Chloe’s New Beginning

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“Excuse me?!” I waved my hand and yelled out across the crowded bar counter. “Hello!”

Ugh… I roll my eyes and step back, as two guys push against me to try and get served. But that damn bartender keeps flirting with the group of girls at the other end. I’ve been waiting here for 10 minutes, trying to get served. I didn’t even want to go out but my friends Mike and Kara wanted to go out to celebrate Kara’s promotion. They made it here before me and already got drinks, but didn’t order me one.

I work my way towards the other end of the counter, and try again. “Excuse, can I please get a vodka cranberry?” I’m ignored, once again. But, I know he heard me since he glanced over in my direction before looking back to the other group of girls.

“He’s a total dick if you ask me. If you’re not blonde and a size 2, he barely looks at you. And anyone that wouldn’t give you a second look is insane,” she winked before continuing, “I don’t know how this bar is as packed as they are, since he never waits on anyone.”

Talking to me is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She was 5’7 or 5’8, light tan skin, dark black wavy hair cascading down her back, and piercing green eyes, dressed in tight ripped jeans that hugged all her curves, a sheer cami over a black lace bra and a leather jacket, and black heels. She was gorgeous, and I had a hard time believing she had ever been denied service before, here or anywhere.

I was shocked by her comment on my looks. I never thought I was ugly, but never really saw myself as beautiful or sexy either. I was 5’4, light alabaster skin covered in freckles, shoulder length mahogany brown hair and gray eyes behind black rimmed glasses. I wasn’t overweight but I was definitely a bigger, curvy girl. My large chest usually showed ample cleavage, which did occasionally earn me looks from guys, along with inappropriate comments.

“Were you talking to me?,” I asked.

She gave me a smile, and held out her hand, “I’m Sadie.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Chloe.” I feel electricity run through my fingers as we lock hands, her eyes locked on mine. I feel my cheeks redden, and I quickly look away, slowly pulling my hand from hers.

“Let me help,” she turns and literally pushes the group of girls aside. “Excuse me, 2 double vodka cranberries, 2 scotch and sodas, and 2 shots of tequila. Now, or I’ll get Dave down here and fire your ass.”

She turns back and smiles at me, before leaning closer for me to hear, “My cousin Dave owns the place, I’m staying with him for a bit while my place is being renovated. I’ll still tell Dave about this guy tomorrow.”

“Thanks. You didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s my pleasure, honestly.” I feel her eyes on me as she hands me my drinks, causing me to blush again. I feel the same electricity run through me once more, as her fingers touch mine, “I got you a couple doubles, that should last you awhile. And I got us each a shot.”

She hands me mine and says, ‘cheers’, and we down them. While I’m not a fan of tequila, I’m grateful for it anyways. Always grateful for a little extra liquid courage when I’m stuck sitting in a bar all night, and won’t turn down a free shot.

“I’m here with some friends,” I nod towards the back where Mike and Kara are seated. “You can join us at our table. If you want to, that is.”

I’m a little surprised by how much I’m hoping she says yes. I don’t know why I don’t want to walk away; maybe I’m just feeling grateful for the help with the drinks. I shrug off the thought just before Sadie answers.

“I would love to.” She smiles and tells me to lead the way. As we push through the crowded bar, I can feel her close behind me. I make all the introductions and slide into the booth opposite Mike and Kara, and Sadie slides in next to me, a little closer than would be needed, but the warmth of her against me is welcoming.

The night drones on, and Kara keeps trying to get me to go over and talk to different guys but I keep turning her down. “Come on! You haven’t been with anyone in like 8 months since you and Shane broke up, unless you’ve been keeping secrets!”

I blush, both at the comment, and because I feel Sadie move her hand across her legs and when she stops I feel graze my thigh. When I don’t move, she seems to rest her hand half on her leg and half on mine. “I haven’t been keeping secrets. I’m just not looking to rush into another relationship.”

“Who said anything about a relationship! You need to get laid! We girls need orgasms to live! Besides, you know that saying, ‘You can only get over someone, by getting under someone else’,” she says, only half joking.

“Seriously, Chloe, you should get back out there! Maybe just make out with a guy! Something to help you move on from Shane… if not then you won’t ever be ready.” Mike chimes in.

“Don’t worry. I will be ready when I’m ready. I don’t want to mess around with some random guy.” I sip my drink, before adding, “I love you both, but I just need time. I’ll know when I’m ready.”

