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Becoming a Boy 64

This work of fiction is written for the enjoyment of whoever reads it. Comments of any nature are appreciated. Please email me hoo.

Author”s rights: All rights to this work of fiction, or any parts of it, belong to the author. No use other than what is specified on Nifty is permitted without express permission.

Disclaimer: the following is an original story of fiction that contains explicit scenes of male/male and (on occasion) male/female sex and a variety of consensual activities between adults. All characters depicted are above 18 years of age. If any of this content is offensive to you or illegal to access in your geography, please do not proceed. If this offends you, please move along.

I appreciate all the emails I have received providing comments and suggestions as well as encouragement to write more chapters. Thanks for letting me take a long break between chapters for ongoing work and personal time. I hope to have more time for writing now, Sir Mike says there are no excuses for my delays, so I will do my best to be better at it. Thanks to readers for thoughts and ideas as always.

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Thank you, callibrn.


I took over an hour shopping while Donor was getting his makeover at the salon. Although I was wondering what he was doing and what he”d look like when she finished with him, I was looking for a few things for Donor. I bought him some panties and a couple bras. I guessed for the size, though with the help of a saleswoman I think I got pretty close. I knew his weight and height and approximate body type. His underwear was easy to figure out. He could always return the bras for another if they didn”t fit. I didn”t choose anything too crazy, I wanted him to get a feel for a bra and panties before there was anything too skimpy or lacey. I did pick up a lacey nightie though, a camisole style with matching panties. Very femme. Not something that usually got me going, but I wanted to watch him in them more than I wanted something to look at.

Then I went to a sports store and looked for a bikini style bathing suit. I wanted one that was skimpy in this purchase. I wanted to get him in a tanning booth with a bikini on, so he would have very distinct tan lines outlining his bits. I wanted those triangle pale patches on his tits and the string look around his waist and back. It would be a visual thing for him to go through. Looking at himself in the mirror with bikini tan lines around his chest and ass in particular would cause him to think through his confusion on some things. Plus, it would give me plenty to talk about with him and point out how great his tan looked. The thought got me smiling.

I spotted Montana at her station, but no Donor. I wondered if he had flown the coop, chickened out, over the changes we were making.

“So, Donor take off?” I inquired. She chuckled.

“Nope, he”s in back finishing a full body waxing. Should have been painful,” she added.

“He can handle it,” I reassured her while smiling. “He”s pretty agreeable.”

“I can see that.”

“How”s he looking? Was there a transformation?”

“I”ll let you decide, but I”d say there has been a transformation. He came in with no look really. Now he”s got one.”

“He seem to like it?”

“He”s waiting to hear your opinion, he isn”t sure. I think he”s a little scared how good he looks, how different he could look.”

“Okay, I hear you. I”ll give him plenty of compliments. He”s earned it,” I told her.

“What did you buy while you were waiting?” she asked looking at the bag. I smiled.

“I picked up some new clothes to help the transformation.” I opened the bag for her to look into. She glanced and then put her hand in the bag moving things around.

“Huh, that will be a big change for a frat boy. Nice swimsuit though.”

“I want him to get started on the tanning. I think seeing some tan lines will emphasize the figure he already has. But, yeah, not sure I can convince him to do it.”

“You”re the only one who has taken him this far,” she noted. “He says he”s never changed his look for anyone.”

“He”s just trying to flatter me,” I replied. She laughed.

“He thinking of making the big change?” she asked. “I mean, none of my business… “

“I”m not sure he”s thought much about anything,” I told her. “What I am hoping is he begins to think about what he wants and who he is. He”s got some interesting ways of carrying himself when we are together. I think he needs to think about it all. Until he asked me to take charge a little I don”t think he had much experience of thinking in any way other than what his buddies did. He has never been with a guy or a girl in any sense of the term relationship, so seeing as how he asked me to be that first for him, he hadn”t thought about what a relationship is. He”s beginning to think now. I”m just pushing it one way to see what happens. I”m not wedded to one thing or another, but I am enjoying the ride.”

“You better treat him well,” she told me. “Whatever he does or is, he deserves to be treated well.”

“Oh yes, Ma”am,” I told her. “I will treat him better than well. IF he wants to follow my lead, I will respect that gift, however it may turn out.”

“As long as he”s happy when I see him, then I”m cool. I don”t care who or what a person is as long as they are happy in life and can say that,” she smiled.

