Beautiful Boy Used By Women Ch. 03

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Charlotte arrived at the upmarket wine bar in Belgravia London a little earlier than she had arranged with her friends. It was packed full of pretentious poseurs, perhaps models or footballers. The air was stifled with the stench of mixed expensive perfumes and aftershaves. Everyone stared at the stunning blonde as she approached the bar, dressed in her tiny white designer dress that displayed her firm breasts and gorgeous legs perfectly. She caught sight of herself in the mirror behind the bar: The big baby blue eyes, the tiny perfectly formed nose, the full lips, the high cheekbones and square yet feminine jaw, with her makeup so expertly applied. Wow- she looked amazing and knew it.

“Can I buy you a drink darling?” enquired a rather creepy looking guy at the bar who looked and sounded pissed.

“No thanks” Charlotte grimaced, impatiently waiting to get served. The lecherous older man leaned towards her ear.

“I’d like to lick every part of you, very, very, slowly…”

Charlotte wasn’t in the mood to even humour the creep.

“Just fuck off wanker” she retorted. He just shrugged his shoulders- he was no doubt used to such a reaction.

The beauty bought a bottle of expensive Merlot and grabbed a table. She found herself knocking the wine back very quickly. Although she was driving she didn’t give a toss. She knew the problem. The thought of marrying this rich ugly bastard was depressing her. Yeah she had a choice, but she’s a devious money grabbing bitch and that’s the way it is. She looked around the wine bar. She wanted sex. From a sexy guy. Were any of this lot sexy? Were they fuck! None of them had any charisma whatsoever, and all looked pretty much the same. No character she thought. And where are my fucking mates? She glanced at her Rolex. They’re late. Bollocks they’ve blown me out. Fuck ’em.

Charlotte had just about finished the bottle and it was clear (they were over an hour late) her friends had indeed blown her out, not for the first time either. She couldn’t be bothered to ring them, so swigged her last glass and staggered out. She had a ten minute walk to the carpark, and there was suddenly an autumn chill in the air. She was cold and drunk- very drunk. The alcohol had suddenly hit her hard and as she approached her car in the NCP carpark, fortunately her Merc was on the ground floor, she finally twigged bahçeşehir escort she really shouldn’t be driving. Almost at that exact moment a voice behind her verified it.

“You can’t possibly drive young lady so don’t even think about it!” How Charlotte knew that voice! She turned.

“Gran! What are YOU doing here?!”

Charlotte’s mum Felicity certainly got her looks from HER mum. Even at 67, Glenis was a stunningly attractive older woman. The now grey hair beautifully cut. As were her immaculate clothes. She may have been a little heavier than in her prime, yet she still looked exceptional.

“Oh I was on a date!” Her husband had passed away 3 years ago. “Don’t looked shocked!”

“Um, no- good luck to you.” Charlotte seemed taken aback. “Was he nice?”

“Too bloody nice!” Glenis laughed. “And way too old! I want excitement at my age- not to be reminded of my age!”

“Oh ok.” Charlotte was surprised but so wrapped up in her own thoughts she wasn’t that interested.

“I saw you as I left a restaurant and kept calling you. Realised you were obviously pickled! Anyway young lady you’re coming back with me to sober up. Don’t worry I wont tell your mum!”

Charlotte wasn’t going to argue. She was well smashed. Within what seemed like a few minutes they were both in a black cab, driving back to her gran’s. She was feeling sick. They seemed to arrive quickly.

“Right Charlotte, you can sober up in my bed. It’s bigger.” Glenis helped her grandaughter up the stairs. “I wont disturb you, just sleep it off.” She kissed her on the forehead and removed Charlotte’s shoes as she lay her on the large four poster bed. Next thing the lights were out and the beauty snoozed.

