Blackmailed , Controlled Pt. 07

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Blackmailed what his wife had actually become. Those thoughts made the butterflies of nervousness in my belly feel like condors, so I pushed them back and hit PLAY for the second message.

“Hey, baby,” Scott’s voice said again. “I don’t know where you are or what you’re getting into, but I hope you’re having a good evening. If you think about it, call me when you get in so I know you’re home safe. Miss you. Love you.” This message had a bit of concern in his tone of voice and I knew why: it was a rare occasion that I wouldn’t have already been home and if I was going to be out I’d have told him who with and where I was going. We regularly texted but he’d heard nothing out of me since the afternoon before when we’d exchanged perfunctory “miss you” kind of texts.

I hit PLAY on the third message and carried my phone into my bedroom as I listened.

“Melissa, I don’t know where you are, but you have me worried. It’s almost two in the morning there and I haven’t heard from you. Text me or call me when you get this so I know everything is okay.” This tone of voice sounded aggravated and mixed with concern. Two in the morning? At two in the morning everything was most definitely okay. By two in the morning, I’d already fucked both our sons and was probably in the middle of being double-penetrated by one of them and their fraternity brothers. But I could hardly say that to Scott. I needed to call him. What was I going to say? I looked at the time as I pulled on my robe; almost 11am. He was up. It was 9am his time. I was surprised he hadn’t called yet. Nervously I dialed his number and put the phone to my ear as I headed toward the kitchen.

When he answered, his voice sounded tired. “Hello?”

“Hey, baby,” I said. “It’s me.” Then I rounded the corner into the kitchen, saw Sean, Erik and Todd all sitting at the kitchen table and was startled. I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be home. “Oh!!” I said out loud and Scout heard it.

“Melissa, are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, looking at the three young men looking at me. “I’m fine. I just walked into the kitchen and was surprised the boys were here. I thought they were spending the weekend at the frat house.” Part of me was feeling extreme shame as I stood in my robe, looking at my sons and then Sean. Erik met my eyes but then looked away. Apparently, he was sharing my feeling of shame. Todd met my eyes but didn’t look away. He had always been the bolder of the two and accepted things he couldn’t control better. Shame wasn’t really a big part of his thought process and I realized, as he looked at me, that he was seeing me in a new light. Two days before, I had been his pure mom. After last night I was still his mom, but he’d seen me as a pure slut. I think he was trying to find a way to reconcile those two images. Sean’s face showed what made me wet again. To him I was just another slut; his friends’ mother to be sure, but a cock-hungry slut eager to be used; to serve and pleasure. He wasn’t looking at my face. He was looking at my body through my robe and I could almost feel him thinking about the next time he’d stick his hard cock into any one of my accepting orifices. Scott’s voice brought me back to reality.

“Oh, I see,” he said. There was a pause and then he asked, “So where were you last night? I tried calling several times.”

“I know,” I replied. “I got all your voice messages this morning.” I was talking while trying to figure out what I was going to tell him. I didn’t like lying to him, but I certainly couldn’t tell him that I was a gangbang slut for our sons’ fraternity the night before. “I was just out with friends,” I said. “Sorry I forgot to call and by the time I got home, which was late, I was just wiped out.” It was actually the truth… but obviously not the whole truth.

“But you’re okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” I replied. As I was talking, Sean got up from the table. “I am sorry I didn’t let you know I’d be out.” Sean had moved around behind me. “And I’m sorry you didn’t get to enjoy that other part you wanted,” I said. I was talking about the naughty tales part where I’d create a ‘fiction’ story for Scott while he jerked off. We’d discovered that he liked hearing about me with other men, acting like a slut, and we’d also discovered his submissive side. I’d made him eat his own cum twice now and when I mentioned how he’d enjoy eating the cum of other men out of me his response was… mixed. I think he realized he’d enjoy it but was too ashamed to outright admit that. I felt Sean’s hands on my body, at my hips, bursa escort lifting my robe by bunching it up… gradually uncovering my legs and, if he didn’t stop, my ass and pussy before long.

