Co-Worker Fantasy Pt. 12

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A beginning note for my readers, especially one.

To the one who has inspired all and experienced some of these stories, the one who has taken everything I have to give, including these stories, and given nothing in return. Thanks for the memories.

To all of my other readers, Thank you for your continued interest.

Cheers from, your quiet, 33 y.o. co-worker. ;-*


She was sitting there on the bench in his arms, wet, and began to feel gross.

She had just had sex with someone, in public, and now a mixture of her juices and his juices were leaking out of her and all over this public bench.

She was ready to go, the intensity of the moment had worn off.

She stood up, looking down at him with a raised eyebrow.

He stood up, threading his arm around her back to hook on to the other side of her waist as he pulled her close.

Wordlessly, they began walking back to the hotel.

“Do you want to come back and continue this in my hotel room?” He asked and she turned to look up at him as they walked. He was smirking with a devilish look that promised a lot more fun.

“What about tomorrow?” She said, looking down again and avoiding his glance.

“What about tomorrow? It’s only 7 pm, we didn’t even make it through dinner without figuring out a way to be all over each other. We still have lots of time left tonight” he retorted.

“I mean the tomorrow where I struggle to know where we stand and you disappear. I mean the tomorrow where I’m nothing again” she said, finally owning up to how she felt.

He stopped, and pulled her chin up to look at him again. He wrapped his arm tighter around her waist and pulled her closer, leaning in to kiss her which was exactly what she had been looking for. She melted into him, loving the taste of his lips. She paused their walk to throw her arms around his neck and pull herself closer into him. She felt like a teenager, just enjoying making out. He was a really good kisser. He broke away and whispered “you’re not nothing.”

“You have been just fine not talking to me for years. That’s nothing. When we leave this work trip you’re going to disappear again and not talk to me, again. That’s nothing.” she said, Still not looking at him but still hoping he would kiss her again.

“We have fun together. We always do. We’re just having fun. Isn’t that enough?” He whispered into their embrace.

Her heart sank with every word.

“No. I can’t handle you disappearing again.” She said, sinking down from her toes to the flat of her feet and pulling out of his arms, “I want you to ask me how my day is going. I want to talk to you about work. I want you to be interested in me and my life because I am so much more than the fun we have and because I’m interested in you and your life. I want to hear your stories and I want you to hear mine. I’m an awesome person AND an awesome fuck.”

They were back at the hotel at this point, standing out front, waiting to walk into the lobby separately.

He pulled her into a hug again and whispered “I long for water running over us and feeling your skin. I just want to see you in the shower, water running down your naked body. I don’t want to underestimate the fun that we had and could continue. I want us to have more fun tonight”

She pulled away, looked him in his eyes and responded

“Get a fleshlight”

Then walked into the lobby leaving him standing out front.

She felt like she looked strong as she walked to the elevator and got in without looking back but she was shaken. She heard her phone chime with a text. “I’m in room 326 if you want to come by” She stared at it for a minute, feeling conflicted, feeling sad, feeling misunderstood, then blocked his phone number. Done.

She got up to her room, stripped her clothes and showered, cleaning all of him off of her. She couldn’t even look at the bar of soap, opting to use shampoo as her body wash for the evening.

When she stepped out of the shower, steam rising off of her skin, she felt a little better, but she felt the need to be pampered. She deserved it. ‘Treat yo’self’

She called down to the concierge and asked if there was a massage place open this late. He told her he didn’t know of one but they did have a masseuse on call at the hotel that could come to her room.

Even better.

21 minutes later there was a knock on her door. She hadn’t know what to wear for an in-room masseuse so she had thrown on a thong and the matching lace bralette with another pair of her loose workout shorts and a tank top.

She opened the door to an incredibly attractive man holding a mobile folded massage table.

“I’m Ryan, your masseuse” he smiled, making his dimples wink at her, “can I come in?”

“Oh my god, of course!” She blurted out, as socially awkward as ever.

