Bowl Game Ch. 03

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Note: My wife and I traveled south for the holidays to attend a football bowl game. We arrived the day before New Year’s Eve, and attended the game on New Year’s Day. We had excellent seats around the 35 yard line and got there about two hours before game time to enjoy the sights and sound of a bowl game. About one hour before kickoff, six folks dressed in the colors of the opposing team arrived and sat directly in front of us. Three rather cute women, plus three men who were above six feet tall and enjoyed eating the holiday meals (and at other times), and had probably been partying for several hours. Before the game, and during the first half, this group consumed three rounds of beer. At halftime, the three women announced that they were going to the ladies room, and my wife decided to go with them. They were gone almost an hour, waiting in line. While waiting in line, they told my wife this story:

Bill’s hands moved upwards to her head, rubbing her hair as he whispered, “wow Heather, those exercises are working, you were really tight tonight.” However, Bill’s whisper would be a normal person’s speaking voice.

“Hey Bill, that cunt you were fucking was my Cindy, not Heather.”

Bill rose from the bed, almost knocking Cindy on to the floor. “What the fuck do you mean?” Looking down, he could see Cindy’s brown hair and small tits in the light of the room. He looked over to the other bed, seeing Heather lying on top of Steve. He reached toward the lamp and turned it on.

“Holly shit, what is going on here?” Bill shouted.

“Don’t start a fight, man. I woke up with Heather sucking and fucking me. And then we watched Cindy do the same to you.”

“We can explain!” Heather said. “Cindy and I have wanted to swap with you two since we were both in college. This bowl game gave us an opportunity to try you two out.”

Bill was standing there with his shorts down and his cock hanging out. He walked over to the chair and sat down. Cindy got on the bed, and Heather sat down next to her. She started to play with Cindy’s thick, hard nipples and then reached over and gave her a sensual kiss. Cindy said, “Oh, I want to eat your pussy and suck Steve’s spunk out of you.” Cindy then moved down between Heather’s legs and began licking her cunt and clitty. Heather lay there massaging her breasts looking first at Bill and then at Steve. Steve was enjoying the show, and began to beat his meat.

“I sure hope that you are not expecting me to suck Steve’s cock too?” Bill said.

Heather replied, “You are not only going to suck Steve’s dick, but we are both going to have Steve fuck us both up the ass with that huge cock.”

Bill looked at Cindy and his wife, pulled his shorts up and put on his tennis shoes. He muttered, “This is too damn weird,” and walked to the hotel room door. He opened it, letting the light shine on the two women, and then slammed it. He walked down the hall towards the lounge to think about things.

Cindy was between Heather’s legs, and was busy sucking on her clitty when Bill left. Steve, who had been sitting on the other bed masturbating while he watched his wife eat Heather, then got off the bed and got behind his wife. He slipped his long cock into her pussy, and started to pump against her ass.

This rocking pushed Cindy’s face into Heather’s pussy and clit. Heather was so turned on by her best friend eating her, while her husband fucked her from behind. She reached up to her nipples and pinched and pulled on them.

After fucking his wife for a few minutes, Steve pulled out of her pussy and moved his Ankara escort cock to the entrance of her ass. Cindy loved to be fucked there and really never needed much lubrication. He pushed his cock into her anus, slowly moving deeper into her. Cindy raised her head, and told Heather that Steve was now fucking her ass.

Heather immediately said, “Don’t cum in Cindy’s ass. Save some to fuck my cute ass and I will let you cum in me.”

Smiling at the offer, this almost caused Steve to cum. He had to slow his fucking down, otherwise, he would not be in much condition to fuck Heather’s ass. He also was watching his wife eat Heather out, and this was also causing him to almost come. He never knew that his wife would go for women.

Cindy concentrated on Heather, and pretty soon Heather was starting to roll with small orgasms. Cindy sucked and lightly bit on her clit, and soon Heather was screaming to a big climax. Heather then pulled Cindy’s head up, asking her to stop for a few minutes.

Steve pulled out of Cindy’s ass, and moved around to kiss Cindy. He could taste Heather’s pussy juices all over Cindy’s mouth. They French kissed for a minute, until Heather pushed her face to start to kiss Steve. She then kissed Cindy.

