Control Games

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She took her time getting ready. The bath with softly scented oils and flower petals, the fragrant perfumes and the transparent black negligee that was barely covering her pale skin.

Her full breasts felt heavy and her nipples were tightened to the point where it was slightly painful, especially when the mesh fabric of the shift she was wearing brushed against their points. It was a soft caress, making her breasts ache for the punishment she knew was to come.

When she walked to him in the master bedroom, her shaved pussy was already soaked, her juices starting to leave the smallest trails down the inside of her thighs, enough so that she felt the cool stickiness as she walked and the ache in her clit begging for her attention was only made worse by the wetness in between her legs.

He was laying on the bed, on his side facing the doorway as she walked in. He was naked saved for a thick silver hoop through each nipple and the small stud in his ear. As he saw her, his cock swelled in his lap, showing his appreciation for her efforts.

“Did you follow my instructions?”, he asks her.

“Yes, I did”, she nods as she blushes. His instructions to her were to drink two full glasses of water, take a warm bath, and not to pee before coming into the bedroom. She wondered what he had in store for her, and the pictures in her head were enough to make her drip even more wetness in anticipation of what he might have in mind. She knew he wasn’t into watersports per se, so she wondered what creative scenario he had in mind for her, and craved all of it.

He sat up on the edge of the bed, and she moved to stand in front of him. He removed the black negligee with a sweep of his hand, then weighed her heavy, swollen breasts in his hands, rolling the flesh across his palms, and squeezing hard enough it made her sigh with pain and pleasure and arch her back pressing all of her breasts into his broad, questing hands.

He would pinch the skin around her nipples, squeezing hard, then soft, probing and pinching in varying degrees until she was moaning in appreciation, and aching for him to take her nipples and squeeze hard. Instead, his hands slide down her sides, and with one hand sliding to her lower back, he uses his other hand to push down firmly on her bladder. She moans in pleasure, as the pressure makes her clench the muscles inside of her empty aching pussy.

“Do you feel full honey?”, he asks coyly of her.

“Yes,” she admits with a hint of embarrassment, “not too uncomfortably so though”. He laughs and opens the cabinet near the bed. He removes several items, laying them out in a row on the bedside table. One of the items happens to be another bottle of water about ten inches tall and around 4 inches in diameter. He hands it to her with a smile on his face.

“That’s very good. Now drink this down for me aydın escort now like a good girl”

She opens the bottle and quickly drinks the water inside. He tells her to lay down on the bed, and as she does, he proceeds to secure her to the thick mahogany bed frame with the thick leather and steel restraints, first her legs, then when she finishes the bottle of water, he takes the empty bottle from her and secures her arms to the bed next. He looks down at her, a grin still on his face. He knows how horny this makes her and how much she’s desperate to have it.

Teasing he asks, “Is your cunt nice and wet?” She nods “Is it aching for something to fill it up?” She nods again.

Taking the empty water bottle, he pushes apart her sopping wet pussy lips with his thumbs, and with no hesitation shoves the bottle hard into her aching cunt. Her muscles clench hard to the water bottle, milking it with her bare wet pussy.

He steps away from the bed, and from the beside table grabs the bag of clothespins. This is an old game, but one they enjoy greatly. Slowly and deliberately, he once again begins squeezing and pinching the aching flesh around her nipples. This time he squeezes hard, so hard it brings tears to her eyes as she fights not let a scream escape from her lips. Every time he finds a new place to pinch, he replaces his fingers with a clothespin, which grasps her tender flesh tight between it’s wooden teeth.

Finally he grasps each nipple, twisting them hard and roughly bringing her upper body up off the bed in an arch of pain. Then he releases, and clasps each one on the very tip with the tight, hard clothespins.

Moving down her body, he attaches clothespins to the flesh at her sides, then begins his work on her pussy.

Placing clothespins down the insides of her pussy lips, and then, cruelly he places one directly on her aching clit, he smiles as he watches her writhe in torment as the pins pinch her skin and her body reacts to the escalating sensations she feels as he deftly removes the water bottle from her drenched pussy. As the bottle pops out, he takes his time to brush each of the clothespins on her pussy lips with the bottle, a clacking sound she can hear as well as feel.

Her empty pussy cries out, desperate to be filled again. The pressure on her bladder has increased, and she tells him she really needs to pee now.

He’s pleased at this, and commands her in a low but firm voice to hold it for him. Using his fingers, he probes her bladder through her lower belly. She moans and hisses through her teeth as he increases the pressure with the palms of his hands, every move of his hand causing surges of desperation through her, making her clit swell and ache even more, and every inch of her body was wanting nothing more than to pee.