“He seem happy now?” I asked just to check. I had no reason to think Donor wasn”t happy. He”d not made any complaints.”

“I”d say he”s happy right now. Pretty enthusiastic about you.”

“That”s what I”d say too. He”s not turned back from anything I”ve suggested, and he seems to realize some of what will happen if he does what I am saying I want. He”ll be good. He can always say no, and he understands that.”

Donor emerged into my field of vision and I shut up. Montana turned to look when I made eye contact with him. He had a stupid grin on his face when he spotted me there. He continued heading over to where we were standing.

“Hey,” he said quietly. “You”re back.”

“Oh yeah, had to finish up what we”re starting,” I told him. Bought you some things.”

“Really? For me?” he said coyly.

“Look at you,” I said. “Look at that hair! WOW! You look… “


“Hot!” I finished. “You look totally different, totally hot. Even more than I thought you would. I mean you had a look before, but now, wow, you look good babe.”

“Really? You think?”

I set the bag down in Montana”s chair. I put my hands on his shoulders and spun hi toward the big mirror behind the station, so he could look at himself.

“Look for yourself,” I said enthusiastically. “You have a much softer edge. A very different look going on. I like it.”

Donor blushed a little. I wasn”t sure he was seeing the full picture. I was looking at a guy who had gone from a zero effort at his look to someone who was, well, cute. His hair was short but not a buzz at all. It was layered, with long bangs to one side, and short on the other. It was almost a bob style. Montana had left it a little long, so he had those fake sideburns on the one side, but it was covered on the other with the longer bangs. It looked completely styled, which was not Donor”s look previously. I brushed his bangs away and saw that indeed his eyebrows had been tamed. Not made too thin, I didn”t like that look, but trimmed up, lined nicely, very much matching his new hair style.

“You don”t think it”s too emo do you?” Donor said quietly.

“No way!” I made sure he didn”t see it as too much anything. “I like it. I think it really plays well on your face. You look good, girl,” I told him softly. He blushed a little more. He said nothing about me calling him girl. Maybe he had told Montana enough about what was going on to where he was okay with it here. “Montana, you did an amazing job. I really like it.”

“And you”re the one who has to look at him,” she replied smiling. Too funny, I thought.

“So, is there still space in the tanning booth now?” I asked her.

“Oh yeah, I booked him a spot.”

“Great! Let”s go babe. We need to get you started on your tan. I want some color on your skin.”

Montana led the way to another part of the salon. This place was great. Something to help all of Donor”s parts. Montana explained the booth. It was a standup, in a small room with a bench and hooks to hang your clothing on. She said it was loud, but I figured I could sit there for 6 or 7 minutes no problem, while Donor tanned. She told me no playing around in the room saying it had cameras. Then she left and I pulled my bag out. I dangled the bikini bottoms in front of Donor.

“You want me to wear that? It”s so tiny.”

“Come on,” I said slapping his ass, “get your clothes off so you can try it on. I want to see if I guessed the right size.”

At least he followed directions, even if he did sigh loudly. He stripped his shirt off first then followed with his shoes, socks, and pants. His underwear, tighty-whiteys, was last. He”d freak about the panties I got, I was sure. Start with the swimsuit I thought. Once he got out of his underwear, I couldn”t help but stare at his body. He”d managed to have all the hair ripped off. Off his legs, his chest, everything had been matched up and he was hairless now. Completely hairless He looked young. He looked femme. I handed him the bottoms of the bikini. He stepped into in them.

“Nice, VERY nice,” I said. “That looks really great girl. Look how it covers your cage. There”s barely enough fabric, but it covers it.” The triangle in front did cover it though it popped out the fabric. There was no way to hide that cage with so little fabric. “Spin around.”

Donor spun around so I could see his ass. It covered half of his cheeks but left plenty exposed. There would be a nice tan line there to admire after a few trips to the salon.

“Yeah, that is nice babe. I love looking at that big ass. It”s one of your great features,” I told him. It was true. Nice big ass to keep my attention. “That will be amazing with tan lines.”

“You think?” he asked, looking down at his ass over his shoulder.

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“Oh, yeah, no doubt on that. Here, try on the matching top,” I said.

Donor looked at me as if I was crazy. “What?? You bought a frickin bikini for me??”

“Yeah, of course. I want you to get a tan, so it looks like you”ve been hanging at the beach, babe. I think tan lines are so hot, especially when they frame the ass and the tits.”

