Beach Bums

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Lanie had to work today and Doug was doing something with his kid so it was just me, my thumb, and my beach-ready backpack. This Hawaiian vacation was turning out splendidly and for some reason I’ve been more well received than usual by the local men. The buff brown skinned babes years younger than me were my type this summer, apparently. Knowing this I wanted to head to just the right beach to attract my new crowd, and hopefully without too much of a crowd.

I hitchhiked and got to Kuakini Bay around 11 am, hoping for a mix of beach boys and farmer hippies. I started by laying out. I like to wait until I get really, really hot before getting in the water. My perky-for-my-age 34C tits barely fit in the suit I had borrowed from my friend and I was trying out the thong style bikini bottom that is all the rage these days. Why not? If my body looked 25, I might as well.

After basking on both sides for long enough I got up to take the slim inlet towards the rocky bay. A few guys who had been eyeing me came up to chat.

“You know, it doesn’t look like the greatest day for a swim,” one lead with.

“Well, that’s no way to get a girl wet!” I sassed back, grinning so that they would know I was joking.

“Haha, you’re right… but we’re headed to Manini beach if you want to join us?” the other one piped up.

Inwardly, I did a little happy dance for the way things were going but kept my exterior cool but flirty. Timidly I said, “Well I don’t have a car so I’d have to squeeze in with y’all.” I had seen the pair come in a pickup with just a bench seat so I knew it really wasn’t going to be much room, not that I wanted it any other way.

“I think we can figure that out,” they both stammered somewhat in unison.

After bullshitting a little bit while watching me pack up my stuff (which included lots of bending over, testing out the width of that thong bikini), we headed to the truck. Our mutual attraction was already glaringly obvious but felt the need to seal the deal. As I got in (I stayed in just my bikini) I made sure to accentuate the moment I was on all fours crawling in, tits toward the driver and ass towards the passenger. I then straddled the stick shift and grabbed it oh-so causally.

The driver, Kai, got in, “I like your style.”

Rylan got in behind me and put his arm around my shoulders. “Do you mind?”

“Of course not, plus it’s either that or using my thigh as an armrest I guess. Nice and cozy, I feel escort izmir pretty safe somehow…”

With that Kai began to drive, allowing his forearm to maintain gentle contact with my thigh. Downshifting was my favorite. As we drove around the curvy roads I kept slipping towards each of them thanks to the tiny cab. Their weight and warmth was intoxicating. They smelled of sweat and sand. Rylan decided that my thigh was preferable and moved his arm down there, whispering, “that’s better” as his left pinkie slipped down enveloping my sensitive inner leg skin. I got visible goosebumps and my nipples stiffened.

“You like when I slip my hand farther this way?” he whispered into my ear as he pulled it up closer towards where my legs met. I nodded visibly and he caught my gaze and kissed me as a turn serendipitously forced us even closer together.

Kai whooped, “Yesss Rylan, get it,” and took his hand off the shifter only to slip it under my bikini top to grab my whole tit. Fuuuuck, here we go.

Rylan and I kept making out as he moved his hand up to my cunt. He began massaging it and, finding me already sopping wet, slipped two fingers inside. I moaned into his mouth and Kai took this as an invitation to join in on the water park of fun between shifting. I barely noticed him pulling off into someone’s driveway. Did he know this person or…? I didn’t care. Finally at a stop they both began rubbing me all over and I switched between kissing the both of them. Rubbing their crotches I could feel how hard both of their cocks already were. The tiny cab wasn’t going to facilitate much more movement, so we opted to open the passenger side door. Rylan got out and I offered him my rump. I slurped Kai’s dick into my mouth and began with getting his knob slobbery wet before taking him all the way into my throat.

At the same time, Rylan was using his fingers to finish readying my holes. He was fingering both my pussy and ass and circling my clit and I was already about to explode when he removed his fingers and replaced them with his fat tip. I pushed back and he pulled back and spanked me, “Bitch, wait.” I wagged and he spanked me a few more times before slamming me up to the hilt completely.

It was unreal. Since I hadn’t gotten a good feel I didn’t realize the girth or the depth of his beautifully fulfilling cock. After pumping me hard a few times he paused balls deep to bring his hands back into play. One circled my clit while one izmir escort bayan circled my ass while he stayed deep and gently swirled his hips around as well. For such a young dude, he was nailing it.