He chuckled at her outburst and came into the room to set up his table. She sat down on the chair and just watched him move around. He was at least 6’3″ and blonde with his hair cut longer on top and Amazon prime izle shorter on the sides In that more European preppy fashion. He was fit and wearing black on black on black, but all of his clothes looked soft and comfy, and tight…

She watched his firm ass as he bent over to pop the legs out on the mobile massage table and she burst out laughing and covered her mouth when he accidentally ripped the leg off of the table as he was trying to straighten it.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh” she Stammes while still laughing a little “guess you don’t know your own strength. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

“No, but I may have to cancel on you since I just broke the table”

“Nooooooo” she whined, disappointed. She wanted her pampering. Thinking fast she pointed to the bed “can’t we just use the bed, is the specific table important?”

He raised his perfect eyebrow at her, looking between her and the bed while chewing on his cheek, considering.

“Sure, if it’s all the same to you we can make that work” he said looking to her once more for confirmation.

She jumped off the chair and lay down on the bed, face down with her head at the foot of the bed, spread eagle, in demonstration of her confirmation.

He laughed and packed his table back up and set it by the door. She propped herself up on her elbows watching him move the stuff around until he came back with two bottles of massage oil and stood in front of her. She was craning her neck to look up at him when he said “flip over, we’ll start with your neck.”

She felt herself get a little turned on that there was a hot guy in her room commanding her. “Keep it professional” she reminded herself as she turned around and lay down on her back.

He put some massage oil on his hands and reached down to her neck and began running his hands up and down her neck, reducing the tension. She could feel that this bed was not quite the right height for a 6’3″ masseuse so she wasn’t surprised when he said “I’m not getting good pressure from this position, why don’t you sit up for a minute and if you could pull your bra straps down so they’re out of the way that would help.”

She sat up and looked down and realized she had shirt straps and bra straps. “Do you mind if I just take my shirt off? There are plenty of towels in the bathroom so I can just grab one” she asked, glancing over at him.

“Great idea” he responded, not looking at her or looking phased at the suggestion so she slipped off the bed and went into the bathroom, taking off her shorts and her shirt so she was just wearing her bralette and her thong. She tucked the straps from the bralette down into the band and wrapped a small hotel towel around her body as she went back out and sat on the bed, kneeling on her knees with her back to the edge of the bed.

He positioned himself behind her, running his hands down the length of her neck on both sides and then across her shoulders and down her arms. He repeated this movement, removing a layer of tension and stress from her posture each time until she had her eyes closed and was leaning backwards into his firm torso. He then started moving in circles, starting with his hands running down the front of her neck, just below her chin, and pushed his hands down her neck and down her chest, his thumbs putting pressure along her collarbone, pulling his hands back out to her shoulders and rubbed them back up her neck in a wide circle. Unable to control herself, She moaned a little and then kicked herself for being unprofessional and tried to cover it up with a question “when can I lay down again?”

His hands were still moving up and down her neck and shoulders when he whispered in her ear “You can go ahead and lay down whenever you’re ready” and she jumped a little because she hadn’t realized he was that close. She shivered at the intimacy, making the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

“Face up or face down” she whispered back, her eyes still closed as she enjoyed his hands moving across her.

She felt his hands move to her shoulders and guide her. She followed his non-verbal instructions, turning her body … well. She wasn’t even sure which way anymore because she refused to open her eyes and she enjoyed being led.

Once he had turned her, he pushed gently on her chest to have her lay down on her back. She went to grab the front of her towel to make sure it didn’t fall off but she felt him grab it first and she felt his other arm behind her back as he gently helped her lower to the bed. She inhaled his scent as his arms were around her and imagined them doing this naked. She shivered as she felt her nipples get hard and she had to think of something else to avoid getting too turned on. Keep it professional! She reminded herself again.

“Since we don’t have the table and the bed is a little low, I’m going to get on the bed with you to perform the massage, is that ok?” He asked.