“Well,” Scott’s voice said, “I’m obviously still in bed. I was up late worrying and thinking about you. If you’d care to tell me that story now… I guess you’d just need to make sure the boys don’t hear you.”

Sean’s hands had lifted up my robe to my waist. I looked at Erik and saw him focusing on his cereal bowl. I looked at Todd and saw him looking directly at my pussy. I could feel Sean rubbing his hard cock, still covered by his jeans, against my exposed ass. “Can you hang on just a second, baby?” I asked Scott.

“Sure,” he said. He probably thought I was just putting him on hold long enough to get back to the bedroom. I felt Sean back up enough to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. He was pushing them down and I felt his stiff dick against my butt.

I pushed the mute button and looked over my shoulder at Sean. “Can you be quiet?” He nodded. I looked at Todd and then Erik. “Can you all keep quiet as well?” Todd nodded eagerly. Erik nodded but like he was accepting some kind of punishment. Without dropping my phone, I untied my robe and while it had been bunched around my waist, I let it fall to the floor. Spreading my feet I bent over the kitchen table, resting on my elbows, and presenting myself for Sean to fuck. Looking back over my shoulder I said, “Just start off slow. I’m sore from last night.” Then I took the phone off mute.

“So, baby,” I said to my husband, “Do you want to hear about what kind of slut your wife was last night?”

“Yes,” he said sounding eager. I felt Sean’s fingers on my pussy and then exploring between my lips. I was tender but very wet and he slid two fingers gently into me. I started to moan and then realized I had to control my own noises as well. This was going to be harder than I thought.

“Remember the rules,” I said into my phone. “You’re not allowed to cum until I say and you have to eat every drop off your hand.”

“I understand,” he said. His voice wasn’t as excited, but he said the words. Sean’s fingers left me, and I felt him rubbing his swollen cockhead up and down the length of my slit, smearing my wetness onto it.

Into my phone I said, “Last night I was exceptionally bad. I went over to the college with one of the guys who used me on Friday and he introduced me to his fraternity brothers.” I heard Scott moan. I hadn’t thought he’d get off on the idea of me taking men as young as our sons, but the idea obviously did something for him. I opened my mouth to continue but a moan escaped me as Sean slowly pushed his cock into my very sensitive cunt. I caught my breath quickly and said, “It sounds like you like the idea of your slut wife entertaining a group of young men?”

“I do and I don’t,” Scott said. “It turns me on to think of you being such a complete slut but at the college… where the boys might find out…” He left that thought hanging. If only he knew that both our sons had already fucked me and I’d swallowed their cum. What would his reaction be? Sean started fucking me, pumping his cock in and out as he held my hips. He was being gentle, and I was so very tender, but his manhood sliding in and out of me felt just so good.

“Yes,” I moaned into the phone. “And I was a complete slut. There were about 20 frat members there and I was the only woman. The guy who took me there made me suck his cock and he came down my throat before we ever left the house when he picked me up. Then when we got to the frat house, he fucked me upstairs before telling anyone else I was there.” I heard Scott moan again. It was so hot that he was stroking his cock, imagining me with another guy fucking me… and little did he know, he was doing it while that guy was fucking me again.

I let myself moan as Sean continued to fuck me. His thrusts were getting harder and it felt wonderful. I looked at Todd and saw him watching us closely. I looked at Erik and saw that he was watching us as well. I think the scene was getting to him. His mother, talking to his father on the phone, admitting her sluttiness in detail while getting fucked and his father apparently getting off on it… He was beginning to feel less shame and more lust.

“What did they do to you?” Scott asked me, his voice sounding tight.

“I’ll tell you,” I said, “but remember… you’re not allowed to cum until I say so. There will be punishment if you do.” I moaned again bursa escort bayan as Sean increased the speed and strength of his thrusts.

“I know,” said Scott.

