Caveworms 2: Things Get Even Weirder

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I lay there for a while in a daze, hoping, but not quite believing that what had happened to me yesterday was just a dream. The summer heat had started early again today, and I started to feel myself overheat under my covers, which were soaked in my sweat. With a groan I finally forced myself to stir, pulling off my sheets and sitting on the edge of my bed. I felt even heavier than before, and I was pretty sure my stomach had gotten bigger. I sat there with it resting on my legs, absent mindedly rubbing it all over, wondering just what I was going to do about this whole mess I was in. The hospital still seemed absolutely out of the question, and I didn’t seem to have any other options, so I resigned myself to my fate of being an unwilling incubator to this bizarre creature’s eggs. I took comfort from the thought that none of the worms seemed to have any teeth, and that they did seem oddly benign.

The urge to find a cool, open space slowly came to me, and before I’d even made a conscious decision, I found myself up and drifting towards the basement. I stripped out of my shorts and tank top as I descended the stairs. The air down there was nice and cool, and I felt a little refreshed. I sat in the middle of the room, the cool cement floor feeling really nice against my skin. I again started tracing my fingers across my engorged belly as that strange feeling of arousal I remembered from yesterday made my heart start to race.

I gently rocked my hips back and forth and moaned softly as I felt a stirring slowly build up inside me. The eggs seemed to be jerking about a little, as whatever was inside them began trying to force their way out. Damn these things grew fast! I was quite relieved that it would all be over soon, one way or another. That fantastic feeling of arousal was getting quite strong now, and grew more and more intense as each egg came to life.

“Oh my god!” I was startled suddenly by a voice coming from the top of the stairs. It was my little sister Hannah, and she looked freaked out. I looked up at her as she began quickly running down the stairs to my side. My arousal intensified even further as I watched her. She was wearing skimpy pyjama shorts and a matching top, and the sight of her plump little butt seemed to be the hottest thing I’d ever seen up to that point, and I felt a rush of giddiness that she would be here when my little ones came out. I don’t know where it came from, but as far as I was concerned, Hannah was now the sexiest creature alive, and I found myself drooling at the thought of the worms ravishing her as they did me.

“Amy what the fuck? Are you ok?” she said, deeply concerned. I looked back at her, feeling a wild look in my eyes. “I feel weird.” was all I managed to utter. She took my hand, and began to say something about getting me some help, but she was cut short as a an uncountable number of indescribable feelings suddenly peaked inside me, causing me to moan quite loudly. Hannah then screamed as she saw bulges begin to appear on my stomach, and start moving about. I could feel every worm finally hatch from its egg and start trying to make its way outside. One after another, two at a time, three, four, it went on and on. There were definitely hundreds, but I couldn’t hope to estimate any closer than that. It was the strangest thing, disconcertingly wonderful. Every inch of my womb, stomach, bowels and even my intestines were being tickled by scores of these slippery little suckers.

I barely even noticed that Hannah was trying to get away, but I was holding onto her with a strength I didn’t know I had. She kept screaming and struggling, begging me to let her go, but I really couldn’t. Besides, she was being dumb, there was nothing to be afraid of. Silly Nahnah, that’s what I used to call her, and she was being especially silly then, so I just held her tighter. I wanted to tell her to calm down, but I couldn’t seem to speak. My throat was full of something. My first worm had made its way into the world, and there were more right behind it. When Hannah screamed even louder and her struggle became more frantic I knew she’d seen it emerge. I then felt a worm at my cervix, tickling it as it forced its way through. I savoured the wonderful feeling of it being stretched wide open, and my pussy start to fill from the inside. I couldn’t believe, even as it was happening to me, that anything could feel so wonderful.

But it wasn’t until I felt my ass wink open that I actually started cumming. It was a hell of a thing, with that first contraction, a torrent of worms began to pour out of my pussy and ass. Thankfully, the ones emerging from my stomach were a little more leisurely in their birth, coming out just one at a time, and I realised then that these creatures were as benign as I thought. They’d never want to hurt me, or anyone.
The flow of newborn worms from my nether regions wasn’t a constant one, sometimes it was just one particularly large one forcefully pushing its way through until it popped out, followed by a whole bunch of smaller ones, and sometimes it was just a couple of average ones simply snaking their way out.