“Zach. What if I take my shirt off and one of the brothers sees me? What am I supposed to do in the showers? They will all see me!” he started freaking out.

“Just calm down. Adjust your bottoms and then let me help you with the top. Come on. Just do it. I want to have a look. I will tie it in the back to get the right fit.” I explained.

He put the top on and I turned him around to tie it. I adjusted the triangles of fabric in front. He didn”t have much in the way of tits, but there was some flesh there. This would really emphasize what was there. They would be pale and the rest of his skin would be darker. I smiled thinking of what it would look like soon.

“There ya go. Looks amazing, babe. I bet you are going to love the results after a few sessions. Here, turn around, check yourself in the mirror.”

Donor turned around and looked at the mirror. I think he was taken aback. He had no frame of reference in his head for what he was seeing. He was looking at himself dressed as a woman, with a fresh haircut and a complete lack of body hair. The view was pretty intense for me. I was trying to figure out what he thought. Of course he didn”t look fully like a girl, but it was a softer, altered, no-frat-boy person staring back at him.

“Fuuuuckkk,” he mumbled. “I look totally different. I don”t look like me.”

“Oh, it”s you, babe. Just a different view of you,” I told him. “Look at this,” I said as I ran my hands down either side of him to his hips. Because he carried a little weight, his ass did spread out some from his waist. The suit sat on his waist and accented the size down there. Of course there was no bulge anywhere, except in the immediate front. He looked as my hands sat on his hips and made the view obvious to him.

“This is crazy,” he whispered. “I”m a guy. Why do I look so NOT a guy right now?”

“You look just like you are, babe. You just look different than what you usually see. When I look at you, I see this now. I see you as you present yourself. Pretty dang hot, I”d say.” I ran my hands over his ass and then on his back. He shivered. “Come on,” I said swatting his ass again. “Get in the booth, I”ll handle the machine like Montana showed me. As much as I want to do more with you in that bikini, there are cameras here keeping an eye on us.”

“Fuck,” he said again shivering one more time. “Okay. Here goes nothing.”


I was bored and horny. Too horny for my own good. This was the longest I”d ever gone without sex since I started sucking Ian”s dick last fall. And my dick was locked up so I couldn”t even jack off to relieve myself.

I had done Ian”s laundry, my laundry, I had studied for classes and read what I was supposed to read. It was nearly time to head to the pool so I could do the laundry of the team, hand out towels, massage any cramps, and whatever else the coach told me to do. Maybe if I were lucky someone would want to get a blow job. I was almost sure that I could cum if I gave a blow job to someone. My dick was beginning to harden in my cage just thinking of cock. I really had not thought much about my cock before Ian locked it up. I mean it got hard but a lot of the time I paid no attention and didn”t even notice it. Now, there were times when it was all I thought about. I didn”t think much of the cage honestly. It didn”t make a big deal to me to wear it up until the last few days. I got fucked all the time and I was able to get off. Now I thought about the cage too much as far as I was concerned.

I got to the pool and got to work. I had never noticed how slobby the team was when I was swimming. I guess we thought we were better than the manager, better than me now. I picked up towels that lay around the locker room, used team speedos that lay on benches. I didn”t understand how difficult it was to toss them in the bin, sheesh. The team seemed to be done and gone. I wasn”t going to get any dick here, I thought. I looked in the showers for Cory. He”d hung around before for a blow, but no one was around. I grabbed a mop and was cleaning up things when I heard someone behind me. I jumped a little when I heard the noise so close to me. I turned around to see who it was.

“Oh, geez you scared me Coach,” I said. “I didn”t see you earlier. I thought everyone was already gone.”

“Nope, I”m here. Been waiting for you, Holder.”

“Sorry Coach, I was running late today. I”ll get everything done though. I”m committed to the work.”

“Yeah, I get that,” he said. “I saw your commitment to the team with Stephens the other day. Pretty dedicated to the work of keeping the team relaxed and ready to focus on swimming.”

Shit! The coach had been around when I blew Cory. I hadn”t seen him around at all. I wonder if he had seen the whole thing. I suddenly glanced down at Coach”s crotch and noticed a bulge in his sweats. Holy fuck, he wasn”t pissed at me, he was horny! He wanted a blow.

“That”s right, Holder. I need release too. I need to be de-stressed, so I can focus on the team, on my other tasks. Don”t need to be carrying such a big load around. From what I saw, you like helping out with that, don”t you?”

