Carli Meets Gary

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Carli stuffed her book bag full of everything she thought she needed for the day. She was a bit late and the lecture would be starting soon at the University lecture hall. Carli was a good student and wanted to get good grades so she could get into Medical School when she finished her undergraduate courses. This meant studying hard and developing good study habits. She didn’t have the luxury of some students that hardly cracked a book, but got good grades anyhow.

Today’s lecture dealt with human psychology. Carli wasn’t sure just how much she believed in this science. Nonetheless it was a prerequisite and she wanted to do well in the course. She listened carefully, made notes and even taped some of the lecture to study it at her leisure, later. During a short recess in the two hour lecture session, Carli noticed an acquaintance speaking with an older man near the back of the hall. She approached them and called out, “Hi, April, is this your guardian?” she asked.

“Oh no,” April said, “This is Gary Harrison. He’s a close friend of my guardian, Cedric,” April said as she introduced Gary, “Gary, this is my friend, Carli. She’s going to be a famous Doctor someday.” Carli smiled and shook her head good naturedly.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Carli,” Gary said with a smile. “I drove April to school today and she convinced me to stay and hear this lecture,” he explained.

“Gary is just like you, Carli. He doesn’t much believe in some of the finer points of human psychology,” April told her. Carli smiled a lovely young smile, displaying her marvelous white teeth, framed in full deep pink lips, unencumbered with makeup. She tossed her blonde shoulder length hair slightly. April said that she was proud of Gary for restraining his ‘dirty old man’ tendencies and giggled when Gary feigned annoyance. Carli smiled too, because some time ago, April had told her of Gary’s sexual adventures. They returned to their seats and painfully managed to listen to the balance of the lecture.

It was November, when Gary next ventured to the college to go to the big football game against their greatest rival. Cedric had given Gary the tickets when he had been called out of town at the last minute. The seats were near the front, right on the fifty yard line. People would kill for seats like these for any game let alone the biggest game of the year. Since he was alone and had two tickets he went to the stadium early to hang around the box office to give away the other ticket. It was an Indian summer afternoon and he was comfortable in his sweater, but had also brought his coat and gloves. Winter in this state descended quickly to trap the unwary in its cold embrace.

Gary stood patiently near the box office, when someone tugged at his sweater. He turned to see a lovely young woman smiling at him. “Remember me, Mister Harrison?” Carli asked him. Gary’s brows furrowed. The young woman looked very familiar, but he could not place her. She grinned and reminded him, “I’m Carli. April introduced us at the lecture hall last month.”

“Oh, yes, Carli. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you,” Gary said. Carli grinned and replied with the usual small talk as Gary asked her, “Are you going to the big game?”

Carli shook her head and frowned, “No, I forgot my Student Activity Card and I can’t even buy a ticket,” she said a bit dejected.

“Well, Carli, this might just be your lucky day,” Gary said, “Guess who has two tickets and no one to give the other one to.”

“You got to be kidding!” Carli exclaimed as he handed her his other ticket. “Oh this is awesome! Wow, fifty yard line seats…are you sure?” she asked, as though perhaps he had misgivings.

“Yes, I’m sure,” he smiled, “I came here to the box office to give away this other ticket because it would be a shame to let it go to waste.” Carli grinned and hugged him as she accepted the ticket. “You can be an old man’s date, Carli, for this game, anyway.” Late in the fourth quarter the weather changed, to become foul. It began to snow, the sun disappeared and it was downright cold. Gary noticed that Carli was wearing only a light sweater and was obviously cold. He wrapped his heavy coat around her and placed his finger on her lips when she tried to decline accepting it. Finally, she wrapped the coat tightly around her lithe little body and sheepishly looked up at Gary to say ‘thank you’. After the game, Gary asked her if he could drop her off at her dorm or where ever she wanted to go and Carli agreed.

“I’m a bit hungry, Carli, will you join me for dinner?” he asked her. Carli agreed as she explained that her roommate had her boyfriend over for the weekend and she would just be in the way at the dorm. Finishing dinner, Gary bundled Carli in his coat and they walked to his car through the accumulating snow. bursa escort At the dorm, Carli sighed in desperation. Her roommates’ boyfriend’s car was still there. The weather was fast closing in and she knew that he was probably going to spend the night. “Damn!” she said, knowing that meant she would spend the night in the dorm lobby. Gary asked what was wrong and she reluctantly told him what was going on.