It seemed that most of the eggs that had been laid in my stomach had moved deeper while I slept, so far fewer ended up coming out from my mouth, only about a dozen or so. It wasn’t until the last of them finally emerged and fell to the floor with a soft, wet plop that I was able to taste that amazing fluid they had all oozed on their way out. I savoured the divine flavour for a moment, and felt a lot more clear headed. I opened my eyes and looked at Hannah as she was being molested by all the worms I’d given birth to so far. And there were a lot, they slithered and writhed all about her, some making their way up her leg, trying to get into her shorts.

She wasn’t screaming so much as whimpering by then, and she was leaning back as far as she could go, but I was still holding on to her hand. She fell back to the floor suddenly when I let go, and the worms then swarmed all over her. A couple pushed their way inside her shorts and her sounds of fear and distress suddenly gave way to a pleasured sigh. A couple of other worms then worked together to pull her shorts down, as still more came out of me. Seemingly involuntarily, Hannah spread her legs apart, and she had a few worms on her pussy that seemed to be sucking all over, as a couple more made their way between her buttcheeks and did something that caused her to arch her back and gasp.

It was so insanely hot watching all this happen to her while I continued to give birth to a seemingly never ending horde of these strange worm creatures. They were all over the floor now, many completely ignoring the both of us, content to just spread out across the room. Others were tickling and sucking on my stomach and boobs, but I barely noticed that because the feelings coming from my pussy and ass were just overwhelming.

Hannah was now almost completely covered in worms, only her head and a few patches of skin below were visible, and she was moaning in a most arousing way. One worm then started to rub its tip across her lips, coating them in its clear slime, which caused her to to recoil in horror for a second before obviously seeing how great it tasted. She started to suck ravenously, and it seemed happy to just let her drink from it like a big, thick straw.

I noticed that I was starting to feel emptier and emptier, I was nearing the end of my litter. I felt my ass close shut, and a feeling of great relief as a final, really thick worm slid out. It seemed like the best was saved for last, as something similar was happening in my pussy, but this one was even thicker. It was slow going, but I loved the feeling of my Ankara escort whole pussy being stretched wider than it ever had been before. When it crowned, I couldn’t believe how thick it was, and wondered how the hell I’d fit that thing inside me, along with all the others. It must have been at least four inches thick, and I loved seeing how my pussy stretched all around it as it slowly emerged. After it was about half way, maybe ten inches, the rest suddenly slid out and my pussy snapped shut behind it with a loud ‘plop’.

I felt so empty, yet so satisfied. I looked down and my stomach was still somewhat bloated, and I realised that I must still have had all the now empty eggs in me. I didn’t worry about it too much though, I was just glad to be back to a more manageable size. Hannah was still being molested by a host of worms, though I noticed none seemed to have actually entered her yet. Perhaps they were waiting for something? Waiting for me? What could I do? I carefully crawled closer to her, trying not to tread on any of the worms. But it was unavoidable, they were simply EVERYWHERE. Granted, the room wasn’t exactly huge, but I still couldn’t believe that the whole lot of them were all inside me just a few minutes ago.

Still, the worms didn’t seem to care when I crawled on them, so I figured they weren’t being hurt. I hadn’t really appreciated it in the cave yesterday, but the feeling of this warm, wet, wriggling carpet was quite amazing. And the smell! It now absolutely permeated the room, and that feeling of lightness came back.
Looking down at Hannah, with the worms all over her, sucking and massaging her, made me sigh. Her eyes were closed and mouth hanging open, a worm arched above her simply leaking its fluid into her waiting mouth. She made a few gargled sounds of contentment, and I just enjoyed the sight for a moment.
Then, all at once, most of the tentacles got off of her, only a few remaining around her feet. When she stirred and her eyes fluttered open, she just looked up at me with a weak smile.

“Hey.” She said groggily.

“Hey.” I replied, smiling back down at her. “How’re you feeling?”

“Weird.” she said as she arched her back and started to stretch like she’d been asleep for days.

