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Carey lives in a trailer park about a mile down the road from Mistress Esmiralda’s property. On this evening, I sit cross legged on the floor before her, one exquisitely tanned right leg around my neck, and the sour toes of her left foot wriggling in my mouth, my tongue dancing from cleavage to cleavage. Her trailer is old, but she keeps it spotlessly clean, and furnished in a 1950’s vernacular. There are photos of Betty Page on the wall, and a painting of Elvis on velvet behind the sofa. Tiki art is everywhere, along with fake tatami mats on the floor. Tribal masks adorn the wall by the front door and a spear stands in the corner,…the price tag still dangling from the shaft. Votive candles are strewn everywhere,….some lighted,….and an iron hibachi sits by the front door, to be used outside with the Tiki torches on warm evenings. Japanese paper lanterns hang from the ceiling in the opposite corner of the room, and a large papier-mache Buddha sits nearby on the floor with fresh flowers in his lap. The chair that Carey sits in is the old iron framed, patio-type, shaped like an inverted Chinese coolie hat and covered in woven wicker.

With her tiny daughter sleeping soundly in the back bedroom, Carey’s silk robe is open wide, exposing her lovely pendulous breasts and naked crotch. My tongue laps slavishly between her succulent toes, savoring every bit of her greasy toe scum. The corner of the room, where Carey’s little pumps lay on the floor next to me, is filled with the noxious odor of her angelic feet, and the pungent scent of her exposed vagina.

Carey’s family called her “Jackrabbit” when she was a little girl, and forever after, due to the two front teeth that extended over her lower lip. When she arrived at Esmie’s eery dungeon for the first time, her dirty blonde hair was tied back tightly in a bun to keep her ears from looking like teacup handles. She had a long, chiseled face, with sparkling blue eyes that were nevertheless sunk back into her skull behind high cheekbones and swipes of gaudy, purple eyeshadow. Her long nose widened and turned up abruptly, exposing large nostrils which brought even more ridicule from the dumb white trash that inhabited her corner of the world. She had very little education, but she could read,….and she did so voraciously. Carey had a soft, sweet voice and was very articulate,…like a poetess,….but her thick southern drawl was the brunt of jokes everywhere that she went in the college town nearby. Nothing, however, stood out like her over-bite,….the upper lip barely hiding at all two teeth that seemed to arrive half an hour before the poor, gentle Carey.

In Esmie’s “dungeon”, on a typical evening, large hoops of gold hang from Carey’s earlobes, and a ribbon of colorful leather or silk would be tied tightly around her long, exquisitely lovely neck,….a charm of some sort dangling at her throat. It might be her birth stone, a charm, or a plastic cameo that she had rescued from the ground and had cleaned up. Lately, she has been wearing a small silver pentagram that Esmie had given her due to her interest in folk magic and healing. From her broad, lean shoulders are suspended two very lovely breasts,….C-cups, in the high 30″ range, with perky, upturned nipples and thick, red-brown areolas,…that bounce and bobble playfully above her very svelte waist line. Carey still breast feeds her tiny, two-year-old daughter and is always producing milk,….her full breasts proudly displayed above a slightly emaciated rib cage. Then, flaring abruptly, Carey’s broad hips and sumptuous, round buttocks springs forth magnificently with the muscular thighs of a gymnast, and a crotch adorned with a tiny bikini thong that ties on the sides.

Usually shy and reserved in public, Carey becomes a merciless tease,…slutty, even,….in the dungeon. She loves to strut about nude in her tiny, well-worn leather pumps, and displaying her unusually large vulva. Like a fertility goddess, Carey’s enormous labium is suspended in full view, framed by her tight, shapely thighs. Carey keeps her wispy, blond pubic hair trimmed short to further accentuate her powerful female prowess. Always browbeaten and put down, Carey has found a new voice in the dungeon that allows her complete control over her body and sensual drive. No longer the sex slave, she is now in complete charge of the scene, demanding unswerving servitude.