“Y-yes, Coach,” I admitted.

“Good. There”s real value in having a fag around the team.” He rubbed his crotch and I swear I saw his cock bounce in his sweats. “Especially good value if I”m the one getting service.”

I was struck by his presence. I could feel his control and power immediately. He seemed to know I”d provide what he needed. I had nothing to add except to move closer. I walked the few steps to coach and then I dropped to my knees. I looked up at him and opened my mouth. I said nothing, just opened and waited while I stared up at him.

“Good job, Holder. I don”t need to hear you talk. Now that you”ve offered up your mouth I”m going to use it. I don”t want to hear any complaints about anything I”m going to do. I think you understand that don”t you, fag?” I just nodded yes and kept my mouth open. “Good. I need to piss first and you”re going to swallow it all and then I”m going to nut in your face. You”re going to take it all and you don”t complain. You know I hate whiners Holder.”

I nodded again. Holy shit he was sexy. Thinking how was going to piss in my mouth got me excited. I moved my hands to my nipples immediately, rubbing them through my t-shirt. My dick started to strain my cage.

“Shirt off Holder,” Coach barked. I removed my t-shirt and remained on my knees. “Shorts too, boy.” I started pulling them off and remembered I was in a thong. “Cute undies,” coach commented as my pants came off. “Take your dick out,” he continued his one sentence orders. I really only thought briefly about disagreeing. I realized Coach was way too big to disagree with. He wasn”t huge, he was an ex-swimmer obviously. He”d stayed in shape and had a great body. I”d seen him shirtless a few times. But it was his presence, the way he carried himself that made me believe he was much bigger than me. He was certainly a man who carried himself as a big man, a huge presence. So, I only hesitated briefly and said nothing. I dropped my eyes to my thong and I moved my hands to pull the thong around my cage, displaying it for Coach, showing it off to a man for the first time.

“Holy shit,” he said. “First time for everything,” he said to himself. “Clearly you have a man who owns that, don”t you?”

I looked back up at Coach. He was grinning big. His sweats now displayed a huge cock bouncing loose, no underwear on him today. I wanted so bad to see what was in those sweats. I nodded again, admitting without words that my cock was owned by Ian. Coach just pulled his cock out of his sweats and waved it at my face. Fat, uncut, decent length. Anything seemed big when your dick was in a cage and you had to look at how small it was every day.

“Don”t suck on it yet, Holder. I really need to piss first. Let it calm down before I put it in your mouth. Never seen a boy locked up like that except in pictures,” he continued talking. I was happy to listen to him. “Fucking hot! I”m beginning to understand more about you, more about your physical changes. You have a man who wants different things than a swim boy, don”t you?” I nodded. “He set you out to the gym and put you to work building muscle. I get that. Molding you to fit his interest. Makes total sense you changing, falling off the swim training guidelines I set, and switching to his desires.” I nodded. “Never had you pegged as a fag though. Must be something amazing to break a guy like you and turn you into a cock-serving faggot.”

I blushed. I hadn”t heard Coach ever talk to anyone like this, but what could I say? I was on my knees looking up at him, my mouth open. He could see I was ready and focused. I didn”t need to add anything to his commentary. I noticed his dick had drooped slightly. He was relaxing a bit and I knew his piss would soon be flowing down my throat. I licked my lips and then realized I was doing it, which just made me blush again. I wanted his piss, I wanted his cock, I wanted to taste him and receive his load. I understood lust now.

“Fucking A, this is hot, Holder.” Coach moved forward and aimed his swollen cock at my mouth. I barely had time to think before a huge stream hit the back of my throat and I had to focus on my job at hand. “Swallow, bitch. Don”t make a mess.”

His piss was hot, and I thought it would sear the back of my throat. The taste was strong. I kept my mouth open and focused on swallowing as he continued re-filling my mouth each time I swallowed. I heard myself moan deeply from inside somewhere the first time I swallowed. I stared at Coach to figure out his next move, to see his desire to use me like this.

“So fucking hot, Holder. Been a long time since someone let me do this to them. You have no shame. Whoever has you locked up has taught you well.”

