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The klaxon blaring from Jane’s cell phone went off first, and then Marie’s added to the din. Both Jane and Marie were in the kitchen, bumping around one another to try and make a decent meal for the night. “What’s that about?” Marie wondered as Jane walked over and picked up her phone. She thumbed the device and scanned it quickly, looking up at Jane.

“Severe thunderstorm warning,” she said, and then her thumb moved as she opened her weather app. She checked the radar just as a deep rumble of thunder rolled over the region. “Holy shit,” she said, then showing Jane the image.

“Derecho,” Jane said right away. She looked at the supper. “Should we finish? It’s going to be here when?”

“Twenty minutes,” Marie replied, returning to the kitchen. “Everything’s prepped, right?”

“Yeah, but the recipe calls for like forty minutes of baking,” Sarah peered at their recipe.

Marie shrugged. “Well, let’s put the cold stuff back, and see what happens.” This led to about five minutes of more back-and-forth, now putting stuff into the fridge. “Besides,” Marie added, “we could always let the chicken marinate longer.”

The thunder was growing closer and steadier. The degree of light had lessened a great deal as the dark, thick clouds full of water neared. The wind picked up; the apartment the girls shared overlooked a county park, and it was all thick woods behind their building. They watched as the small trees began whipping forward under the force of the wind, springing back and then doing it again.

Why Marie reached out and took Jane’s hand in hers was never really decided upon. Later, Marie wondered if the night would have turned out like it did had she not made that simple gesture as the two stood in front of the sliding glass door that led out to their small, concrete balcony. But she did, plucking Jane’s hand into hers, and together they stood there, hand in hand, watching nature put on a display of fury.

The tempest was upon them. The lightning strikes lit things up in crazy flashed, the thunder boomed and rumbled and boomed again. The rain came down in sheets, driven nearly horizontal from the force of the wind. Marie’s reflexive gripping of Jane’s hand was to seek warmth and comfort.

When the hot streak of blue-white light filled their eyes, followed instantly by an ear-shattering crack of thunder, both girls screeched in terror and backed up. Marie bumped into the couch and fell, and her grip was so tight on Jane’s hand that she pulled Jane into the coffee table. She fell with a heavy thud, and the coffee table’s legs gave way, and Jane finally crashed onto the floor, the rubble of the destroyed table strewn under her body. And to top it all off, the lights snapped off with a finality.

“Owwww fuck!” Jane managed weakly. Marie, who’d tumbled onto the couch, looked down and laughed.


Another close bolt of lightning struck and the resulting ear-shattering crack sent both of them scurrying to their feet, moving to the innermost wall of the building. There they sat, their backs to the wall, their feet drawn up, and watched in awe at the wrath.

But like most fast-moving storms, this one came to a sudden end. The wind died, the rain lessened and the sounds of thunder became more distant and less frequent. But the lights did not come back on, and while the air temperatures had cooled during the storm, both the temperature and the resulting humidity began to climb in the wake of its passage.

“Oh god, I hope the power comes back on,” Jane said an hour later. They were seated on their couch together, both girl’s attention focused on their phones. They had nothing else to do, or that they could do. They had to conserve power on their phones or those would be utterly dead, too.

“My guess is that it won’t be for hours,” Marie said. “Remember I grew up not far from here,” she added.

They’d met in college, tossed together as roommates their freshman year. They discovered an instant bond, made stronger over the years as they weathered the pressures of college and social life. They had boyfriends and lost boyfriends. They had hookups that they recalled fondly, and others that were never to be mentioned again. They were normal college kids enjoying a normal college life, and their tight friendship was supportive. They rarely fought, though on those times that they did, they were intense moments.

They managed to graduate at the same time, and both chose their first career positions in the city closer to Marie’s home. It was much further for Jane, but she had long professed a desire to escape her family. Jane’s parents were divorced two years ago and Jane remained angry at them both. Her older sister was as entitled a bitch as Marie had ever met, and Jane had supported Marie’s overall desire to be rid of her family. Marie’s parents treated Jane like she was Marie’s sister instead of her best friend and roommate, which made the separation from Jane’s home feel more tolerable.

“I know,” Jane replied quietly. “Wonder if your parents have power?”

“Oh!” Marie exclaimed. “I should find out!” She quickly typed up a text to her mom then mersin escort waited, and about three minutes later her mom confirmed that their power was out, too. So the two texted for a while as Jane watched and read over Marie’s shoulder.

The apartment got steadily warmer and muggier. Jane, who sported a thicker body, whined a little. She pulled her shirt off, removed her bra and then jammed her shirt back on.

