Cybil is Seeking a New Slave

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Anime Porn

The story is about an experienced Mistress who filters through an interview a subject who is looking for a change in his life and in the process she makes his submissiveness surface and hopefully turn him soon into the slave she is seeking.

I sincerely thank Mistress4one who has helped edit this story.


I’m having one of those moments in life were all that’s around me just does not look right. The wind of needed change is brushing my existence, which may soon become a must. Although, I’m not prone to radical changes, I know through self experience I have to change or clash into turmoil if I do not follow my instincts. This only means I’ve had enough of following the same line of business and being not happy with how I’m doing. As a first attempt, I got into reading different ads coming across. One of which seems out of the ordinary and it’s nearly two weeks old. Generally, the place is covered by this time. For the sake of curiosity, I decided to write to it wondering what truly made me catch my eye in it. Maybe, it’s a non-standard business like request, anyway. It basically says: “Position for male; middle aged or older; responsible; available to travel; adaptable; obedient; possibility for a lifelong career. Email to mistgdess. Three days later, an email from that address was sent back to me, letting me know that I’m offered an interview and to please let them know a date and time that is most convenien. Additionally, the email asked to confirm if I’m currently attached. I let them know the date and time to meet after my office day; letting them know that currently I’m not attached, which felt peculiar, but then again, not strange either.

The given day, I turned up at the appointed address, not finding an office building as I thought I would, but a nice house. In a way, that matches the ad, which is not at all business like and since I want change, this could be the right choice. I said this to myself with a positive attitude, as I made my way to the door. I rang the bell and soon the door opened to be greeted by a very delightful woman. She was younger than I am, with interesting features. She looked friendly and somewhat strict at the same time; good looking, hair by her shoulders. She’s about my height, maybe slightly taller, even without heels I guessed, since with three-inch heels she is towering me. She was dressed in a two-piece women’s suit, slim fit; wearing glasses, with nice big eyes behind those glasses, but I could not yet get a reading from her.

“Hello Sean, I’m Cybil. Pleased to meet you.” She said, and gave me her hand.

“Hello Cybil. Pleased to meet you, too.” I said, feeling her hand and immediately liking the feel of her skin. Although, we are past our thirties, she looks and keeps young.

“Likewise. Follow me please.” She said, in a candid way and led me to the living room. “Please sit down.”

“Thank you.” I said, as I sat. There was something in the way we looked at each other that did not quite fit within a classic job interview. I like her. I’m drawn to her. It’s unexplainable. A quick thought went passed my mind; how will I deal with her if I do get selected for the post? As she asks, and I answer to her, the same line of thought carries on in me, it is all just different. Although, I’m positively attracted to her and at least in my thoughts, she finds an attraction towards me, or so I guess, it is more than chemistry that I do feel now, what is it that she possesses which gets me distracted in this interview I’m having?

“Sean, I’ve seen your resume and you seem to have qualities I’m looking for. About the job description, I can inform you that as said in the ad, it’s to become my personal assistant. When I say personal, it means you are to assist me in everything I demand from you. I see that you are not attached, which is another reason you are here now. Tell me, have you ever been an assistant before? I mean personal?” Cybil inquired as she started moving forward.

“No, I have not. But I’m open for a change and I’m willing to learn.” I said, leaving my thoughts about her for a moment and getting my mind back into the interview.

“I like willingness, but far more obedience. Do you consider yourself obedient, Sean?” Cybil asked, starting to dig in.

“I obey my boss. So, if in the event that I become yours, sorry, that sounds wrong. I’m employed by you; I understand that I’ll obey you.” I said, trying to fix the choice of words mentioned.

“Your choice of words does not sound wrong to me, but let’s carry on. I am to be your boss and yes that is understood, Being my personal assistant has to cover more than what is generally required and expected from an assistant in a business-like environment. My requirements do stretch by far more than you would generally expect from the strict meaning of it. There are many obligations that go beyond office obligations. Of course, this would be fully revealed to you if the job becomes yours. How far would you go rendering service?” A moment of silence is purposely placed by my interviewer, not expecting beşevler escort an answer from me, but making me aware of her dominant nature. I did not answer. She let ten seconds go by, and only then Cybil requested, “Would you serve me a cup of coffee, please?”

