Birds of a Feather, Chapter 19

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Birds of a Feather, Chapter 19 (Life starts for Mr. and Mrs. Simpson)

They’re on their way. Mountain View is just minutes away and Frank’s throbbing cock can find some relief. They both also look forward to spending some quite time together.
******************************************************************************************This is a work of fiction and may include incest, group sex, bi sexual actives and more. If these things offend you, you may not care to read this story. I try to improve on, not only my writing but also my story line. I hope you, the readers have enjoyed my efforts and I would appreciate your input and votes.

Terry circled the landing area at Mountain View before he set the chopper down. I could see a tall blond haired man standing by the jeep parked at the edge of the landing area. He was wearing a pair of very short kaki shorts, a cut-off t-shirt and a pair of sandals.

I ask Liz if they were going to put cloths on before we landed. She said Terry told them they didn’t need to. He said the man that lived here didn’t wear cloths very often, so we would be fine like we were.

Terry touched down and before the blades had stopped turning the door on my side of the chopper was opened for me. “Hello everyone, I’m Erich and I would like to welcome you to Maintain View. Terry will be here a few minutes, if you kids would like to get out and stretch a bit.”

Erich was about 6‘3“ tall, broad shoulder, blond hair, blue eyes and a smile as big as all outdoors. He reached in and lifted Liz off my lap, hugged her, and then put her down on the ground. As I stepped out he made no attempt to shake my hand, he just wrapped his big arms around me and gave me a big huge.

PJ was the next one out and then Erich walked around to the other side and repeated the same with Sarah and Kathy. He didn‘t leave anyone out as he hugged Terry and Mark.

When Kathy walked around the front of the chopper I could see some cum had run several inches down both thighs. No one said a thing about her condition so I thought what the hell, I’ll just have that much more to lick up when we get the cabin.”

Erich told me his wife and two daughters were at the cabin and if Kathy and I didn’t mind, we could pile in the jeep and all of us go say hello and make a pit stop if anyone needed it.

We told him that would be fine, so he put our bags on the luggage rack and we all loaded in the jeep.

When Erich said CABIN, I was thinking of a small shack. As we topped the hill and the CABIN come into view, it turned out to be a large log home with a porch all the way across the front and a large, second floor balcony out over the middle of the porch.

There were three women standing on the front steps. When we pulled up and got a closer look, I saw they were all dressed the same as Erich. Their cutoff T-shirts just barely covered their tits and all were three were barefooted. It was easy to see that the two articles of clothing were all they were wearing.

All three seem to be a little on the tall side with blond hair and blue eyes. The most noticeable difference was the bust sizes. The ranged from about a 38 D-cup to about 34 B-cup.

Erich started the interdictions; this is my wife Ronell, our seventeen-year-old daughter, Saldis and our almost fourteen-year-old daughter Signe. He started with the youngest as he introduced Liz, Sara, Paul Jr. and Mark. All the kids made a big deal out of hugging the busty women. Mark even told them they had a younger sister at home that decided she might be a little too young for all the action and was spending the weekend with a friend. He asked if he could get another hug to take home to Lynn.

Everyone laughed as the three women give him another round of hugs, with lots of tit rubbing this time. Kathy and I were next. Like Erich, they made no attempt to shake hands. Instead, the women give each of us a hugging and a tongue-thrusting kiss.

Signe told us she hoped we could make it to her birthday party. She looking down at Kathy’s cum soaked pussy and thighs and then told us she would understand if we were not able to attend. Everyone, even the kids, cracked up laughing.

We talked for a few minutes as Erich moved our bags over to an older, smaller jeep and handed me a key ring with several keys on it. He told me the other keys on the ring were for the cabin doors, boathouse and a couple of cabinets in the cabin. He also told us the old crank phone in the den only rung at his house, so if we needed anything just call him and he would take care of it.

We give everyone a hug then cranked the jeep and headed up the mountain to the other cabin. As we made our way up the narrow, curvy road Kathy put her hand on my leg and I could feel her staring at me, “My husband, my husband, I love you dear husband.” I just smiled, the words sound great to me.

