Brandy’s Gift

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I awoke with a throbbing headache. My eyes were covered with some kind of fabric. I just lay there on what felt like a bed. The room was very cool almost cold. I could hear someone in the room. “Who’s there,” No one answered. But I know someone is there. “Hello, who’s there.” I asked again. My wrist were tied above my head and my sholders where cramping. “Where am I? Please let me go.” I hear footsteps coming towards me.

“Don’t worry Roxy. You’re safe.” I flinch at the sound of a man’s voice.

“Who are you?”

“I’m a friend of Brandy’s.”

Brandy? I thought to myself. I was with Brandy when someone put a smelly rag over my face until I passed out. “Where is Brandy? What did you do to her?” He just chuckled.

“She’s around.” I hear the door knob turning and the door opens. “Is she awake.” A woman voice asks.

“Yeah, but she hasn’t been up long.” He said. I hear the woman walking towards me. My heartbeat races. I feel a finger brush over my lips.

“Nice full lips and big firm breast. I have to admit she has good taste.” Her hand the brushes over my cheek. “Soft skin too.” Her hand leaves for a second but soon returns and moves under my shirt until she reaches my breast. My tears weld up in my eyes.

“No, please.” She pushes her hand under my bra and flicks my nipples with her finger. My nipples are already hard from the coolness in the room. I feel movements on both sides of the bed. The man kneels on the side of the bed. I feel his rough hand on my knee and slowly moving up my thigh. “Stop, please. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. Please stop!” They ignored me. What did I do for them to do this to me. I just sit home and write in my diary. The man hand reaches under my skirt and carress my clit through my underware. “No stop!” I begged them. I can feel the tears build in my eyes. The woman press my nipples between two of her fingers hard causing me the moan in pain.

“Keep quiet.” She calmly ordered me. My whole body is shaking in fear from what is happening. I couldn’t control my sobbing. I can’t believe what is happening to me. What are they going to do to me? What did they do with Brandy? Did she suffer at the hands of these two strangers?

“I haven’t seen your faces. Please let me and Brandy go. I swear I won’t say anything. Just stop and let us go.” I begged them.

“Brandy isn’t leaving and neither are you.” The man said.

“What did you do with her? What did you do to Brandy?” They both laugh.

“We didn’t do anything to Brandy.” The woman replied.

I hear footsteps coming towards the bed. I know that the man and the woman are on the bed molesting me. Someone else is in the room. The footsteps stop at the foot of the bed. I can feel someone standing there. “Who else is in here?” They both stop what they are doing. I just lay there for a few seconds. Then suddenly I feel my clothes being violently ripped from my body. “No, no, no, no, no please stop. Don’t… I was cut off by a slap to my cheek. I sobbed to myself. I’ve never felt so helpless. Ankara bayan escort I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Calm down. Take a breath”. A voice said to me. But not just any voice, a familiar voice.

“Brandy? Brandy is that you?” She removes the fabric from my eyes. I look to see my best friend standing over me naked.

“Yes Roxy its me.”

My mind was spinning. Why is she doing this to me? I realise that I am in her apartment. “Brandy what are you doing?” I sobbed.

“Something I’ve wanted to do for a while.” She said in almost a sexy way. She looked at the man and woman who I just noticed were also naked. The strange woman was from my best guess Italian and about 5’5″ with perfect b cups boobs and dark brown hair the hung over her sholder. The man was hispanic about 6’2″ with dark olive skin and a athletic body. His cock looked about 8″ long and very wide. She gave them a slight nod. Both of them grabbed one of my ankles and pulled my legs apart.

“Brandy, please make them stop. Don’t let them do this.”

She laughed. “Sorry Roxy baby. We’ve gone to far to quite now. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your new friends. She said as she crawled between my legs, hovering over my body. She looks down at me. Tears are steadly running down my cheek. She brushes her fingers over my red burning cheek. “Sorry for hitting you but we don’t want to disturbed. We want you all to ourselves.”

“Why are you doing this to me? I thought we were friends.”

Brandy smiles. “We are friends Roxy baby, BFF’s like we’ve always been. That’s why I wanted to share this with you. I want to show you how close we can be.”

“Please don’t hurt me” I begged.

“I would never hurt you. I love you. And I would never involve anyone who would hurt you. The three of us just want to give you a gift.” She explained. I look at the man and the woman holding my ankles.

“A gift? What do you mean?” I ask.

She looked deep into my eyes.

“I could explain it to you, but I rather show you.” With that she leans into me. “Just relax. Don’t think to much just go with it.” She tenderly kissed my lips. Her hands carressed my neck and slowly glided down to my breast cupping it. I feel the two strangers release my ankles. Brandy breaks our kiss and looks down at me. “You okay.” I could only nod slightly. She smiles and kisses my neck and move down the middle of my chest then my stomach. Before I knew it her face was inches away from my pussy. I look up at the ceiling. She stops and looks up at me. “Look at me.” She says. The woman and the man sat on oppsite sides of the bed. The woman cupped my one of by breast and covered my nipple with her warm mouth. My heart flutters. I look over at the man and he does the same. Then suddenly I feel Brandy’s tongue licking my pussy. I gasp sharply from the feeling of her wet tongue on my warm pussy. Uncontroled moans slip past my lips. The two strangers continue to suck and bit my tits. Everytime Brandy tongue brushed Escort bayan Ankara my clit I’d arch my back accordinly to the flicks of her tongue.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” I moaned. Brandy covered my clit with her lips and sucked me hard. “Oh… Oh… ” I could feel my orgasam build. “I’m cumming.”I almost screamed. Before I could reach my orgasm Brandy stops. She looks at the two stranger.

