Criminal Morals

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Lewis Harris has worked for Alta Mortgage for 6 years approximately. Now drawing a yearly income of about $215, 00.00 he used to be a mortgage broker but has moved in to the newly created division of the company, Alta Credit Resources.

Alta Credit Resources contracts out to its participating vendors that loan money to Alta Mortgage’s customers and referrals. His responsibilities are to assure that each of the moneylenders is properly receiving their loan payments timely.

Lewis or ‘Lou’, as he is known through the office, stands 6′ 4″, weighs about 210bs, and is slightly graying; this tailors into his dark blond head of hair. Lou always seemed to carry a smile on his face. He heads to church weekly with his family of five.

Now what is not known is that he frequently will take advantage of his situation as a ‘model employee’. He has four young people, relatively beautiful women, and one young man under his tutelage. He has trained them to be the best. No other area firm provides a quality service like this company has done, getting reimbursements for its clientele!

“Lou, Lewis? I could use some advice on this customer. She is a tough one and will not return my calls!” Sherry was exasperated. Sherry was newly married with one toddler from a previous relationship. Now married for 2 and half years, she has been trying to get pregnant again herself.

“Sherry, let me take a look at this file, see what the originals from the mortgage end looked like and that’s going to allow us to know what we are up against. Come and meet me at lunch at 12:15 PM. It’s my treat.”

Sherry was relieved. She smiled again. He smiled back at her and gave her a one of his special flashing winks when he found someone to his liking. Sherry was different from many people. She was so upbeat and chipper. She always shampooed and her hair bounced all day long, flowing freely just past her shoulders. She was so thin in her upper body, but her hips widened quickly and aggressively to a robust waist and buttocks. She had fuller thighs and calves, but she dressed so fashionably, Lou always wondered what it might be like to have sex with her.

Sherry admired, maybe even adored this man because of his talents. He had a charming professional character. He loved to teach anyone about this business, but then he was always attracted to all the women, sexually as well. A downfall that they succumbed to and he did too.

Sherry met Lou across the street at the Oak N’ Ash pub. They found a deserted area of the pub to sit at and discuss. He asked her all the time about her family and she would do the same to him. She stared in to his eyes. Sherry found him enamoring! She glamorized about what it would have been like to meet him years ago. Of course, he is 38 and she is only 25, so that made part of this difficult in her rationale. He gave her various ways to resolve her dilemma.

She wrote all of them down. “Sherry, dear, there is truly one way, on about 75% of your accounts to get them resolved and quickly. However, you would have to be open to what is going to seem almost ludicrous and out of this world. It is going to take a major adjustment on your part.”

Sherry was very upbeat and outward about any possibility but of course; she was also confused. He had not even made it remotely clear to her how she could improve her receivables. He hesitated at this point to explain. He in no way wanted to upset her.

“Sherry, can we put this stuff aside and just talk? She freely and cheerfully approved his suggestion. You and Tom; you two have a real good marriage, shall I assume that?”

She replied, “Sure it is as good as any one’s should be. I mean, yeah if you want to know the truth and usually I don’t keep many secrets about my marriage, except real personal stuff, from anyone, it has its difficulties. To be totally open with you Lou, it always could be much better, I suppose!”

“Well what do you mean, Sherry? Lou listened carefully. He was good at reading between the lines, when people talked to him. What things would you improve on?”

“Lou, I don’t know if Tom would care for me openly talking to you about this, as she snickered some, but I think he wants me to be some beautiful and sexually charmed goddess. He knows I never was. That is apparent. You see me all the time, you notice this figure, as she ran her hands from about her breasts down below her hips, it is not the greatest compared to Jennifer’s and Patty’s, is it?”

Lou paused, and a smile appeared on his face. “Sherry, I am a married man. My wife is adorable in many ways. My kids, they are the ideal kids with grades and athletic talent that ‘lead’ the way! There are things I have done though, that would mystify and absolutely blow your mind!” Honestly, they would.”

“Lou, what are you saying, Sherry asked? What are you getting at? Is this all related to what you mentioned earlier about getting a majority of accounts to pay on a timely basis? I am confused as confused gets!”

