Cancun Vacations

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Cancun Vacations

Ana was excited, vacations in Cancun during Spring Break with her friends Julie and Agatha!!

She didn’t feel secure to travel alone so it was just perfect when her friends agreed to take 10 days off and go with her. They planned to get wild and have as much sex as possible lol.

Ok girls, said Ana, first day and we are sunbathing at this fantastic beach, but we must plan where we will go at night!

Agatha started to laugh “You mean we need to find some guys to lick our pussies till we cum :P!”

The 3 girls started to laugh out loud and make naughty poses to each other.


Jose was looking from a safe distance following the whole conversation. The 3 girls were the perfect match for his needs. American teens searching for fun and sex.

Ana was a tall blonde with big boobs, Julie a muscular brunette, probably a cheerleader and Agatha a small brunette with perky boobs, the classical cute teen.

Jose took his phone and dialed the Ducks Venue number.

Hi Boss! Jose here, found 3 girls to “be the party” I just need two muscular guys to convince them to go!

Ok, will send them to Bar 55, meet them there. Remember the girls have to say you are their boyfriends and that they agree to take part of the “Body Shot Game”.

“Ok boss, deal!” said Jose. They have to say they agree to participate, but they don’t need to know what it means…. and he would earn 10% of everything the guys pay to use them. Jose was with a big smile thinking about it.

5 minutes passed before Antonio and Jorge arrived, two muscular tanned guys with a captivating smile, the typical dream for American party girls.

“Hey Jose! Where are your daily victims?” Smiled Antonio

“Lol, over there one blonde and 2 brunettes, certainly American girls. Let’s do our usual stuff”.


“Hi girls! Would you mind if we sit next to you?” Asked Antonio with a smile

The girls were in a fun conversation and didn’t even notice the guys approaching, so when they turned their heads it took some time to process what they said and stop staring at those Perfect bodies.

“Humm it will cost you guys three beer to sit close to us” said Julie with a giggle

“Cheap price to sit close” said Antonio with a smile

x – x

After one hour of good fun and talking Jose thought the girls were already confident on them, so he decided to make the invite.

“Tonight, we are going to Ducks Venue, would you girls come with us? It will be fun!” asked Jose

The girls exchanged a fast approve look and Agatha said they would go.

They made the arrangements and at 11pm they guys were there with a 7 place SUV to get the girls.

Jose admired the girls, Ana with white pants and a pink social shirt, Julie with a Denim mini skirt and white shirt, Agatha with a truly short mini skirt and a tight blouse. All the girls looking sexy.

The girls entered the SUV and they drove to the Ducks Venue. At the entrance Ana looked around, there was much more guys than girls and she was sure many of the girls were in fact hookers searching clients but as they were with those sexy guys, she didn’t worry about it.

At the entrance Jose said he would buy the tickets but first they had to make a choice and pointed the Venue entrance.

There were 3 bridges to get inside:

-the one to the left was a wooden one with a sign “guys, girls on pants and shy girls”

-the one to the right had a glass floor and a sign “girls in miniskirts”

-the one at the center had a glass floor as well and a sign “girls in miniskirts – commando”

The girls looked at each other and started to laugh.

“Are you serious?” asked Julie

“Lol, come one, we are in Cancun, all the places do naughty games and you 3 can choose the one you prefer but I have to ask as the left entrance pays full price, the right entrance pays half price and receives one free drink, the center one doesn’t pay and receives a bottle of tequila” explained Jose

“Well, I will not take off my pants, but I dare my friends to get us free drinks” said Ana with a giggle and stared at her friends

“If Julie goes, I will do the right one”

“Dare accepted, let’s give those perverts a little peek lol” said Julie, feeling her pussy start to get wet on the thought of the naughty dare.

Ok, the 3 bridges join inside the club, so we meet at the end of it

The 3 guys and Ana got green bracelets and entered the left wooden bridge, through the left door. It was a short bridge and soon they were inside the club waiting for the other girls.

Julie and Agatha took the right entrance, passing a door that was closed just behind them. Julie noticed the door could not be opened from the inside, so they now had no choice but to walk through the bridge till the end of it…. And it was not a short bridge, it would make a real trip around the venue! And to make things worse there were lights and cameras under the bridge.

There was a huge cheer from the crowd, and they saw their image being transmitted to TV’s around the place. There were images from their faces, from the back at the butt level and many angles giving upskirts from the front and back.

“OMG” Agatha could not believe they were giving such a show to the crowd and suddenly they were hit by the strongest air jet they ever felt, it came from the floor so Julie denim skirt moved up her waist and her shirt was now covering her eyes. Agatha was not in a much better situation as her soft skirt was blown up and was above her belly button, so the crowd had a perfect view Ankara bayan escort of Julie panties and bra and of Agatha panties.