“Improvements?” Marie asked, a bemused expression on her face.

“No,” Jane grumped. “I hate boob sweat,” she said with a grimace.

“Oh yeah, that sucks. Don’t we have a fan?” Marie wondered.

“We do,” Jane said, “but there’s that little power problem.”

“Oh, DUH!” Marie laughed at herself.

“I wonder if the windows open would be better or not?”

“Well, if it cools down at all,” Marie thought aloud.

“Let’s do it,” Jane decided. “Can’t be worse, can it?”

An hour later, Marie scowled at Jane in the near darkness. “Can’t be worse, can it?” she mocked.

“Oh, shut up,” Jane replied crossly.

Both girls were now without bras, and their shirts stuck to their bodies uncomfortably from the influx of humidity leading to a closeness that led directly to perspiration. “God,” Marie moaned, “my shirt is soaked through!”

“So’s mine,” Jane agreed. She looked down. “See, this is where big tits are definitely NOT a plus!” she laughed.

Marie looked over, seeing how her shirt clung to her bigger, fleshier body. “Yeah, I see that,” she agreed. Then, in a flash, she muttered “Well, I don’t give a fuck,” she peeled her shirt off, then stood up suddenly and yanked her pant and panties off. Then she sat back down. “Fuck it, if I’m gonna sweat, then I’m gonna be naked doing it.”

“Naked!?” Jane laughed. “It’s a naked night? You should have told me!” She did the same thing, and peeled out of her damp clothing. Now the two sat on the couch together, fully naked.

It was dark. It was hot. Marie had a flashback to holding Jane’s hand while the storm ramped up, before they were scared into breaking their furniture and the lights went out. She recalled how warm and soft the hand felt in hers, and all of a sudden, she couldn’t get that touch out of her mind.

It was not the first time that Marie had withstood such carnal thoughts. Marie had one secret that she had kept from Jane. Over the summer between their sophomore and junior years, Marie’s summer job basically babysitting young kids at a sleep-away camp had thrust her into a large group scenario with several other college-aged counselors. She had gotten along very well with them all, and enjoyed a bit of a naughty night with Calvin.

But then Calvin had said some things and did some things that made Marie boil in anger at the fuckboy. She made damn sure to relegate him to fuckboy status amongst all of the other women at the camp, which infuriated Calvin who had clearly thought that he’d be able to fuck his way through the summer. There was a heated confrontation far from the sleeping quarters of the campers, where Marie and Calvin had it out. Nothing was resolved except to deepen their dislike of one another.

Marie had plopped down at the end of the dock, watching the half-moon rise slowly over the pond the camp claimed was a lake, and mused. Another camp counselor named Anna, who was lean and svelte, ambled down and took a seat next to Marie. They talked for a while, and then they stopped talking.

Anna had reached over and planted a hard long kiss on Marie’s mouth. Marie had not pulled away, despite her surprise. In fact, she found the kiss to be instantly erotic, and deeply alluring. She kissed back hard and then fingers began to move. The next thing Marie knew, she was gasping as Anna was skillfully bringing her to several orgasms. They kept up their little lesbian trysts all summer, where Marie had been indoctrinated fully into the secrets of womanly love.

Why had she never admitted that to Jane? Maybe it was Jane’s family life or her domineering, entitled older sister. She had never wanted to add stress to Jane, and Jane had been lukewarm at best towards homosexuality. Her deeply conservative family had managed to plant some seeds in the young woman that would take a long time to kill. A distrust – not loathing – but a distrust of same-sex arrangements was one of them.

“There’s something about blackouts, isn’t there?” Marie said quietly aloud. She didn’t need to speak loudly; the deep darkness supported a quieter moment.

“Yes. There is,” Jane said. “And the heat doesn’t help. It’s not like I want to be all hot and sticky,” she said.

“I know,” Marie nodded. “An all over heat and stickiness.”

Marie sensed more than saw Jane’s head turn, based upon a change in how her voice hit her ears. “A deep, internal one?”

“Yeah,” Marie said.

“Did I ever tell you…” Jane said softly and warbly. Then, immediately, in a stronger tone, answered her own question. “No, I did not.”

“Tell me what?” Marie asked.

“I made love to a woman once,” Jane said.

“WHAT?” Marie yelped. “Seriously?”

“Yeah,” Jane replied from the gloom. Marie suddenly mersin escort bayan wished that she could clearly see her friend’s face. “It was…I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

Jane issued a short, almost bitter laugh. “I don’t think I came that hard in years,” she used that secret-sharing tone. “But I was so tore up afterwards, thinking I was a freak.”

