Corrupting Danny Ch. 01

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This is my first attempt at a larger submission and would love feedback on where to take the story from here, thanks!


It was there, staring right at me. The bald patch of skin above my friend Danny’s cock. He didn’t know that his fly was open as he sat there on the couch. I couldn’t help but stare. It was calling me, beckoning me to slide my fingers inside and feel that smooth patch of skin and what lay below it.

Its important to mention that Danny was a slim, skinny really, kid. He and I grew up together, maintaining our friendship into our adult years. His skinny body was noticeably smooth today, his usually hairy legs were shorn clean. It was unusual for him. He never mentioned his sexuality, but I had always had my suspicions, of course, I was the one trying to get a view of his penis though.

My name is JD, I’ve always been bisexual, though most of my friends were unaware of that. Danny included. Growing up I wasn’t macho, but I wasn’t feminine either. I just was. My features were toned, more so than Danny’s, delicate physique. I just never had the want to get all muscled up like some of the rest of my friends growing up.

As it were, I was wondering what it would be like to treat Danny to a nice blowjob while we watched Netflix. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind once he felt it, after all, his love life was nonexistent. I felt that now was the time to feel him out.

“I Ankara bayan escort was watching this porn this morning,” I said, “this girl was taking on two dudes.”

“Oh?” he was being evasive as always when it came to sex. He shifted in his spot on the couch beside me, revealing the base of his cock through his unzipped jeans.

“She starts sucking on them, right” I began, my eyes glued to his cock, “blond chick, big knockers. She gets them both good and hard, then tell them to suck on each other.” A twitch.

“Okay,” he answered. His uninterested reply betrayed by the subtle movement of his limp member.

“Well, they start kissing. The guys I mean, they’re really going at it. Then they get on the couch, and start to 69 each other. It was hot, the guy on top was fucking the other dude’s mouth pretty hard, but he was deep throating him in return so I guess it made it even.” I was lying, making up my own story to test him. Sure enough the more I talked about these guys slobbering on hard man candy, the more Danny’s member stiffened.

“That’s kinda gay, JD.” He said dismissively, but his cock was fully hard now. I struck, slipping my hands into his fly and wrapping my fingers around his cock.

“Oh yeah? That’s why you’re hard then?” I said, and gave his cock a slow pump.

“What are you doing?” Danny asked, he sounded horrified, but he didn’t pull away or try to Escort bayan Ankara stop me. He let me stroke his bone, until he relaxed, “that… feels good.”

“So, you don’t want me to stop then?” I asked, coyly releasing my hand from the head of his penis. He moaned a no, and I returned my grip. His blue eyes looked down at me dreamily now and I couldn’t help it. I pulled his cock out and planted a kiss on the head. I was rewarded with a dollop of pre cum that I rubbed over my lips. I lifted my head and kissed Danny on the lips, he licked at his syrup and tasted it. His tongue founded its way into my parted lips and pressed at my tongue.

I pulled back from our embrace and lowered myself back down to his ample digit. Fuck, I had to taste it now, hot and throbbing in my hand, it was irresistible. My mouth opened and I suckled at his red mushroom, wetting it with my mouth and lapping at the pre cum as it came my way.

Soon his head wasn’t enough, and I traveled inch by inch down his shaft. He moaned repeatedly and his hand found the back of my head where he pulled my hair in ecstasy.

I slurped hungrily on his pole, the sweet flavor of his skin made me want to sample his load. I bobbed greedily, my hand found its way to his smooth sack stuffed with two walnut sized testicles that made my mouth water. I popped my mouth from his head, a trail of spit still clinging to my lips. I Bayan escort Ankara lifted his cock by the head and placed his balls into my mouth, one by one, washing them clean with my tongue. They were getting full, and I was getting hungrier.

I took his cock back into my mouth, and rammed my head down on his shaft. I didn’t stop until I felt his hot nuts pressing against my chin. I gagged hard and felt him twitch from it. I let the drool coat his cock and then returned to my previous tempo of bobbing. Now my hand was gently squeezing his sack, my fingers tracing their underside. He was about to blow, his breathing quickened into short gasps and he was moaning hard.

I felt his legs go stiff and got ready for my treat. I put my lips below the ridge of his perfect cock head, and held my mouth still. My tongue cradled his pulsating tip and I closed my eyes as blast after hot, salty, slippery, delicious blast of his spunk filled my mouth.

The slow kneading of his balls helped to pump all that desperately needed man paste into my throat. I swallowed the first half of his gift, eager to feel it slide into my belly. The rest I kept and savored, sloshing it over Danny’s head, basting it in its own juices while he churned more of it into me.

When at last he was spent, I sucked the remaining jizz off of his tender tip and smiled up at him.

“That was… I… wow.” he was speechless.

“Let me know when you’re ready again.” I panted, resting my head on his legs. I watched his cock flop back onto his stomach as it returned to its dormant state, wondering what we would do when it returned.

“How about that 69?” He said at last…

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