Brother And Sister Play Together

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On day I went swimming in my dad’s pool. My step sister Lynn wanted to go swimming as well. So she jumped in. She is not to bad looking 5’7 140 brown hair green eyes and D cup boobs. She said that it would be fun it I could throw her in the pool. I said sure. I would reach between her legs and pick her up and toss her back into the pool. When I picked her up, my hand was right on her pussy. She came back and said she wanted to do it again. This time I followed though with my hand on her pussy sort of rubbing it. Again she came back. Every time I would rub her pussy when I tossed her. It gave me a hard on that she did not notice.

After she got tired of being thrown in the pool, I grabbed her and had her try to get out of my hold. Still with my raging hard but now it is pressed against her back and butt. She was struggling hard then stop and rest against my hard on. I tried to make it harder for her. So I reached between her legs and pulled her up. While she would struggle, I would rub her pussy with my arm and hand. She finally stopped knowing she was not going to get free and had a smile on her face.

“What are you smiling about?” I said

“Nothing.” She replied

Then I took my hand and rubbed her pussy.

“Do you like that?” I said.

She nodded. Then I moved my hand under her bathing suit and rubber some more. She started to moan and breath heavy. Then I inserted a finger into her pussy. She gasped and then moaned as I was fingering her. I got her off with a big orgasm. Then I told her to sit on the side of the pool. She did without saying a word. Her pussy was at eye level to me. Then I spread her legs and pushed the side of her bathing suit to one side and started to finger her some more. Then I took my finger out and licked her pussy. She let out a big gasp. Then I stared to eat her out and play with her clit till she had a huge orgasm. Just then we heard our dad pull up. We both got out and changed. We acted like nothing had happened.

The next day we were home along again. She was sitting in the chair in the family room. She was wearing a tight top esenyurt escort with no bra and a short pleated skirt with light blue panties on. I came up to her and started to tickle her on her sides. She started to squirm in the chair. While she was squirming, he legs spread wide, I took my hand and put it on her pussy and started rubbing at the same time. She stopped squirming and let out a little moan. I saw a wet spot form on the crotch of her panties. I pushed her panties aside and started to finger her. After a few strokes she went limp in the chair. I then took her panties off. I started to lick her clit then started to eat her out. I would lick around her clit teasing her. Then start licking her pussy lips and darting my tongue into her pussy. With my left hand I lifted up her shirt and started to play with her left breast, her nipples her rock hard. She was moaning loudly.

I undid my pants and pulled them down. My crotch was the same level as hers sitting in the chair. I started to stroke my hard on with my right hand, while still eating her out. After a few minutes I started to rub my cock around her pussy lips she just moaned. I moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy and pushed the head in. She gasped and the started to breathe really hard. I pushed my cock the rest of the way in enjoying how tight she was. It was obvious that she was a virgin. I just let my cock sit there for a few seconds. Then started to slowly move out then back in. As I slowly fucked her, I sucked on one her tits. Then I started to pick up the pace. She started to moan with every thrust. Then I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. She was having an orgasm. I decided to slow my speed down and let her enjoy her orgasm. After it was over, I started to speed up. It was not long till she clenched my cock with her pussy again. Right before I had my orgasm I pulled out and shot my load all over her face. It was a huge load, it covered her whole face and was dripping down onto her shirt. After we rested for a few minutes, she went upstairs to clean up.

Later istanbul escort on that night while the whole family was having dinner. Lynn always sits next to me at dinner. She was still wearing the same skirt she had on before but had on a tank top on with no bra I could see down her shirt easily. While everyone was eating I took my left had and moved it onto her lap. Then moved my hand to her crotch and realized that she never put her panties back on. I slid one finger into her pussy it was soaking wet. I started to slowly finger fuck her. Then I slipped in another finger in. I kept going for a little bit but stopped before she came. I didn’t want her to screen at the table. Right before pulling my fingers out of her she squeezed her legs together keeping my fingers inside of her. Every so often I would wiggle my fingers sending chills through her body.

After dinner was over Lynn was very horny. But it was her night to do the dishes. She wanted to finish fast so she can finally get off. While she was working, the rest of the family was watching tv in the family room. Lynn would bend over to put dishes into the dishwasher. Her skirt was so short that she would show off her ass and some pussy every time she bent over. I would sneak up behind her and slip a finger in her pussy when she would bend over. I decided to take it one step further once no one noticed me fingering her when she bends over. I went to my room to change into shorts which I wear at night anyway. I went back in. She still had some dishes left to do. The next time she went to bend over I pulled my already hard cock out and penetrated her pussy. She gasps at first, then I started to thrust a couple of times and then pull out, so the parents will still think she is doing the dishes. Every time she bent over to put more in the dishwasher I would thrust in her a few more times. I kept it up till she came, luckily there was a clean towel close by to muffle her orgasm. Then I shot my load up inside her.

After I pulled out, Lynn finished up the dishes while I went to my room to recover. beylikdüzü escort Lynn went to take a long hot shower and then went to bed. I never slept better in my life.

The next morning was Saturday and everyone usually sleeps in. I decided to get up around seven and soak in our hot tub for a bit. I dozed off for a bit while being relaxed and when I woke up Lynn was in the hot tub with me. She was naked. She slid off my shorts and started to stroke my cock. Then she mounted me and started to ride me. The spa is right along the house in the back. You can see it though the window. While Lynn was riding me, her Mom came down stairs to get some coffee. I hoped she did need to go outside for any reason. Lucky for us her mom does not pay too much attention to things around her and went back up stairs. She was only a few steps from seeing me fucking her daughter. Right after her mom went upstairs, Lynn started to moan as she came closer to cumming. Almost being caught really got me turned on more and we both came together as I filled her up again with another massive load of cum. She fell limp onto me and we rested while I grew soft inside her. Lynn then kissed me and snuck back upstairs to her room.

After Everyone started to get up and mosey on down stairs, I went up stairs to take a shower. Dad asked “What’s wrong with your shower?” I told him some bogus story about the shower not working and I would fix it later. When I went up stairs, the bathroom was right across from Lynn’s room. She was laying in bed, naked and asleep. I put two fingers in her pussy and she slowly woke up. I told her to follow me. She followed me into the shower. Everyone thought she was still asleep. I started the shower and got undressed. We got into the shower and I bent her over, she grabbed the side of the tub and held on. I began to fuck her doggy style while the water fell over us. After a few minutes of intense fucking she said she wants to taste my cum. As I got closer to cumming I pulled out of her and she spun around and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked it for a few minutes.

“I am going to cum.” I told her

She kept sucking as fast and hard as she could till I came in her mouth. She did not even spill one drop. She swallowed all of it.

“That tasted good.” She said

“You can have it anytime.” I replied back

We kept this up for some time behind our parent’s backs. They never found out.

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