“Steve, I really enjoyed fucking you and watching you banging your wife’s ass. Let me get between her legs and then you can fuck my ass too.”

Steve moved away, and watched the two women exchange positions. Cindy got on her back and spread her legs. Heather moved between them, and started to kiss the inside of her thighs. Steve watched this, casually beating his meat.

It had been several months since Heather had gotten a chance to eat Cindy’s pussy. She loved to tongue between the inner lips and then move up slowly to her clitty. She could hear Cindy’s moans, and this caused her to move her tongue in a left and right motion that she knew drove Cindy mad. Cindy moans did increase in intensity.

Steve was really enjoying watching the two women fuck. It had always been his fantasy, but he had never mentioned that to his wife. Now his mind was racing to all kinds of possibilities in the future. Too bad Bill had gotten so upset by Heather’s comment to have him suck his cock.

Steve had never really even thought about sucking another guy’s cock, though he had to admit to a few dreams where he got a great blow job from a guy dressed up in drag. Playing football so many years had pushed these thoughts to a place where he never would ever tell anyone, not even his wife. He was not a faggot, but the thought of having Bill suck on his dick had excited him when Heather said that.

Cindy was rolling with several small and moderate climaxes due to Heather’s efforts. Steve then moved around to behind Heather ass. Heather was on kneeling on her legs, which caused her butt to push up. Steve could see her dark haired pussy, quite very dark hair for the bleached dyed blonde. He moved his cock to Heather’s cunt, and pushed it in all the way to his balls. This caused Heather to press into Cindy’s cunt, and generated a loud moan from Cindy as she came.

Heather raised her head, and started talking to Cindy. “Oh, Steve’s cock is so huge, so much bigger than Bill’s. He is so damn deep inside my pussy.”

Steve continued to slowly push deep inside Heather; then he would pull slowly out. It was a slow, tantalizing fuck.

Steve then pulled out of her cunt, and started to move his cock to her ass. Heather moved her butt away. “Steve, be a dear and get some lube out of my purse over on the table?” Steve was a little Ankara escort bayan started by the request, as Cindy and he hardly ever used any KY anymore while doing anal sex. He got off the bed, walked over to the table, and quickly found a tube of Astro Glide in Heather’s purse. He quickly lubed up his eight inches and returned to Heather’s waiting ass.

Heather had stopped eating Cindy, and was watching Steve in the mirror start to push his cock into her ass. Bill and she fucked that way about once a month, but Heather had not had a big cock up her ass since college. Steve slowly pushed into her ass, moving his dick head about an inch inside. He looked and saw both the women watching him in the mirror. She seemed to adjust to him well, and he pushed a little more. He felt Heather open up, and he ended up pushing another three inches into her.

“Steve, that feels so damn good. Go ahead and push deep inside of me.”

“Yea, Steve, fuck Heather’s ass like you do me.”

With such encouragement, Steve pushed as Heather pressed down to open her ass, and he was quickly deep inside with his balls rubbing against her lower pussy. He then to move slowly out, and then reversed direction. Then he was surprised, as Heather’s butt started to move his cock in and out of her ass. Wow, he thought, Cindy never moved when he fucked her ass, and Heather is fucking me as much as he was fucking her.

“Fuck Heather, fuck her hard!” Cindy said.

Then Cindy heard a noise, and she saw the hotel room door open. It was Bill. He stepped in. Steve and Heather were in fucking heaven, not hearing much of anything. Because the lights were on, Bill just stood there watching his best friend fuck his wife in the ass. Bill saw Cindy watching him, and Cindy made a motion that she wanted to suck his cock.

Bill had been upset when he left the room. What did Heather think he was – some kind of faggot? He could not face that thought, or really did not want to give his wife any satisfaction that her comment might be true. He had walked down the hall to the lounge, only to find the place closed. He had sat in some chairs in the lobby, thinking about what had happened (see Part 1) and what his wife had said.