“Carli,” Gary said very deliberately, “please don’t get the wrong idea, but if you like you can get a room at the hotel for tonight.” Carli thanked him, but said she couldn’t afford it and would stay in the dorm lobby. “Ok, Carli, I’ll walk you inside so you won’t catch cold and then I’ll take my coat.” Once inside the dorm it was obvious that several students, and others, had also decided to spend the night in the lobby. It was packed with wall to wall people. “Come on Carli, there’s no other choice, now,” he said. Reluctantly, she accepted the offer and they left.

At the hotel all the rooms were taken. Carli was visibly upset and on the verge of tears as Gary tried to comfort her. “Carli, look…you can stay in my room. I have two beds in the room and I promise I won’t bother you…honest,” Gary said. Carli sighed deeply and nodded, tears welling in her eyes. “Why are you crying, Carli?” Gary asked, puzzled by her tears.

“I don’t know…it’s just that I haven’t done this before, with…with an older guy,” she blubbered.

“Look, Carli, I’m not going to touch you, I promise. This is just an accommodation because of the weather. Surely you understand that, don’t you?” Carli nodded, wiped her eyes and blew her cute little nose into a tissue. She took a deep breath and nodded. Gary opened his suitcase and took out a pair of his pajamas. “Here, Carli, you can wear these, if you want, or you can sleep in your clothes…it’s your choice.” Gary grabbed his robe and headed to the bathroom. Inside he removed his clothes except his underwear. He brushed his teeth, put on the robe and returned to the bedroom.

Carli returned from the bathroom wearing the pajamas with the sleeves and pants rolled up. Gary smiled and jokingly said the pajamas looked much better on her than on him. Carli returned the smile, finally settling down from her concerns to curl up in her bed. “May I watch a movie, Gary?” she asked. Gary nodded and handed her the remote control as he got under the covers. He fell asleep quickly as he was tired from activities of the day, leaving Carli to her movie.

Carli sighed as she had already seen all of the movies. She looked at Gary, sleeping soundly, and selected a porn movie. Turning the volume down very low she lay back on her pillows as the movie began. As with most porn movies the plot was predictable, hence she really didn’t need any sound. The movie contained several sexual encounters and Carli became aroused. She quickly looked at Gary sleeping then slid her hands into her panties to rub her self as she watched the film. She moaned softly as she masturbated under the covers, having removed the pajama bottoms and her panties so they wouldn’t be soiled with her dew. Unaware, she moaned louder and Gary stirred as her moans awakened him.

Though his back was to Carli, he immediately recognized the sounds she was making and his cock began to swell. Reluctantly, he tried to block out the sounds and fall asleep again. Of course that plan failed miserably and he decided to wait until Carli finished then perhaps they could both go to sleep. The more Carli pleasured herself, the more she wanted someone to make love to her. She recalled what April had told her about Gary’s sexual appetites and wondered if she should wake him.

“Gary,” Carli called out softly. Gary, still awake, stirred as though he was waking up and softly said ‘yes’. Carli got out of bed, nearly mad with desire and quickly got under the covers with Gary. He had his back to her, but smiled, as he knew what was about to happen. Carli slid up against Gray and reached around him to grab his very hard cock, surprised at his considerable hardness. “I want that!” Carli demanded. Gary rolled onto his back and she pulled at his shorts, slipping them off. Carli gasped at the size of his cock as she straddled his hips and placed his cockhead between her sopping wet pussylips.

Slowly, she impaled herself upon his cock as her very tight pussy expanded to sheath it snuggly. She moaned with pleasure as her bush encountered Gary’s pubic hair, pleased that she could take all of him. “Oh, God, that feels so goddamn good,” she sighed, squeezing his cock even more with her cunt muscles. Gary watched as she took off the pajama top she wore revealing her tee shirt top. He could see her bra beneath it and he reached to remove the tee shirt. “No!” Carli said, “Please leave it on, Gary,” she pleaded. Gary asked why and she reluctantly whispered that she looked like she had a little boy’s chest.

“Carli, that’s all right…I don’t mind if your breasts are small. Please let me play with them?” he asked. She reached for the lamp bursa escort bayan and turned the light off as Gary lifted her tee shirt up and off of her body. Carli was too aroused to stop him. He felt her bra and realized that the cups were heavily padded. It hooked in front and Gray removed it in the dim light of the TV to see a nearly flat chest with two lovely nipples, hard as bullets. Carli’s eyes were closed and he sensed she was embarrassed with her nearly total lack of breasts.

