Cookies or Pie Pt. 02

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It took almost a week for my dick to heal, the first few days it hurt to handle when I had to piss, pulling it out of my underwear was the worst part, I started unbuckling my pants and pulling them down to take a leak. It was more effort but at least it wasn’t so uncomfortable, by Thursday I felt good, as if I could go again if the need arose, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to look for it. Aunt Glenda called to see if I would like to have supper with her Tuesday evening with a friend of hers from the quilting club, there would definitely be pie for dessert and a promise not to wear me out.

Pulling into the driveway I recognized the car instantly, it was Mrs. Bekins Toyota Corrolla, which concerned me, she was our local alderlady, could she really be looking for cock? She’d been a widow for years, but I never imagined her looking to get laid, much less by someone as young as me, ah well, live and learn. Aunt Glenda wouldn’t steer me wrong, walking in I noticed Mrs. Bekins as Glenda was setting food on the table, when I got closer she stood to hug me.

She had always been what my dad called roly poly, or chubby by my definition, with her heavy arms around me she told me to call her Carol, Mrs. Bekins was entirely too formal. As my arms circled her, I felt the little roll of fat around her waist, her huge breasts were pressed into my chest, she was pushing her abdomen into me, backing away her smile beamed.

“You’ve grown into such a fine young man John, Glenda tells me you have your own business and are doing very well, our community needs more young energetic folks like you.”

As she stepped back my hand grazed across her ample ass cheek while my mind was chuckling at her antics, always the politician, who knows, maybe she’ll be a good fuck as well, she certainly had plenty of cushion for the pushin. We talked about trivial things over supper, I would catch Carol glancing at me like I was the meal instead of what was on the plate before her. I helped Glenda clear the table and load the dishwasher while Carol babbled on about city politics, auntie and I just rolled our eyes. With Carol and me sitting on the couch Glenda was across from us in her recliner, it was she who set things in motion.

“Johnny you know you’re here for more than supper and pie for dessert, Carol hasn’t been with a man for over six years and has some conditions if you are interested in helping her.” I nodded okay. “The first one is she doesn’t want to kiss or make out as a part of foreplay. Second, she wants you to take her from behind with her dress on but her top open so her breasts can swing free as you pound her. The third you might find unusual.”

I looked at Glenda as she hesitated, “Okay, so what’s the third?”

“This is a little embarrassing for me, she wants me to film it on her phone so she can watch it at home when she uses her dildo.”

The look on my face must have been devious because auntie told me I was a naughty boy. Then I listed my conditions.

“Carol will let me undo her dress and take those massive tits out, which I get to suck at least a little, she sucks my dick until I’m solid as a steel pole, I get to take off her panties and then take her over the back of the couch.”

Carol looked at me, then Glenda, then back at me. “Okay, I can do that. I want you to go slow at first though, it’s been a long time, once I’m wet enough, I want you to hammer my cunt like there’s no tomorrow. One more thing, I want every drop of your cum inside me, not on my ass or anywhere else, inside my pussy, if it runs out that’s alright, but I want that cock to dump a load inside me. Do we have a deal?”

I answered by reaching for the buttons on her dress, I noticed auntie had begun filming as I opened her dress and opened the front clip bra, I didn’t let it just fall open, I gently moved the cups to the side while running my fingers over the soft warm flesh. When I took hold of her nipples she made a soft eeping sound, when I pulled her nipples and stretched her beasts her breathing was erratic, when I cupped them and put a nipple in my mouth she let out a long moan. It was then I noticed her hips rocking back and forth as her body shook.

Pushing her flat onto the couch I straddled her watching all that tit flesh fall to the sides, she cupped each pushing it into a mound for me to suck and play with, I didn’t disappoint. Glenda was within a few feet recording all the action, making sure she got a close up of Carol as she came for the second time, and I hadn’t touched her pussy yet. As I stood, I pulled her gently into a sitting position, she needed no instructions as she undid my pants pulling them and my underwear to my ankles where I stepped out of them.

She murmured and cooed as she took my dick in her hands, I watched as Glenda put her hand on the back of Carols head pushing it toward me cock. When I heard my aunt say, “open your mouth”, my cock twitched and my heart skipped a beat, Glenda casino siteleri was as much into this as Carol. As her lips circled the throbbing head of my cock I moaned softly, Glenda had a fist in Carols hair moving her head back and forth on my shaft as she filmed, Carol was taking nearly all my cock down her throat when I pulled back.