As the road leveled off and we could see the cabin, we realized it was a duplicate of Erich’s cabin. The pond and boathouse was off the left of the cabin and a deck extended out on that side of the cabin.

I parked in front, handed Kathy the keys, grabbed the bags and we headed for the front door. Kathy unlocked the door; I dropped the bags, swept her up in my arms and carried her through the door.

As soon as we were inside, Kathy pulled my mouth to hers and our tongues met in a long, wet passionate kiss. We finally pulled our lips apart and she whispered, “My husband, my husband, please take your wife, take me any way you please. I am yours, body and soul to do with as you please.”

I kissed Kathy lightly on the lips, “My darling wife, we belong to each other. Our hearts beat as one, every part of my being belongs to you and I willingly give it to you. I know your love for me is true. I love your passion, your desire to experience new things, daring to reach out and try new things. I love following you into new adventures. I don’t want that to stop now that we are man and wife. I only ask that it will always be the two of us, always together.”

“There’s a saying among men, the perfect wife is one who is always a lady in public and a slut behind closed doors. I would say my idea of the perfect wife is a lady in public and a kinky, perverted, pushy slut behind closed doors and I think I have the perfect wife.

“Put me down” Kathy said with that little mischievous smile. I lowered her feet to the floor and she dropped to her knees. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. Before I could step our of them she had my cock in her mouth.

She sucked the head in her mouth and let her spit run down my shaft. She run her hand up and down my shaft until it was dripping wet and slick. Then she started sliding her mouth up and down my shaft, going a little deeper each time.

Just as my cock head reached the back of her mouth, she stopped and let my cock slip from her mouth… Before I could react, she pulled her top off, turned and lay down on the floor. She spread her legs wide and looked up at me, “Come suck all the cum our of your kinky, slut wife’s pussy while you fuck her face.”

I jerked off my shirt, stepped out of my shorts, dropped down, and aligned myself over my hot wife’s pussy. She took my cock in her mouth again, grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled my cock head into her throat. She was controlling my movement by pushing and pulling on my ass cheeks.

I knew I wouldn’t last long so I started imminently to licking the cum off both her thighs, working my way down to her cream filled pussy. When I got to her pussy, I was a little surprised at the amount of cum that was still inside her.

Kathy pushed down several times and a little glob of cum would shoot out of her pussy and into my waiting mouth. When the cum stopped popping out of her pussy, I pulled her legs back and licked up the cum that had run down the crack of her ass.

When I had all the cum cleaned up, I went back to her pussy. I slipped two fingers inside and found her little spongy G-spot. I began to massaging it as I licked and sucked on her clit. We were both making the passionate sounds of lovers about to reach their sexual peaks and I knew we would both soon be in climax heaven.

She pushed her hips up hard against my face as she flooded my mouth with her warm cum. I could feel my balls tightening Ankara escort up and my cock head was throbbing with every beat of my heart.

Just before I shot my first line of my cum down her throat, Kathy pulled back until her lips were wrapped around the head. She used her hand to pump up and down my shaft as I pumped load after load of my hot cum in my loving wife’s mouth.

When she had pumped the last drop of cum out of my very sensitive cock, she stopped. We stayed in the 69 position for about a minute, and then Kathy pushed me over to the side. I rolled over on the floor and sit up.

She moved to a kneeling position in front of me. I watched as she placed he hands under her tits, lifting them up a little. Then she titled her head down and a little to the right. She parted her lips just a little, let a small stream of cum spill out of her mouth, across her chin, and down on to her right tit. Then she mover her head to he left and allowed more cum to flow out of her mouth.

She looked at me and smiled as she used her hands to spread the cum over her tits. Then she stepped up to me and held her right up to my mouth. I licked around her very hard nipple then sucked it into my mouth. She pulled that tit out of my mouth, and then fed me the left one.

