Cumslut Clara and the Locker Room

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Cumslut Clara and the Locker Room
So Clara was a horny mess. 5’10, long blonde hair, full curved figure. She was horny and she knew it. Clara had just woken up in the evening, napping in the afternoon had gotten her all worked up, dreaming about getting used, fucked. As she woke she knew her hand was instinctively rubbing at her warm wet centre. Fuck she loved being horny. Biting her lip tracing her hand up her stomach to her full jutting double D tits. Still half asleep pulling at her nipples knowing she needed to be used.

She debated whether to get up or to keep playing with herself. Hmmm a tough one. But she knew she needed more. With this Clara got up and dressed. Well dressed being a loose term, she knew she was hot. Clara was used to the guys staring at her figure, used to the workmen whistling at her as she walked by (she knew full well her tiny crop top couldn’t contain her full breasts as they spilled out). She knew it…and loved it, knowing that they were all dreaming of what they would do with her, to her, if they had just one night.

She looked herself over in the mirror of her motorhome, tiny hot denim pants and a tight white crop top. Her perky round tits forcing up the fabric. With no bra on her nipples pressing out to show her femininity. She knew no man could resist this nubile 19 year old. They would all want her…badly.

“Fuck what’s a horny girl supposed to do?!” thought Clara. She stood in front of the mirror still admiring her body, the crop top revealing the perfect amount of cleavage whilst not revealing all. She knew what she wanted and how to get it.

Clara thought to herself that this had been the case since high school. She knew she had developed before the other girls….and that the boys had noticed. And she played up to it, Clara was a Nympho and proud. She didn’t know exactly what is was when she first started leading the boys on. But she knew they wanted her, their stares, their lustful gazes. With this Clara thought back to her high school years. Tenth grade Hunter Wills. The guys had just finished running track and were coming back into the changing room. She had watched him intently, admiring his canlı bahis siteleri firm body running, sinews stretched beating his competitors. She had walked over in the direction of the changing rooms as they were about to head in, catching his eye. He stopped dead, looking her up and down. Clara in a tight polo and running shorts, even at this age her breasts full and jutting making an irresistible pressing against her lithe body. Hunter had seen her before but now he was captivated like a teenage switch had been turned on in his brain. He smiled at Clara who winked and smiled back. Clara walked over to Hunter making sure to wiggle as she did.

Hunter stuttering a little not sure what to say “Hey Claire how are you?”

Clara blushed “Erm it’s Clara! I’m good! Better now I’ve seen you beat all those guys!”

Now it was Hunters turn to blush “Oh gee thanks Clara! Sorry I got you’re name wrong, I’m so embarrassed…”

Clara moved a step forward and put her arm on Hunters shoulder “Aww you’re cute don’t be sorry honey. Say how about you go grab a shower. Your teammates must all be nearly done now I’ve kept you out here so long!”

Clara knew the guys just mostly got changed and left without showering.

Hunter went red at Clara’s touch “Hey yes good idea Clara I’ll be straight out, wanna wait for me? I think we live out the same way?”

She knew she had gotten to him “Sure honey just don’t be too long or else I’ll have to come looking for you!”. Clara touched his shoulder and slowly drew her hand across his chest. She knew he was excited, his bulging track shorts gave him away.

With that Hunter ran back to the changing rooms. Clara has been watching intently, she knew there were only a few other boys in there. She sat waiting outside under the big oak tree. She felt a giddy excitement, knowing what she wanted and how she would get it.

A few minutes passed, two boys came out together, one looking her over then quickly looking away when she caught his eye. She knew he would jerk off that night thinking about her. A few minutes more and another guy came out. This was it, she knew he was alone in there. Clara stood up, she was excited. perabet She knew how to get what she wanted, she pulled her tight polo shirt down just an inch, her buttons undone to expose her full cleavage. With this she walked into to changing rooms.

Clara snuck in, her heart pounding. She’d never been in the guys locker room, it seemed alien to her but familiar. She crept passed the lines of lockers, the smell of testosterone in the air adding to her hornyness. She could hear the sound of showers at the end of the hall. With this Clara walked faster, aware that her tiny sneakers were slapping on the tiled floor. More aware that her tight pussy was getting wetter with each step.

She peeked round the corner into the showers. There he was, naked, sudding himself down. His hard toned body as she had imagined. Clara watched him run his hands over his body, with this she found herself instinctively trace a hand down her stomach and inside the band of her panties to feel her wetness. She watched him intently, slowly rubbing at herself. He turned then to face her, his cock swinging as he did so. He ran his hands over his face and looked up. “Fuck! You shouldn’t be in here!”.

Clara looked him up and down “Oh sorry I must have gotten lost! But hey I did say I’d come looking for you!” with this she turned her head in a playful teasing way.

”Erm well you can’t be in here no girls are allowed in here, coach said so!”.

Clara bit her lip “Huh you don’t want to get me in trouble with the coach do you?! Shit. I’d do anything to make sure you don’t tell!”. She knew she had gotten to him, his cock now beginning to grow into a semi.

”Well no of course I don’t want to get you into trouble Clara!” Putting extra emphasis into her name hoping she would be impressed he actually remembered and hoping she wouldn’t notice him desperately trying to hide his growing hard on.

Clara moved closer “Gee thanks honey, I’m real sorry I came in here but what’s a girl to do when she’s alone huh?”. With this Clara knowingly pulled at her polo collar as if she was embarrassed whilst exposing her left nipple for Hunters enjoyment. “I’d sure do anything to perabet giriş make sure this didn’t get out! I’d be so embarrassed. So what do you think?”. With that he could no longer conceal his now fully hard cock, he covered his crotch with his hands but his fully adolescent dick was way too big to hide.

Clara giggled “Looks like you brought a friend?! Erm say what, if I take care of your friend we just forget about this whole silly thing ok?”

With this Hunters eyebrows almost raised to the roof “Wha Wha What do you mean? Take care of him?”

Clara kept his eye contact, moved a step closer now within touching distance “Well let me show you what I mean hun”.

She gently put her hands on his wrists and slowly moved his arms aside, his hard cock sprung out. He stammered “Erm oh I’m sorry it’s erm, it’s just I’m…”

Clara sank to her knees “Honey just relax, I think your going to enjoy this”.

With this she grabbed the shaft of his dick, nice and thick she thought but not too big. She began to move her hand back and forward on his length, looking up seeing him staring down in near amazement but even more so in ecstasy. She moved her other hand inside the band of her panties and starting to tease her tight folds. Fuck she was enjoying this.

She continued to pump “Am I saying sorry well enough Hunter?!”. Looking up she could see he was completely lost in his excitement desperately trying to delay his orgasm. Clara knew he was almost there “You’re not enjoying that hun?” With that she stuck out her tongue and gave a single forceful lick on the head of his cock. His whole body seemed to shudder “Oh Fuck, Fuck, FUCK”. Too much. Clara gave his dick a few last pumps with her hand and then felt his warm cum spurt all over her tight polo shirt and neck, dripping down onto her cleavage. She made sure to get every last drop out of him, squeezing the base of his shaft and working her fingers up to the head until the thick juice emerged which she eagerly scooped and teased across her lolling tongue.

She looked up at him, her hand still gripping his now drained cock “So you won’t be telling anyone about this OK hun? If you keep it our secret then I’ll probably have to keep you quiet again huh? Clara leaned forward and gave his now sensitive cock a pouty kiss, got back to her feet and left. Looking back over her shoulder and giving him a knowing look she knew she could have him any time.

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