“Stand up Carol, lift your dress and hold it up.” I said.

Her expression was one of surprise and desperation while I turned her as I sat. “Can’t, can’t you just let me lean over the couch and lift my dress from behind?”

“No Carol I can’t, now lift your dress and let me take off your panties or we’re done.”

With trembling fingers she reached for the hem of her dress, Glenda was on her knees filming the slow rise of her dress revealing the bright white granny panties, her bush pushed against the front and a few hairs had escaped out the elastic of the legs. Leaning toward her mound the smell of her arousal was prevalent, I noticed her breathing was very shallow as I pushed my face into her panty covered pussy and kissed the mound. Hooking my fingers in the waistband I looked up into her eyes, they were on fire with lust, yup, this woman was mine to do whatever I wanted, conditions be damned.

Pulling them down, her body rocked and her legs shook slightly, with her full bush in view I quickly tugged the panties to the floor and told her to step out. As she began to lower the dress I spoke loudly and with authority.

“Lift your dress, I didn’t say you could lower it, Carol you need to do as I say.” I could hear Glenda telling her to lift her dress, she wouldn’t be disappointed.

With it raised I put my hands behind her thighs and pulled her pussy into my face, forcing her legs open slightly I pushed my tongue into her warm fragrant slit aiming for her clit immediately, she said she didn’t want foreplay, fuck her, I love eating pussy and there was no way she could stop me, whether she had figured it out or not, I owned Carols pussy. I continued to lick and suck her clit until she squatted slightly, grabbed my head with both hands holding it tight to her twat and screamed bloody murder. Her hips jerked uncontrollably as her legs shook, girl cum was running out of her.

I motioned to Glenda I was going to move Carol to the back of the couch, Carol was leaning forward onto the back of the couch, letting out a loud gasp as I lifted her dress. Her belly was plump and she had a small spare tire but her ass was still firm and beckoning to me. In between her chubby thighs I could see her hair covered vulva pushing out inviting me in, she was so wet the hairs glistened, Glenda was capturing a close up of that hairy hole waiting to be invaded.

Moving alongside I took ahold of her hair and softly turned her head to the side where I stuck my cock in her mouth, after a few slurpy bobs of her head I let go and moved behind, with her wetness and my saliva covered dick I slid into that tight old pussy with little resistance. She wasn’t virgin tight, but her vagina walls were hugging my cock snugly enough that she felt tight, I rocked back and forth gently until I felt her back arch, completely opening her pussy for me. All the while Glenda was filming close and from afar recording the entire experience for Carol.

I began to move more quickly and forcefully which caused Carol to blurt, “Yes, yes Johnny, fuck my pussy hard, fuck me.”

I watched her ass ripple and jiggle with every thrust, she had moved back from the couch enough that her tits were swinging free with every stroke, it shocked the hell out of me when aunties hand reached under and grabbed a nipple squeezing hard. It was the beginning of an orgasm that seemed to go on for nearly a minute, a minute I never stopped pushing into her smoldering coffin of lust. Glenda moved back and got close ups of my cock slamming in and out of Carols fat pussy, I could feel my balls beginning to boil.

I slowed just slightly and was ready to shoot when I felt Glenda’s cool fingers wrap around my scrotum as she whispered in my ear, “Fill her hairy old cunt Johnny.” As Carol screamed in ecstasy I slammed my hips into her ass and unloaded what felt like a bucket of semen, (it wasn’t of course) I had shot five spurts into her and though nothing was coming out any longer the feelings seemed to continue until I began to soften. Glenda was off to the side filming as my cock flopped out of that forest of pussy hair, cum immediately began running down her legs, her pussy was matted with sperm, the labia moving softly as though they wanted more.

Glenda put a towel on the couch as I maneuvered Carol to it so she could sit and recover. Once she’d begun breathing normally, she stood, grabbed the towel, stuffed it between her legs and headed for the bathroom. Ten minutes later she called out asking if Glenda would bring her panties, a few minutes after that she emerged all put back together looking prim and proper other than her face still being flushed.

