Blowing in the Wind

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**This is a fantasy story about gay sex in the US Military. It is based on a tale from a former US Army Corporal told during the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell/Don’t Pursue/Don’t Harass era in the US Military.

If you do not like gay erotica, this tale may not be for you…just a warning. Also, no one under 18 is allowed to read these stories. I don’t want you to read them, LitErotica doesn’t want you to read them, and the Powers That Be will be kind of upset if you do. They have not been written for you.

Also, this story is a prequel to a previous story presented called “The Most Amazing Thing.” Please feel free to comment.**


The sky was tremendously red on the evening this story begins. No one in my unit really thought anything about it, except to remark how different and beautiful it was. In the area we were located, Afghanistan was mostly desert anyway. The men in my platoon often wondered why the Afghani people would even want to live there. Our captain even told us that some of the land was so barren it resembled the surface of Mars in contour and layout.

We had come here after Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda groups blew up the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon. The appreciative people that we had come to help were questionable allies themselves at first. Soon, however, after the temporary removal of the religious extremists, the Taliban, trust developed between the Coalition forces and the many different tribes that were trying to exist as Afghani.

I had never been overseas in my life. I remember as my deployment approached, my mother confided in me that she never thought she would see me again. I , however, knew deep inside that I would return home unharmed. Many of the soldiers in my platoon did not share that view. Many were so negative about our lot that they kept alive a rumor that we would be deployed to Iraq after our tour. No matter their opinion, whether like mine or opposite, I had grown to depend on these men; they were my “band of brothers.”

Many nights we sat around shooting the shit. The particular night’s red sky brought wishes of being on the beach at home with their girlfriends or hitting golf balls until the sun went down. Some thought of the Grand Canyon, others the Painted Desert, and still others the panoramic view of the Pacific coast as the sun went down on America for the final time each night.

The sixteen men, including myself, had become so close that we knew each others’ likes and dislikes; what we ate at the last meal; or when we took our last shit. We knew whose sister was hot and whose would put out. We had been determined to know each other so well that if something did happen to one of us, the rest would remember who we were and what we had lived for.

We heard stories of some of veteran soldiers during World War II who would exclude new recruits from everything because they were afraid to get to know them. They didn’t want to spend their time mourning someone who would be a shadow part of their life. They were afraid to get attached, fearing that close attachments would lead to emotional distress, which, of course, could lead to lack of decision on the battlefield.

My platoon was much different from that. The men I bunked with wanted to know for a variety of reasons, but the most important reason of all was that they knew if they died, fifteen other soldiers would bring back memories to their families and each would live on through those recollections. I don’t know why we were different than the soldiers of World War II. Maybe it was because modern society better understood the nature of the horrors of war or maybe we just approached death much differently. One thing is for sure, the men I shared this moment in time with had become close.

Sergeant Daniel Teal was a rather large man. Six foot, five inches tall and muscle bound, allowed him to be a huge target, but his speed and athleticism countered the dangers he might face as a lesser man. His short, curly blond hair accentuated the rugged, chiseled features of his face. The total look gave the man the appearance of an Adonis-like farm boy. Many had made the mistake in confusing him as fast in physical ability, but slow in thinking. The truth was when he opened his mouth their opinion changed immediately. The sergeant was educated…well educated, as a matter of fact, having a master’s degree in criminology. When he told us his plans for when he got out of the service, the pride in his craft illuminated his entire character. He had already been guaranteed a job with New York City’s finest and would bypass the normal track to take the test for detective immediately after graduating from the New York Police Academy.

Corporal Matthew Demorski had two little girls he would never shut up about. We didn’t care really if he talked forever about them, although it sometimes became monotonous as he droned on. He never talked about his wife, just his two little girls. We found that extremely strange, but we gave the man the benefit of the doubt and left the subject of his wife bahis şirketleri alone. His main topic was simply what he planned to get his two little girls when he got out of the service.