How did she know? What had he done that had given his wife the thought that he might like to suck cock. He did, he always had wanted to, but being a football player had given him lots of opportunities to see cocks and dicks of all sizes and shapes, and feed his fantasies at night. Sure, being married with two kids and a sexy wife had reduced the needs for those fantasies, but they were still there. He was not upset by his wife swapping with her best friend; fucking Cindy tight cunt was great. That had always been a fantasy too. So he realized that he needed to return to the room and face his ultimate fantasy.

Bill walked over to Cindy, who had moved upwards on the bed and had been watching Heather get ass fucked by her husband. Bill pulled down his shorts, and quickly shoved his dick into Cindy’s face. Cindy began sucking on his cock. She was a good cock sucker.

Bill was really enjoying the blow job, and then he heard Heather’s orgasmic screams, as he began to watch Steve fuck her.

Heather kept telling Steve to fuck her harder. And Steve was fucking her deep, inside and outside. Her screaming saying she was cumming was all that Steve needed to start to cum himself. His hot spunk erupted deep inside her ass.

Watching Steve and Heather caused Bill to cum in Cindy’s mouth. The two men collapsed on the beds, while the two women moved Escort Ankara next to each other, each rubbing the other’s breasts.

Bill caught his breath, and got up and walked to the bathroom. He came back in a few minutes with a wet soapy, washcloth and a towel. He kneeled in front of Steve, and began to clean his cock up. Steve just opened up his legs, giving his friend access to his private parts. Bill wiped the cock clean, and dried it with the towel. He then started to masturbate Steve.

The two women moved on the bed to get a better view of Bill playing with Steve’s cock. Cindy’s fingers had slipped down to Heather’s pussy, and two were moving in and out.

Steve was initially surprised by Bill’s action, but because he had been fucking for several hours, had very little energy to move away. He also did not resist as this was just the latest twist tonight in meeting many fantasies.

Bill knew that Steve had a thick cock that looked to be about six inches long when he had seen it in the locker room. Steve’s cock was bigger soft than his gets hard. As he started to move his hand up and down, it started to grow in his hand. It grew another couple of inches, and then Bill knew he had to suck it.

Bill moved his mouth to the head, and opened his mouth wide. He was thinking about all the ways women had sucked him in the past, and trying to put the ones that made him feel good in motion. He must have been doing the right thing, as Steve’s hips were slowly moving up and down, thrusting his cock more and more into his mouth. Bill did wrap a hand around his friend’s dick, preventing the huge cock from going all the way down his throat. He also had remembered that technique from watching a few porn movies.

Meanwhile, the two women were making encouraging comments, enjoying the show. Steve was starting to grunt, and said that, though he could not believe that he could cum three times in an evening, he was nearly about to cum.

Bill appreciated Steve’s warning, and in a second had decided that he wanted Steve to cum in his mouth. His hand was stroking his friend, and he was sucking hard on its head while his lips wrapped around the shaft. It seemed to grow in his mouth for a second, and then he knew Steve was cumming in his mouth. It felt so damn good.

Bill licked up and down on Steve’s cock, cleaning it up with his tongue. Steve then collapsed on the bed, lying on his back. Their wives clapped and cheered, yelling out gymnastics scores for his performance. Bill turned his head, let his tongue lick around his lips, swallowed, and then smiled. Heather came down to the floor between the beds and kissed her husband. She said, “That was so hot!”

Steve asked, “What time is it?”

Cindy answered that it was almost 4 am. Steve rolled over on the bed, and Heather joined him in bed. Bill got off the floor, turned off the light, and joined Cindy in the other bed. In a few minutes, the four were fast asleep.

The couples woke up about 10 am, and Bill fucked Cindy while Heather got on top of Steve again. They then took turns taking showers and getting ready to go to the bowl game. Bill and Steve agreed with their wives that they would each try anal sex tonight after the game, if their team lost – otherwise, each of the wives would get fucked in the ass all night by both of them.

They quickly left the room, caught up with Liz and Jim (see Part 2), and caught a bus to the game.


Now you know what Heather, Cindy, and Liz had told my wife while they waited in line to go to the bathroom at the stadium. My wife told me these details as we left the game after Bill’s and Steve’s team had lost to my team. As we got to our rental car, my wife surprised me that Heather and Cindy had invited us over to their hotel that evening. Stay tuned to Part 4.

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