“Do güvenilir casino I look okay Glenda, or can you tell I’ve just had the shellacking of my life?”

“You look fine, will you be alright or would you like John to walk you to the car?”

“I’ll be alright, it would be nice if he walked me to my car though. Thanks.”

At her car she kissed me softly and quickly. “I don’t normally kiss on a first date, I’ll make an exception this time. John, I don’t think I can do this again, it was fun and I’m fully satisfied, but no more. I know you’ll be discreet about this, won’t you.”

Walking back in I chuckled to myself. *She doesn’t kiss on a first date, I ate her pussy, pounded her until she screamed with pleasure but she doesn’t kiss on a first date. Classic, absolutely classic.”

As I walked into the kitchen there sat a piece of blueberry pie, Glenda was setting a glass of milk in front of it. While I ate, she commented on what had taken place and wondered if I might have enough left to give her a quickie. When I nodded, she lifted her dress to show me she’d taken her panties off and was sufficiently wet after watching me fuck Carol.

“Eat up, I want to ride you on that chair, I’ll suck you hard, I like the taste of used pussy.”

I wolfed down the last two bites, took a few gulps of milk, stood to lower my pants and sat my ass on the chair. Glenda leaned over to suck my already hard dick, then using a hand on my shoulder for balance she raised her dress straddling me, letting go of my shoulder she reached between her legs, lined up my cock with her opening and dropped steadily until our bodies met. The smile on her face was all it took to convince me she was pleased.

Sitting with my shaft entirely inside her she wiggled a little bit as though she was trying to work more of me inside her warm wet cock hungry beaver. Letting go of her dress she placed both hands on my shoulders and began to ride, in no time at all with her head back and her mouth wide open I could tell she was ready to climax, I grabbed her hips, held her in place and hammered up into her, which brought her to the top of the mountain. Her squirming around combined with a pussy squeezing me so tight it felt like a vise as I gave into an orgasm that made my balls ache.

My eyes were blurred and I was light headed, a sixty plus year old cunt was milking my twenty something balls dry and I was loving every second, I knew I couldn’t do this forever, but for right now, I was going to enjoy it. There are guys who will say they’d never touch an older woman, to be honest there are some I wouldn’t touch either, however, those I’d been with already were teaching me things my one day wife would thank them for even if she never met them.

Cum puddled on my groin as Glenda leaned against me trying to find her breath, I hadn’t intended to do any screwing before I went to Florida with Lois and yet here I was with my dick buried in Aunt Glenda after having fucked her friend earlier. When I told her what Carol had said she simply uttered, *for the better* and that was it. I would definitely have to curtail any further activity before we left or I wouldn’t have everything Lois was looking for, then there was this *wild side* thing, what might that be I wondered.

On the day we were to leave Lois picked me up in her shiny Jag, on the way to the airport she described the resort we would be staying at, right on the beach overlooking the Atlantic, she’d even reserved a private cabana for us a hundred yards from the bar/café area. She was dressed in a long flowing floral patterned cotton number with half sleeves, the top open enough to see she had nice breasts without being to revealing, the kicker for me was below the mid-calf hem I could see seamed sheer hose making me wonder what else was under that dress.

I’d worn loose fitting jeans and a simple pullover along with sandals. As they called for first class seating I was surprised when she stood, grabbed my hand and tugged, I had no idea we’d be in first class, another new for this country boy. She ordered a white wine as soon as we were seated, I wasn’t in the mood for alcohol and ordered an apple juice. About an hour into our three hour flight she asked for blankets, when the stewardess delivered them she winked at Lois, what did she know that I didn’t … at least not yet.

When she was covered she leaned to whisper in my ear. “These seats are too far apart for me to blow you, but you could put your arm beneath the blanket and play with me pussy, I would like that. Let me suck your middle finger so it’s easier to go inside me.”

I smiled as I felt a bare pussy, it wasn’t bald, she just didn’t have much for pubic hair from what I could tell. With a finger inside the juices began to flow without reserve, my fingers were coated with slick warm love juice, I rubbed her clit dipping my finger back inside every three or four strokes to keep her well lubricated. In less than five minutes her body canlı casino tensed, her jaws were clamped tight as she muffled the scream wanting to leave her lips.