Then he moves between her legs, his erection aydınlıkevler escort now plain in his lap. He reaches to the beside table and palms something she can’t quite see. He then releases the clothespin viciously clamping down on her clit and she howls in pleasure pain as the blood rushes back into her bruised and swollen clit. He pushes her legs wide apart, her swollen and soaked shaved cunt exposed and decorated with clothespins. He parts her inner lips with his thumbs, and starts massaging her urethra with his index finger, lightly at first, then with increasing pressure. She squirms under him and starts making desperate little noises in her throat as his finger makes the need to urinate almost overpowering. She begs him to stop, but he continues his intimate torture with no heed to her body’s undulating movements or her hoarse cries that she needs to pee.

Suddenly, his exquisite torture of her urethra with his finger stops, and she cries out in relief. However, her relief is short lived, as soon she feels something small but cold pressing against her delicate inner pussy lips. He raises it up long enough for her to focus on it, and she suddenly realizes he’s holding a simple black bobby pin in his fingers. She realizes what he is about to do and the realization brings a deep feeling of wicked pleasure tinged with a hint of shame over her reveling in allowing him to do such intimate yet dirty things to her body. By now, his ministrations had turned her on to the point where she was a wanton slut, willing to fuck anything and do any act he requested just for the chance to have an orgasm or piss, as she badly wanted to do both.

Lowering the bobby pin to her tender flesh, he finds the small opening he is looking for right below her clit, and slowly and carefully begins to circle her urethra with the rounded end of the straightened bobby pin. This small act causes her desperation to surge to another level as she felt the need to piss like never before. She tells him this in gasping breaths and he replies by even more slowly inserting the end of the bobby pin into her opening. Pushing it in a short ways, she feels the need to pee even more intense but now there is a pressure and an aching pain that wasn’t there before. Leaving the bobby pin resting a little ways inside her pee hole, he starts to circle her clit with his thumb, rubbing it firmly and flicking it on occasion with his index finger, causing her to moan even more and beg for release.

Keeping his thumb firmly rubbing her clit, he removes the clothespins on her nipples with his other hand, and as she screams as the sharp pressure is suddenly gone, he quickly covers her aching tits with his mouth and tongue. Gently and insistently suckling her, she moves even more quickly under his hands and mouth. Begging and screaming at the ayrancı escort same time, she begs him to let her pee. The pressure is overpowering now and the ache in her belly starts to become a pain.

Before he allows her to relieve herself, he takes the largest dildo from the beside table, a dildo as thick as a fist and nearly a foot long, and deliberately inserts it into her cunt as he removes the bobby pin from her inflamed urethra. He pushes once on her bladder and tells her “Pee for me, now!”. She screams again as she lets loose a flood out of her bladder and he fucks her cunt, violently with the big thick dildo, thrusting into her pussy and stretching it to it’s max as she pisses and cums everywhere.

She shakes violently in the throes of pleasure and pain as the relief from peeing and the release of orgasm wracks her body.

He removes the large dildo, now covered in her cum and piss and brings it to her lips. He pushes it into her mouth as she sucks it hard, using her mouth and tongue to clean all of her juices off of it. She greedily swallows everything as he positions himself over her restrained body.

He inserts the thick spongy head of his cock into the very entry of her cunt, which is now stretched from the dildo and dripping with her body fluids. He inches in only slightly then stops.

She looks up at him with questioning eyes, dark with passion and the pleasure of being fucked by him. He doesn’t answer the question in her eyes but merely sits a moment, looking down at her, and sitting with his cock resting inside of her. He repositions some of the clothespins on her breasts, providing relief in some places and new flaming pinches in others.

After a moment, her questions were answered as she suddenly felt his body tense, then she felt an incredible pressure and warmth inside of her as he began to piss inside of her well used pussy. He looked down at her as he let himself urinate inside her.

“You dirty little slut, you love this don’t you?” he asks her seductively, smiling slightly and glaring with temptation. “Your pussy loves to be used, doesn’t it? It’s so filthy that I have to piss in it to clean it out”.

His words drove her further and as she felt the flood of his piss flowing out of her and into the soaked bedsheets, she started orgasming again, clenching her cunt muscles harder on his cock as he peed long and hard as deeply inside of her as he could force himself. As the flow began to cease, he began to remove the clothespins on her pussy lips and started to pump his cock hard and deep inside her pussy, filling her and stretching her as he thrust as hard and fast as he could. He knew he was hurting her and that she was loving every moment of it. After all the clothespins were removed, he slammed his pelvis against hers, driving his cock deeper into her cunt, driving them both to a shattering orgasm.

She felt his release deep inside of her, and cumming again, she screamed as another orgasm shook her body. Lovingly releasing the rest of the clothespins from her body, she sighed once again in pleasure as she realized she would now be needing another bath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32