When she pulled her left tit back, she leaned down and I thought she was going to kiss me. Instead, she used her cum sticky fingers in my chin to pull down, opening my mouth. I could see a little cum on her lips as she puckered up and spit a glob of cum into my mouth. She immediately placed her open mouth over mine and plunged her tongue into my mouth, flicking it around as though she was painting the inside of my mouth with the cum.

It had been a mentally, physically and sexually exhausting day. That along with the blowjob I just had, a second erection was the last thing I expected. Yet, here it was, my loving wife’s slutty, perverted behavior had my cock rock hard and throbbing.

She pushed me back on the floor, pushed two fingers in her wet pussy. When she pulled them out of her pussy and pushed then into her asshole. She straddled my legs, pulled the fingers out of her ass, aligned my hard cock with her hole then started slowly working it up her tight little shit hole.

When she had me ball deep in her ass, she started humping her hips, causing my cock to move slightly in and out of her hole.

Kathy had that mischievous little smile on her face. She stopped moving her hips for just a second, used her fingers to pull the hood back over her clit. I was watching as the first shot of piss shot out and landed on my chest.

Kathy started giggling as a second shot struck me on the chin, “How do you like your perverted, slut wife now darling?”

“Oh baby, I love it and I love you, give me more, and do anything that turns you on, the more the better.”

Kathy went wild, hammering her asshole down on my cock and using her fingers to direct her piss over my stomach, chest and mouth. I was swallowing as much as I could when it hit m mouth.


When she had milked the last drop of cum from my cock, she raised up causing my cock to slip out of her ass.

“Watch me baby, watch your nasty slut wife.” Kathy said as she rose up a little and pushed down and forced the cum out of her ass. I watched as it landed on the lower part of my stomach, just above my deflating cock.

Kathy moved one leg over and knelt beside my hips. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. I was so sensitive I couldn’t hardly stand the touch but I was not about to stop her.

She let my cock slip out of her mouth then used her fingers to scoop up part of the cum off my stomach, then sucked her fingers clean. She scooped up the remaining cum and brought the soaking fingers to my mouth. I eagerly sucked them clean as she used her fingers to toy around with my tongue.

She lay down next to me, we rolled over on our side, and I cuddled up behind her. Suddenly she started laughing, “The door, we didn’t even close the front door.” I rose up and looked over to see the door was still wide open and our bags setting on the porch. I just cuddled back with her and told her I would take care of it later.

About twenty minutes later, I stood up, and then helped Kathy to her feet. I stepped over and pick up our bags, closed the door and we went in search of the master bed and bath.

We crossed the large den area and walked down the hallway. There were several doors on both sides of the hall but none looked like a bedroom door. We found an open door to the master bedroom near the end of the hall.

It was a very large room filled with very elegant furnishings, including the largest bed I had ever seen. There were two large closets and two other doors with no handles, only key holes.

The bathroom was off to the left. There was a large Jacuzzi along one wall, with a large walk-in shower along the wall behind it. It also had two toilets, two dressing tables and near the middle of the room, there was what I assumed to be a massage table. There was a closet and two locked cabinets built into the back wall.

Kathy smiled as she held up the key ring Erich had given us. I took the ring and looked at the keys. One was for the jeep, one for the front door; there were four other keys on the ring. We walked over to the two locked cabinets.

The second key I tried opened the top cabinet. It contained everything you would ever need for a douche or enamel. All the bags and hoses were neatly hanging on hooks. There were several bottles, all labeled with instructions. The bottom shelf had one stack of small vinyl covers and another stack of fitted sheets, both looked like they would fit the massage table. Two double hang IV poles were hanging on hooks on the inside of the cabinet door.

The same key opened the second cabinet. When I pulled the door open and we looked inside Kathy laughed, “Holey shit, Al had to have something to do with all this.” There was a verity of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, strap- on harnesses with inserts.

I noticed two toys shaped like a real cock but I could see a hole in the head and several small holes along the shaft. They had a four-foot long hose with an inline control valve, attached to the other end. There were also several bottles of various types of lubes.