“Of course, Cybil. Do you take sugar, milk or both?” I asked.

“The coffee pot and cups are there. No sugar; just a drop of milk.” Cybil said.

I got up and served the coffee to her, “Here, Miss Cybil.”

“I like your attitude, Sean. Do you want a coffee? If so, serve yourself.”

“Thank you, Cybil.” I did serve myself a cup.

“Your manners are a plus. I’m letting you know now that I have another five candidates in mind, who have been interviewed before you.” Cybil said, looking at me.

“Will I be the sixth one?” I asked, interested in being added to the list.

“Maybe. Let’s dig a little deeper and see. How about cooking, errands and or including some house chores, if they happen to be needed?” Cybil asked.

“They are strange requests, but then again, I’m seeking change, so yes. Although, I need to be taught in a number of matters since my expertise in your needs might be limited.” I said, as she is obviously testing my limits and at the same time checking if I agree with them. This job is not business-like; it’s more into the butler service, at least up to now.

“That is not a problem. Everything can be taught and I will have patience with you. So now I can say, you have become fifth on the list. I have discarded a candidate by your answer. Well done.” Cybil said, with a grin.

“Hum.” All I said.

“If the job required you to go through some indoctrination, by that I mean rules in which you will have to abide, if not they’d have consequences for you, what would you answer to that?” Cybil asked, still quite far from being able to express openly the correct name given to this job.

“Would I get booted?” I asked, in return.

“Not necessarily. But yes, you’d get penalties that could become, in a way, painful to you.” She kept distant, and yet not, as she said it.

“I’m not sure I fully understand you, but as mentioned before, I’m willing to try.” I said, trying to get to the bottom of it, understanding that pain is translated into money penalties.

“Good, Sean. You are now fourth on the list.” Cybil said, adding, “Would you consider your nature as that of a submissive? Very submissive or otherwise?”

“This is another strange question. To give you an answer, it would depend with who and for what. I know life can take us to situations in which we have no other choice than to become whatever is needed.” I said, now feeling strange. Interested, but lost, regarding how far this can go and where it is truly heading to.

“Would you be submissive, with me?” Cybil asked, waiting for an affirmative answer from me.

“I guess, but to what extent?” I asked, now blushing and exposed. Although, not understanding why it is happening with her and not knowing how to get back to a neutral position in this interview and just as in business, depending upon the requirement with a given answer, I have the job possibility or I’ve lost it. Instinct triggered in a slip second making me know this has a sexual connotation, which by nature I’m drawn to, becoming only aware of it now.

“Oh, yes, you are submissive. I’d say very much so. You have become third on the list. As to the extent of my need, I will be able to give you an answer to that if the vacancy is taken by you. Only then, it will all fall into place, understanding immediately if it happens. I have a hunch that you have a natural predisposition for it.” Cybil said, now very interested.

“Thank you, Miss Cybil.” I said, and felt my heart starting to go faster than desired. Is it horniness, lust, natural attraction or love for her? What is it? I could not answer myself, wishing I can sort it out in time before the interview is over.

“Seeing the way you reacted to my former question and in the way you answered, makes me feel free to ask you. Do you find me attractive?” Cybil asked straight forward, looking deep into me.

“Yes, I do.” I said, looking at her and blushed again. My heart starting to race.

“Sean, you are second now on the list.” Cybil said, now changing her attitude towards me, with an extra sexiness in her.

“Is there one more question to go?” I said, nearly losing my voice, totally hers now. Her driving force or energy has me attracted to her, feeling weak before her.

“More of a directive, than a question. But before that, I will ask you and your answer to me is to be yes, no or maybe. Nothing else is to be answered. Are you ok with that?” Cybil said, making me answer to her with the given choices.

“Yes.” I said.

“With what I’m about to say and ask now, you will see that even though the former asked is a fact, it now will make you understand the fundamental aspect of this, which in the end, is the nature of it all. The way I have inquired, up to now will come beylikdüzü escort to your understanding shortly. The questions need to be answered truthfully, so that we both avoid losing time with each other. You will also notice, from my side, that I want to make this as short as possible, which makes me have very direct questions put to you, hoping your answers accompany. The amount of “maybe’s” you might give me can make this take longer and that is a true possibility. Not to worry about that, though.” Cybil said, measuring her words, but basically quite straight forward.