“It’s pretty hot today, how about we take this off?” I smirked mischievously, tugging at her top. Without a word she just sat up and raised her arms. She was now as naked as me, and I was more turned on than ever. I’d never realised how hot my sister was before. Her hair was light brown like mine, but she kept hers shorter, down to her neck. She wasn’t a lot younger than me, she’d be fifteen in a few months, but her boobs hadn’t gone through the growth spurt mine had just yet, so they were still just perky little buds with small nipples. I licked my lips at the sight, and leaned down to put my lips on hers. It was weird feeling the tentacles in my hands as I supported myself on my arms, and I couldn’t resist gripping what I could grab, and loved how they slithered between my fingers.

My sudden kiss seemed to confuse Hannah a little. She didn’t try to push me away, but she seemed to start trying to say something into my mouth. She quickly gave up in favour of tenuously kissing me back though, and the taste of the worm’s fluid was thick on her lips, and when I slid my tongue into her mouth, it met with hers, she quite suddenly grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me close, her tongue now passionately wrestling with mine.

It was my first time ever kissing a girl like this. Even when I’d fooled around with my cousin all those years ago we never really went that far, since we didn’t know what we were doing. But now I felt like I was experiencing my first kiss ever, as all first kisses should be: a wonderful, unforgettable experience. I pulled my weight off my arms, grabbed her head and pulled her close to me, as we continued devouring each others lips.

I then felt a worm wrap itself around my ankle and start gently tugging on my leg as if trying to get my attention. I reluctantly broke our kiss, and looked back to see what it wanted, but it just let go and slithered away. I felt like I’d just been pranked, but then I noticed a couple of particularly long, thin worms emerge from the great mass that surrounded us and start slithering up Hannah’s chest. They looked identical, about an inch wide and maybe two feet long. They began to leak copious amounts of their fluid from the holes at their tips all over Hannah’s small breasts. While they did this, they used their other ends to massage it into her skin, paying particular attention to her nipples. Hannah smiled and gave a half moan half sigh as they did their work, making her chest all shiny and slippery.

I noticed that whatever they were doing was making her nipples start to swell up. I couldn’t help but watch in fascination as after a couple of minutes they looked quite engorged. They kept at it for a little while longer before both simultaneously reared up and started pushing down on her nipples, and judging by the way they pressed into her flesh, they were doing it quite hard.

Hannah really came to life then, arching her back and moaning more and more frantically. What I saw next was unbelievable. Slowly but surely, her nipples began to stretch around the worms as they pushed harder and harder. Hannah seemed now to be stuck between a place of unimaginable pleasure, and deep discomfort. She didn’t really seem to be in pain, but I could only imagine how bizarre it must have felt to have her nipples being slowly forced open and penetrated. I was a bit worried actually, since nipple holes are small, like REALLY small. It should not have been possible for anything thicker than maybe a pin to fit inside, and even then that would definitely not have felt good. But I quickly realised that the fluid they had used was somehow making her more stretchy.

Hannah suddenly screamed as the first worm finally managed to pop into her nipple, followed shortly by the second. It was such an incredible sight seeing her nipples being stretched to such an unbelievable degree, and she looked down at what was happening to her with a look of horror, mixed with an unmistakable amount of lust, on her face. Slowly, each worm wiggled its way in as I watched, utterly transfixed. A spiraling bulge began to form inside her boobs as more and more of the worms disappeared into her nipples. By the time they were about half way in, Hannah was reduced to a gibbering mess as she twitched and occasionally yelped from what looked like an insane orgasm.

Her chest was soon more bulge than boob, but the worms still had several inches left to go. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but thankfully this seemed to be a pretty slow process, so I was able to truly enjoy the unbelievable sight before me. My naked little sister, her skin shiny from the slime all over her, thrashing about in a non stop climax as two long, slippery worms slowly oozed their way into her nipples.

When the last bit of the first worm finally disappeared inside Hannah’s nipple, suddenly causing it to close shut with a soft, wet popping sound, looking at it, you’d never know it had been stretched so widely just a moment ago. When the second worm did the same, Hannah just lay there gasping for air. Her boobs looked quite silly then, as though she’d gotten some terrible spiral shaped implants. I wondered just what the hell these worms were doing in her boobs, and I gasped when I got my answer.