“Okay, istanbul travesti okay,” Kara says. “I’ll stop pushing. Just don’t turn something down when it comes your way. It could be a great thing. Shane controlled you for far too long, keeping you practically under lock and key, all while sleeping with his co-worker.”

I stiffen at the mention of Shane and his co-worker but try to brush it off. They don’t understand what it’s like. It’s not like Kara and Mike have ever really had to worry about dating. They are high school sweethearts and will be together forever. I know how Shane treated me was wrong, but I did love him at one point, and it still hurt to learn the things he was doing behind my back.”

I feel Sadies hand slide further over my leg, and she rubs it slowly a couple times, just above my knee. Feeling her hand run over my leg makes me squirm slightly in my seat. I glance at her and she smiles at me. Once again I feel the electricity from her touch, running up my thigh, causing me to squeeze them together. “I don’t want to jump in where I don’t belong, and obviously don’t know everything that happened. But, your friends are right about one thing. You shouldn’t turn down a great offer if it comes your way,” she says with a smile.

My eyes linger on her lips, on her smile. I feel like she might be suggesting herself, but it’s doubtful. She’s too gorgeous to be interested in me. Besides, I think to myself, I’m not a lesbian. I’ve only ever been with guys. I’ve only had sex with two guys. I like cock!… But, then why haven’t I stopped her from rubbing leg? And, why do I seem to like it so much?

I look back over at Kara and Mike, but they’ve already changed subjects and are talking to each other. I glance down at my lap, at Sadies hand, and watch as she caresses my leg more. I feel her looking at me, waiting to see what I’ll do, but I don’t stop her. She rubs her hand upward further, her fingers move to the edge of my skirt, using one finger tracing along where the skirt meets my bare leg. When she sees that I don’t stop her, she moves her finger further up under the edge of the skirt, rubbing my thigh slowly. Why have I still not stopped her, I think to myself once more. I shouldn’t be letting her do this.

She pauses, leaving nearly her entire hand at the top of the inside of my thigh under my skirt, her fingertips only a couple inches away from my center. I’m shocked by how much I want her to continue rubbing higher. Why am I having these feelings?

I try not to think about it, and finish my second drink. I’ve started to feel my buzz and I debate on getting another, but I hold off for the moment, unsure about moving.

“I’m going to go get another drink. Anyone else want another? Shots?” Sadie asks, she squeezes my thigh before standing, leaving my leg feeling empty.

Mike and Kara both ask for another beer, but say it will be their last, and then they have to go. I agree to another shot and another vodka cranberry.

While she’s gone I almost mention her touching my leg to Kara, briefly feeling I should talk to someone about it, but I decide against it. I excuse myself and walk to the ladies room. Surprised that there is no line in the hall, I walk right in and walk into the stall. I push the stall door closed, but it stops as it hits something on the other side. I carefully pull it towards me and see Sadie staring back at me.

“I saw you were alone and I’ve been wanting to do this all night.” Before I can ask what she’s referring to, she presses me against the wall of the stall and her mouth is on mine. Kissing me deep, her tongue in my mouth swirling against mine. I only hesitate for a moment but begin to kiss her back, moaning into her mouth as her hands move down my body. I feel a flutter in my stomach, and begin to ache deeply. I press myself further into her hands, and my knees weaken. Her hands moving all over me, feeling like she has more than two. Caressing and squeezing my breasts. Running down my side to my hips and then over my ass, squeezing me there, too.

And just as suddenly as she started, she stops. I whimper quietly without realizing it. When I catch my breath and open my eyes she’s gone. I begin to wonder if it was even real. Maybe I’ve just had too many drinks and imagined it, but I swear I can still taste her on my lips and feel her hands on me. I shake my head, finish up in the bathroom, and head back out to the table.

When I get there Mike and Kara are not there, and Sadie answers my unasked question, “They asked me to give their apologies, they had to leave.” She smiles at me and I once again stare at her mouth. That kiss had to be real. “Care to sit with me, and finish our drinks?,” she asks and steps out of the booth. I slide right in, not even thinking about sitting on the other side of the table or even being mad at my friends for leaving.

She sits back down with me, closer than before and pushing me closer to the wall. She rests her hand back onto my istanbul travestileri thigh, as though it belongs there, and we hadn’t just both stepped away. “Cheers,” she says as she holds her shot up.