There was a booklet lying on a shelf just below the toys. It contained instructions, with pictures on every item in the two cabinets. The first picture was of a woman lying on her side on the table, the IV pole was in a holder at the corner of the table with an enema bag hanging from it and tube inserted in the woman’s ass. There were also instructions for deep bowel enemas, anal canal enemas, (daily maintenance for anal sex), coffee enema, (full clean out with a little caffeine high).

Kathy and I both looked a little puzzled and laughed when we read about the coffee. As we continued to look through the booklet, we found directions on the dildos with the tubes. The gray one was for anal use and the white one was for vaginal use. There were instructions, with pictures, on how to connect them to fittings in the shower wall and adjust the water pressure and temperature.

Kathy grabbed the two toys a small jar of coconut oil and we stepped over to the shower entrance and looked inside. It was designed in such a way that it didn’t require a shower door. The floor was slightly tilted to the middle and there was a line of small showerheads up both sides and over the top. When I turned on the controls, it created a fine mist of water like a soft shower of rain.

We walked through the warm mist of water into a shower. It was different for anything we had never seen before. There were six hand-held shower heads in their holders about six feet up the wall with a smooth round marble seat about three feet off the floor, attached to the wall by a stainless steel bracket. There was also an unusual shaped frame attached to the back wall. It had two oval shaped shafts about two feet long by four inches in diameter. They were attached to a flat, half moon shaped frame at about a fourth five-degree angle of each other. It was fastened to the wall by the back plate and the front rack had two padded handgrips on it. It reminded me of a saddle rack.

There were connections and control Ankara escort bayan valves on either side of the rack and a hook on either side about two feet above the rack.

Kathy and I both looked at it, trying to decide what it could be used for. Kathy looked at me and started smiling. She handed me the two toys and jar of cream, then put one leg over the rack and straddled it like a saddle.

Once she was setting in place, we realized she was in a comfortable setting position with the pussy and asshole totally exposed and gaped open a little.

I fastened the end of the hoses to the fittings on the wall. I adjusted the water pressure and temperature on each line, and then turned the water off with the inline valve.

Kathy was smiling and lightly fingering her pussy as she watched me getting things ready. I opened the jar and dipped two fingers into the coconut oil. It was rather thick and clingy; as I applied it to the gray dildo, I found it was also very slick.

Kathy dipped two fingers in the jar, reached back and coated her ass with it, pushing one finger into her anal passage.

“Your slut wife’s holes are ready for you my husband. Fill me up with the nice warm water and it’ll make me cum again.”

I opened the inline valves about half way. There was a small stream of water squirting out the end with smaller sprays coming out up and down the shaft. I aligned it with Kathy shit hole and pushed.

Kathy moaned as I pushed deeper into her. “Wide open my husband, turn the water valve wide open.”

I did as she asked, then aligned the white one with her slightly gaped open pussy. I pushed until I heard, “AAAAHHHHH, right there Baby, now turn it wide open.”

As soon as I turned the second valve open, Kathy moaned and leaned back against the shower. The water was gushing out both of her holes and she had totally surrendered herself to the pleasures.

“Fuck my holes my husband, fuck me hard” Kathy pleaded. I dropped to my knees and started a rhythm of fucking the toys in and out of her holed.

I noticed when she was leaning back against the shower wall that her pussy was a little more exposed. I continued the fucking rhythm in her pussy and ass as I leaned into her and started licking her clit.

Kathy grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tight into her clit. Her loud moaning developed into a loud scream as she reached an all out, mind-blowing climax. She fell back against the shower wall, her head dropped down ad her arms fell to her side.

I let go of the hoses and grabbed Kathy just before she fell off the rack. I held her in my arms for a few second, and then she looked up at me. She was smiling as she threw her arms around my neck. Both dildos slipped out of her ass and pussy at the same time causing her to let another loud moan.

Kathy kissed me hard and passionately, her hungry tongue plunging deep into my mouth. She broke the kiss and whispered, “You’ve got to try this, let me fuck your ass and suck your cock at the same time. You’re gonna love it.