“I was put on a bed,” I said, and began to describe what I could remember happening. I included the detail about the mask and how I’d been spit-roasted repeatedly by the fraternity brothers. I described, moaning all the while as Sean kept fucking me, how I sucked every cock in the room and how most of them came in my pussy. I described being double-penetrated and how great it felt.

I heard Scott breathing heavy and could hear him moaning. I knew he was getting close. Based on how Sean was moving and sounding behind me, I was sure he was too. I decided to push the taboo button and see what reaction I got from Scott, so I said, “When they finally took the mask off me, I was riding Erik’s cock and Todd was fucking my mouth.”

The noises coming out of the phone were unique. Scott obviously came almost as soon as I said those words but the anguish in his sounds was also obvious. I imagined what he was seeing in his own mind, picturing his wife involved in sex with both his sons at the same time. As I listened to Scott cumming, a strong intense orgasm from the sound of it, Sean tightened up and buried himself deeply into me… and I felt his cock began to spasm, jetting his hot load into my pussy. I moaned without trying to hold back at all. “Yes!” I cried out. “Cum for me! Give it to me! Give me your cum!” Scott obviously thought I was talking to him, but I was talking to Sean and I’m pretty sure he knew it.

Scott’s sounds of orgasm began to abate even as Sean’s cock started to soften and eventually slid out of me. I was going to stand up but before I could Todd got up quickly, pulling his pants down even as he moved around the table. I looked up at him but he wasn’t looking at me… well, not my face. He was looking at my body and as his pants got below his crotch, I saw that his cock was rock hard. Moments later, even as I was still holding the phone to my ear, waiting for Scott to say something… anything… Todd grabbed my hips, lined up his cock and plunged it into me in a single push.

In the back of my head I pictured the scene: my husband on the phone; my son fucking me (again); my other son watching (and waiting his turn?) and their friend, the second man I cheated on my husband with, watching even as he used a kitchen towel to wipe our mixed juices off his cock.

“That’s too weird,” Scott finally said on the phone.

I tried not to moan as Todd immediately began fucking me hard. There was no reason for him not to. I was wet before Sean ever took me and his cum was an excellent lubricant. I smiled a dirty smile as I realized my son was getting sloppy seconds. Would my other son get sloppy thirds? I giggled. Scott heard it.

“You’re laughing at me?” he asked. I opened my mouth to answer but all that came out was a moan. “And you’re still masturbating yourself?” he asked. He sounded appalled. I decided to play like it was all part of the story.

“Oh, no,” I said through the moans. “Your slut wife isn’t masturbating. She’s getting fucked and it feels so good.”

“Oh, god,” he said. “I’m getting hard again already.”

“You’d better lick all your cum up before you beat off again,” I said, trying to sound as harsh as I could. Todd’s cock plunging in and out of my saturated and dripping cunt felt heavenly.

“I…” he sounded hesitant.

“Don’t even start to object,” I ordered him, still moaning around my words. “Suck and lick all the cum off your hand. You’re already due punishment since you came without permission.” I paused and tried to think even as my son’s cock plundered my aching pussy. “In fact, you came just as I mentioned Erik and Todd and then called ME weird?” I tried to make my voice sound like he’d insulted me. What the fuck?”

“I…” he started and I interrupted him again.

“Shut up,” I said, sounding angry. “Just shut the fuck up.” I moaned. God Todd’s cock felt so good fucking me in Sean’s cum. “Jerk that pathetic cock of yours as you listen to me get fucked.” I heard him moan and I knew he was stroking his cock again. I wanted to push the limits. “That’s right,” I said, “pull on your cock as your sons take turns fucking me.”

There was a momentary silence on the phone as my words slapped Scott in his conscience, but his lust and need quickly overwhelmed his thoughts of how taboo such thoughts were. I heard his moans begin again and I’d swear I could escort bursa hear him jerking off.