“Cheers,” I say back and swallow it, once again my eyes drifting down to her mouth. I lick my lips and nibble at the bottom one, and I squirm in my seat. Her hand, her being all over me in the bathroom and the liquor all working in unison to make me warm, tingly… horny. She leans in closer, I can smell the amber from her perfume and the sweet liquor on her mouth.

Sadie moves even closer, and I feel her breath against my neck, making me shiver. “I really want to kiss you again. Right. Here. Everyone can see us, if they look in our direction. And, I think you want to kiss me again, too.” Sadies lips brush along my neck, and then her teeth grazes the same spot, before she nibbles my ear. My skin burns as they make contact. She slides her hand further up my thigh and up my skirt, and her fingers brush against my sensitive mound. I gasp and hear her snicker slightly, as she continues to kiss along my neck. Feeling her move her mouth up my neck and across my jaw line. The liquor, her scent, her touch, everything is intoxicating and I get lost in everything she’s doing. Feeling her flick her finger over me between my legs, as her teeth tugs my bottom lip. I give in to the pleasure, and wrap my arms around her. I move my lips against hers, kissing her again, this time with more fervor and need.

I forget where we are and just open myself up to her. Her soft tongue in my mouth swirling against my own. Tasting her, feeling her all over me. I spread my legs a little further apart, wanting her fingers on me. In me. And as though she can read my mind, I feel her palm flat against my warm mound. Rubbing her hand and fingers up and down, pressing down slightly where my clit is. I moan and throw my head back, but she doesn’t stop. So close to the edge already. Her mouth moves back down my neck and over my breasts. I feel her nibble the top of one where my cleavage is, just as she slips a finger under my panties and flicks my bare clit. It’s my undoing. I let out a slight yelp, and her hand goes over my mouth as my body shakes. My eyes move to hers and she smiles. She knows that I would do anything for her to continue. Right here, right now.

We hear some cheering then, and my head clears, and I’m brought back to the bar. She glances over her shoulder and I follow the gaze. While they may not have seen everything, a couple guys two tables over knew what we were doing, and definitely enjoyed the show.

She kisses me again, bringing my attention back to her before I can think twice about what happened and what the guys saw, “Come with me, baby.” I know she means that in more than one way. She grabs my hand and pulls me through the crowded bar, past the guys making comments about what we’d done, asking us to stay or come with us, wanting to see another show. She pushes us through the back hallway, past the bathrooms, and out into the alley behind the bar.

It’s cooler than it was when I got to the bar earlier, and it had begun raining. The cool water ran over my warm skin, causing me to shiver, feeling the goosebumps all over me. I continue to follow her, up a set of iron steps, and begin to wonder where she is taking me before remembering she mentioned she was staying above the bar. I don’t even bother trying to talk myself out of this. I want this, I need this. Fuck. If I was honest with myself, it was HER that I wanted and needed.

We’re barely in the door before she rips my shirt up over my head and my skirt down my thick thighs. My fingers fumble as I help her out of her jacket and top. Her mouth is on mine once more, her hands caressing my ass. I feel myself being pushed slowly backward. My hands are on her hips, moving them to the button of her jeans. Before I can get it undone, the backs of my legs hit something and I’m pushed down, landing on a bed.

Trying to catch my breath, I look up at her. I feel her eyes burning into me, as though she’s silently telling me not to move. I carefully watch as she sheds her lace bra, jeans and panties.I watch her every movement. My eyes slowly drink in every inch of her, speechless. Her smooth body, glistening slightly under the light from the rain around her chest, her breasts round and firm, rosy colored nipples that were hard and pierced with small dark barbells, smooth taut stomach, a tiny diamond ring in her belly button that I didn’t notice earlier. Clear tan skin covering every inch, no tan lines that I could see. I notice on her left side, running along the bottom half of her ribs, down along her hip and curving around towards her ass, red and black ink. Roses, and other flowers, artfully drawn onto her. Another small tattoo of a sparrow, near the underside of her right breast. Her pussy, waxed or shaved clean.

I pull my eyes back up her body to her face, still locked on me. I slowly move backwards travesti istanbul towards the head of the bed and pillows as she gets on the bed. Sadie begins to crawl towards me, running her left hand along my ankle, up my calf, then thigh. Her eyes not leaving mine, I look down over my heaving chest and watch as her fingers move sideways and brush the front of the fabric of my panties. My breath catching, my body squirming.

