Caught Day Dreaming

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Double Handjob

Inspired by a chat friend and a little teasing I wrote her. It not long but sends the message. All characters are fictional and over 18. As always feel free to reach out and let me know how you liked it or didn’t.


Beth sat perfectly still, trembling in excitement as a fantasy was about to come true. Crawling towards her was Sara, her daughter and the target of her secret desires and fantasies. Beth had thought she was alone in the house and while doing laundry had chanced a sniff of her daughter’s panties. The aroma had been strong and sweet, causing her to become aroused. Her body had reacted so strongly she was dizzy and sat on the couch, panties still clutched in her hand.

Beth hadn’t really realized she was doing it at first but she had slipped her other hand under her skirt and was rubbing herself through her now moist underwear. Moaning softly she never heard the front door and realize her daughter was watching.

“Mom? Really? With my panties? If you wanted me all you had to do was ask.” Beth froze at her daughters voice, panties still at her nose. Slowly her daughter crawled towards her until her head then shoulders spread Beth’s legs apart until…

“Mom I’m home.” Sara called as she entered the kitchen from the garage. esenyurt escort “Mom? Are you around?” She called out again as she spotted her mother getting up from the living room sofa.

“Oh sweetie hi, just getting to the laundry.” Beth tried to say as naturally as possible but coming across winded and tense.

Sara hugged her and scrunched her face having caught a whiff of something. “You ok mom? You seem a little winded. If you wait a minute I want to change and I would love you forever if you added what I’m wearing.”

Beth had control now and managed her response with grace and poise. “Of course darling, but be quick, I really don’t want to be doing laundry into the night.” She had to wait only moments because Sara rushed off and was back wearing only thin tee shirt and cotton shorts, allowing Beth a view of most of her daughter’s rather attractive body. She took the items and added them to the basket before heading off to the laundry room.

Beth closed the door behind her and took the pair of silky panties Sara had just given her. They were still warm in her hand as she sniffed them taking in Sara’s musky scent. Beth’s pulse quickened as she pictured Sara’s breasts barely hidden beneath istanbul escort her shirt. She could again feel her pussy throbbing with desire. Beth removed her panties this time and rubbed her swollen clit bringing moans of joy to her lips. “Oh god yes” She whispered unaware Sara stood outside the door. She never heard the door open but suddenly felt herself pushed over the washer bent at the waist. Before she could speak Sara used her warm wet tongue to lick her mother’s crack from pussy to ass making Beth moan even louder.

“Mom?” Sara called out having heard a rather odd sound from the laundry room. By the time she opened the door her mother was walking out flushed and breathing hard again. “Mom are you all right?” she asked; very concerned.

“I’m fine dammit, fine, I’ll finish the laundry later.” Beth sounded snippy even to her own ears but she was too worked up to think straight so she went to her room and removed her clothes before heading into her private bathroom. She needed a nice hot shower and maybe she could finally give herself a massive orgasm without interruption.

Sara stood in the laundry room stunned at her mother’s odd behavior. She had been acting funny around her since she moved back beylikdüzü escort in but this was even weirder. Then she saw the panties she had just taken off lying on the floor next a pair of her mothers. Picking them up she realized her mothers were still warm and very damp with the unmistakable scent of pussy. “Oh my god mom was sniffing my panties and touching herself.”

Sara stood and thought about her mother and how she had been since she had moved back in. Her mom seemed to really notice what she was wearing and commented in positive ways. She would stop and stroke her hair or put her hands her shoulders. Sara was putting the pieces together that her mother was attracted to her but what to do about it.

Sara went and found her mother’s door closed and after knocking but getting now answer she opened it. Now she heard the shower and looking stopped with her mouth open. There standing naked with water cascading over her stood her mother. One hand was gripping a bare breast while the other rubbed her clit. “You go mom.” She whispered.

“Oh god yes Sara, yes, lick my pussy.” Beth moaned aloud as she brought herself closer and closer to a powerful orgasm. She didn’t hear the shower door open but suddenly felt warm arms embrace her.

“It’s ok now mom, Sara’s here to take care of that for you.” The two locked eyes before Sara kissed her mother, a passionate deep kiss that shook both adding to the energy of the moment. Soon Sara had Beth bent forward, hands against the shower wall as she drove her tongue deep bringing forth Beth’s long needed powerful Orgasm.

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