Slightly over five feet tall, Carey has the most beautifully sculpted legs,…the solid, “cheerleader” thighs giving way to dainty knees, firm, curvaceous calves and elegant ankles. Carey’s little size six feet are exquisitely lovely, and marvelously dexterous, possessing a square heel, a well defined arch, a broad instep and perfectly aligned toes that are always manicured. After a day of walking in the village, her soft pink soles are stained a poopy yellow-brown from the oily, rancid sweat scum that permeates the grimy insoles of her old, scuffed, leather flats, and sling-back pumps with tiny inch-tall abidinpaşa escort heals. The foul smelling filth clings to her pores and must be licked away by a slavish tongue, leaving Carey’s feet clean and fresh. Lovingly, I rub the foot-filth, and any dried skin, from her heals, toes and soles with the edges of my teeth, then lick it away completely. This exfoliating technique was perfected on the feet of Mistress Ruth, and her many girlfriends, and can drives Carey to orgasm as I sit before her, massaging her lovely legs.

Carey’s vulva glistens with thick mucous and she loves to masturbate,….both to tease, and to run her wet fingers over her toes to add flavor to the already tasty digits. For well over an hour, I have sat before her, sucking and licking the scum from between her toes, and she is in full arousal. Her thick lips are swollen, and hot, syrupy mucous is flowing freely from her cavernous canal. Her fingers move in and out, then are extended to me as an offering. The toes are drawn from my mouth, and her legs coil about me, pulling me closer to her. Carey brushes the wet fingers under my nose, then prods them into my mouth. The taste of menstrual flow and piss wash over my taste buds as my tongue dances around her lovely, slime covered fingers. Kneeling now before her, I lean in close as she feeds me several finger-fulls of her warm nectar. She asks if she tastes good, and I, in my delirium, give an affirmative nod. Carey withdraws her fingers and guides my face to her naked crotch. The odor of her sex burns my sinuses and fills my lungs. I lick and kiss her lovely inner thighs and then run my tongue up and down her swollen lips. Her clitoris is exposed, and I watch memorized as she gently lavishes thick mucous upon it, causing it to swell further. As per her orders, I lick it, then take it in my mouth and nibble it lightly.

Carey instructs me to move the coffee table, underneath which lies a thickly piled area rug, dyed in a tiger-stripe pattern. Her legs release me from their serpent-like grip and I rise to do her bidding. When the table is secure against the wall, Carey orders me to lie down in the customary many,…face up, along the length of the padded rug. She rises from her little throne and prances prettily about, tossing off her short red robe completely, letting it fall loosely on the edge of the sofa. She steps over to a table and snaps on a radio, which brings forth the strains of a Billy Holiday tune. I watch, my mouth agape, as Carey adjusts the volume, then loosens the French braid, letting her strawberry blonde hair fall to her shoulders. She grasps each round tit, hefts them, and rolls the rubbery nipples between her forefingers and thumbs. An evil look falls across her face, causing the eyeshadow to darken and her cheekbones to appear even more skeletal and sinister.

She moves around behind me, then steps softly onto the rug. Her lovely feet sink deep into the pile as she steps forward, astride my head and shoulders. Directly above me now, with her legs spread slightly, Carey displays her gaping maw of a vagina, and her dark, cavernous rectum. A large droplet of mucous hits my mouth and I lick my lips with a sheepish hunger. With toes just behind my shoulders, Carey gingerly lowers herself to a squat, bringing her fat, wet labium in direct contact with my upturned face. Her huge lips drape over my nose, and deposit great dollops of mucous that ooze down my cheeks. I nuzzle her wonderful vulva, then move my mouth into place and extend my tongue to her. My tongue penetrates her slit, and great torrents of mucous descend into my open mouth. I gulp, and swirl my tongue about in her slimy opening, savoring every drop of her delicious soup.

The ghastly odor of her steamy crotch fills my lungs and sends me into a stupor. Carey is fastidiously clean, but wears little perfume, and only douches with mild vinegar. She works in

the fields next door, and spends little time in an air conditioned space. A woman of the earth, her sweat accumulates, and grows quite rancid by the end of the day. She loves the sensation of my nose in her hot rectum, and the feeling of power that that position affords to a sensual goddess. Carey lowers herself further, allowing my tongue to probe her more deeply. I pause to slavishly lick her butt flesh all around her crotch, and then penetrate her rectum with my tongue. Carey reaches down to take my hands and place them around her little waist. I embrace her lovingly, as she settles to her knees and drops all her weigh on my captive face. A great squish sound rises up as her sopping wet crotch melts over me.

With a gentle squirm, Carey’s vagina sucks up my mouth like a vacuum cleaner, and my nose is now forced deep into her hot bowels. Happily, Carey settles into an easy humping movement, punctuated by a periodic, sensuous bump and grind. I am in a trance, and can barely breath around the lips of her vagina as my tongue works round and round inside adana escort her wet canal. Her move sets up a steady flow of mucous that I eagerly gulp down as fast as I can.