“So wet for me already,” she says, before snaking a finger under the band of my thong, running it back and forth. Her other hand moves up my left legs until both hands are at my hips. Moves her head lower, and sliders her fingers under the sides of my panties. She brushes her lips downward from my belly button to the top of my thong. I feel her teeth graze me, and a small bite as she grabs the front of them in her mouth. Using her teeth and fingers, she slowly pulls them down my legs, before tossing them off to the side of the bed somewhere.

Still looking at me, she begins to kiss up my body. First my toes, then ankles. Kissing and licking slightly along my calves. Moving her mouth further upward. Kissing and licking my thighs, nipping at my left thigh, lightly at first and then harder, making me gasp and squirm. “Please,” I whisper.

“You’re so wet. So sticky. I could tell when I slipped those panties off of you. And you smell so sweet,” she licks her lips, “I can’t wait to taste you.” Keeps her eyes locked on mine as she leans further forward. “And I like this,” she says as she tugs gently on my pubic hair. I squirm again, as she blows air at my mound, making me shiver. I feel her mouth touch me between my legs, her fingers slowly parting me. One finger touches my clit and I gasp.

“I should tie you down to keep you from moving,” she says against my pussy, “but I love watching and feeling you squirm for me.” Her lips touch me, as she begins kissing me between my legs. Her tongue flicks out, in an upward movement along my clit and I moan. Already so sensitive and needing her so badly. I throw my head back against the pillow and dig my fingers into the sheets as she begins her slow assault on me with her mouth. Her tongue flicked over my clit, softly at times and then more urgently at others. Then at my opening, pushing in slightly. I try to lift my hips to push her deeper but she pushes against my thighs, holding me in place. I feel her move back up and then her lips close around my clit as she sucks on me.

“Oh, fuck,” I moan. “That feels so good.” My fingers squeeze the sheets, and my toes begin to curl. Sadie slides one finger inside of me so easily. I’m slick enough that her finger slides right in. Moving her finger in and out slowly, adding a second, then a third. Curling her fingers upward against my g-spot, her tongue running in circles over my clit.

“Sadie!” I scream out, almost as a beg. “I’m close.”

I feel her mouth vibrate gently around me as she moans against me. Moving her fingers in and out faster and faster. Locking her lips around my clit once more alternating between sucking and flicking it.

I scream out and cum hard. My body shakes under her. She gently licks me through my orgasm but doesn’t stop, quickly bringing me to another.

Sadie moves her mouth lower to my opening and licks my juices tenderly as I come down from my orgasm, occasionally shaking from sensitivity.

I feel the bed shift and realize my eyes are screwed shut. I open them and see her moving up my body. “You taste just as good as I thought you would. And I love how your body reacts to me.” She presses her mouth against mine, kissing me deeply, moving her tongue into my mouth. I taste my sweet and salty juices on her tongue and kiss her back, moaning into her. My hands move into her hair, pulling her closer.

Her left hand, between my legs, continues rubbing me slowly, gingerly. My own body lifting upwards slightly into her hand. Still needing more of her.

Her right hand tugs the cup of my bra down and her mouth moves away from mine and she locks it around my rock hard nipple. Sucking and nibbling as I continue to squirm and moan. Her hand tugging down the cup on the other side and repeating the sucking and nibbling to my left breast. My breathing increased as I squirmed against her fingers on my pussy, pushing my chest further against her mouth.

My hand moves against her back, my nails lightly scratching her. “Sadie,” I moan again, my hand moving further down her, rubbing against her ass. Kneading it. Pulling her against my thigh. I feel just how wet she is from going down on me.

She moves her mouth back against mine, kissing me again, as she shifts forward. Her right hand pushing my left leg further out, lifting it, holding it up as her left leg moves further over my right. I feel so spread open and exposed. Sadie slides a little further up before I begin to feel her grind against me. Her warm slick mound rubbed against mine.

Sadie pulls away, slightly sitting up, angling herself better. Moving my left leg over her shoulder as she continues to hump me, occasionally feeling her hard clit on mine. Her left hand ran up my stomach and chest, grabbing onto my breast. Squeezing it, kneading it. Pinching my nipple between her thumb and finger, making me yelp and push my hips back against her.

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