“Dear wife of mine, I don’t think I have a drop of cum left in me but we’ll try anything you want to try,” I said as I helped her off the rack.

I straddled the rack and could feel my asshole open up a little and my cock and balls were hanging down, totally exposed to my kinky wife, for her to do with as she pleased.

She dipped her fingers in the coconut oil. She then covered my ass, pushing one, then two fingers up inside, twisting them from side to side.
She pulled her fingers our of my ass and I could feel the small, warm stream of water from the dildo as Kathy lined it up with my hole. As the tip pushed past my sphincter, I could feel the water filling my gut and I was able to hold the water inside for a short time. The tip itself was about six inches long. By the time Kathy had about five inches in my asshole I could feel the water squirting against the walls of my shit hole. I was so full of water I couldn’t hold it inside any longer.

Kathy started fucking the tip in and out of my ass. I had water squirting in and water running out my ass at the same time. Each time she pulled out or pushed it back in a hard stream of water would spray against my prostate. This was giving me a raging hard on and it was like an electric shock shooting through my body
At the same time, Kathy was holding the white toy up behind my scrotum, letting the water spray over my balls

I remember my body felt like it was on fire. I could remember, I threw my head back and looked up at the ceiling. The next thing I remember was Kathy laughing and her arms were around me, holding me close. “You’re gonna be okay my darling. I’m holding you, I’m not gonna let you fall” Kathy said as she kissed me all over my face

It took my a few seconds to realize I had blacked out. “Damn baby, what a ride,” I said as my brain slowly return to reality.

We quickly cleaned up everything then took our showers. We were both a little hungry by then, so we headed for the kitchen, hoping we could find a quick snack.

We found a verity of cold cuts and fresh baked bread. The wine cooler had a good selection of wines. We made a couple of super sandwiches, uncorked a bottle of wine and headed for the den.

To call this a den is probably an understatement. I’ve seen houses with less floor space. The room was furnished in a western theme with a big stone fireplace. There was a large TV off to the left of the fireplace but the thing that really caught my eye was the two built-in cabinets on each side of the TV.

They didn’t have any handles to open the doors. Instead, they both had a gold colored key slot. I had noticed one gold colored key on the ring Erich had given us. We set our food and wine down on the tables in front of the long four-cushion coach and proceeded to the cabinets to satisfy our curiosity.

The key fit and we found that the first cabinet we opened contained a verity of camera equipment. There were two 16 mm movie cameras and two DVD cameras, three different types of still cameras, two tripods and several pieces of equipment that looked as though it could be used to edit or review films.

The next cabined contained four shelves of DVD’s. The top shelf had a small label, Blank Tapes. The second shelf and about half of the third one had DVD’s with printed covers. We looked at several of these and found they were all sex tapes with such titles as, Strap-on party, Getting Fisted, Rainy Day Party and Entered by The Back Door.

All the other DVD’s had plain covers with written titles on the end of the cover. The first one we looked at was labeled, Dale, Sarah and Tim’s first family meeting/Sarah’s and Stephen’s time with Moms and Dads.

We held that tape out to watch first, and then looked at a couple more labels. The next one was labeled, Fun Night with Erich and family/First Meeting with Lawan. We looked at several others labels and noticed they all had two to three different titles on each one.

We turned on the TV and DVD player then popped in the tape. When the tape first started, we thought it was defective. The TV screen just showed various shades of red and pink. Then the camera zoomed out and we could see that it was a close-up of the inside of Sarah’s pussy. She was holding it open with her fingers as she was setting naked on the edge of the couch we were setting on.

“And then there was pussy and that’s one of the things we are here for” Sarah said as the camera paned around the room.

We recognized every naked person in the room. DJ was the only one missing from the group, so we assumed he was the one working the camera.

Sarah was slowly stoking her pussy as she said, “We’re here today at the request of all our children. Seems they have been talking about their sexual freedom at home and they have a desire to expand their sexual horizons. We, as parents have agreed to go along with anything they want as long as all of everyone agrees. Would one of you care to tell us just what you have in mind?”