“First Sherry, bonus veren siteler I smiled earlier, prior to you talking about your situation with Tom and your figure because, if I can step out of line for a minute, Sherry you are a babe! Sherry you really are a fox, in my utmost honest opinion! I find you acutely attractive; maybe, if I do sound unprofessional, please forgive me but I think you have so many adorable and sexy qualities!”

Sherry was stunned! Sherry was almost mortified! She did not know what to say! She was astounded and at the same time, she felt humbled by his comments. She was not embarrassed but she had no idea that her mentor felt this way about her. What Lou had just said put an entire new light on her perspective of him.

She always thought this ‘mogul’ of a man was quite handsome. He was in great shape; he worked out regularly. He kept up with the current men’s hairstyles. His clothing was modestly fashionable, so that it never gave an appearance that maybe he was cheating on his wife. Sherry didn’t know that though. She didn’t even have a clue up until maybe now.

“Lou! Are you saying what I think you are saying? She was astounded now that these questions quickly sped through her mind! Am I to believe that you may be thinking that you would, and now she paused because she hesitated to say it, make love with me? Lou! Lou! I…. I… I do not know what or how to react! I’m speechless Lou, I am!”

“Never mind Sherry, forget about what I just said. I know you really can’t believe me; in no way would I want this to come between us professionally. I know that to be true! Your work has been extremely exceptional! I wouldn’t ever want to lose that from here. We all work together so well and you are a huge part of this actually!”

Sherry was dumbfounded. She was confused. She started saying to herself, she had to think about what this man just said to her. “That I am a sexually attractive woman!” Yes she was, according to Lou a very attractive woman.

“Sherry, I will never say anything to you like this again other then to let you know that regardless of what Tom thinks or says, he is very wrong about what he has said or insinuated about you, that’s for damn sure! Is that understood? I won’t express my feelings about this again, is that understood?”

“Lou, it’s quite alright. I am thankful for such a compliment of that nature. A woman like me, with a figure like mine, wants to hear flattering words or expressive thoughts! Flattering, Lou is an understatement. Do you really think I’m an attractive person?”

“Yes, Sherry, that’s my honest to Gods opinion. I would not say that is why I hired you. I hired you because you had all the qualifications. I hired you because you had a great attitude. But once you were trained, I began seeing the other qualities and everything blossomed from there, including my views on you personally.”

Sherry blushed from the flattery. Sherry didn’t smile with all her heart, but she felt special and was hesitant to acknowledge any return thoughts for him maybe.

He was looking at his planner now. He had an afternoon appointment with a man and his wife on some investment property they bought, but had some delinquency issues. This woman, she wasn’t the nicest looking woman, but her husband was handsome like himself. Ironically though, the woman had a great figure.

This led Lou to the proposed idea that maybe he forgive this months payment for an alternative option or two. “Sherry, what’s your schedule this afternoon?”

She answered, “I have to clean up my books, but it is real light and I easily could dump it all on to Monday and Tuesdays books next week”.

“Care to come along with me on a business appointment in Findlance? This is going to be educational and different. If you want, we can have a cocktail after and just talk more. It’s up to you. This isn’t a residential one, it is a business, and a couple bought some investment property.”

“Lou, I will go, but please and I am honestly asking you to be a gentleman, please no funny business?”

“Boy Scouts honor”, said Lou, as held up the Stark Trek sign always given by Leonard Nemoy in that TV series. Sherry laughed and laughed. Each of them warmed up to the other.

About 50 minutes later, they were on the highway and had struck up a conversation. He had broken the silence. She was staring out the passenger side window in to the flatlands around them. Nothing, but open acreage, that could always be developed into something.

“So what are you thinking about Sherry?” She turned, looked, and said she wasn’t thinking about anything. In all honesty, though, she was thinking about the compliments he gave to her earlier. She began wondering what, if at all, what it would be like to become intimate with Lou and if he would make her feel like a goddess.

It was silent in the car as they drove to Findlance. The music on this trip was the purring of his Lexus. It hummed quietly as they drove bedava bahis down. The only other sound heard was the air current from the ventilation system.