It was almost imperceptible at first, the spiral shape just becoming less and less defined, but the process seemed to accelerate exponentially and in mere moments it became quite obvious that her breasts had Ankara escort bayan begun to inflate like a couple of balloons. My eyes grew wide as her boobs continued to expand. But they didn’t just become larger, they also seemed to become more swollen. Right before my eyes, her breasts went through a considerable growth spurt, going from something that barely filled a b-cup, to what must have been at least a dd. Not only that, but her nipples grew along with them, and were now about the size of a thimble.

I admit, at that point I hadn’t seen very many, but those were the most gorgeous boobs I had ever seen. They looked really firm, but not hard, and fell against her chest in big, beautiful lumps. Hannah had been watching the growth with as much interest as me, and she was the first to touch them. She initially just poked one with a finger, then quickly moved on to massaging them thoroughly. In fact, she ended up massaging them quite hard, as though they were hurting her. I decided to help her out a bit and moved my hands to rub them along with her.

She seemed grateful for the help, and our hands continuously clashed as they harshly rubbed her engorged, swollen breasts. I loved how they felt, fleshy, not fatty, and her nipples were so hard, they felt like a couple of tiny cocks. I suddenly felt something wet and warm on my fingers, and was shocked to find a stream of milk had started leaking out of her nipples. I licked up what was on my hands, and the next thing I knew, I was hungrily sucking on her tits.

I thought their fluid tasted great, but the milk these worms had caused Hannah to produce was something else entirely. It made every inch of me tingle and I sucked and sucked like I was dying of thirst. Hannah seemed to be enjoying it too, I could feel her wiggling beneath me, hear her moaning louder and louder as I continued gorging myself.

I felt satisfied before long, but couldn’t stop drinking. I knew I had to stop though, so I forced myself to sit up and I gasped as though I was coming up for air after being underwater for a little too long. Milk was still leaking from Hannah’s nipples, despite the amount I’d ingested, it didn’t look as though I’d even made a dent in her overall supply. She then pulled me down to her and we started making out again. I crawled atop her, loving the feeling of her huge, soft boobs against my own, and soon my chest was coated in her milk.

I felt a worm slither between us from between our legs, and we both moaned into each other’s mouths as it slithered higher and higher, rubbing against both our clits as it went. It nestled its way in between her boobs, and started pushing against me with a surprising amount of strength. I quickly took the hint and sat up, admiring the view beneath me. Hannah’s boobs seemed to have gotten a bit bigger, and the worm curled itself around one of them and started suckling on her nipple. It whipped its tail up and attached its other end to her other nipple and sucked on that one too. What a greedy little guy!

Hannah was really enjoying what it was doing to her, and I decided to make her feel even better. I scooted back a bit and unceremoniously planted my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth. It had the desired effect, I could feel her hips involuntarily jerk, but I held her firmly in place and started to flick her clit with my tongue.

Having never eaten a girl out before, I was glad to see that I seemed to be doing a great job. Hannah went wild as I went to town on her pussy. She tasted so delicious, and I was thrilled as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She grabbed handfuls of my hair and pushed my head into her pussy, desperately grinding herself on my face. With Hannah’s frantic movements, it was difficult to get at her clit when I wanted it, but it didn’t seem to bother her. Her moans became screams and when I felt her pussy start twitching, and a gush of sweet fluid burst over my chin and in my mouth, I knew I’d done it, and was quite pleased with myself.

I stood up on my knees and smiled down at Hannah, though she didn’t see me, she was too lost in pleasure. The worm detached from her nipples and slithered down her stomach towards her pussy. It was quite thick now, about maybe three inches across. I eagerly anticipated watching it stretch her pussy wide as hell and disappear inside her, but it didn’t. When it got between her legs, it slid across her clit, reintensifying her lingering orgasms, but it kept going. I then realised that its goal wasn’t Hannah’s pussy, it was mine. It slithered up my thigh and attached one end to my clit.

It didn’t start sucking as I expected though. It did something else entirely, I couldn’t figure out what for the life of me, but it somehow felt as though it was entering my clit. The worm slowly flattened its tip against me, and I suddenly started to feel really weird down there. I was then pretty sure I could feel something small and thin then making its way into my urethra, but I couldn’t be sure. It detached itself from my thigh and simply hung limp between my legs, still firmly attached to my clit and the area surrounding it.