Tim’s son Martin stood up, his little cock already hard as a rock, and said, “Aunt Sarah, I don’t think I can tell everyone but it you’ll let me, I’ll whisper it to you and you can tell everyone else.”

Sarah motioned for him to come over to her. He whispered in her ear for quite a while. Sarah would smile and nod her head from time to time

When Martin stepped back Sarah looked Escort Ankara around the room, “Tim, you’ve got a chip off the old block here my brother. I’m going to go over what Martin told me, you kids listen and if you disagree with any of it, you’ll need to tell us now or we’re going to make it happen.”

Sarah waited a few seconds before she spoke again, “To start with, DJ will lie on the floor and I’ll mount him, Martin will first tongue and then fuck my ass while I eat Julie’s pussy. Marion, you and Nina will 69, with Nina on top while Dale fucks her from behind. Francis, you’ll do the same with Britney while Tim fucks her. Before we leave to go home, DJ and Martin would like to fuck the woman in all three holes and eat their pussies. The girls would like to fuck and suck every cock and eat every pussy here. Stephen, they would like you to operate the camera to start with and they all promised you would be richly rewarded for it later. They would like to have the men fuck them in the ass and then be allowed to suck their cocks. They are all interested in water sports, so if anyone has to piss they would like to share it. Is there any questions?”

Kathy and I were eating our sandwiches, drinking the wine straight from the bottle and looked the TV screen as DJ rolled over on his back and Sarah mounted him, easing his rigid cock into her dripping wet pussy. Martin wasted no time dropping to his knees, pulling his Aunt Sarah’s ass cheeks wide apart and licking at her asshole like a thirsty dog lapping us water.

Julie stepped across DJ and moved up the Sarah as she tilted her head back a little. Julie moaned as she pushed her pussy down onto Sarah’s mouth. Martin stood, pulled Sarah’s ass cheeks apart and pushed his rigid little cock ball deep in her asshole. DJ spit on the fingers of his right, then used his left hand to pull Julie’s ass cheek to the side and Julie jumped and giggle a little as DJ pushed his middle finger to the hilt up her ass.

Marion and Frances picked a spot close enough to Sarah and all her playmates so Stephen could get them all of the in the picture at the same time. He would zoom in and out on the various actions as he moved around the group.

He zoomed in very close as Nina parted Marion’s pussy lips and licked from her clit down through her pussy and across her asshole. Then a close-up of Marion locking onto Nina’s clit as Dale slowly pushed his swollen cock into Nina’s hot young pussy.

He repeated the same with Britney, Frances and Tim. Then he zoomed back out to capture all the action. Kathy and I were watching a screen full of sucking and fucking along with the sound of moans and groans.

Kathy let out a little giggle, “Honey, do you realize we are setting here naked, watching a top rated lawyer, two first rate surgeon and a first rate cardiologist having what is supposed to be forbidden, kinky sex with their family members?”

I asked, “What do you mean, “Supposed to be?” Kathy Smiled, “Well, to tell you the truth, I think it’s hot and sexy but I also think we need to stop the tape for now and finish watching it later.”

“Why do you think that Honey?” “Because we‘re both getting turned on watching this and I don‘t think either one of us can stand any more sex tonight. I would also like to take a quick look at the other tape to see who Lawan is.”

I changed tapes and hit fast forward until I got the second section. The scene opened with Sarah, Stephen, Dale and Marion all setting on the long couch. The front door was directly behind them. They were all dressed in matching shorts and T-shirts.

They were just talking in general, about the weather, fishing at the lake and such, when there was a loud knock at the door. They all jumped a little in surprise and Sarah said, “COME IN” as though she was reading it from a script.

The door opened and Erich steps in, “Hello everyone, it’s only me, Erich.” Everyone snickered a little and it was easy to see all of this had already been planed ahead. Erich pointed to the door, “This is my lovely wife Ronell and one of my daughters, Saldis.” Ronell and Saldis stepped through the door as Erich said, “This is my handsome son, Bjron.”