“Yup, I’m easy” she said, her eyes still closed waiting for his next touch. blutv izle She made fun of herself in her head for just telling someone she was “easy,” she really had no filter. She felt the bed shift as he crawled on. She could feel his uncertainty as he tried to figure out how to position himself and she felt like she should reassure him it was all good “really truly Ryan, you do you, I realize you’re still trying to get me a massage even though your table broke and I really appreciate the effort so do what you have to do to get comfortable and get what you need”

He didn’t say a word but he shifted again and her eyes snapped open in surprise when she felt the bed shift as he placed one knee on either side of her hips. He was facing away from her so he didn’t see the look of shock on her face that this stranger was straddling her on her hotel bed but she watched as he applied more oil to his hands and squirted the oil all over her long tan legs and she immediately felt her pussy throb and get wet.

“Keep it professional” wasn’t working as well anymore now that she had a hot man on top of her in her hotel room.

He worked his way over her legs once just to spread the oil and keep it from dripping then he started focusing on her feet. She watched his ass as he leaned forward over her legs to give her feet attention. His face was barely a foot away from her feet as he slid over them, pulling on them with his hands and massaging between each toe. His hand wrapped around one foot then the other, using his fingers to massage the arch of her foot. She had just had a pedicure (and manicure of course) for this trip so her toe nails were trimmed, her feet were soft and her toes were painted a fun hot pink summer color. She squirmed a little underneath him as he touched the sensitive and ticklish parts of her foot, his hands moving in constant small circles around her foot, kneading into those tense muscles she’d been standing on all day. He sat up a little, moving into long, heavy strokes from her toes up her smooth legs to her knees and she held her breath each time he reached her knees waiting for him to go a little higher.

She was so glad he wasn’t looking at her face because she was really enjoying this. She could see the muscles in his back through his tight shirt as he leaned forward to reach her toes and pulled back to her knees. As the tension slowly left her legs, her toes fell outwards and her legs parted into a more relaxed position. He used that to begin moving his focus to her thighs, adding more oil to his hands, he moved his knuckles on the top of her thighs from her knee to her hips and back. After 30 seconds of that he began to drag his knuckles down to her knees then wrap his hands around her knees and pull his hand back with his thumb and ring fingers putting pressure on the inside and outside of her thighs as he brought his hands back towards her hips. It felt relaxing and tickled and turned her on all at once. It was probably all mental but she felt like his thumbs were getting closer to her pussy with each pass and her breath reflected that anticipation. She would breathe in as his hands ran up her thighs, holding her breath at the end to see where his fingers ended, she felt juices running to her pussy with each pass, and then she would breathe out as he moved away from her pussy again. She didn’t know if she wanted him to actually get there because she was really enjoying the tease and if he kept at it she knew she would orgasm just from his hands teasing her.

But no, “keep it professional” she reminded herself shaking her head a little to get out of her daydreams. She was so glad she had waxed before coming on this trip so she was soft and smooth all over.


She felt a little electric jolt go through her pussy and up her nipples to her face where she flushed.

Did he just graze her underwear with his thumb or was she daydreaming again?

She came back to the moment and waited for the next pass.

He did, he did barely graze her pussy on both sides with his thumbs. Maybe it was unintentional? She had a nice perky ass sitting on thick toned thighs so there wasn’t a lot of space down there for his big hands to maneuver. She opened her legs a little to give him a little more space for his hands and held her breath.

This pass he had a lingering pause when he reached the top instead of a graze, she bit her lip holding back a moan as her pussy got juicier, yearning for that touch. He moved back down her thighs to her knees and back up, this time slipping just the edge of his thumbs under the hem of her thong in a fluid movement as he passed making her question if it even happen but her automatic reaction was to flex her toes and lift her knees a little in enjoyment as she continued to restrain her moans and heavy breathing.

She felt his hands pause in their circles and he leaned forward putting his weight on her as he kneeled then stepped over her to get off the bed again.

Fuck, I didn’t keep it professional and he’s leaving she thought as she beIN CONNECT izle sat up on her elbows.

He turned back toward her, putting more oil in his hands.

“Turn over” he commanded and she did.


He grabbed a pillow and put it under her hips and she rolled over trying to keep some of her modesty with the towel wrapped around her.