I nodded slightly so as not to spill any of his piss. Eventually it slowed down and then turned to pendik escort a few dribbles before he shook it off and then stuffed it in my mouth. I swallowed the last of it and began using my tongue to work under that foreskin. I had plenty of practice sucking dick and I knew I could make Coach feel great. I kept my hands on my thighs and didn”t touch his dick except with my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around the head and gave it a good lubing. I tasted the last of his strong piss and whatever else had built up under that foreskin today. My nipples were on fire, and my pussy began loosening up. It seemed it was a reaction that was natural. Start working on a cock and my body responded.

“That”s it. Feed on that dick, Holder. Work on it. Damn your tongue is amazing. You”ve had plenty of practice.”

I nodded to coach and continued working my way down the shaft of his beautiful cock. I kept my eyes on him as much as possible while cramming more and more of his dick in my throat. Eventually I gave one last head twist and got his dick lodged in my gullet. Then I began swallowing on his dick, massaging it in my throat.

“Awww, holy shit, Holder. Why didn”t you tell me you were so fucking good at this? This is so much better than your swim times. No way you should be swimming with the team. You need to be swimming in the team”s cum. This is your calling.”

He reached his hand up and placed it on the back of my head. I could feel the fingers intertwining with my hair. He used my hair to pull me off his cock then start to yank my head back and forth as he pumped in and out of my throat, using me as a personal fleshjack. It was amazing to feel the big knob of his cock pop through the back of my mouth and slide into my throat. I didn”t gag anymore and months of practice on Ian”s dick, but I could still feel my mouth open up and accept the cock as it slid in fully. In some ways it felt like a little spot that tickled each time the cock went in and out. I paid attention and almost felt electricity surging through my nipples and pussy as my gullet was pushed so wide and tickled that way. I could feel my body just loving Coach”s treatment.

Coach realized he didn”t need to be gentle after that. I think he wanted to put me through a workout like he did when I was swimming. He moved his other hand to my head and put one on each side of it and continued pulling back and forth jamming his cock down my throat and pulling back. I focused on tongue action and swallowing on his cock.

“You really love cock, don”t you, faggot?” I nodded and looked in his eyes. “I can tell. No complaining, no talking, just sucking. Wish everyone who sucked cock was as good as you, Holder.”

I moaned. Hearing his words felt good, felt right. I was a good cocksucker. I moved my hands to my nipples and played with them. It felt good to run my fingers lightly over them. They had gotten so big from the daily pumping of them. I couldn”t imagine going back to when they were tiny little nubs. They were so sensitive now that I loved getting them bigger all the time. Coach pulled his dick out fully and smacked my face with it. It was heavy. He could really bruise a fag”s face with it if he wanted.

“I”m going to cum soon, Holder. You”re going to go all the way down when I start cumming. I want to empty this load directly into your throat. I want to feel you swallowing on it while I fill you up. You”d like that wouldn”t you?”

I stared into his eyes and nodded. I knew he didn”t want me to talk.

“Yeah, I figured as much. You”re going to be fun to have around as manager, boy. You make a much better cocksucker than swimmer.”

I should have been hurt by that statement, but I knew it was true. I got many more compliments about my work with cock than I ever did on my swimming. I wondered what it would have been like in high school if I had only gotten onto my knees sooner and taken a cock in my mouth. I”d waited so long to learn what I needed to know. Coach had my head grasped in both hands. He was thrusting back and forth. I kept my breathing regular because I didn”t know when he would bust his nut in my throat.

“Ohhhhhh, Fuckkkkkk.” Coach pulled hard on my head and slammed down my throat. I felt a pulse in his cock, it grew harder quickly and then I felt that first shot of his seed shoot out of his dick and down my throat. “Take it Boy! Fuck!”

Coach ground his cock deep in my face. My lips were mashed completely up against his crotch as he grunted and moaned. I started moaning too. It was totally hot being on my knees taking Coach”s cock, his load, his thrusts. I was meant to suck dick. I loved knowing I could make a guy really enjoy his dick.

“Fuck, Holder. Take my load!” My head jerked around as he was lost in the jerks of an intense orgasm. I thought he”d squeeze my head until it merged with his crotch and I was attached permanently to his dick. What an odd thought, but I began to wonder if he”d let go. Finally, he loosened his hold and I was able to catch a breath. I swallowed forcefully one last time, milking the last of his load straight down my throat. He groaned, but let my head go and I pulled off his dick. When it cleared my mouth, Coach” dick was covered in my throat slime. Not wanting any of it to be some of his load I quickly lapped at his deflating dick and cleaned it of all the slime and cum.

