Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 07

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Just after Tom had gone out to the Jacuzzi, Aunt May had come home. She had seen Tom in the Jacuzzi, but instead of joining him, or even letting him know she was home, she had called Max, told him Tom was in the Jacuzzi and had suggested Max should come home and join Tom in the tub.

Waiting for Max, she stood behind the partially closed window blind in the game room being careful not to be seen, watching Tom sitting in the hot tub and fantasizing about watching Max seduce Tom.

Max finally arrived, hurrying into the room, but taking care not to be seen through the window by Tom.

May turned to him and said, “I was beginning to think you’d gotten lost. He’s been out there for at least 15 minutes, and it looks like he’s about to get out. If you’d been another five minutes late, I’d have been out there with him.”

“Well thanks for calling me. I can’t wait to find out what he thinks of the photos. How do you think I should approach him?” asked Max.

“Just go out there the way you are and join him. We know he likes having his bottom screwed, and I’ll bet he’d love to have you fuck him in the Jacuzzi.”

“I hope you’re right. I can’t wait to fuck him!” exclaimed Max visibly excited.

“And I can’t wait to see you fuck him!” She answered, rubbing her hands over her still confined breasts and kneading her nipples through her bra. “Go on before I go get him to fuck me.”

Max grinned, “Well I don’t want to deprive you of the best show in town. Wait till he’s about ready to cum, then let him see you watching. Till then just leave the door open a little so you can hear what he says.”

Acting on Max’s advice, May took a position near the door and had made sure it didn’t quite close when Max went out to join Tom in the Jacuzzi.

From her position, had heard every word exchanged between Max and Tom, and she had seen some of their reactions. She had particularly enjoyed Max’s reaction to Tom’s description of his thoughts of seeing the photos of Max fucking Tom’s father Jack, and what Tom said he wanted from Max that afternoon. She had caught glimpses of Tom stroking his beylikdüzü escort magnificent erect cock while sitting on the edge of the hot tub watching Max do a slow strip tease for him, but she had not been able to watch all that went on because she didn’t want Tom to know she was listening and watching till she was ready for him to know. She had seen him looking at the window a coupe of times and had ducked behind the blinds each time to keep him from seeing her.

Now as Max stood up moved through the warm water to where Tom sat on the edge of the tub, May moved over to the far window so her view of them was unobstructed.

As Max moved toward him, Tom wasn’t quite sure how to respond to his Uncle’s advance, so he waited for an indication of what Max wanted. Max approached him directly, knelt on the bench between Tom’s legs, spread them wide till their cocks almost touched, reached out and ran his hands up Tom’s sides, over his nipples and finally pulled Tom close enough for Max to kiss.

The completely unexpected sensation of his Uncle’s lips lightly pressed against his as his cock slid up his Uncle’s belly just as his Uncle’s cock pressed against his belly caused Tom to gasp slightly and accept Max’s kiss by opening his mouth and running his tongue into Max’s mouth where Max gently closed his lips around his tongue and sucked it while running his hands up and down Tom’s back as he slowly rubbed his belly against Tom’s trapping their throbbing cocks between them. Tom had never been kissed on the lips by his Uncle, and now to have his Uncle sucking his tongue sent chills down his spine and he grabbed Max’s muscular bottom and pulled him harder against him.

After what seem like just a few seconds, Max increased the pressure against Tom’s belly and pushed him gently over backwards. As Tom lay back, Max slid his mouth down Tom’s smooth chest and began to suck Tom’s right nipple while Max’s left hand fondled his other nipple. Tom sighed, relaxed and lay back, enjoying the sensation of his Uncle sucking his nipples.

Lying on his back enjoying the feel of Max’s lips tongue and hands escort beylikdüzü on his nipples, he thought of May and how much she enjoyed him sucking her nipples, and wondered what she would think if she knew how much he was enjoying having his nipples sucked my Uncle Max. He glanced over at the door to the house, and noticed that it was now open several inches, but since it was dark in the house he couldn’t see anything past the door. But the thought did occur to him that May would most likely enjoy watching what Max was doing to him.

“Mmmmmm that feels so good!” Tom said, as he pressed his chest against Max’s face as he ran his fingers through his Uncle’s short thick hair and let his hands slid down over his muscular shoulders as his Uncle’s attention to his nipples spread chills down his belly to his cock. Tom raised his knees and used his heels against his Uncle’s bottom to pull his Uncle closer between his legs as Tom tried to increase the friction on their cocks trapped between them and began to thrust his cock between his and Max’s bellies.

Max continued to leisurely suck Tom’s nipples, first one and then the other, as Tom ground his cock against his belly until he felt Tom tense, and groan, as he neared orgasm. Then Max quickly pulled out of Tom’s grasp, slid down off Tom’s belly, till he was kneeling with his face directly between Tom’s legs, his mouth captured Tom’s throbbing cock, that by now was trailing a shimmering thread of precum, and using his lips to cushions his teeth, gently clamped down on Tom’s cock just under his glans.

“That’s not fair!” protested Tom, as the gentle pressure stopped Tom’s imminent orgasm and prevented Tom from shooting his cum in Max’s mouth as Tom had hoped would happen when Max had suddenly gone down on him.

As the sensation pasted and Tom relaxed, Max released his restricting bite on Tom’s cock, looked up at him and said, “I’m not going to let you cum so fast. I’m going to play with you till I get you so hot that you beg me to let you cum. Then I’ll suck you dry of every drop of cum you have!”

“But I can cum more than once,” whined beylikduzu escort a frustrated Tom, disappointed he had been prevented from filling Max’s mouth with his cum.

“I know. May told me,” said Max grinning, “But for now, I get to say when you get to cum. Then you can show me how many times you can cum. Later, if you really want to get even, you can make me wait till you decide when and how I can cum for you.”

“You will pay for this,” growled Tom, in mock anger, but he enjoyed letting his Uncle’s take control of his pleasure.

“I can’t wait,” mumbled Max, his mouth full of Tom’s cock as he began to deep throat Tom, his head bobbing up and down Tom’s long shaft, while using his fingers to spread Tom’s cheeks apart and to fondle his cleft.

Lying flat on his back, his knees spread wide and drawn up to his sides, Tom reached down to spread his bottom wider to give his Uncle’s fingers better access to his slot. Max’s fingers found his hole, and Tom moaned, “Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, mmmmm!” and wiggled his bottom against his Uncle’s fingers as they teased his hole and sent jolts of pleasure up his spine. Max fingers found his most pleasurable place and he closed his eyes, and moaned, “Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm!” as Max began to finger fuck his bottom while sucking his cock and driving him ever closer to orgasm, “Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhh,” he moaned. In response, Max concentrated on sucking just his glans, and thrusting his fingers faster and deeper into his bottom.

Looking down his belly in anticipation of watching Max swallow his cum, Tom saw something move in his peripheral vision. Glancing over at the door, he saw Aunt May standing in the open doorway completely nude, sucking one of own her nipples while holding her wonderful breast up to her mouth and plunging the fingers of her other hand in and out of her pussy, while she watched Max suck him as he wiggled his bottom in delight as Max’s fingers fucked him.

The shock of seeing her masturbating while watching Max suck him, and Max’s fingers penetrating his bottom pushed Tom’s excitement over the edge and he gasped, “I’m cumming!” His body twitched, “Aahhhrrggghh!” he moaned, and suddenly shot his first stream of warm salty cum. “Aahhhhhhhh, ahhhhh, mmmm, rrrghhhh, mmmmmm!” He moaned with each spasm as he shot spurt after spurt of his hot cum into Max’s eager mouth.

To be continued …

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