The girls took some seconds to get back from the shock and noticed they had to walk as they were not going to win against the air jet. They walked as fast as they could, with air jets every meter trying to keep the front of the skirt in place, leaving a perfect view of their butt while they walked.

After what looked like a month they arrived at the end of the bridge, receiving applauses from the crowd and meeting Ana and the guys, that were almost dying of laugh.

“Sorry girls! I know it’s a bad prank, but I couldn’t resist doing it” said Jose while Julie and Agatha tried to place their clothes back in place.

They all got to a table and the waitress gave the girls the free drink and thanked the show with a naughty smile.

They started to talk, have fun…. And after some time, the 3 girls were making out with the guys. The girls already had 3 drinks each, and Jose noticed it was time to get his money.

“Let’s play the body shot game?” asked Jose

“Game? What’s it?” asked Julie

“You girls will receive a free drink, you have to keep it inside your mouth, they will shake your head before you can swallow it, than you will lay down at the bar, they will place a shot at your belly button and we guys have to lick it. If we do it sexy you girls receive an extra free drink”

“Well, compared to the show I already gave, laying down at the bar is nothing” grinned Julie

“If you 3 do it, we can bargain a free bottle after it. You just have to say you are our girlfriends and that you wish to do the body shot game, as they only allow couples to do it, to avoid problems” explained Jose

Agatha and Ana were not sure to do it, but Julie made them remember they promised to be wild and have fun so at the end the 3 agreed to do it.

Jose went to the bar to set up things and called the group to join him. At the bar the bartender with a microphone asked the 3 girls if the guys were their boyfriends and if they wish to do the body shot game and they all confirmed. There was a huge cheer from the crowd.

The 3 girls seated at the bar table and received the instructions. Their boyfriends would hold the girls, hands to their back, they would have to hold the mug using only their mouth while the bartender fills the mug with the drink. The girls had to try to keep it inside their mouth until taught to swallow.

“What is the drink?” asked Ana

“Basically, coconut milk with vodka” smiled the bartender. Basically, because it also had a drug that would make the girls keep conscience but be unable to fight against anything they do to them.

The bartender presented them the mug, and it had the shape of a medium dick!

The girls started to laugh but said they would do it, so with their hands to their back and the mug dick inside their mouths the bartended filled the mug with the drinks

Ana felt the drink starting to enter her mouth, she hated to give head and she never swallowed cum, and she felt like she was doing it, but she had no way to go back so she tried to keep it inside her mouth. It was strong, she could feel her tongue get a bit strange and a sensation of losing control, feeling extremely horny. The other girls were feeling the drink effects as well.

After they finished the girls were placed laying down at the bar table and they didn’t notice but their wrist was being tied together above their heads with BDSM handcuffs.

The bartender raised their shirts until we could see the base of their boobs, opened Ana pants button and zipper so we could see her panties and lowered the other girls skirts so we could see a bit of their panties as well.

He placed a shot at each girl belly button and asked their “boyfriends” to lick it.

At this point the drug was making full effect, Agatha thought they would better go back to the hotel as she could not have clear thoughts so when the bartender used the microphone to talk to their “boyfriends” it was like something far away.

“Should we ask their boyfriends?” asked the bartender at the microphone

“Yes!!” cheered the crowd

“Ok, you boyfriends, want to share your girlfriends with us and earn 10% of everything they earn to the club?” asked the bartender

“Yes!!” the 3 guys answered together

Share your girlfriends? Julie was trying to figure what it meant when she felt her hands start to raise. The girl’s handcuffs were attached to hopes that reached some rails at the ceiling of the Venue. The rope keeps going up, making the girls stand up and only stopped when they were on tip toes at the bar table

“Ok, open your mouth girls!” commanded the bartender

Agatha didn’t want to open her mouth, but she didn’t offer resistance when her “boyfriend” forced her mouth open, they placed an open mouth gag to keep it open, then a dick mug with a 250ml transparent recipient attached to it, repeating the process with the other girls.

“You guys payed U$ 10 to deposit your cum, so now these girlfriends will drink it!”

Ana tried to scream “what??” but her mouth was full with the dick mug and for her disbelief she saw the bartender come with a big jar, filling the recipient and almost immediately she started to feel the taste of cum inside her mouth. She tried to make it stop flowing but it was like blowing a dick and she had to start to swallow or she would not be able to breath! She chocked making some of the cum go out from her nose but managed to swallow most of it and breath through the dick mug.

The Escort bayan Ankara vision of the 3 girls swallowing 250ml cum each chocking, with cum dripping from their noses was amazing and the crowd was cheering excited.