“See,” she murmured, “There’s nothing there,” she acknowledged shamefully. Gary gently pulled her to him as his mouth closed over her hard nipple. He licked it, swirling his tongue all over it, then pulled the nipple into his mouth to suckle it. Carli moaned delightfully as her cunt twitched and clenched Gary’s cock. He drew his tongue to the other nipple and sucked and licked that one too as she sighed with pleasure. Holding her nipple gently in his teeth, his tongue swirled over its tip. “Oh my God,” she gasped from the pleasure she felt in her breasts. Gary popped the nipple from his mouth and looked up at Carli as she squirmed, seated on his cock, involuntarily clutching it with her pussy as he sucked her nipples.

“Did that make you feel good in your pussy, sweet Carli?” he asked her.

“Oh God, yes,” she gasped.

“Then your breasts are more than big enough, Carli.” Thrilled that Gary loved her small titties, Carli kissed him deeply, thanking him as she began to rise and fall on his cock embedded in her tight pussy. Gary held her close and continued to suck her titties as she fucked him. Carli’s prior arousal, while she fingered her self, heightened her passion as her orgasm began to rise swiftly. She moaned and sat up to grind her pussy into Gary’s crotch as she fucked him. Closing her eyes, she laid her head back and moaned in rhythmically with her rising and falling on Gary’s cock. Carli cried out as her orgasm was upon her.

“Oh, Jesus…I’m cumming!” she called to him as she erupted in a convulsive orgasm, clenching his cock and spewing her cunt nectar all over Gary’s balls and crotch. She moaned in pleasure as Gary thrust up into her pussy throughout her orgasm. Carli’s orgasm soon abated and she realized that Gary, still hard, had not cum. She grinned with her eyes shut and continued to swirl her lithe body over his cock. “Yessssss!” she gasped, determined to cum again. Carli opened her eyes to look down at her lover grinning while she rose and descended on his hard cock. “Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned as she fucked herself. Gary reached up to rub her nipples, content to let her set the pace.

Carli screeched as she came hard again, clenching his cock with her pussy, as she nearly swooned in orgasm. Again, Gary thrust his cock up into her throughout her orgasm as she called out that she couldn’t stand it. Finally, her second orgasm subsided and she slowly fell over onto Gary’s chest, gasping for air. Gary let her catch her breath then held her tightly as he rolled them both over so he was now on top. Instantly, Carli wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her feet together. “Yesssss!” she sighed aloud as Gray began to drive his cock deep into her sweet pussy. “Fuck me, Gary…fuck me hard!” she cried he drove his cock deep inside her.

Gary fucked her steadily and played with her nipples, tugging and rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers. Carli moaned steadily, meeting Gary’s thrusts with her own as they fucked. She marveled at Gary’s discipline and endurance. None of her lovers had ever lasted this long before. Carli smiled as she reveled in the sexual attentions Gary lavished on her and continued fucking. Soon her cunt twitched with the familiar feeling of another impending orgasm and she steeled herself to wallow in her third orgasm. She groaned in to Gary’s ear as her pussy spasmed and she burst into orgasm again, cumming hard, her legs squeezing Gary’s loins. “Oh God,” she repeated again and again as he once again continued to fuck her hard throughout her third cum.

She could feel her pussy drenched with her juices. A rivulet of her dew flowed lazily down over Gary’s balls to coat her asshole and she felt Gary’s balls slapping at her ass as he fucked her. “Wow,” she gasped and tried to form words, but her heavy breathing prevented her from speaking further. She lay back, with her hands behind her head, spent once again and smiled at her older lover. Regaining some composure she grinned at him and said, “Not bad for a dirty old man.” Gary slid his cock out of her and kneeled on the floor, pulling her around so her shapely ass was at the edge of the bed. “Ummmmmm,” she moaned as he slid a pillow under her ass and placed her legs on his shoulders.

Carli gasped as Gary licked her cuntlips, up one side and down the other, avoiding her erect and engorged clit. He flicked his tongue over the edges of her now closed cuntlips, eliciting a long deep moan from her. Licking the creases where her thighs joined her torso, he tasted her nectar that coated them. Carli sighed deeply escort bursa as he rotated her hips and he drew his tongue along the cleft of her assceeks, licking both sides, but avoiding her rosebud. Gary blew air on her wet asshole and she gave a start. He kissed her sweet pink asshole and she gasped. Gently he drew his velvety tongue all over her tight pink asshole licking up her nectar that coated it. “Ohhh, God,” she sighed as he reamed her rosebud causing her to twitch.