“How about we just drape that across you?” he said and, belly down, she undid the front of the towel to allow it to instead be draped over her back and ass, barely.

He straddled her again, his hips just behind her ass.

He put his hands on the back of her thighs then leaned forward as he massaged from her thighs down her calves and back to her feet. As he leaned forward, she could swear she could feel his hard cock against her ass.

Keep it professional.

She tried to rotate her hips to get her voluptuous ass a little more out of his way but all she succeeded in doing was putting more pressure on her clit as his hands slid back up her legs and continued up her ass. Her hips froze with her clit pressed against the pillow and her mind focused on his hands on her ass, she forgot to breathe, waiting. His hands continued up to her lower back then moved back down across her ass to her legs leaving the towel bunched up on her back and her ass exposed as he continued his massage. His hands moved back up her legs and she remembered to breathe taking quick shallow breaths in anticipation of them returning to her ass. As he came up her thighs, his thumbs were again pressed to the innermost part of her thigh, grazing her soaked pussy and making her shiver as they continued up, both thumbs being swallowed by her ass cheeks and grazing her rosebud as he continued up and back down again.

On his next pass up her legs, the tip of his thumbs slipped under the hem of her underwear again and she was beside herself with all this teasing, squirming a little bit. She tested the waters by opening her legs wider, just a little bit, trying to make it look as natural as possible. He shifted forward and now she was very sure that was his hard cock pressing into her. She was breathing heavily as he ran his hands back down her ass and very deliberately ran his hands on either side of her pussy and pushed in, squeezing her pussy lips together and setting her nerves on fire.

She gasped with pleasure. His hands didn’t move back down her legs but stayed, running up and down the side of her soaked pussy putting pressure on her clit. He pulled her wet underwear to the side and began running his index finger up and down her slit as his hands continued roaming up and down touching all of her sensitive areas. She spread her legs wider, inviting him to keep going as she moaned, audibly now, all pretenses of her keeping her cool were gone. He moved his hand over to cup her pussy with one hand and slid his middle finger into her soft, wet folds. She raised her hips a little bit, enjoying it and trying to get him even deeper into her. He responded by slamming his finger into her rapidly for 30 seconds while she screamed “oh my god” repeatedly.

He withdrew his finger and grabbed both of her ass cheeks, grinding his hard cock into her big ass for a few seconds before swinging his legs over and getting off of her. She turned her head to look at him, worried he might have changed his mind and was leaving but he was pulling his shirt off giving her a view of his muscular back. He turned back towards her, revealing his whole toned physique and his obvious hard on and she bit her lip while she ran her eyes up and down him. He pulled the useless towel the rest of the way off of her and pulled her thong down her long legs, throwing it on the floor. He moved behind her and pulled her hip up so she was now on her knees and her elbows with her legs spread and ass in the air for him to do with as he pleased.

He licked his finger that had just been inside of her then licked all of her fingers before reapplying them to her pussy lips, running his whole hand up and down her pussy again in this new more exposed position. He cupped her pussy, this time inserting his middle finger and his ring finger inside as the rest of his hand lay flat against her and his other hand moved to put all of his other fingers against the area just above her clit. He started moving his fingers in and out of her while simultaneously massaging the area around her clit. Her pussy made a delicious smacking noise as his fingers moved in and out her soaking wet pussy. She had never felt pleasure like this before, and she was quickly squirming and panting against the bed.

He started moving his hands faster and deeper.

Her ass and thighs jiggled as he held her in place, his fingers both deep inside of her hitting her g-spot and rapidly massaging her clit. She gripped the bed sheets tightly in her hands as she felt his hands quickly push her over the edge, orgasming with a loud scream and squirting all over his hands as they continued to pleasure her. When she stopped shaking from her orgasm, he removed his hands, stood up, and pulled his pants down just enough to free his huge throbbing cock. he pushed it into her still-pulsing hole, slick with her orgasm juices. She groaned at the intrusion but immediately started moaning with pleasure as he filled her with his hard rod.

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