“Yes,” I moaned into the phone, giving him my approval of his obedience. “Stroke your cock as Todd fucks me.” Then over my shoulder I said, “Harder. Fuck me harder.” It felt so deliciously naughty. I had my husband under total control, and I was getting more sex than I ever had. If I thought about it, I could probably count how many men had fucked me in the past week but my reality was that I had only ever fucked one man before Scott and every other man who had fucked me had done so while I was married. I had become such a slut… and based on how hot my current situation was, I was loving it.

Scott was moaning again, loud and often on the other end of the phone as Todd banged me just as I had asked: hard and fast. Words were lost as I moaned through the use and listened to Scott as he stroked, listening to me moan. Could he hear Todd’s hips slapping against my ass? Could he hear Todd’s moans? Even as I thought that, Todd’s grip tightened and his thrusts became less rhythmic. Soon he just buried his cock into me and let loose his load, adding it to Sean’s cum – any that hadn’t splattered out of me onto the kitchen floor. I could feel my son’s cock swell and jump as he fired thick ropes of cum into me. I could feel the heat and the increase of the wetness. I loved it.

Scott was still stroking, his second orgasm taking longer to reach. As Todd pulled out of me I said, “God that was good. Todd just came deep in my pussy,” and I paused as I looked over at Erik. He was watching through lust filled eyes and when our eyes met I gave him a little jerk of my head, indicating he should come take his turn as well. The look on his face was one of dazed confusion, but it didn’t stop him from getting up, undoing his pants as he moved around behind me and then fed his hard manhood into my hot hole.

“God, yes,” I said out loud. “Now Erik is taking his turn fucking me. His cock feels so good!” Scott moaned in response, and I wondered how long it would take for him to get his second orgasm. Over my shoulder I said, “That’s it. Fuck me. Harder. Use my pussy.” Scott moaned again. For several minutes there was nothing but the sounds of fucking and moaning. I didn’t want to put the effort into coherent words. I wanted to just enjoy being a piece of fuckmeat for my son. Hell, any hard cock would do. I realized I had become a total slut, welcoming any offered cock into my pussy, eager to feel it release into me.

I heard Scott cum again eventually, before Erik had finished with me. When Scott’s moans died out, I told him to make sure he ate up every drop. He said, “okay,” and then I could hear the slurping sounds he made as he obeyed. A few moments later Erik unloaded into my well-soaked cunt, more cum dripping out of me, dropping to the floor between my spread feet.

Into the phone, as Scott was finishing eating his own cum, I said, “Erik’s just finished up in me. I have to go get cleaned up now. We’ll talk more later, okay?”

“Okay,” said Scott. “I need to go clean up more anyway. Love you.”

“Love you, too,” I said to him. And I did. I loved my husband. He was just no longer the alpha male in my life. In fact, he would be beta to every other man who ever gave me cock from that moment on.

After I’d hung up, I reached out a hand to Sean and he was kind enough to hand me a towel. I dropped it between my legs and stood, my feet still spread, in front of my sons and their friend, and ate all the cum I could catch falling out of my pussy. Frank wasn’t there but he had ingrained in me that any cum that ran out of me was not to be wasted and it was wasted if I didn’t eat it. Todd’s cock actually started to get hard again as he watched his mother finger herself and suck the cum off her fingers. Erik looked shocked at first but then he started to get turned on too. Sean’s cock was already at full mast and he looked ready to fuck me some more.

Todd interrupted the moment, but I didn’t stop eating the cum out of myself, as he asked, “What’re you going to do when dad gets home?”

“I don’t know,” I said in between sucking cum off my fingers. “But I’ll figure it out. I know it’s a shock to you all but it’s obvious I’ve learned to enjoy a lot more sex than I was just a few short weeks ago and, surprisingly, your father has revealed that he enjoys the idea of watching me with other men and being forced to eat his – and maybe their – cum.” I paused and thought. “When he gets home I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to say to him, but I know this: I have no intention of going back to being monogamous and you boys should feel free to fuck me anytime you want. I love sex. Any hard cock will do. You both have nice ones and I’m happy to drain your balls anytime you want.”

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