Then Sherry broke the silence between them. “Lou?” He answered with only a yes back to her. “If I proposed something to you personally, would it maybe change how you and I worked with each other professionally?”

He turned at her with a queer look on his face. He temporarily for got that conversation in the pub. “What are you talking about?” He was simply clueless; it wasn’t that he didn’t believe what he told her. It just slipped his mind. He was focused on his ‘task at hand’.

“You told me at the pub and I think I quote because I listened to you closely: ‘First Sherry, I smiled earlier, prior to you talking about your situation with Tom and your figure because, if I can step out of line for a minute, Sherry you are a babe! Sherry you really are a fox, in my utmost honest opinion! I find you acutely attractive; maybe, if I do sound unprofessional, please forgive me but I think you have so many adorable and sexy qualities!’ That is what you said, if I remember correctly.”

Lou was a little dumbfounded now. He was not sure what she was getting at. He continued the drive down to Findlance but he asked her what her point was.

She hesitated to proceed with her thoughts and express her friendly idea to him. She thought about any consequences between her and Tom. Tom traveled all the time with Humance Corp, delivering company or corporate benefits, so like Lou and Sherry, he knew the spoils of the job.

Many temptations are available to you. Anyone knows that. Lou’s sex life with his wife is awesome. Lou’s wife is always thinking up new, more creative but modest sexual ideas, or even some adventures.

“Listen Lou, I have thought hard about what you said to me at the pub. She paused as she looked at him while he drove. He looked back over at her intermittently as he navigated the road down. Lou, would… you…ever, ummm…uhhh…consider making love with me?”

He almost came to a dead stop on the highway! He looked at her like she was crazy! He never ever thought she would buy into what he thought and believed in! He accelerated to the shoulder of the highway now. Putting the car in park and shutting it off, Lou turned as best as he could and smiled at Sherry.

“Oh my God Sherry, oh my God, yes! He closed his eyes for a moment to collect a couple of thoughts on this as he began recalling his conversation with her from the pub. Oh my God yes, yes I would be totally, 100% honored if you and I made love with each other, Sherry.” He cracked a large heart warming smile and so did Sherry in her excitement!

She was irrationally eager and aroused by the very idea. His desires piqued now. He wanted to feel aroused by this ‘fat bottom girl’! He couldn’t wait until the ‘whenever’ to make love with this younger but mature woman. However, he had enough experience to begin subduing the feelings and releasing them later.

Not Sherry though. She was not as experienced, she wanted to know when and where, and what they could or might do with each other. She began, with her young, restless, and inexperience, craving his attention, his personal, and more importantly, his physical presence!

There was another 20 minutes before they would arrive. She was heightened by the idea he would undress her, piece by piece and they would be intimate with the other. He did not think that way. He wanted to shred her apart, as a paper shredder would do documents and ‘rip’ her out on a bed, just fucking away at her.

Something reversed his train of thought. There was something new and special that he remembers he liked, even intimately loved, and respected about Sherry. It was her soft and unrelenting attitude and how she was forever perky, but vulnerable. He loved these qualities and would not ever dishonor this beauty, this goddess of a woman. She may not think this way about herself, but he certainly thought this of her.

As mentioned, she was heightened by her acceptance to make love. They didn’t know where to do this. She was anxiously waiting for that time that they could do this. She was almost becoming immature. She lifted up the arm in the front seat and scooted closer to him. She did something unexpectedly!

With his coat over the back of his seat and the seat belts off, which they shouldn’t have been, Sherry looked at Lou and rested her hand over his crotch. This was not going to show any immediate signs of life right now.

“Want some of this do you, he laughed as he asked her, hold the wheel and you can play, the rest of the way, okay?” He laughed some more. Sherry did too.

She held the steering wheel. He undid his slacks and pulled them down to just above his knees as they drove down the highway. He did the same with is boxers. There was his cock, completely visible and accessible to her for her viewing pleasure. She viewed it all right, she smiled at its deneme bonus thick nature. It was thicker then Toms, that was for sure. She didn’t say that though.

