Carmen Cybers

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Carmen was always a good girl. She never talked back to her parents, went to school every day, got involved with sports and school activities, turned in her home work in on time and got straight A’s, volunteered for many charities, and sang in her church choir. Everyone said she was the nicest sweetest girl they had ever met. Her parents were always complemented because Carmen had excellent manners, was very kind, and acted liked a proper young lady. No one had ever heard her be mean, talk bad about another person, or be selfish. Because of this everyone always treated Carmen more like a nun than a young 18 year old. Everywhere she went people were very courteous and pleasant. When she was near everyone acted like they were in church. She was fed up with it.

Carmen began spending more and more time on her computer. Here she could search the world in peace and not have to fret about her goody-two shoes persona getting in the way of being an everyday teenager. Hard habits were hard to break. No matter how bad she wanted to rebel and be wild, she did not have the heart or courage follow through with her desires. The worse she did was to create her pseudo name “HotBustyLatina.” It was hard to be original when all the good semi good nick names were taken. She was content with it and decided to go on line.

For several days she chatting with perfect strangers and if they got to rude she would put them on ignore or just log out. She had several friends she looked forwarded to talking with after she did her homework. They talked about everything; relationships, music, shopping, graduating high school, and parents. Sometimes the boys would get a little graphic but they were not perverts. Carmen was always being IMed by dirty old men. Just reading their nick names she knew they only wanted to talk about sex. She ignored them most of the time. On occasion, because of her curiosity she would start a conversation with one but would quickly end it because of the nasty things they told her. She would blush and log out. It was still hard for her to listen or read the nasty perverted things the men wanted to do to her.

Late one night she got a message from “BigDickLatino.”

BigDickLatino: Hi baby want to play.

HotBustyLatina: Hi what’s your name?

BigDickLatino: Raul, what’s yours

HotBustyLatina: Carmen.

BigDickLatino: So what do you look like?

HotBustyLatina: Well I’m five six. I weigh like 105. I have long black hair and big brown eyes. And I have a natural tan.

BigDickLatino: You sound yummy. What are you wearing?

HotBustyLatina: kocaeli escort Shorts and t shirt and u?

BigDickLatino: Nothing ? What’s under those shorts and shirt.

HotBustyLatina: My panties.

BigDickLatino: Are you wearing a bra.

HotBustyLatina: No.

BigDickLatino: MMMM. What kinda panties?

HotBustyLatina: White with pink flowers.

BigDickLatino: MMMMM. I bet they look so hot on u. So tell me how busty are you?

HotBustyLatina: I’m a 30d

BigDickLatino: Wow those r huge. I bet they look good in that tiny shirt huh?

HotBustyLatina: I guess they do.

BigDickLatino: What do the nipples look like?

HotBustyLatina: I got big dark brown areolas with long dark brown nipples

BigDickLatino: MMMM little girl u just got my fat dick hard.

HotBustyLatina: Ur so nasty.

BigDickLatino: Yea I am very nasty. I want to put it between ur tits n fuck them.

Carmen’s face flushed. She was about to respond when she got an invite to view his cam. She accepted. Her jaw dropped as she saw a close up of a huge cock being jerked off nice and slow. He had a bulbous head and the cock was full of veins. Carmen was about to turn it off when she received another IM.

BigDickLatino: Can you see my fat dick little girl? Do you like how it looks? I bet you can feel it between your huge tits. MMMMM. Your tits feel so good around my cock mijita. Fucking your tits making you lick the head you like that?

Carmen could not respond. She couldn’t get over the fact of how big and thick this cock was. It made her lick her lips. She wanted to feel it and taste it. This was the first time she did not log out.

BigDickLatino: What’s wrong little girl is my dick too much for you. Do you want to suck it? You know you do tell the truth.

HotBustyLatina: Yes.

BigDickLatino: I knew you would. Latina’s love cock, don’t you? You love how a fat dick fills you mouth. You want it deep down your throat. Suck my big dick Busty.

HotBustyLatina: Yes.

The man on the other side was stroking his fat cock faster and faster. Carmen wanted her hands on that cock. She wanted to feel how hard it would get in her tiny hand. She wanted to put it between her tits and let the head hit her lips. Her hand went down between her legs and she began to rub her hot pussy. This was new to her but instincts took over. The more she watched the hotter she got.

BigDickLatino: Come on you little slut. Tell me what you’re doing.

HotBustyLatina: I’m rubbing my pussy.

BigDickLatino: What are you wearing?

HotBustyLatina: kocaeli escort bayan Short shorts and tube top.

BigDickLatino: Put your cam on I want to see your fine little body.

Before Carmen realized what she was doing her face came up on her own webcam. Carmen promised herself never to be on cam with any internet perverts. Now he knew what she looked like. She was frozen and could not move.