The weird feeling became more pronounced as I noticed the worm begin to change colour, and though the sensation was slow to come on, it was in an instant that I realised that I was starting to FEEL the worm, as if it was a part of my body. It was now the same hue as my own flesh, more or less, and it raised itself up, the end not attached to me swelling up as it went.

There was no mistaking what the worm now looked like. While I had always perceived them in the same way as I did a penis, it now genuinely resembled one. A really fucking big one. And it was mine. I could actually feel it when I reached down to touch it. The tip, which had swelled into a very cock-like head, was as sensitive as my clit. I shivered at the sensation, and then noticed Hannah, who had seen the whole thing. Her mouth gaping, her eyes had a look of unbridled lust. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but she loved the sight.

She crawled over to me til her face was mere inches from my new cock, and looked up at me wide eyed and horny. “Can I… can I have that?” she asked, quivering.

“All yours lil sis.” I replied. With that she licked it, getting a good taste of the fluid that was leaking from the hole at the tip. Her eyes lit up and she started licking more, the feeling of her tongue playing with my cock was heavenly. She wrapped her lips around it, and tried to suck as much of it into her mouth as she could. It was too thick for her to get much in, but she continued sucking the fluid from its hole and making my knees quake.

My legs just couldn’t handle the amazing sensations she was causing, and I slowly sank to the ground, Hannah’s mouth hungrily following my cock until I was fully laying down, sighing as I felt the mass of worms beneath me massaging my back. She quickly settled into our new position and wildly slurped and sucked on my cock.

“Mmm, tastes so good.” she sighed between sucks, then started bobbing her head up and down on the small part of the head she could fit into her mouth. “But I want it deeper inside me.” Hannah looked up at me, her eyes full of lust.

“Then come here.” I said, and reached down to pull her face up to mine. As soon as our lips met, our mouths practically fused together. I loved the feeling of my tongue in her mouth, hers in mine, and when they met in between. I could feel her pussy against the shaft of my cock, and she grinded against it as we kissed with intense passion. I felt it move a bit, and though I couldn’t quite tell what was going on down there, Hannah lifted her hips up a bit and before Escort Ankara I knew it, I could feel her pussy slowly start to open up around my cock.

Hannah sat up on me and started wiggling her hips to try to force my cock deeper into her insanely tight pussy. The head had barely entered her when I felt it come up against a barrier that I knew to be her hymen. Hannah jolted from a sudden feeling of pain, but then cautiously started to put more and more weight onto me. And then, as if she suddenly stopped giving a shit, she lifted her knees enough to put ALL her weight on my cock. Her scream pierced my ears as the whole head suddenly popped in and began a slow descent into her pussy. I couldn’t tell if it was a scream of pain or pleasure, but she kept forcing herself lower and lower onto my cock regardless.

We locked eyes as she descended and she grabbed my head, pulling my mouth to hers. My own hands traced random patterns across her back, hoping to add a little tenderness to this intense, raw passion that was electric between us. It was futile though, because I soon found my hands at her lower back, pulling our crotches together as hard as I could.

I wasn’t sure how long my cock was, maybe a foot, maybe more, but it was a little over half way buried in her pussy when it met her cervix. Did I mention how tight her pussy was? It bears repeating. Being inside her felt like trying to put on pants several sizes too small. But then I felt her cervix quivering and it was almost too much. She started lifting herself up and dropping down, gasping at each impact as my cock slammed against her cervix.

“I need more Amy!” she whined. “Fuck that thing right into me!”

Well, if she insisted. It took us a couple of seconds, but we quickly found a rhythm so her downward motions were met with my upward thrusts. Each impact sent shivers up my spine which spread across my whole body, but I could feel it going a tiny bit deeper each time. Her cervix was soon open enough to allow a bit of the tip of my cock past it, but all it took was one, final thrust for it to pop in, at which point she suddenly stopped, arching her back and staring at the ceiling, mouth agape.

Her body seemed paralysed, and I just sat there and watched her sink lower and lower onto my cock. I felt the back of her womb stretching around it as her pussy consumed the final couple of inches. She was still in the same posture, just letting out one big, long sigh as she grew accustomed to being stretched so wide, and penetrated so deep.