Still with the dick mug the ropes were raised, making the girls lose contact with the floor, they were raised about 2 meters above the crowd and the rails started to make them travel around the Venue, giving a great view to the crowd.

“One of the girls is wearing pants!! Would you guys want to help her go out of it?” asked the bartender

“Yes!!!” The crowd was wild

So, they started to lower Ana. She took some time to understand what was happening, enough time to have some guys grab her feet. She managed to get free but lost her shoes. She was trying to move her legs up, away from the crowd, but the hopes were going down and they managed to grab her again. She felt week to fight so the crowd managed to take of her pants in a few minutes.

The bartender raised her hope again, the crowd almost managed to take of her panties, but it was just a bit lower than normal.

Then, started an auction, the vip tables were able to give bids. The first auction was about Agatha’s shirt. Vip table 5 won and the rail moved Agatha to the table.

They lowered her until she was on tiptoes on the table. With scissors the guys had fun cutting her shirt till it dropped to the floor. Meanwhile Ana and Julie were “flying” around the Venue, giving amazing views of their panties.

Jose could not smile more, the girls only lost their shirts to table 5, 4 and 7 and he already had U$ 300. The auction continued with Agatha and Julie losing their panties, so the crowd could now see their pussy under the skirts. Some more time and the girls were fully naked.

Now started the interesting bids. First one was to place a remote-controlled vibrator inside Julie pussy. Table 1 wins and naked Julie is lowered there. The guys place the vibrator inside her pussy, and it also press her clit. They turn it on and Julie gasps, it is strong! At this point the guests can only turn it on lower speed but even so the drugs make an extra effect on turning the girls horny.

The process was repeated with the other girls and now there is one of the most expected bids. The vips will try to make each of the girls cum, the one that guess the first one to cum wins the right to place butt plugs on the 3 girls.

Now the vibrators were on full power and the bids going insane. The girls can’t fight but they know exactly what is happening and try to avoid the humiliation of Cuming tied and suspended. Agatha is losing the battle to her body…. She feels it growing…. Growing…. Till it explodes. She screams as she Cums, making strange noises through the dick mug.

Table 7 is in ecstasy, they won! Costed U$ 4,000 but money is no problem for them, they like the fun to do what they want to a girl and to win over the other vips.

Agatha is the first one to be lowered to their table. The butt plug is huge, not that long, but its diameter is larger than a horse dick. These girls will walk funny for some days lol.

The girls thought the vibrators would be turned off after the first girl Cum but they were wrong. The 3 were still in full power and driving the girls crazy.

Agatha felt a relief to reach her tip toes at table 7 but now she had 3 guys holding and groping her, while that vibrator still was getting her nuts. Then she felt something touching her butt. She never let her boyfriends do Anal to her, she thinks its dirty and may hurt.

She feels it opening her butt cheeks and trying to open her asshole. There is no way it will go inside her! She tries to move away but the 3 guys are holding her. The 4rth guy is making a big effort to make it go inside, he can see her asshole blink trying to avoid the intrusion and they have only 2 minutes to make it go all the way inside or they lose their bid, so there is no time to be gentle and they don’t have lube.

2 guys force her butt open while one holds her and the 4rth uses both hands to force it inside. Agatha screams, the pain is insane, she feels like they are ripping her and finally her ass loses the battle and its inside.

The crowd cheers and they were so entertained at Agatha that they lost Ana orgasm. The bartender had to show a replay while she was lowered to receive her butt plug

Agatha is now flying over the crowd again, the butt plug is not only huge, it has a tail, so its humiliating as well. She has no position to relief the pain and the dam vibrator is still on full power inside her pussy.

Ana is now feeling the butt plug trying to open her asshole. She is not a fan of anal, but she knows she had to relax to make it easier. But that thing is too big for her to relax. Finally, it goes inside, and she is raised again.

Julie orgasm is still growing when she is lowered to table 7 and when they start to force the butt plug it causes her to contract all her muscles and the orgasm comes. Strong, making her tremble, making her asshole pulse…. And making the butt plug go inside in one move. One move and a loud scream lol.

Now the 3 girls are back over the crowd with vibrators on full power and butt plugs attached. Time for the final bid. Table 7 is out, and one table can win only one girl for the cum roulette.

The bartender explains how it works, the won girl will be lowered to the table and tied with legs open and the head a bit down the edge of the table. One guy will use her mouth, another will use her pussy, 2 waits. Every minute the table rotates, so Bayan escort Ankara the 2 that were inside go out and the 2 waiting go in. Objective is to Cum 1st. The last to cum pay U$ 100 to each of the other 3 guys. Rules: Condoms are not allowed, no taking out before cumming, don’t touch your dick while you are not fucking her.