Darkness is descending outside, and only the scented candles light the tidy living room of Carey’s trailer. A breeze wafts through the window and across our bodies, rattling the blinds and exchanging the odor of sex with the fresh, damp smell of a fresh-cut lawn. Carey sits bolt upright, feeding me mouth full upon mouth full of her delicious salt-sour mucous, as crickets chirp, and a dog barks across the street. The street light next door cuts a pattern across the wall behind us, and a train whistle moans in the rural distance. An hour passes, and then another. Carey is in a catatonic state as she works her rectum on my tongue. Humming softly, she moves to the rhythm of the music,….squirming and humping sensuously,….deriving unfathomable pleasure from her position as the one who must be worshiped.

Thunder rumbles softly outside, and rain begins to drop on the roof and the deck outside. Gently, Carey rises and stretches out next to me for a moment. She kisses me deeply, licking the wetness from my face, and works her hand into my shorts. Moving upward, her tits flop in my face and she coaxes a swollen nipple into my mouth. I suck, and funky-sweet breast milk instantly bubbles forth. Carey always cleanses my palate with her milk at a change in position,…and, as a reward for bringing her lovingly to orgasm. Her breasts produce enormous quantities of milk and I have become her alternative source of relief. I must suck quite a bit of her milk to keep them from dribbling when she cums. So I will lay in her arms for as long as an hour, or more, just suckling like a child.

The nursing also heightens her arousal, and when ready to cum, Carey rises, kisses me once again, and gingerly clambers astride my face. With the fingers of her right hand, she opens her vagina and fastens herself to my mouth, then, closing her thighs, settles into a gentle bump and grind. Reaching from behind, I embrace her hips, and for a moment, gaze upward at her breasts that jiggle and bounce above me. Carey reaches down, grasps my head with one hand, and thrusts against my tongue. The smell of rain fills the room, mingling will the pungent odor of sensuous oral sex. Illuminated only by the glow of candles, the radio dial and the street light, Carey is little more than a dark silhouette,…a lovely, sinister sex-monster that holds me captive and remarks softly how wonderful I look beneath her.

The abuse that the sweet Carey has endured for thirty years is all the justification that she needs to release her bladder and send forth torrents of hot piss down my throat. (I worship her completely, and have gladly cleaned her up after a trip to the toilet.) Many times she has sat in this position and slowly withdrawn a spotted tampon before my eyes, and then coaxed the stinking, fibrous peg into my mouth to be sucked clean of it’s thick, savory juices. It has been almost five hours since I first arrived to sit before Mistress Carey’s little throne,… slip off her sweat-soaked footwear and lick the muck from her lovely soles,….and suck the stinking scum from between her gorgeous toes.

The night is young, and as rain falls softly on the fields outside,…spattering on the driveway and the porch,….little Carey leans back, supporting herself with hands on my waist, and rides my tongue that swirls round and round in her deep canal. She loves to build herself up to an explosive orgasm,….the chase being more important than the final capture. My hands travel up to her firm, bobbling breasts, and she moans with approval. Headlights streak across the wall as they whiz by on the adjacent farm road, the splash of water from a puddle sending a crash through the relative silence of the rainy spring evening. Voices move past the trailer on the wet walk,……a tipsy neighbor returning home with her girlfriends and a shopping bag full of beer. It is not uncommon for some of those women to knock on Carey’s door, enter, and then strip in preparation of participation in the evening’s antics.

Carey humps my face happily, the soft, wet squish of mucous-covered flesh against flesh smacking audibly against the quiet of a modest woman’s trailer house parlor. There is nothing more meaningful than spending time worshiping Carey’s body. For thirty years, she has been the brunt of jokes, ridiculed profusely, teased mercilessly, abused and abandoned by practically every male in her life, and marginalized both socially and economically. The tiny girl sleeping in the back room was fathered by a man who barely spent a week with Carey when he realized that she was pregnant. Yet, Carey has cared for the girl like she was a great gift, carting her about the town proudly before the eyes of all.

Carey has become a lover, and submitting completely to her wishes has become an obligation that I gladly accept,….an adıyaman escort obsession given over to completely. I am lucky to be the one on whose face Carey sits, and whose tongue can satisfy her every physical wish. She deserves ones undivided attention, and in exchange Carey gives forth the sweetest and most unconditional love.