Gary drew his tongue over her asshole, across her perineum, to part her pussy lips with his tongue. Her nectar oozed out onto his tongue. He licked her nectar eagerly as he pulled at her cuntlips with his lips. Carli was in a near perpetual moan as he licked her pussy, plunging his tongue deep into her to lick the soft pink folds of her inner pussy. He tongue fucked her pussy for several minutes then withdrew to flick his tongue over her hard erect clit. Carli twitched as his tongue licked her nubbin and she trembled as his lips closed over her clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth, holding it as he sucked it in and out, licking its tip, as Carli was nearly crazed with lust and desire.

She grasped the back of his head to hold him fast to her pussy while she ground her sex into his wonderful mouth and tongue. Gary sensed that she was nearing orgasm again and he purposely dipped his head to lick her asshole instead, breaking her mood momentarily. She whined in despair as her rising orgasm abated. Gary realized that she would not cum, just yet, and he slowly licked his way back to her cunnie and clit. Carli moaned deeply again holding his head and mouth to her pussy as he pleasured her. Gary reached up to rub Carli’s nipples. She cried out, twitching as he rubbed and tugged at them. Gary brought Carli to near orgasm several times, only to deny her, but prolonging her pleasure.

Carli’s mind soared with desire and she relished the teasing Gary provided her. She knew that soon she would be shuddering through her fifth cum of the night. She loved all that Gary was doing to her as he pleasured her sweet pussy. Again the feeling of impending orgasm twitched through her loins as Gary’s relentless tongue pillaged her cunt. She sighed deeply and nearly asked him to let her cum, but rejected saying it, to let him pleasure her at his pace. Gary recognized the signs of her orgasm rising swiftly and decided that he would no longer deny her release. He redoubled his tonguing of her sopping wet cunt and could feel her clit throbbing with anticipation. Carli squirmed and writhed as she held his head fast to her pussy.

She screamed at the top of her lungs as she exploded in a powerful mind numbing orgasm, cumming hard again. She convulsed as she spewed her juices into Gary’s face, mouth and tongue while cumming hard and often, from his continued tonguing of her pussy. Carli bucked and jerked as she came again then she released Gary’s head to lie still gasping for air, spent and totally exhausted. Gary finished ‘drying’ her pussy with his tongue then gently put her legs over the edge of the bed and climbed onto the bed. His face gleamed with her juices, shining in the dim light of the TV. His mouth covered first one nipple and then the other as if to honor them for the privilege of having fucked and sucked her to orgasm several times.

Carli had her eyes closed and her breathing was labored as she fought hard to keep from passing out from the intensity of her orgasm. After several moments, Carli regained some of her composure and pulled Gary to her mouth to kiss him passionately. “Oh Gary, I’ve never cum like that before,” she gasped then kissed him again, probing for and sucking his tongue, tasting her juices upon it. They kissed several times then Carli licked his face clean of her nectar and brought his mouth to her breasts. “Lick them, sweet Gary…lick my tiny titties.”

“Tiny, but very tasty and sensitive,” he said between licks and sucks upon them. Carli sighed as she rose up on her elbow to see Gary’s cock still ridged and seeming to be pulsing. She pushed him back onto the pillow and kneeled between his legs. First, she bathed his nectar coated balls with her tongue. Gary sighed laying back to thoroughly enjoy her tonguing his balls and cock. His ample foreskin fascinated Carli, as she had never before seen a real live foreskin. She marveled in how it rose up to cover his cockhead as she drew it up and then down several times. Holding the foreskin down she licked his cockhead all about then took it into her mouth. Gary groaned in pleasure while she swirled her tongue over it.

Carli sealed her lips around his cockshaft and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. His cockhead entered the back of her throat as she realized that she could not deep throat him. His cock was just too big. Undaunted, Carli began to bob her head up and down, swirling his cockhead abundantly with her tongue. She began to home in on the sensitive spot at the front of his cockhead and Gary writhed each time she licked it hard. Returning to that same spot repeatedly, Carli knew that he would soon cum if she intensified her efforts on that sensitive spot. Carli kept her lips sealed around his cock as she bobbed her head up and down while licking his sensitive spot hard.

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