We noticed that all four of them were dressed exactly like Sarah and the others. Then Erich, with a big smile on his face, pointed to the door again, “And this is the newest member of our family, my son’s wife, Lawan.”

The young woman that stepped in the doorway was in sharp contrast to the other four tall, blond haired, blue eyed and fair-skinned people that entered before her.

First of all, she was stark naked but that was fine with Kathy and I because she was a beauty to behold. She was of Asian decent, less than five feet tall, jet-black hair and dark brown eyes. Her breast was about a B-cup, which looked even larger on her small frame. They had dark brown areolas and even darker nipples, which tapered down to a tiny waist then flared out to a beautiful round set of hips. Her legs looked well toned and perfect for the rest of her body. She stood in the doorway, hands on her hips, feet slightly apart so everyone could get a good look at her clean-shaven pussy.

Erich quickly introduced the others, starting with Marion and ending with Sarah. Sarah smiled, “Welcome Lawan, you’re really a lovely young lady. As a matter of fact, you look good enough to eat.”

Lawan stepped in, closed the door and the other four followed her as she walked around the couch, put her arms around Sarah’s neck, pulling her down until their lips met in a very opened mouth, tongue sharing, passion filled kiss. Lawan broke the kiss and speaking with very little accent asked Sarah, “Do you like lollypops?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, we all do, Lawan, would you happen to have a lollypop?”

Every cock in the room was rock hard by now and I’m sure every pussy was dripping wed. Bjron walked up behind Lawan, bent over at the waist, wrapped his arms around Lawan’s small waist, picked her up and turned her up side down with his chin resting on the cheeks of her ass.

Sarah stepped forward and Lawan dropped her knees down on Sarah’s shoulders, giving Sarah full access to Lawan’s clean-shaven pussy. Sarah reached around and pulled Lawan’s ass cheeks apart and as she started licking and sucking on Lawan’s clit, Bjron pushed his very wet tongue against Lawan’s little rosebud.

You could hear a soft moan escape Lawan as she wrapped the arms around Sarah’s thighs and pulled her mouth against Sarah’s waiting pussy.

Someone had picked up the camera and was capturing great close-up of all the action.

It didn’t take long before both women were making various sounds of passion into each other’s pussies. Sarah started trembling, let out a loud moan and looked as though her legs were going to collapse under her.

Marion stepped up behind Sarah to help steady her as she moved away from Lawan. Stephen, sporting his eight inch, throbbing hard cock, stepped right up to take her place.

He wasted no time in parting her ass cheeks and burying his face in Lawan’s drenched pussy. She proceeded to wrap her arms around his thighs, sucked his cock into her mouth and didn’t stop until her forehead was pushing against his scrotum.

She was violently shaking her head from side to side as she slowly pulled back on his cock. As soon as she reached the head, she repeated the actions, taking Stephen’s cock back in her throat.

Kathy and I both had been very quite, as we watching every move the tiny creature made, perform her amazing feats of sexual skills.

“Baby, we’ve got to cut this off, you’re getting a hard on and my pussy is starting to leaking. I don’t think either of us can stand another round tonight,” Kathy said as she run a finger through her pussy, then brushed it across my lips.

I laughed, knowing I agreed with her. I reluctantly hit the stop button. When we stood, Kathy wobbled at little, so I wrapped an arm around her waist. “Too much wine, sex, videos or all of the above,” Kathy laughed as we headed to the bedroom.

“Honey, do you wonder what they have planed for Signe coming-out-party and do you suppose Bjron and Lawan will be there?” Kathy asked as we make our way to the master bedroom.

I smiled, not at all surprised at her question, “I have wondered about that, so why don’t we just call Erich tomorrow and ask him. They have told us we would be welcome to attend the party if we would like to.”

Kathy hugged me close to her, “Good idea Honey, now why didn’t I think of that.” We both laughed as we entered the bedroom and headed straight to the big bed.

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