“Damn, Holder, you give great head.” Coach leaned back against the wall gathering strength. “I”ll be looking for that again, boy. Now that I”ve had some of those skills I”m going to be thinking of them and when I can repeat that.”

“Thanks, Coach!” I replied, speaking the first words I had said since dropping to my knees. “I really enjoyed it.”

“Of course you did,” he said with assurance. “You”ll enjoy it more next time. Now get dressed and finish up. Nice not having to think about getting a sucker off. I”ll have to look into one of those cages for future use.”


Fuck. I didn”t look like the old me at all. I didn”t look like a girl really, at least in my own mind, but I sure as hell didn”t look like a dude either. I looked different, half a man, half a girl. Fuck.

Zach slapped my ass and said to get in the tanning booth. I looked one last second at the person in the mirror. Completely hairless except for the new haircut, which really did a number on my thoughts. It completely redid my face. A guy in a bikini. A boy in a bikini? A person in a bikini? I moved into the booth trying to think about what I saw.

Shortly after I got in the booth, the lights came on. I adjusted the goggles they gave me to cover my eyes. I looked at my body. I little flabby around my tummy. I saw the bikini top and bottoms on my body. It was weird. It didn”t look wrong, I guess, just very different. The heat from the lights was intense. I hadn”t done this before. I thought about it and decided I better raise my arms up, so I tanned evenly. If I was going to have to get a tan, I wanted it to look good. No need to be even dumber that this idea already was by getting a totally uneven tan. That made me think about the bikini again. How would I be able to hide the tan lines? I realized it would hardly make any difference. I was not going to look like a guy anyway. I didn”t look like me. I saw my face in the mirror but all the rest looked different.

In just the few minutes of the booth I figured that I would tell the house I had lost a bet with Zach. I”d bet on my grades and I hadn”t gotten as good grades last semester as I had bragged about getting. Zach had made a bet I wouldn”t, and the price was the other person had to do everything the winner said to do for a month. This was what Zach wanted to do. I was not going back on my word on the bet. This was the result, he wanted me to act like a girl for a month. How embarrassing, right? It was the only thing I could think of that made sense. Before I knew it, the tanning lights shut off and I stepped out.

When I opened the door, there was Zach, smiling and looking all cocky. I looked to my left and there was the mirror again. I couldn”t help myself. I just stood there staring at the person staring back at me. I tried smiling at myself. It was weird. I knew it was me, it was just not the me I was used to seeing. I brought my hands up to start removing the bikini and I looked at my hands as I started pulling off the top. Fuck it. I was going to do as much as possible to see what this was about.

“I want to get a manicure,” I announced to Zach. His face burst out into a huge smile. “As long as I look so completely different I may as well do the full thing.”

“That makes me happy, Donor. I like your attitude at times like this.”

I told him the story I had come up with in the booth and he agreed it would be a good one. He made sure I understood that he would tell me to do a lot of things I might not like. I got that, but I also had no idea how else to pull this off. I was a guy, but I barely looked like the one I had been. I may as well not look like one completely so that I was losing the bet to Zach. I had no idea what the brothers would say, but it didn”t matter, much. I”d get over it. Zach seemed to want to show me this part of me, I felt he would be there with me. That itself was weird, a guy supporting my weirdness.

“Come on,” I said to Zach. “I”m going to do this before I change my mind.”


What did I want? I wanted everything! That”s what I wanted. I wanted to have some pussy and get off regularly. I wanted to enjoy the hunt and conquest of getting that pussy. I wanted to see how far I could push someone before they gave it up to me. I no longer differentiated between girl pussy or boy pussy, I enjoyed it all. I guess that meant I was bi. I could deal with that. It wasn”t going to affect me in any way. If I wanted something I was going to have it, eventually, in a way that could be seen only positively. I wasn”t going to accept no easily, but I was not going to get fucked over like that again.

“So, you”ve been fucked?” I asked Johnson. I wanted to know how that happened.

“Yep. A few times. There are times you just got to be reminded what it”s like to take a cock and the work that goes into it. As long as I remember what I am putting a person through when I fuck, then I figure I know enough about what they are going through.”

I didn”t think I needed to go through that aydınlı escort again. I was pretty clear on how it felt to take a cock bigger than mine. Alonzo had stretched me wide open. I”d never have the same tiny asshole I once had, I was pretty clear on what it was like to take my dick, which wasn”t as big as his. I hadn”t even seen one bigger than mine before, let alone taken anything. I shook my head at the thought.