She slowly started rocking her hips back and forth, building up intensity until she was frantically bouncing up and down on my cock. Her boobs were still leaking milk, which also covered my own chest, and I couldn’t help but reach up to play with them as she rode me. When I felt that she was definitely used to having me inside her, I began thrusting. She couldn’t keep up with me, and soon she stopped moving at all as I started really pounding into her.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK!” was all Hannah could scream as I fucked her harder and harder. Her tits bounced with each thrust. Her pussy was stretched so wide around my cock, it looked so incredibly hot and I couldn’t imagine how good she must have been feeling. It felt pretty amazing to me too, but it was such an unfamiliar sensation. I could feel her pussy squeezing every inch of my cock as I thrust into her just far enough to leave only the head in her womb.

I could feel something welling up inside me, something I’d never felt before. I didn’t really know what it meant, but with it my cock seemed to become more and more sensitive. Then I felt a worm pushing its way between my buttcheeks and up against my ass. It wasn’t gentle, but it didn’t hurt as it forced my tight hole open and wiggled its way in, deeper and deeper. It then stiffened, refusing to move with me, so instead, I moved against it as I thrust hard into Hannah. Just as I fucked her, I fucked it.

Hannah was going wild atop me, screaming and babbling incoherently as she was utterly overcome with pleasure. I grabbed her buttcheeks and held her in place and deepened my thrusts. I inched my fingers closer to her butthole all the while, before finally finding it and teasing it with my fingers. As if I’d pushed a button, that set her right off. I felt her pussy spasming all over my cock, as the worm in my ass suddenly seemed to swell up to nearly twice its size.

Hannah and I then came together, and I felt myself shooting a huge amount of liquid deep into her womb as her pussy massaged my cock. This liquid seemed to be coming from inside though, not from the worm that had attached itself to me. I grabbed onto her back and pulled her close, and she fell onto me, her engorged boobs pressing tight against my body. I gasped in shock as I felt the worm in my ass start popping out… over and over again. I quickly realised that it had become ‘ribbed for my pleasure’, and with perfect timing it pulled each section out of me, making my ass stretch and contract as it went.

I felt like the two of us were now just a pile of orgasms, and my ejaculation continued unabated. Hannah shivered on top of me as her entire system was wracked by the greatest things she had ever felt. Despite how lost I was in this orgasmic delirium, I couldn’t help but notice that her pussy seemed to be slowly sliding off my cock. I moved my hands back down to her butt, and noticed that it was a lot higher than it was just before.

The realisation that I was shooting so much cum into her that her stomach was being forced to expand to contain it all seemed to get me shooting into her even harder. I could swear I could even hear it splashing against the walls of her womb. I found myself suddenly sitting up, so that she was now in my lap, and the worm in my ass now bore all my weight, which made its journey out of me even more incredible. I then pushed Hannah down onto her back. The bulge in her stomach was now quite easy to see, and I couldn’t help staring at it growing bigger and bigger as I kept unloading into her.

I don’t know how long this took, it’s hard to keep track of time when you’re so overloaded with ecstasy you’re barely aware you even exist, but I could see her stomach swell more and more with each great spurt. By the time I was done, she looked heavily pregnant. Not as big as I’d ended up before, but maybe about 8 months along.

I let out a long, deep exhalation when the worm in my ass finally exited all the way, and my torrent of cum finally died down. I took a moment to admire my handiwork. Hannah’s huge boobs contrasted nicely with her now huge tummy, and the look on her face was one of total contentment and satisfaction. I wiggled my hips, trying to squeeze out every last drop of cum, and then suddenly I found that I could no longer feel my cock. Still buried deep inside my little sister, I watched it detach itself from my clit and started worming its way deeper into her pussy until it disappeared altogether.

It had a pretty big effect on Hannah though, as she quite obviously started cumming again. Looking down at her, I then noticed that my own stomach was now as flat as it had been before this whole thing started. It occurred to me that maybe the worm had somehow used all the eggshells inside me to help create the huge amount of cum I’d just unloaded. How efficient! I was honestly just glad to have them out of me either way, though I felt an odd urge to see my tummy all swollen again.

Oh well, there’d be plenty of time for that, for now I wanted to see how Hannah was doing. She was lying on her side now, drooling and occasionally twitching, obviously still cumming pretty hard. I somehow knew she was pregnant with something, though no eggs had been laid in her. Was the life cycle of these creatures really this complicated? I couldn’t wait to find out!

To be continued…

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