I am Corporal Thomas Wright. Although I am the author of this little story, I am also third in command of our little platoon. My life was spent at home until I joined the Army. Since, I learned a little more about the ways of life and found out that I no longer live in Kansas anymore. Most of my ties from home, high school and the neighborhood have been severed. Even my girlfriend, Amilee, cheated on me last month and we mutually broke up. I don’t really care, however, because i care for her and I know she is lonely. After all, I am over here with my new set of friends and my new relationships and she was stuck over there twiddling her thumbs. I would have probably done it myself, if she had gone off and left me while she went to college. If she turns out not to be the girl for me, oh well!

Of the rest of the platoon, most were privates or Private First Classes. There was Tony, Jack, Halburt, Jonas, Billy Bob, the kid we called Hormone, Whiskey Jack, Martin, Joey, Jo-Jo, Sammy, George, and finally, Prothrow. Prothrow had been wounded once and we thought he was going home, but we found out that he wasn’t hurt as bad as we thought and all he needed was a little recoup and bed rest. Three days after the bullet grazed his forehead, he rejoined us.

We were tight. There were several who were a little tighter than the captain would like, however, making the frightful sounds of grunting lovers late, late at night. We all simply avoided the issue and never questioned who it was. My attitude was simple: “Let them do whatever they wanted to themselves as long as they left me alone.” Even though I knew the sounds were coming from men, I sometimes became very turned on whenever I heard them. The idea of homosexuality had always been bizarre to me and I developed that particular attitude about being left alone, but the more it the sounds occurred the more they made me curious, very curious, indeed. I found out later that it made all of us curious.


One afternoon, the sergeant and I were returning from the captain’s latest briefing on the situation with the remaining Taliban forces around Kandahar and the extraordinary fight they were making. The sergeant was unusually jovial, smiling and talking about a friend in South Dakota that he went to college with. There was a soothing calm in his description of his friend that made me feel as if I had known him for many years.

“I’ll tell you that Freddy was as close to me as I’d let any man be. Not even my father was that close,” the sergeant continued.

“You sound like you and he were more than just friends, Sarge. You sound as if you were more like soul mates,” I commented casually. “Were you really that close? I’ve never had a male friend that I could share everything with.”

The sergeant stopped and eyed me carefully. “It’s not like you make it sound,” he said gruffly.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, sarge. I mean, I would’ve loved to have someone I could tell my deepest and darkest secrets to, someone I could share little intimacies with.”

“What kind of intimacies?” he questioned cautiously.

“Oh, I don’t know. You know the kind that guys talk about when they are telling about their girlfriends or such…I guess that’s what I mean.

“Oh,” he said quietly. After a brief thoughtful pause he continued. “I thought you meant…intimacies, that men experience together.”

“Oh, now wait a minute, sarge. I would never accuse you of being gay or anything like that. I was simply talking about things that guys share…secrets you know…”

“We shared those too, I guess.” His eyes were blazingly fixed on mine. There was searching in those deep blues and I felt rather disturbed. I couldn’t figure exactly what he was trying to tell me at first, but then it dawned on me. I had inadvertently stumbled on the man’s secret. The sergeant was gay. Imagine being hit by a ton of bricks and then multiply that feeling by one thousand and you might have gotten close to the impact I felt as realization suddenly washed through my little mind. I am sure my face gave away my shock.

“Please keep my secret,” was all he said. We walked the rest of the way in silence. I imagined him making homosexual love to one of my bunk mates. I wondered if the sergeant was the source of those sounds late at night. It hadn’t sounded like him, but who knows what a man sounds like in the throes of passion. When we reached the entrance to the tent where we were billeted, he threw me a look of pleading. When I nodded my agreement to keep quiet and shook his hand, he seemed relieved and pleased.

I lay in bed all night long, looking at the ceiling of the darkened canvas tent. I listened intently for those sounds I had heard before, but heard none. On one occasion as I imagined the sergeant with one of the others, I found myself with my cock in my hand gently stroking it. bahis firmaları It was unconscious, of course, but it spooked me to no end to realize that I had become even more curious about what it would be like to make love to another man. I now had an object of fantasy, the sergeant.