“Do you ever actually go looking to get fucked? I mean, doesn”t getting fucked like, make you want more of that?” It seemed like a dumb question to ask, but I had told guys the same thing, that once they”d had me and my dick they”d be back for more. I knew it was true. Fags and the girls came running to get more of my cock. Johnson laughed at my question.

“Look, McNeil, we have all told someone that they”ll come running back for our cock. It sets that thought in their head and then they think about it. It sets the ones who take suggestions and guidance apart from the rest of the people. They do come running back, to see if indeed that cock was what they needed. Do you feel like you NEED to go get fucked?”

“I don”t think so,” I admitted, “but I have thought about how it felt, what it was like a couple times.”

“That is completely normal. If you hadn”t ever been fucked then yeah, now you know what it”s like. I”m guessing the guy with the big dick made you feel things you hadn”t felt. Found your prostate easily and rubbed it enough to get you off easily. Those are normal functions of a man”s body. You don”t function any differently than any other man. There are spots that can make you feel good.”

“But have you gone looking for that, I mean thought about it so much you went and got fucked by a guy?”

“A few times, sure. It doesn”t make me a fag, or even submissive. Sometimes I just decide I want a man to scratch that itch or to hang out with and it may or may not lead to something. Now does it happen all the time? No, not interested. But from time to time some guy I meet or one I”ve known a long time gets me interested enough to see what it would be like to take what he”s got. Sometimes I just want another man to push my own limits. Get into a fight of sorts, wrestling for top dog status, loser takes what the winner gives out. I enjoy that. But then 99% of the time, the wife gives me everything I need companionship wise. The fags coming through here provide plenty of plain fucking in the training. Look, there are reasons I have a fag for my wife, I prefer a gentle fuck most of the time. I get the rest other places.”

“I was working with Timmy to really accentuate his physicality, not his femininity. I like knowing I own a muscle boy,” I told him. “I”d never thought about him fucking me. In fact, when he did, it wasn”t even that good.”

“You”ve got him locked up these days, right? You”re making a jock pussy, is what you”re making. He may look like a man, but you”re making him all girl inside his head. You took away his dick and are making it into an oversized clit. Over time, that”s what will happen. You realize that, I hope,” Johnson told me.

I had not really thought that through fully. I got the point I was controlling his dick, I enjoyed that idea. I hadn”t really thought about him losing it completely. I wanted him to be horny.

“So, his body will change from being locked up?” I found that idea interesting.

“Yes, Ian, of course it will. If your boy”s dick is locked up it can”t get fully hard. Every day his brain is figuring out the dick can”t fill with blood, can”t fully engorge. It will be trained to not be hard. Over a couple months, a boy will slowly come to realize he is horny and to get over that they need a cock to get over it. They will learn to cum while soft. That doesn”t take long, especially in a horny young boy like you and your buddies are. The need to cum is overwhelming and a body will adjust. Over longer time the physical reaction will go away. The dick will realize it can”t get hard and will stop trying to do so. At that point, the dick just doesn”t get the regular exercise of filling and emptying of blood. The tissues don”t go away, they just become unused and so even when you release his dick, it won”t fill to its former size, it won”t get hard. The tissue wasn”t used for a long time, his brain doesn”t connect sex or his body to a hard cock except yours. Oh, eventually the boy would return to mostly normal size if left out of a cage, but kept in a cage, the dick shrinks, it just doesn”t get hard. The brain has disconnected that possibility of that because of the cage and the changes you create in the boy. It will be a tiny, shrunken, dick. Useless for anything a man would do with a cock. If you allow a boy like that to jack-off, they”ll just rub their clit and cum without getting hard. If that is what you want, then a cage is the way to go. If you are looking for a man who begs you for cock and still has his own hard cock, still is a man in his mind, then a cage is not the way to go. You should know this.”

Yeah, I guess I knew that. I just wasn”t thinking of my own boy the same way Johnson had taught me to think about the fags on the farm. I guess that was why Bailey had eventually given up his dick, he no longer used it, it served no purpose, and he had gotten to the point where an actual pussy made more sense to him than the dick he”d been born with. Was that what I wanted for Timmy? I wasn”t so sure. I liked the idea of owning and controlling a guy, but did I want it shrunk and gone? I could get pussy at any time, I don”t think I wanted a guy with a pussy.

