy looked a little scared, so I gave her a hug and said, “Amy, we can do anything you want to do or nothing. You are completely in control and have nothing to fear. Please believe, I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“Dave, I want to be here. I have thought about it. I’m really horny and want you to teach me about sex. Help make my tits bigger, but also teach me about sex. To start with, can we just take our clothes off, get in bed, and hold each other.”

“Sure Amy, but taking our clothes off is an important part of sex. We should do it right. Let’s start with some kisses to warm up.” Amy came into my arms and we kissed. She didn’t open her mouth and I didn’t force the issue. As we finished the kiss, I kissed her on the nose and we both laughed. She seemed to relax. “We should undress each other one at a time. We’ve seen each other in bathing suits, so there shouldn’t be too many surprises. Why don’t you undress me first? “ Amy took off my shoes and sox, then my shirt and shorts. Last came the underpants. I wasn’t as large as the last time Amy saw me, which she seemed to notice, but didn’t comment.

Amy stepped toward me and I pulled her shirt over her head. She had a bra on, so I went to her shorts. As I was reaching for her shorts, Amy kicked off her sandals. She wore no socks. I pulled her shorts down and looked up at her face. She looked a little scared, so I asked, “Are you O.K.?” “Yes, this is a little scary, but I want to go ahead.” I unhooked her bra and slid her panties down. I noticed that her panties were a little damp in the crotch as I tossed the bra and panties to the far bed. She was definitely thinking about sex. I held her away from me and looked at her from top to bottom. She looked self-conscious, but didn’t try to cover herself. I had seen her breasts before, but not her pussy. She had a puffy mons lightly covered with silky brown hair. She looked good enough to eat.

As Amy tucked into the near bed, I turned off the main room lights and slid in next to her. Amy slid over and tucked into my outstretched arm. I waited a while and asked, “What would you like me to do?” Amy said, “You said you could make me come by sucking on my tits and that it would help them grow. Could you really do that?”

“I’m pretty sure I can suck your tits to an orgasm, but getting them to grow may take a little longer. Try to stop worrying about how big they are and try to enjoy how good we can make them feel.” I rolled over and placed the nearest breast in my mouth. I could get the whole breast in my mouth. At first I sucked the whole tit, then I pulled back and focused on the aureole. It again puffed up like a second tit. My God, it was glorious. I could tell Amy was enjoying it too. She was breathing in short little breaths and her hips were beginning to develop a rhythm. After a few minutes, I rolled Amy over so I could switch tits. While I sucked the second tit, I was milking the first one with my fingers.

Amy was now rolling around and pumping her hips. I took a tit in each hand so I could kiss her. I probed a little with my tongue and her lips opened. She tasted like a nectarine as we explored each other’s mouths. I finally broke the kiss so I could go back to her tits. I sucked one and then the other, biting gently in a rhythm. Amy was in a rhythm too. She was panting like mad and bucking her hips. Finally, she buried her face in my shoulder and came. Chapter 5

“Oh Dave, that was incredible. Sucking works a lot better than fingers. I liked the kisses too. I’ve never kissed like that, but when you bahçeşehir escort bayan really like someone, it’s very intimate. I’m glad I didn’t have garlic for lunch. You tasted good too. I want to learn to be really good at kissing. But Dave, this has been all for me. Don’t you want to come too?”

“Eventually, but not yet. Women can come over and over if they’re adequately aroused. Young men can come several times in a few hours. But as guys get older, the recovery takes longer. I want to save myself until you’ve had all you can take for today. When you’re rested up, tell me what you’d like to try next.”

“Well, eventually I want to actually have sex, even though I’ve heard it hurts at first. Like I said, I’m tired of being darn near the only virgin in my class. You’re so gentle; I want you to be the first. The other thing I’ve heard of is oral sex. The way you kiss and suck my tits is so good; I’d like us to kiss all over. I can just imagine how your tongue would feel on my clit.”

“Sounds great to me, Amy, but how do you feel about sucking on my cock and the possibility that I might come in your mouth? “If you tell me it feels good, I’ll trust you. What does come taste like?” “It’s sort of starchy and a little salty. Women with lots of experience tell me that all guys are different and that even the foods you’ve eaten can affect the taste. Of course, cleanliness is also important.”

“O.K. ”Amy said, “Let’s hug and kiss some more and get into it. I can’t tell you how much your kisses turn me on. If we could package your hands and mouth, we could make a fortune. I’m beginning to believe I could think of myself as sexy. This may even be the day I come more than once for the first time.”

“Darling Amy, if you don’t come more than once today, I will consider my life a failure. You get hotter by the hour.” With that, we kicked off the sheet and wrapped ourselves in each other. It was hard to believe she was only 18. She was literally growing up before my eyes. She was becoming more confident in her sexuality and her self-esteem was growing exponentially. We kissed and our hands moved all over each other. At one point while I was handling her tits, I suggested that guy’s tits are sensitive too. She immediately started squeezing mine and then bent down sucked both of them. I moved a hand down to Amy’s ass and squeezed her checks. Then I moved the hand to her cunt and slid a finger past her vagina and up to her asshole. I didn’t penetrate, just gently massaged. Amy purred like a kitten and then gasped. Without needing a cue, she slid a hand to my ass and moved it around my asshole.

It was time. I kissed my way down Amy’s body, stopping at her navel to probe and suck a little. Amy spread her legs even more, inviting me in. I licked my way down her belly to her public hair and the top of her pussy. Reaching down with my tongue, I found her clit. It was puffed out a little more than before. It even seemed to be pulsing a little. Wrapping my lips around it, I gently sucked. Amy bucked and gasped. I reached a hand down and worked a finger into her pussy. She was wetter than I expected. I reached in as far as I could, but couldn’t find a hymen. I added a second finger. No problem. As Amy built to a climax, I sucked her clit and fingered her pussy. Her breathing came faster and fast and eventually she convulsed in a great orgasm. Her pussy squeezed my fingers like a much older woman.

Chapter 6

Eventually, I came up for air and gathered Amy into my arms. We kissed and Amy said, “Is that what I taste like?” “Yes, and I really like it.” After a while, Amy said, “Is real sex even better than that? It’s hard to believe. That was better than all my birthday parties and Christmases put together. Now, I’m ready for you.” With that Amy slid down the bed and got her head between my legs.

She tentatively took my cock and balls into her hands. She moved her hand up and down my cock as she had done before. Then she reached over with her tongue and pulled a little bit of pre-come off the tip. “Is that come? It tastes pretty good.” “No that’s called pre-come. It’s a lubricant that comes out before the actual come to lubricate your pussy. But it does mean I’m getting ready.” Then Amy said, “What do I do with your balls?” Well, you can suck them, but you have to be much more gentle than you are with my cock.”

Amy said, “All these stupid questions are breaking the mood. I’m going to shut up and try to get you to come.” She did just that. Her inexperience was obvious, but she was still effective. She handled my balls, but focused on my cock. She surprised me by moving a hand under me and rubbing my asshole. No penetration, but obvious interest. I don’t have a big enough cock to make deep-throating a major issue, but Amy sucked from to bottom. All the while, I had my hands on her tits. I had been waiting so long that I didn’t last that long. Before long, I warned Amy that I was going to come. She didn’t hesitate, just sucked harder and harder, moving her hand up and down in rhythm with her mouth. I came as I hadn’t in years. Amy didn’t back off. She swallowed it all and even licked her lips. When she backed off, she said, “I really liked that. It felt really intimate. Oral sex is real bonding. I’ve never said this to a guy, but I really love you. I know we can’t get married and have a family, but we can still love each other, can’t we.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32