As her body relaxed she turned to smile, with her mouth next to my ear she whispered, “Thank you, no one has gotten me off with just their fingers in a long time, your aunt Glenda must be teaching you well. It’s a half hour ride from the airport to the resort, I’ll give you a blow job on the way there, a limo with a privacy screen will be waiting for us. I can hardly wait to have that young meat in my mouth, I love the taste of cum, hopefully you’ll have lots for me to swallow.”

I hadn’t cum in almost a week, I didn’t think I would disappoint her. We drifted off to sleep until we heard the pilot announcing we were on approach for landing, as the flight attendant took the blanket she asked if it had worked out the way we had planned. Lois once again shocked the hell out of me with her answer.

“Oh yes, all the way down my leg.”

The woman leaned toward Lois with a card and said softly, “You two have a lovely weekend, maybe the three of us could get together in the future, my cell number is on the back, give me a call.”

As the woman walked away Lois looked at me, “What do you think stud, could you handle two women at the same time? Threesome’s can be fun if done right. Give it some thought.”

Inside the terminal was a man in a suit holding a large sign that only said LOIS, after verifying who he was she gave him the stubs for our luggage telling him to find us at the bar when the baggage was loaded, when she told me she would take care of everything she wasn’t kidding. As we entered the limo she told the driver where to go and that he could close the privacy screen right away, if he needed to ask a question he was to use the intercom.

We weren’t two miles from the airport when she had my jeans and underwear around my ankles and my cock buried in her mouth. She took nearly my entire length with the first bob of her head, by the fourth she had deep throated me, she must have talked with Glenda knowing I didn’t cum well from deep throating and concentrated on sucking the first two thirds of my cock. I swear that woman could suck a ping pong ball through a straw, she had me on the brink of an explosion in less than five minutes. Stroking the back of her head I told her I was gonna cum, she lifted off long enough to say.

“Down my throat, shove it down my throat.”

When I felt it rising up the length of my shaft I grabbed her head and crammed my cock into her throat, she took it all, gulping as cum slithered into her stomach. Pulling off she smacked her lips sticking her tongue out to show me there was nothing left and sat up with a shit eating grin on her face.

“That was good John, and plentiful. I was fucking a guy in his forties a few years ago, he never on his best day had as much as you just shot down my throat, my God that was good, we are going to have so much fun. I want you to do something for me, open my dress and play with my breasts, they aren’t very big, but I love it when a man is mauling my tits.”

I opened her dress, pushed up her bra and began manipulating them, squeezing, molding, kneading them like bread, her little nipples looked like they’d just been exposed to a twenty below wind. I was sucking them when the intercom squawked our destination was five minutes away. I lowered her bra, tried to adjust it and got my hands slapped while she laughed finishing the job herself.

“You opened my dress you need to button it.” She said giggling.

The cabana was wonderful with a jacuzzi and king size bed which she told me was never going to be used for much more than sex, letting me know that when we were in it she planned to be fucking or sucking, or both. She’d made dinner reservations in the resort lounge which gave us an hour to nap and then a half hour to get ready. I wore dress jeans with a shirt, tie and sport coat. She on the other hand was dressed to kill, everything she had on said *fuck me* from the skin tight pencil dress to the four inch cheater heels.

The dress was open to just below her breasts and the skirt ended mid-thigh, once again I was mesmerized by the seamed hose, she’d dressed in the bathroom, but I knew in my heart she had on a belt and straps. To say my dick was on full alert would be an understatement. Standing inches in front of me she straightened my tie, kissed me seductively and put her hand on my cock, squeezing my dick she made a purring kind of sound.

“Mmmmm, I’m going to like this. Keep that warm for mama, I have a very hungry pussy who will devour this varmint. Shall we go to dinner, remember, I am with you, no one else gets to dance with or buy me a drink. I’m your woman and yours alone. Got it?”

I nodded enthusiastically trying to will my hardness away before leaving the room, and I had nearly succeeded until she rubbed her hand across me on the elevator, the fact that it was crowded added to her thrill factor from what I could tell. Dinner was excellent, we were just finishing when the band began playing in the ballroom, after signing the check we sauntered over to the ballroom where she immediately started a bar tab to be included with the room billing.

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