I got out of bed early the next morning and was almost ready when the others began stirring. I had never been one for getting up early and some of the guys were quite astounded. Some began throwing the jokes around.

I never said anything about the sergeant and never felt guilty about not divulging it. The military had declared a don’t ask, don’t tell rule for homosexuality, so I was not about to tell. I felt different around the sergeant, but not in a bad way. I sort of respected him even more realizing what he had to deal with on a day to day basis. The army was filled with testosterone laden young men whose thoughts were on getting back to their families and sweethearts. The women who were in the service, for the most part, made sure they didn’t make a mistake by getting knocked up. Most of them wouldn’t have anything to do with the enlisted men anyway, but every once in a while you would hear one of the soldiers bragging about the piece of ass he had gotten from one of the women. No one, however, would ever admit to getting a piece of male ass and that was for sure.

Around two weeks after our fateful walk, the sergeant approached me. I was walking the food waste from the mess tent to bury at the far end of the bivouac area. The sergeant came along and grabbed one side of the huge pot that the waste was in. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

“I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you didn’t tell anyone about my leanings,” he quietly said after we got out of hearing distance.

“It’s all right, sarge. I don’t believe in gossip and I sure don’t believe in invading someone’s privacy.” And then I opened my mouth in the biggest lie I have ever told. “I have always wondered what it would be like sucking a cock or getting my ass drilled.” The truth was that until about three weeks before it had never entered my mind.

“You really want to know or are you just trying to fit in.”

“What do you mean?” I asked sort of surprised.

“Of this platoon’s sixteen guys, you, Whiskey Jack, and Hormone are the only heterosexuals here. Every one else smokes cock.”

To say that I was shocked would be a lie. I was suddenly flabbergasted to the point I stopped, slapped my hand on my forehead, and looked at the sergeant with open mouth and popping eyes.

“Is that so hard to believe?” he asked softly.

“I’m supposed to know all about you. I’ve been told stories to tell your families. Not one of you has mentioned that you were gay.”

“Does anyone really want someone to go tell their mother after their death and tell them, ‘Your son was really brave and he was one of the best cocksuckers among us’?”

“I understand your point completely. Thirteen of us are gay?”

“Well, not everyone is gay. Most of them are bisexual. I’m probably the only dyed in the wool gay guy here. Corporal Demorski is close, but I will do anything, he will not. He loves to suck cock and even loves to fuck ass, but he’ll never take one up his ass. Until he does that, he’ll only be a wannabe. I, on the other hand, will do anything with anyone…that is male, of course. I tried it with a woman one time and I couldn’t cum. I stayed hard throughout the ordeal, but I realized then that I would never have a fulfilling experience with a woman.”

“Wright, have you ever…?

“Ever what, Sarge?” I replied cautiously.

“Ever done anything sexually to another man?” he asked.

“Never, Sarge, never,” I said, taking my voice to a whisper.

“You said you wondered what it would be like. Would you like to experience it so that you can truly make up your mind?” he asked, again keeping his voice in a tone that was as calm as a smooth sea caressed by the slightest breeze.

“Me, sarge, I never really thought about it,” I replied meekly, feeling my internal tension rise.

“I’m a little worried about you. You see, you know about me and I’ve told you about some of the others, so now I am kinda concerned that you forget about your promise to keep our secret.” The sergeant had never changed his expression and still mumbled almost imperceptibly.

“Sarge, you know I’d never tell on you. I don’t believe in telling on anyone, especially those that I consider friends or people I respect…I just don’t believe in it.”

“I’m still not sure, Wright, not sure at all…”

“Look sarge, I’ve wondered about it. Every since I found out you were gay…I mean…,” I said correcting my little white lie.

“Yeah, Wright?” he prodded.

“I’ve never done it. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve had more fantasies lately about it, but I’ve never even tried to approach anyone about it. I figure all guys think about it, but most never act on it. Am I right?” I asked looking the blond, blue eyed giant kaçak bahis siteleri directly in his eyes.

“Wrong! More men try it out than don’t. I heard somewhere the figure is about eighty per cent.”