“I understand. It’s like setting off on a golf course and now we are stepping on the course to tee off.” I said.

“Nice way to put it. Although, the questions do not necessarily follow the right sequence as the golf course does.” Cybil said, now looking at me, not as she had, but more intensely.

“Thank you.” I said, her eyes on me felt in a way intimidating, as well as transpiring sexiness from them, accompanied by her facial expression.

“Do you like leather clothes, boots and gloves or similar fabric?” Cybil shot out in a direct way.

“Yes.” I said, astonished by her boldness and getting me turned on; totally exposed to her and again blushing, feeling her grasp over me as she went deeper into the questions.

“Do you have unfulfilled fantasies, since childhood?” Cybil asked, taking Sean into her domain as she unravels the questions.

“Yes.” I answered, feeling now I’m before a Mistress. Can it be?

“Are you willing to tell me all those fantasies?” Cybil making up the questions, depending on the answers, which if yes, let’s her go deeper in a fast way.

“Yes, yes.” I said, totally lost in her, shit the little grip if I had any, has vanished.

“Are you to willing to submit to me, completely?” Cybil asked, having the answer she is after for, but needs to certify.

“Yes, Miss Cybil.” I answered, already exposed and in a way, already hers when she decides to take me in.

“Do you know now what the position offered is and if so, would you dare tell me what I’m talking about?” Cybil asked, knowing that with the answer given to her, she could take over her candidate and from that starting point make him become exclusively hers.

“Please, give me a minute so that I can get my thoughts straight enough before giving you the answer.” I said, and tried to cool down to no avail, just wanting to answer correctly, avoiding a word mix up that could put me in an unwanted situation; by that I mean, even deeper than I can handle.

“Yes, it’s alright; get us another cup of coffee which will give you the time needed to think out your reply.” Cybil said, sure and nearly certain the candidate is the one pouring the coffee.

I served the coffee to her, then myself, “Well, the position entails whoever is chosen to be your submissive and I guess in more than office and/or house needs. You are who gives the orders always and maybe everything has to be decided by you, before getting anything done.” I said, in the most diplomatic way possible for me.

“You answered correctly. But not what I’m expecting from you. Yes, it is true you are to be submissive to me, but to what extent. What would I become to you? Come on Sean, take that step, you are so close.” Cybil paused, then added. “You know what I’m looking for. There’s no question about it. I need to hear it from your own lips. Expose yourself to me. Just open up, Sean.” She said, pushing me.

“Yes, I know. At this moment, it is difficult for me to fully disclose it to you.” I said, knowing the position she wants me to take with her by getting me to say it and at the same time exposing myself before her to only then be taken by her once I open up to say she is a Mistress to me.

“You hesitate. That means that you do understand and want it. You are deciding if to go for it and by what I gather, you are slightly frightened. Although, I’d say embarrassed or feel humiliated to be the one to open up. To that, I can give you an answer, if you tell me what I’m to you. Just say it. I know you want it and want me. Let’s stop the merry go round, Sean. Say it.” Cybil said, now pushing all the buttons.

“Mistress.” I said, sheepishly and looking down to the floor.

“What am I?” Cybil asked, pushing to get it repeated, “Come on, tell me again in a louder voice.”

“Mistress, you are a Mistress.” I said, flushing red.

“You are right; it was not so difficult, was it?” Cybil asked.

“Sorry, but it was.” I answered, still out of balance, not being able to look straight to her face at this current moment.

“Am I to be your Mistress, sweet Sean?” Cybil asked, nearly sure she has him.

It took me more than a minute to answer. Cybil just waited, looking at me, not pushing now, just waiting, knowing the answer had a moment more to go and that patience has a reward. I looked at her, then down to the floor, and again. My heart in overdrive, I was sweating. I got up and sat down again. bilecik escort Closed my eyes. No rational thought could get across my mind. “I don’t know, Mistress.” I said, not even wanting to answer that.

“Do you need a little extra push from me?” Cybil asked, sweetly.

“I want.” I said, and kept silent, “I want.”

“Tell me, dear Sean.”

“What is that… little extra push?” I asked, no longer myself or yes; I don’t know any longer. She pulls all the strings.