I used this opportunity to get really creative in my dick sucking. Kai was loving it, trembling and squeaking and gripping my ponytail and pinching my nipples. Rylan began to switch it up again resuming a deep thrusting at a medium pace after slipping one finger deep in my ass. Fuck it felt good. I loved having a dick at both ends, who cares if I just met these guys? The thrusts turned into pummels forcing me to simply shove Kai’s cock into my throat at the same pace and depth.

“You slutty haolie bitch you’re loving this,” Rylan slaps my ass and picks up the pace.

After a few more minutes, “Kai, I think this bitch needs to taste herself on my dick and your dick needs to pound this cunt, what do you think?”

They high-fived and we all climbed out and I bent to suck Rylan clean and to let Kai slam his prick into my throbbing twat. They settled into a rhythm that picked up and slowed down allowing my pussy to enjoy full deep penetration while enjoying the hard cock in my mouth. Kai eventually slowed down and incorporated some serious digital ass play adding finger after finger. When I was stretched and lubed he pulled out and lined up his head at my now willing backdoor. Rylan took interest and pulled my ass cheeks apart for his friend.

“That’s right, this slut is ready for the next step.” A few cars whizzed by but nobody seemed to notice my ass poking out of the small truck about to get speared with what felt like real Hawaiian royalty. Kai slowly nosed in, I kept Rylan’s dick in my mouth to stifle my slight discomfort… a pacifier of sorts. Millimeter by millimeter his peter disappeared into my asshole until I could feel his balls nestle up to my cunt. He stayed there for a few breaths, flexing his dick and feeling my ass slowly loosen up. Rylan jiggled my ass cheeks and then they both began spanking me. The cock popped out of my mouth so that I could properly thank them for the beating,

“Oh fuck yes, ugh, fuck, yes, fuck, fuck, ugh,” etcetera.

Kai started slowly pulling in and out fully then started picking up the pace. Soon he was fucking me at the same pace as he had fucked my now sloppy cunt. I resumed bobbing Rylan’s knob and moaning loudly. He gripped my ponytail tightly and began to control my depth. izmir escortlar As Kai would stuff me deep, so would Rylan. They kept slapping me all over as I audibly seemed to love it. It kept my skin as on fire as my whole pelvic floor.

Rylan got close and pulled me off his dick suddenly. “Woah, dude before I come I think we should try a double fuck!”

“Yesss brah that is the cherry on top of this little white whore!”

My ass was vacated. We all got out and it was decided that Kai would start on bottom. I climbed on top of him and took him deeply into my cunt. Rylan, standing, aimed for his prick’s first shot at my well lubed ass. He jiggled and spanked me a few times as Kai humped me a little. Ry spat on my hole once more and then started shoving his slightly fatter dick inside. It was… outrageous. I hadn’t done this before and the feeling was overwhelming. I winced and Kai kissed me and then as I relaxed Rylan wiggled all the way in. Pausing at complete fullness, we all exhaled together.

“Holy shit,” we all seemed to say in unison.

Rylan started to set a gentle pace and Kai did what he could from his position. Soft strokes turned quickly into aggressive pumps. I knew they wouldn’t last long. Rylan quickened his pace and said, “Oh fuck I’m about to cum so deep in your ass and I don’t even remember your name you stupid sluuuuuuuuutttt…” he trailed off as he spasmed as deeply as he could and coated my insides with his cum. I had locked Kai in a deep tongue kiss to fully enjoy receiving that rectal paint job. After Ry slowly pulled out, we paused in kissing so that Kai could pull out and re-enter my ass.

“I’m not trying to get you pregnant,” he grinned wryly and started fucking my dripping butt as hard as he could. It wasn’t hard enough so he flipped me over and started fucking my ass so hard I couldn’t breathe. Just as I was about to beg for mercy he started fingering my clit and pinching my nipple and suddenly we were both bucking and coming and heaving and grunting and I think I may have screamed a little in the ecstasy of my minute long orgasm. He rested for a moment in my deepths before slowly exiting my exhausted ass. “Fuck,” he proclaimed as he smacked my butt with his soggy dick. We all started giggling and I reached for my bikini bottoms that would soon be drenched with their cum leaking from my slightly sore asshole.

“Well, now that we got that out of the way, should we go for a swim?” I asked.

“Girl, just be ready for that ass to get plowed behind some lava rocks because I am so not done,” Rylan said. “And by the way, we have friends who would like to have a taste,” Kai chimed in.

I grinned, “I can’t wait to meet them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32