The bids go and table 3 wins Julie. They lower her, take of the dick mug, the vibrator but keep the butt plug, making her pussy extremely tide. With legs, arms and head tied she can’t move, she is just an object to make the guest happy.

Chronometer starts and no of the 4 guys wants to be the last to cum, so they are rough, specially the one inside her mouth. Julie has a hard time trying to breath with the guy balls covering her nose all the time, making her gag. He must be very close as he cums during the first turn. With her face upside down she can’t swallow so the cum starts to drip from her mouth to her nose and eyes. Swap time and the 2 other guys start to fuck her and now the one inside her pussy cums. Julie remembers she is not on pill so never lets guys cum inside her and feels the cum dripping out of her pussy. Five more minutes and the four guys came, one inside her mouth and 3 inside her pussy.

Now the bids are about Agatha and Julie can’t understand why she is still tied to the table, they only removed the butt plug.

Finally, table 4 wins Agatha and she is lowered and tied. Roberto is a black guy with a huge dick, its long and large. Girls never let him deepthroat so he loves these events as he can go all the way inside the girl’s mouth. Its amazing to see their neck expand reaching the shape of his dick. The chronometer goes and he lets the other guys cum, controlling to avoid cumming. The 3 guys cum inside Agatha pussy and now he is free to use her throat until he is all the way inside. He slaps her face with his dick…. I will not cum until you have it all the way inside your mouth, so if you wish to breath…. Make me happy.

Agatha was in panic, there was no way that thing would fit inside her throat, the problem is that she has no chance to avoid it … and he starts…. It’s so large that she almost has no space for her tongue … and he keeps going inside. Agatha feels it touch her throat and there is still much more to go inside her. Roberto on the other side is having a great time, he can see the tip of his dick going in and out her throat, he knows he has to expand it in order to go all the way inside so every time he forces a bit more. Agatha is having a hard time to breath and she feels all her throat muscles in pain. It takes 5 more minutes, but Roberto achieves his goal, and his balls reach Agatha nose. Her neck is in a strange shape as she is trying to breath and his dick is preventing her of getting air, that sucking effect makes Roberto go over the edge and cum. It goes directly inside Agatha stomach and he takes it out of her just before she passes out.

After Ana goes through the same process with table 6 its time for the crowd.

The bartender announces that now the girls are for everyone, Mouth for U$ 50, Pussy U$ 100 and Ass U$ 200. Rules are, condoms not allowed, you can only fuck the hole you payed, you cannot go more than one time as there is many people to go and try to cum inside her or over her body as we don’t want a mess to clean.

In a few minutes there is a huge queue around the girls, around 50 guys for every hole.

Jose smiles, these American girls are a great profit, and the no condoms rule is great as it makes impossible to find out who fucked the girls.

Four hours later the queue is over, the three girls are passed out in a puzzle of cum. Its hard to find out the color of their hair lol, and Julie pussy is making bubbles of cum. Time to take the girls out of there. He gives Ana an injection that will make her forget the past 24hrs, and dress her with a Wet T-shirt style Shirt and a very small white skirt, that gets see through when wet as well. They repeat the process with the other girls. They grab the girls and place them at the back of a pick-up, no way he will have all this cum dumpster inside his SUV.

They drive to the beach close to the girl’s hotel and lay them at some sun chairs.


Many hours later the girls start to wake up.

Agatha is the first to wake, she feels much pain in her ass, her pussy is sore, her left eye is glued, she tries to call her friends but no sound goes out and she feels like something destroyed her throat. She manages to wake Ana and Julie wakes as well; they look to each other in disbelief. They have no idea what happened, don’t remember entering a wet t-shirt contest and the reason they are covered in dry cum and without their original clothes.

They decide to go to the hotel to take a bath and get decent clothes. Extremely embarrassed they try to cover but these clothes are completely see through. The owner of a nearby kiosk looks the cum covered girls walking funny and smiles, Ana ass was worth the U$ 300.

As they reach the hotel one guy opens the door to the girls and smile staring at Agatha pussy. “I was there”.

Julie asks for their key at the reception, the luggage boy stares at her thinking, a great voice but I prefer her mouth working my dick as yesterday.

They enter the elevator and before the door closes a guy reaches to enter.

“Sorry, may I use the elevator with you girls?”

Agatha just nodes and looks down trying to cover. The three girls talk in low voice.

“I can’t remember anything; we were going out from the hotel to get some sun and after that I woke up dressed this way” said Ana.

The elevator opens the door and the guy go out.

“Have a good day girls” Jose says with a huge smile at his face tapping the pack of U$ at his pocket.

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