“Wait for me here then. I’ll be back, ready for the beginning of your dream for the rest of your life.” Cybil left for her bedroom. When she came back, she had high thigh boots on, short leather skirt, kid gloves and a leather bra, “You said you’d submit to me.” Cybil said, sensually, showing her beautiful slender body; that of a proud Mistress.

“Yes, I did.” I said, totally lost in her.

“Good, then, kiss my boots.” satisfied as she said it.

I got onto my knees and kissed her boots, then said, “Mistress, Cybil, you are exquisite.”

“Sean, will you take a vow with me?”

“Yes, Miss Cybil.”

“You do understand that if you agree to it, you are to be owned for good and there’s no turning back.”

“What will happen after that?” I asked, mesmerized by her.

“You are mine, 24/7. I own you, in mind and body. You are my property, my slave and on your knees, you will ask me to be your Mistress, forever. I will be that Mistress for you because it is the way we are to be. Do you understand, Sean?” Cybil asked, but now having unfolded her true personality, she has her mind working fully into the fastest way possible to start getting the slave mind set in him.

I can no longer escape her grip. She knows it. Nevertheless, just as all hunters do in nature, until she forgets I’m no longer the prey to be hunted, she will not let go. That turning me into a fully fledged slave, then and only then, her grip might lessen, but not necessarily. “I know I cannot go back now nor will I want to. I’ve put myself in a situation in which I can only accept you, Mistress Cybil.” I said, wanting her to dominate me for the rest of my days. Accepting my place with her, looking at her as a natural dominant taking over the life of a submissive; that being me.

“Your truthful hesitation told me that you were not fooling around and now we have this outcome which we both seek, dear thrall.” Cybil said, knowing she found her slave.

“I guess so, Mistress.” I answered, in a submissive way.

“Dear slave, we have both agreed to it as I delivered the questions to you and got answered in which the last few had you exposed to me, then agreeing to follow through.” Cybil took a long pause, then said, “I will take care of you, Sean, but remember, you belong to me now. I own you.”

“I will, Mistress.” I said, still not accustomed yet to the word, owned.

“Before you take the vows, undress. Nude, you are to take them and on your knees.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, all nervous and now completely meek and ready to respond to her will, looking up to her from my position. It feels like a very intimate moment between us. I no longer control anything, exposed with no experience, while she transpires a lifelong knowledge of dominance. Cybil made me read and repeat the vows in a very intimate way that can only be known by us. I accepted them and now have become a slave to her. I’m to repeat the process once more in order to be hers for life, she told me.

“Come slave, eat me.” Mistress gave the order to me, although it sounded as a request as she sat on the sofa as I kneel to eat her. My tongue goes eager into her, the gloved hands guide and hold me in a very sensual way. I love every moment, and I’m with this Goddess savoring all of her as I feel her body getting a ripple from her inner domains as the orgasm proclaims its existence throughout her body, soon having her second. “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, yes slave.” Cybil lets him go, showing him a satisfied face.

“Mistress, can I get off?”

“No, I will deal with that cock, but not today. We will have a good Mistress/slave life, I can assure you, dear Sean.”

“I hope we do, Mistress Cybil.” As I lay my lips once again on her clit and enjoyed the taste of my Goddess.

“I’m going to nurture your submissiveness, my Sean.” Cybil said, knowing what the training entails.

“If serving you were an art, then you’d be my muse.” I said, ignorant of how deep this life can go.

“Mm, I think you are what I’ve needed for a long time.” Cybil said, happy.

“Your skin is beautiful to the touch.” I said, feeling that sexy softness to it.

“I want to keep it that way for you, slave Sean. You are seeking change and that change has been given to you. Revel to your new life, dear slave.” Cybil said, happy at last, not having to seek endlessly for a suitable slave.

“I feel your orders to me are more of a request than a demand, which as your slave, makes me feel proud to have you as my Mistress.” I said, enthusiastically.

“I’ve made a good choice with you thrall, and I must say a very fast one. It has never happened to me before. It normally takes months and even more to find a suitable one.” Cybil said, knowing that she still is to train him and ponder the bdsm likes, but he seem to have that natural smell as she likes to describe a submissive or natural bdsm slave.

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