BigDickLatino: MMMMMM. You are very pretty. I bet your dad don’t know you do this huh. I bet you’re so wet. Move your camera down let me c your big tits. Carmen moved the camera to focus in on her tits. Her nipples were so hard and she was breathing hard.

BigDickLatino: Pull your shirt down slowly. I want to see your nice firm round naked tits.

Her hands went to her tube top and slowly she began to pull down on her shirt. More and more cleavage came into view. She stopped when the top of the shirt showed some of her areola.

BigDickLatino: Oh fuck. Don’t stop now. We’re getting to the good stuff. Come on little girl show your tio some nipples. That’s it slowly pull it down. MMMMM you were right they are nice and dark and long. Come on now take them into your hot hungry mouth and suck on them. You do that so good baby. Keep biting and sucking your nice nipples.

Carmen did not know why she was following this man’s instructions. She was looking at his cock and now she knew he could see her tits. Moreover Carmen was sucking her own tits and idea she never had until he suggested. The more she licked and sucked her nipples the more she enjoyed it. Furthermore, she was watching him jerk off and she wanted to do that as well.

BigDickLatino: I want to see your whole face and body while you suck you little slut. Yea that’s it. Keep sucking on those huge tits and pull down your shorts. Show me your nice little panties. Ok now stand up and turn around show me that firm Latina ass. OOOO yes baby. Bend over for tio. MMMMM. Take them off now. Slowly. Very slowly. Fuck yes. MMMM. Now sit back down and suck your nipples and let me see you play with that tiny bald pussy.

Carmen was sitting in her chair facing the camera sucking her tits and fingering her pussy with her legs wide open for a total stranger. She wanted his cock in her hungry young mouth or in her tiny little pussy. The dirtier he talked the hotter she became. It excited her to know that he knew who she was but she had no clue who she was talking to.

BigDickLatino: That’s it play with that tiny little bald pussy. MMM. When I see you I’m gonna fuck it hard with this huge cock. Cum izmit escort on baby where do you want this big cock? Tell me where do you want it? Say it.

HotBustyLatina: Oh god yes. I want your big dick in my hungry little wet mouth. Yes. Fuck my tiny pussy. Bend me over n fuck me doggie style. I want you to ram it in me hard and fast. I’m so hot. I’m so wet. Fuck me. Fuck my mouth. Fuck my tiny pussy. Fuck me hard.

BigDickLatino: Get on your knees. I’m gonna fuck your tits and cum all over them. I’m gonna cover your pretty little face with my cum. Get you all messy. Cum on get on your knees. Keep sucking on your tits. Squeeze them. Oh fuck yea. Here it ccccccccuuuuuuuuummmmsssssssssssss.

Carmen was on her knees with her nipples in her mouth when the man exploded all over his computer. Her head jerked back by instinct. He came squirting his juice all over the screen. She felt her own body start to tingle and tense up. The orgasm filled her body with pleasure. Biting down on her nipple she came in front of the camera. Her hips buckled, her eyes closed, and she moaned through her clenched teeth.

Carmen was on her knees sweating letting the waves of pleasure wash through her young body. She was smiling watching the man clean his cock.

BigDickLatino: You’re a horny little slut aren’t u little one.

HotBustyLatina: Yes. She blushed as she wrote.

BigDickLatino: You know when you see this cock you’re gonna have to suck it. I’m gonna shove it down your tight pussy.

HotBustyLatina: Yes.

BigDickLatino: You’re gonna do everything I say right? HotBustyLatina: Yes.

BigDickLatino: Good we don’t want your dad and mom finding out what you been doing do we.

HotBustyLatina: No. She giggled as she wrote.

BigDickLatino: What do you think your dad would do if he found out?

HotBustyLatina: He would die.

BigDickLatino: Do you have any uncles?

HotBustyLatina: Yes

BigDickLatino: What do you think they would do?

HotBustyLatina: Be surprise.

BigDickLatino: Why?

HotBustyLatina: Cuz I’m their little cute niece. I’m a little goody two shoe.

BigDickLatino: So none of them look at you and want to fuck you.

HotBustyLatina: Oh god no.

BigDickLatino: Are you sure?

HotBustyLatina: Yes.

BigDickLatino: Would you fuck one if you did?

HotBustyLatina: I don’t know.

BigDickLatino: You would huh?

HotBustyLatina: I guess.

BigDickLatino: Good next time I come over to your house Carmen you’re gonna have to make me happy or I’m going to show this recording to your dad.

The camera came up and Carmen could see her uncle Alejandro’s face with a huge grin.

BigDickLatino: I will see you tomorrow my little cutie good two shoes niece. You’re such a good girl Carmen.

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