“So, I love the idea of controlling his dick, but I”m not sure I want him to be dickless,” I mumbled.

“Well, have you asked your boy what he prefers? He pretty much does whatever you want, so eventually he would try to do what you want, but what does he want?”

“I haven”t given him the opportunity to tell me,” I admitted. Johnson just shook his head at me.

“You need open communication, Ian. If the boy really wants to keep his dick, then let him, there is plenty of other things you can control obviously. But if he doesn”t care or agrees it is useless then just take his preference and go with it. It will be his decision. Letting little things like his dick go to his own thinking is fine if he gets he”ll never use it with you.”

“So, I could just toss him someone to fuck from time to time. Okay, I can see that. He might enjoy that. Letting him know he can fuck if he behaves me, but also knowing it won”t be me he”s fucking. Does Mrs. Johnson get to fuck people?” Johnson just laughed.

“Her little dick hasn”t been used to fuck in years. Oh, every once in a while, it will get hard, but she claims it is because of how I make her feel, not a desire to fuck. But her attitude has changed over the years, Ian. She didn”t start out this way. It”s been years of changes in how she sees herself. You”ve pushed your boy quickly in a short time. Let him decide if he wants to use his dick.”

Huh. I hadn”t thought of this stuff long term. It really was based on a short term need to fuck and get off for me. Now I had full control. I wanted to keep it too, but Johnson was probably right, I didn”t need to shrink Timmy”s dick to have that control.

“I”m still got going to let him touch it when we”re doing stuff. I want his attention on my dick,” I stated.

“Of course,” Johnson said. “That”s a different thing. What about the girl?” he asked.

“Fuck, I don”t know.”

“Start with the worst Ian. What if the kid is yours? What are you going to do?”

“I just can”t get married to her. I don”t see that happening. But if I did create that baby, I want it born. I don”t want her getting an abortion. I totally understand her dad”s view on that, though for a different reason. I”d really rather have the baby without the girl.”

“So, how do you go about making that happen, if it”s yours?”

“Buy it? Get her to sign over parental rights? Is that possible?”

“Sure,” Johnson said smiling. “Now you”re thinking McNeil. Take charge. Find a way to get her to complete the pregnancy and gain parental rights. How?”

“Shit, I have no idea. I guess try to charm her Dad. Convince him to take money. I could borrow money from Dad possibly. He got a good chunk of change from the bride price on Danni. It would be her serving as surrogate. She could just carry the baby and then be done with it. That would solve her problem. Just not sure that would solve her Dad”s issues. Kinda hot thinking about paying a girl to have my baby.”

“Now you are getting it. What if the baby was made by your jock-boy?”

“Fuck. Timmy is my responsibility. He can”t make choices anymore without asking me what to do. I guess I see it the same way. He needs to take care of his responsibilities. Even more so. Hell, if the baby is real and it was created by one of us then Timmy is just going to have to suck it up and be mommy for awhile. He”d need to drop out of college. Any kid that is mine is going to have a full-time mom, no babysitter or daycare.”

“And same story with the girl and her Dad?”

“I”m going to do the talking for us. If it”s Timmy”s baby, I”ll stick with him. I”ll figure out the money stuff somehow. Maybe Dad will let me borrow it. I might be able to convince Timmy”s parents to cough up money. They really like me.”

“Have Timmy earn it,” Johnson suggested.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you could have him use those holes to earn some money for the costs of paying off the girl”s family,” Johnson explained.

That made me smile. The idea of Timmy working for me to pay the costs of Tressa having the baby. Then I thought of all that would mean.

“I don”t know. As much as I like the idea of Timmy working off the costs, those are my holes. Kinda hard to think of him turning tricks for that. That”s a lot of tricks I”m guessing to pay a surrogate. If I could even convince Tressa”s dad to agree to that. Shit this is just not what I wanted to think about my last semester, Johnson.”

We kept hashing over things that might happen, things that could happen. I began to see that it wasn”t horrible. It wasn”t good, but there were possibilities. Talking about it really helped me think it through. I wasn”t always the best communicator. I was able to tell folks what I wanted but thinking it through wasn”t always my best personality trait. I was going to be in control of this though. I”d decided that much. I wasn”t going to let Tressa, or her dad tell me what I was going to do. They were going to bend to my will on this if that baby was mine.

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