“Do you remember the summer I was a counselor at Camp Greenway?” Marie said.

“Yes. Why?” Jane replied.

“I met a girl. Anna. We basically…the entire summer.”

“Nooo way!” Jane replied, somewhere between aghast and awed.

“Yes way,” Marie giggled. “God, she was magical.”

“How so?”

“I’ve never ever had a boy….go down on me…better,” Marie admitted somewhat haltingly.

Jane was silent for a long time. Marie resisted the urge to jump in. It was a major private fight to remain silent. She finally sighed. “That’s what I remember, too. How fucking good it was!”

“I never would have guessed that you would.”

“I knew you would. Or I figured you would, one day. You’re so daring,” Jane said in that little girl tone of admiration.

“How did it happen with you?”

“An older woman. I went to a bar. I was so pissed off at Katherine. I wanted to smack her and that douchebag husband of hers. So I left and I drove and drove and found this bar and it looked perfect and so I said ‘fuck it’ and I went inside. I had no idea it was a lesbian bar,” she added defensively. “This older gal is sitting there, all nervous looking and I’m realizing that its a dyke bar and now I’m flipping the fuck out, you know? So I sat next to her and we got to talking and sharing a wine then a second then a third. She offered to show me. It was my state of mind, I guess. Because I wanted to know.”

“Did you go down on her?”

Another long silence had to be endured, before Jane’s whispered “Yes.”


Silence. A gulp. Silence. “I loved it.”

“Hell, so did I!” Marie agreed easily. “I still love men, don’t get me wrong, but I’d not turn down a nice moment with a girl, any time, anywhere.”

“I guess…” Jane said quietly, “I’m the same way. But all men see are my tits and my ass,” she said quietly. “That lady…she saw ‘me,’ you know?”

“You have a gorgeous body, I’ve told you that,” Marie said cautiously. Wondering now where this was heading, and hope-hope-hoping that she was right. “I’ve thought about you.”

More silence. It stretched, lengthened…Marie began fearing that it had snapped when Jane shifted in her seat, and cleared her throat. “I’d be lying if I said I did not do the same thing. And I’m done lying to people, especially you.”

“You’ve lied to me?”

“Never, not once. And I’m not going to start now. Even though my face feels like it’s on fire from telling you that,” she added.

“I maybe should have told you a long time ago,” Marie said.

“I don’t,” Jane replied. “I…I might not have taken it the same way.”

“There’s that,” Marie agreed.

“I’m frightened. What if…” she said with her voice trailing off.

“There’s the flip side to that. What if being friends with benefits is the best thing ever? We’ve lived together now for six years, and we’ve had what, maybe four serious disagreements?” she said reasonably.

A big inhale. “I know. Maybe I’m just scared.”

Nothing that she had ever done felt quite as natural or as easy as sliding over onto the couch until her body pressed against Jane’s. If the air was hot and close, Jane’s body was afire, and Marie did not have to struggle at all to find Jane’s lips. She pressed hers loosely to Jane’s, and then pressed a little harder as Jane began to respond.

The soft cry that burst from Jane into their kiss opened their mouths to allow their tongues to explore softly. It was slow at first, getting used to the taste and textures. As she had done with Anna, Marie found herself marveling at the difference between kissing a woman and a man. Her hand rose up and she easily found Jane’s breast.

Jane’s reaction was instant. A moan and her body pressed forward into that touch. Marie could not think how many times she had wondered what it would be like to hold Jane’s big, soft tits in her hand. Her areola were quite large and a little browner in color, and her nipples were very large that grew noticeable through all manner of clothing, especially when she was cold. Marie savored rolling those big nipples between her fingers until they stiffened, and Jane’s little sounds of pleasure drove her to continue those explorations.

Then, Marie was the one moaning softly as she felt Jane’s fingers move to her breast. Marie felt like her nipples were stretched to the point of explosion, they were so taut from arousal and Jane’s touch. Though it was not an experienced touch, it was pleasant still, and both girls pressed harder into the kiss.

“Ohhhh fuck, Marie,” Jane moaned, breaking the kiss and falling back into the couch a little. “God, I’m wet!” she told her friend.

Marie took the moment to throw her legs over Jane, settling down into a comfortable kneel over the bigger girl’s escort mersin thighs. She reached out and fondled both breasts gently and slowly. “Me too,” Marie said. “You should find out for yourself,” she added breathlessly.

“I will,” Jane said. Marie’s vision had adapted to the darkness. She could not make out anything clearly, but saw gross movements, like Jane’s arm in motion. She closed her eyes, inhaling deeply and holding her breath, waiting and waiting. And then when that first touch came, light and nearly tentative, a fingertip gliding over swollen, needy flesh, the exhale came in a noisy burst.