“You’re just trying to convince me that’s the way, so I’ll succumb to your little plan.” I paused momentarily. “I know how you work in other ways, sarge. You get us to believe that everyone else is concerned about something or everyone else has done something, simply to lead us on that there is validity in what you are trying to accomplish. All you want me to do is suck your dick.” My temper flared a little, but I remained under control.

“That would be nice,” he thought out loud. He looked around for a moment. Realizing that we were several hundred yards away from the nearest soldier and completely secluded by the fences of the dump area, he yanked down his zipper and released his very erect ten inch cock from his desert camos. “Its been aching for attention lately.”

I was enamored by the sheer size of his dick. I had never seen a bigger erect dick on anyone. Actually, I had never seen an erect dick other than mine ever. The tip of his penis was like a small light bulb, the appliance kind like the ones that are in a refrigerator. The shaft was thick and lined with veins that stood out proudly underneath the looser skin covering the muscle mass. It jutted from his camouflaged fatigues like a proud flagpole would from just conquered ground. I sank to my knees feeling quite conquered myself.

I looked at it, confused with my feelings. I had never seen another man’s cock so close in anything other than pictures. Never in my life would I have imagined being in the position I was in at that moment, kneeling as if in worship to his idyllic phallus. His cock was straining to be touched, helped slightly by the pelvic thrust he was straining in my direction. I know I had fantasized about this moment many times, but the reality caused me to consider this moment a little more carefully. If I touched his cock, would I immediately become a homo? The images of Jimmy Jefferson, the high school queer, kept creeping into my mind. Would I be ridiculed like he was? I did not want to be different from the norm, but now days what was the norm? Would my mom and dad still love me after I did what I so wanted too? Then I realized that no one back home would know. I would not have to bring this image of me back to my mom and dad’s little house located in a suburb of Topeka.

I looked up at the sergeant as if waiting for an order. There he was, a giant in my eyes, thrusting his giant cock into my face, waiting patiently till I complied. There was still doubt in my mind, but my mind was reasoning a little better. There would be no way, unless I got killed that these guys would ever meet any of my family. My death would probably kill my moralistic Midwest raised parents and if it didn’t I was sure my rashness would. My brothers would never look at me again, but if I was dead what did it matter? I would have to be loved, no matter what the guys in my platoon came home telling. They would pity me and they would love me. Soon enough they would forget about my single indiscretion, my single moment of weakness as I succumbed to my masturbatory fantasies.

I looked up once again. The impatience had grown. I had to make my mind up. There had to be a decision. I blinked my eyes to clear them slightly. I don’t know if it was the dust or the emotions I was experiencing that caused my eyes to water, but they seemed to burn incessantly. Finally I shook my head in compliance and scooted closer to the prize. The sergeant took the cue.

“Touch it.” I did. I could feel him shiver in added anticipation.

“Kiss it.” I only had the slightest hesitation, but soon I planted a French kiss on the tip, long and lingering, my tongue slid deliciously round the glans and into the pee hole. I had wrapped my arms around his legs and it was a good thing I did, because his legs almost buckled from the new sensation. How did he know I would do this?

“Lick it.” I lifted it up and moved my head toward the underside all the way down to his testicles and then licked the length. I was completely his at that moment.

“Suck it.” I brought my head to the tip once again and soon he was slowly fucking my mouth with gentle thrusts. I knew I would not be able to take the whole thing, but at that point, I was a lost puppy. I was amazed at how good it felt in my mouth. It was intoxicating, the muskiness, the man sweat became the simplest pleasure.

I moved my mouth away when a felt a globule of something hit my tongue. Investigating the new sensation, I examined his cock head and saw that seminal fluid was leaking from his penis. I pulled from the base of his dick tightly forward and produced a droplet of seminal lubricant almost as big as the end of my little finger. Reaching out with the tip of my tongue, I gathered the clear fuck juice and slowly rolled it around in my mouth. It certainly was not unpleasant. I was only able to get about three inches of the massive member into my mouth. The two most impressionable things I would always remember about this first time was the smoothness of the head of his dick and the wonderful aroma that accompanied the experience.

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