Charlotte awoke with a headache. And dryness in the throat. For a split second she didn’t know where she was, then the penny dropped. How long had she been here? Her eyes, now adjusted to the dark, could just make out the lamp by her bedside. As she put it on she noticed her gran had left her a bottle of mineral water. Great. What about paracetomol? Her head was bursting. She reached for the drawers next to the bed. Ah, top drawer, Aspirin- that’ll do. She quickly guzzled three. Then something that initially hit only her subconscious suddenly startled her. Did she see a vibrator in that top drawer?! She looked again. Yes! Actually istanbul escort no- there are four of them! All pink and lifelike but different sizes. Why, gran you old slapper! Charlotte was amused. And aroused. She was suddenly feeling as randy as hell. Fuckit, I need to wank she thought. Grabbing the biggest of the vibrators she first tested its motion, then hitched her dress up. After removing her tiny white panties she opened her legs very wide and embarked on giving her swollen clitty a good seeing to- made all the more exciting by the thought her gran had used the same toy for her gratification. She needed a fantasy. She always did. What did she fancy? Whatever it was gonna be, she fancied her anus being pleasured as well. Reaching the drawer for a smaller dildo as she was working on her clit, she instead grabbed a handfull of paper. No, they’re photos. She stopped her activity. What the fuck are these?…

Charlotte sat up on the bed. She checked the time. It had only just gone midnight. Still, she did leave the wine bar early, she just thought it was later. But why has gran pictures of a youth, most of them nude? And he’s clearly aroused. God he was lovely, she thought. He was dressed in various attire- some as a soldier. And a policeman. And a Greek god. Weird. And he appears to be undressing, like a striptease almost. Does her gran masturbate over these? Obviously. And who is he? Where did she get them from? Maybe he’s her lover?! Doubt it, but who knows? She was finding out so much about her gran tonight nothing would surprise her. Charlotte now had the fantasy she needed. Her mind wandered bizarrely as she masturbated furiously with one dildo on her clit and a smaller one pleasuring her arse. She imagined the beautiful youth fucking her hard, with her gran urging him on. Gran was squeezing his testicles as he reached his climax. Charlotte found herself saying “Make me pregnant, please you gorgeous bastard. Give me that beautiful baby!” Her gran joined in: “Impregnate my grandaughter. Go on. Good boy. Very good boy.” The youth shoots torrents of his thick furtile spunk up my fertile cunt, she imagines. Oh shit I’m coming so hard, “AARRGGHH!” She screams.

Wow. What a climax. Best ever. No sex or wank had ever gone close. Oh damn, did her gran hear her? No, surely not. She knew the other bedroom was the other side of the escort bahçeşehir landing. That’s a relief. The bed was soaked with her juices. She suddenly became aware of what she’d just done and quickly stood up and tried to put everything back where she found it. Boy she needed to pee desperately! Putting her dress back on she quietly made her way to the bathroom. It was next to the second bedroom. As she relieved herself she could faintly hear a voice next door. Certainly it was her gran. On the phone perhaps? Yeah, that’s it she thought. After she flushed the chain and washed her hands, she noticed how the talking ceased. But being the devious cow she was, after now knowing so much more about her prim and proper gran, Charlotte decided to stay put to see if the dialogue resumed. Maybe she was talking to her young lover?! Who knows? Charlotte turned off the bathroom light and just sat on the toilet seat listening. After a couple of minutes she could very clearly hear her gran. But it was strange. Just one word. Well, one name. She kept repeating it. Over and over. Sometimes lovingly, sometimes almost under what sounded duress. And sometimes loader, then more silent, almost breathless. Oh fuck- she’s wanking. My own gran is masturbating herself stupid. And after I’ve just done the same!

Charlotte was getting very aroused again. Just at the point she started to rub herself, her elbow caught something to the side of the toilet, possibly a vase, and- SMASH! The mutual masturbation was suddenly over. Glenis seemed to immediately jump up, burst in and put on the bathroom light. She was completely naked. Charlotte was still sitting on the loo looking very embarrassed, but managed to take her hand from her crotch just in time.

“I’m so sorry gran. I tried not to wake you up but was dying for a pee.” Glenis just stood there before her grandaughter in all her voluptuous female glory. Her breasts were huge, sagging yet still wonderful. Her stomach reasonably flat for her age. Her legs still those of a woman half her age. And her crotch was very hairy Charlotte thought, slightly grey yet still well kept despite the abundance of it. Most importantly she was still so very pretty. Her gran. How proud she was of her. But would she be angry? I’ve just smashed something and interrupted her wank…

“Don’t worry sweetie.” She seemed proud of her nakedness. “It’s only a cheap ornament. Look, if I get dressed, shall I take you back to your mum’s now? I reckon you’ve sobered up.”

“Oh yes please gran.”

Within five minutes they were dressed and Glenis was taking Charlotte home in her Bentley. It was only a ten minute drive…

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