“Oh god,” Jane said quietly. Her fingers pressed now, moving about slowly and steadily, getting wet immediately from the slippery natural lubricants. “My god you’re wet!” she cried.

“I know, fuck, that feels so good!” Marie said. Her fingers closed around Jane’s large nipples and applied a bit of a squeeze, making Jane moan again and driving her fingers to slide faster. Jane was moving her hand in a back and forth motion, passing over Marie’s clit and spreading her petals apart.

“Put it in, put them in!” Marie nearly begged, desperate to feel the sensation of her pussy being filled and the delight of the movements sliding up inside.

Two fingers opened Marie’s entrance and glided inside. Marie shuddered, squeezing even harder on the nipples, until Jane’s squeal of pain forced her to ease off a little. “S-sorry,” Marie gasped. “Fuck. Oh fuck. Jane. Deeper, baby. Deepeerrrrr,” she trailed off. Marie’s hips almost worked of their own accord, that rocking back-and-forth raising her body up to allow a deeper penetration, then pulling back to aid in the sensation as they eased out.

“Mmmm,” Jane purred smoothly. “You’re a hot little slut, aren’t you?”

Being called a slut had never exactly been Marie’s favorite, but somehow hearing it from her friend was a total turn-on. She had a sudden desire, almost a need, to be wanton. “Yes! Yes! Make me your slut!” Marie moaned.

Jane sort of chuckled, then her fingers curled up inside Marie, forcing an enormous moan out of Marie’s mouth. “You’re wet, slut,” Jane said next. Her voice seemed slightly strained, like she was somewhat uncomfortable using those words.

“I know, I know!” Marie moaned. She had no such inhibitions at the moment. Of course, she was the one with her pussy stuffed full of fingers that were creating such exquisite pleasures in her body.

Jane withdrew her fingers, and Marie tracked her movements as best as she could. Her eyes opened and her heart hammered in her chest as she saw the glint of white reflection from Jane’s teeth, then the sounds of slurping mixing with a deep moan. Clearly Jane was savoring the taste.

“Fuck you taste good,” Jane moaned after a moment.

“I’m looking forward to tasting you,” Marie agreed. “But I want to do it only one way.”

“Oh yeah?” Jane shot back. “What way is that?”

“Directly from your sexy pussy,” Marie breathed.

“Oooh. Is that an offer?”

“Yes,” Marie said.

Then in a strangled voice, Jane voiced both need and doubt. “Do it fast before I lose my nerve!” she cried.

Marie moved, sliding back and off of Jane’s legs, until her knees hit the floor. She wasted no time, prying Jane’s thicker thighs apart, and even at a distance the aroma of her hot pussy hit her nose. There was no scent stronger, Marie thought fleetingly. Her hands gripped Jane’s legs about mid-thigh, and pulled and pushed, at once moving Jane’s lower body forward towards the edge of the couch and spreading those legs widely. Jane hooked a leg over the arm of the couch, the heel dangling against Marie’s back, and breathed noisily.

“I can’t wait to taste!” Marie cried. Her head moved.

Time slowed to a crawl. This was not the first time that Marie had experienced this. Like a slow-motion capture of a camera, her brain slowed to record each minute experience in incredible detail. The heat and humidity of the air, fueling their bodies and their own sexual energies. The happenstance of the blackout, building an atmosphere between them. The plump softness of Jane’s thighs, how smooth and warm they felt, and how the skin was as silky as any she had ever touched. The aroma, hitting her nose, spicy and musky, inhaled into her brain that ran a direct line to her pussy. She felt her own sex throb and clench, her lower body flexing hard in anticipation. The deeper heat and wetness the closer she came to that skin. Then, her lips finding lips, heat to heat. Her tongue slithered out and got the taste, sweet and delicious.

Marie cried out again, louder than Jane’s moan, and her hands moved to Jane’s inner thighs. She opened her friend with a strong move, and then her opened mouth covered Jane’s wet pussy. How easily her tongue found the much-larger clit her friend sported! How tasty it was, how her tongue glided over the knot of flesh, and how she could flick it around with her tongue and it kept returning to its natural state. Jane’s screams of pleasure were barely heard, such was Marie’s concentration on that larger clit. She had seen a few pictures of large clits, but had never seen one in person let alone tasted one. Anna’s had been the usual, smaller sort that only came out of its protective hood after some stimulation. Not so for Jane – hers was out there, and Marie delighted in focusing on it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32