Lou looked at Sherry as she viewed his ripeness. It needed some ‘hormonal’ growth activity of sorts. Now how was that going to happen? With his left hand on the steering wheel, his right hand grabbed her left hand and together, they did the ‘shake and bake’ treatment on his cock. The got some masturbation appreciation on the ‘state police-less’ patrolled highway.

No automobile anywhere that early Friday afternoon; she and Lou stroked his cock and both enjoyed the stimulation it gave him. She pulled out her cell and checked for messages while doing that. Two were from Tom. She responded to one and deleted the other. She told him she was in an important meeting and unavailable the remainder of the afternoon until 6pm. She removed his hand, although he did like jacking himself off. He never does that any more anyway. He never finds a need too. She scooted away now, allowing herself some room to lean sideways and play with his balls and floppy penis.

She wanted to unbutton herself and show herself off to him. “God, I sure would love to undress right here in the car for you. Would like me to, Lou?”

He said they would have time soon enough for that. “I want to become intimate with you Sherry and discover that sexy and beautiful physique, I really want to.”

“Oh that is so beautiful, the way you say that. I can’t wait to feel you all over me, I can’t. I just can not, Lou!”

He turned to smile and when he did that, he accidentally turned the car off the road and sideswiped a guardrail. Some state trooper, a quarter mile behind them, saw the infraction and headed towards them with lights on and all. It had sped towards them due to they wanted to make sure there were no injuries.

Sherry was dressed, but Lou almost could not get his boxers and slacks up quickly enough. He had sufficient damage to the side of his Lexus. She was as embarrassed as it could get. Finally, Lou got himself together, just as the female cop came to the window.

Sherry whispered, “Phew, in the nick of time, huh” She had blushed a brilliant red on her cheeks and nose.

The woman trooper went through her normal checklist of questions, along with requesting proof of insurance and registration. Determining there was no fowl play, but asking one more time and from Sherry, “How did this happen actually miss?”

Lou jokingly and quickly interceded with this sarcastic response: “Officer, may I answer with only this and that she was trying to, well I’m sorry, but give me some very personal physical attention mam”. He smiled and hoped the female trooper would understand and play along.

She stared at Lou and then Sherry and said, “Be on your way, and no hanky-panky you two. Keep that for inside purposes. Also sir, if you have a business card, I will need that.” He gave it to her. They all parted and Lou and Sherry pulled into town.

“Sherry I am going to do some business here and I will be ready to be picked up in about 40 minutes, okay. I have to make arrangements with a customer. Would you be willing or are you willing to reserve a room at the Hyatt on 4th street downtown?

She quickly agreed to this, dropped him off, went, and reserved that room he told her to obtain. She came back, parked and went into the office where he and the customers were.

To her surprise, they were behind closed doors, they being the woman owner and Lou. Lou was chastising the woman for their delinquency, but in a reserved and subtle manner. Ignoring that Sherry was there now he pulled out a weapon or tool that this time was going to backfire maybe!

“Jessica, there’s an option, and he paused to let a possibility sink in some. There’s an option I have to offer you. Let’s sit down, okay and they did. I notice that you and Hank disagree frequently about the nature of these investments, am I correct?”

She agreed with him and Sherry listened to his approach with this matter. “Jessica, I am willing to offer you a ‘financial out’ for the next two months in return for providing ancillary services in return to Sherry and myself.

Lou didn’t look at Sherry and acknowledge that she would agree to this. The couple Lou did business with was younger and around 30 maybe. He hoped Sherry would fall for the bait, which was a long shot, since he was blindsiding her.

Jessica inquired about the ancillary services he talked about and Lou came back with this response: “I have many friends, who have been married for several years and their marriages absolutely suck, Jessica. They’ve said that with a willing participant to satisfy several needs they have cravings for, they’d be willing to assist in a friendly payment or two! My friends and me and my business associates are willing to swap these services for payment, thus alleviating your financial crisis you have run into!”

Sherry’s jaw dropped to the floor! She was about to combust into a tirade because she couldn’t believe her ears! He had just used her! He was acting like a pimp! Along with his friends and her business associates, he was seeking sex in return for continued survival of investments, clients had made.

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