The tension builds as Carey gets closer and closer to climax,….her breasts heaving now with each thrust. A hissing sound comes forth from her as my tongue moves up and down the length of her enormous slit, pausing occasionally to flick against her rubbery clitoris. Finally, Carey shudders violently, then stiffens, clamping her thighs around my head like a vise. A low moan erupts from deep in her little soul, and a torrent of hot mucous flows forth. Another more subdued shudder comes and passes, and the sweet Carey pulls my face into her crotch and continues to grind slowly. She stiffens once again, then leans backward on her hands and gives forth another intense groan. Then, her powerful thighs release me from their death grip as she relaxes. My tongue, now at the base of her vagina, continues to catch the excess drainage still oozing forth.

Lightning flashes brightly for a millisecond, as the damp breeze causes the candles to flicker, sending eery shadows dancing across the wall. The smell of sex mingles freely with that of the hay in the fields next door. I gaze upward at Carey’s silhouetted figure, her dark eyes watching me from above round, pendulous breasts that she playful jiggle back and forth. She rises and backs off of my face. Then, leaning forward on all fours, she dangles her tits, dragging

her lovely nipples across my face, enticing me to suckle again. I gently grasp a nipple between my lips and suck it in, causing milk to begin flowing freely. Carey settles over me, cradling my head in her arms, and smothering me under her milk-laden breasts. In the dark, I lay with arms around Carey’s waist and ingest another serving of her funky-sweet breast milk.

Back and forth, from breast to breast, almost an hour goes by before Carey rises, dismounts, then clambers astride me once more, butt first. She rubs the soles of her sweaty feet again my cheeks and I instinctively turn to lick and kiss them. Leaning forward and reaching into my shorts, she grasps my rigid shaft and then coaxes a set of pointed toes into my mouth. I submit, and again my tongue is deep in her toe cleavage, searching for that foul smelling scum that is so delicious. Carey’s silken hand strokes me deftly as her toes coil about my slavish tongue. One foot, and then the other, is given service as am skillful brought to a solid erection.

Then the tiny foot slips from my mouth and the two disappear around my neck. I gaze upward in the half-dark at Carey’s lovely, round ass. Her ankles cross as she lowers her wonderful butt flesh to my face, inducing me to lavish the two perfect cheeks with kisses. She is dripping mucous once again, and reaches back with both hands to spread her cheeks, displaying her rectum and swollen labium. Her legs tighten about my neck in a dreadful sex grip, and lowering her weight, she skillfully forces my captive face into her cavernous crotch. Carey’s butt flesh melts over me once again as her fingers wrap delicately about my erection. Her wet vagina sucks at my face as my tongue disappears up her sweet canal. Squirming, she abysses my nose deeply up her rectum, the funky odor of her bowels adding to my arousal.

Carey strokes me slowly as she sets into the customary bump and grind,…. rocking and swaying to the sounds of a Charlie Parker tune. I am now in a catatonic state, and fumbling, I reach up and around Carey’s waist to embrace her lovingly. We are locked together once again as she leans fully forward and flicks her tongue against the head of my shaft. I squirm as her wet lips close, and then slide downward until the head comes to rest at the back of her throat. Carey works her teeth up and down my shaft slowly, tormenting me into a deep delirium. Nibbling the head at the top of each stroke, she drives me even closer toward the edge of an abyss. Completely engulfed in Carey’s sex, I can barely breath as she rides my face rhythmically. My senses are overwhelmed completely now, with my nose up her steamy ass and her warm vaginal flow coursing down my throat. My head is completely enveloped in her butt flesh, her legs holding me so tightly in place that my neck may break. All I can hear is the sloppy, squishing, sound of Carey’s wet vagina smacking against my face with every thrust of her little body. She sucks happily on my shaft, toying with me mercilessly as I gulp down her hot mucous.

It is midnight, and the rain begins again, as we lay tangled together on the thick rug. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles in the distance as we both move closer to a mutual climax. We shudder and stiffen, convulsing together, each exploding in orgasm as simultaneously as we can. It is a game we play. Then, finally, there is rest, as we lay together listening to the rain and the music. I continue to embrace Carey, kissing her round ass as a tribute to her sensual expertise. We will fall asleep together in this position, waking only when a neighbor’s rooster crows at sunrise.

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