“Okay you two stop.” They let my nipples slip from their mouths. I look at them in confusion.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” I asked desperatly.

They all looked at me. “Did you enjoy that? Brandy ask.


“Do you want us to keep going?” She asked me.

I looked into her eyes. “Yes.”

“Say please.”

“What?” I asked breathlessy

“Say please lick my pussy.” She said.

I took a deep breath. “Please lick my pussy.” I begged.

“Do you want all of us to fuck you?” The man asks.


Brandy looked at the man and nods. He reached up and untied my wrist from the bed. I lay there not knowing what to do next. The man climbed on top of me. He push my legs apart with his knee. I can feel his hard cock aginst my wet pussy. My body tenses as he aims his large cock at my opening. I’ve never taken anything more than 6″ in the past. He slowly press forward. I can feel my pussy streching as he enters me. I can feel my pussy pulsate around his cock. It feels so heavy inside me as he continue to push. “I know it feels like its to big, but trust me you’ll get use to it.” The woman said. With that the man lunged forward forcing his full lenth into me. I inhale sharply.

“Shit, oh shit.” I gasp. Not from pain but from the waves of pleasure the flowed through my body. He pulled the lenth of his cock completly out of me and aimed it at my pussy again. Brandy took one of my nipples into her mouth and was bitting it gently.

The woman straddled my face. “Lick my pussy.” She command. Then he slammed into me again. I close my eyes and my body shivered from the strenth of him entering me. He continues to slam into me over and over again. For a second I forgot about the woman over my face. I open eyes and began licking her pussy. I’ve never licked a woman’s pussy before. I just pushed my face into her pussy and licked her clit like a thirsty dog.

“Fuck me with your hot tongue you bitch.” The woman gasps. I’m flicking my tongue on her clit and she grabs my hair pushing my face into her pussy. Her legs started to shake as I sucked her clit. Now she’s moaning like crazy. While Brandy continues to suck my tits and the man pounds my pussy. I can feel my climax coming. I grab the woman tits and pinch her nipples. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” The woman gasped. Suddenly a wave of her pussy juices are spilling over my tongue. Her legs are tense until her orgasm has passes.

“You’re done already.” The man asks. She slowly climbs off the bed and picks up her clothes.

“Hell yeah, she eats pussy like a pro. I couldn’t cum agiain if I wanted to.” She Bayan escort Ankara replied. She looks back at me.

“My name is Dana by the way.” She said. I couldn’t say anything while my pussy was being pounded. She smiled and left the room. After she left I notice the Brandy is gone. I was so occupied eating Dana’s pussy I never knew she left.

” Wait… ahh… stop…” I said to the man. I grabbed his waist trying to hold him still.

“What is it?” He ask while gasping for air. Never stopping slamming into me he looks down at me.

“Where’s Brandy?” I manage to squeeze from my throat.

He hook my knees and leans forward. “She gave us some time alone.” He replied. He kisses me. “I can taste Dana on you lips still.” He puts my knees over his sholders. I can still feel his meat poll in me as my pussy ached for release. He pushes deeper than anyone has ever been in me.

“Harder fuck me harder. I want to cum.” He begins drilling his man meat into my pussy over and over again. With in minutes I’m so close to cumming. I can’t form complete sentences because I’m in such ecstasy. “Fuck… fuck my pussy. Cumming cumming.” He pounds my pussy a few more times and I held my breath as my body shook in the greatest orgasm I’ve ever experienced. All the strenth I had left my body. I can only lay here in my juices till the fog lifted from my head. He continues to fuck my pussy until his cock is soft and collasp on top of me. We just stayed there for a few minutes. Then I heard the door open. I look over to see Brandy.

“Paul.” She said.

“Paul?” I ask.

The man lifts his head from my sholder to look at me. “That’s me. I’m Paul.” He smiles.

I smile back. “Nice to meet you Paul.”

“You to Roxy.” He replied. He lifted his body from mine and climbed off the bed. He collected his clothes and left the room. I was still lying on the bed trying to gather enough strength to sit up. I look over at Brandy. She comes over and has a seat next to me with one arm behind her back. She takes a sheet from the bed and covers my nude body.

“How do you feel?” She asked with a smile on her face.

“I’m not sure.” I answered. “Why did you do this?”

“I thought you would enjoy it. You did enjoy it didn’t you?” She said.

I just nod. “But could you have found another way instead of letting me think I was being sexually assulted?

“I could have but that’s not what you wanted.”

I thought to myself, what did she mean by that? Why did she say that?

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I asked.

She takes her hand from behind her back and pulls out my diary. I sat up in the bed.

“I’ve been reading your diary. I know about your forced fantasy.” She admitted. I know all you fantasies.”

I can feel my face hot with embarrassment.”Oh my God. You must think I’m sick .”

Brandy giggles. “No I don’t think you’re sick. You just like it kind of rough. Personaly I though what you wrote is hot.”


“Yeah. I really like your fantasy about you and me. Its not as rough but still very hot.

I just smile. “Well maybe we can play out that fantasy next.”

Brandy leans in and softly kiss me. “You can count on it. Now how about we give you something else to write about in your diary”

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