Deepa’s Challenge Ch. 03

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Sunita woke up around 3 am. She needed a wash if she was going to sleep comfortably for the rest of the night. The movie which they had all settled down to watch at around 8.30 the previous night was long forgotten.

Sunita was used to washing up and getting totally fresh for bedtime. Once she hit the sack, she slept through the night. That was her habit. But this night was neither usual nor habitual.

It was a night of wild sexual abandon between Uncle Shom, her bosom pal’s father, and Sunita – young enough to be his daughter. And this mad night was punctuated by a series of naps. The naps served to refresh them for the next bout of lust-driven indulgence.

But now she needed her full sleep and for that she had to wash and feel fresh.

She seemed coated in fluids from sexual activity from head to toe. She recalled how she had woken from her first nap to find him fast asleep on his back but with a semi-flaccid cock, full but non-erect lying on its side on his thigh.

When he was done with her in the previous round Sunita had drifted to sleep feeling that she was satiated for life and needed nothing more. After she rode him, fisted him and mouthed him to his first orgasm with her, Sunita had needed completion. Her orgasm had been interrupted mid-stride when his cock slipped out. She had sat on his face and felt his large hands grip her asscheeks with ease. He had then pressed the open pussy down on his lips like a man ready to feast on fruit.

And how he had feasted! She had cum in uncontrollable spasms, her pussy ejaculating like a man’s cock a thick, whitish fluid. Shom had tongued and kissed her all through that one, holding her down in his powerful hands even as her body thrashed against him. As much as the orgasm caused violent convulsions, the pleasure soared only because strong Uncle Shom held her in place and provided her with a mass of steely muscle to beat against.

Deepa, Uncle Shom’s daughter who had removed his living room’s doors to deny the lust-crazed couple privacy, found herself using that very same lack of privacy to her voyeuristic advantage. She had not thought of her father as a possible expert at cunnilingus and Sunita seemed to have the exclusive privileges on that. The burning she felt was part turn-on, part jealousy.

Uncle Shom and Sunita, starved and wild for each other did not bother about Deepa – there was no mental space for them to think about anyone other than each other and the sexual indulgence at hand. For Shom, as long as his daughter was not in-the-face about it, he did not mind being indiscreet. He had to be indiscreet if he was going to have Sunita and he was willing to do anything to be with her.

They slept. From the sheer release of that first wild coming together, they slept. And then Sunita had woken. Staring at his muscular form, lying in calm repose, with his cock looking capable even in a relaxed state, she felt a vacuum between her legs. Suddenly she had wanted his fullness, all over again.

Desire welled up in her again and she shimmied down so her face was level with his hips. She stared at the cock, its veins bulging. She reached out and gently ran her fingers on the outline. No response. She blew a gentle exhalation on his crotch. Then she moved closer and hoisted herself up on one elbow.

Bending forward she had dragged her lower lip on the cock, lifting it, till it slipped under its own weight back onto his thigh. And then again. And again. She liked the soft sound of the heavy flesh dragging against the inside of her lip and falling back. A few strokes later her lip had moistened the cock and she tasted Uncle – it wasn’t purely his taste, she was there in it too.

She opened her mouth and slid his cock in gently mouthing it with plenty of saliva waking up the sleeping giant. Before Shom stirred his cock stirred. It added weight with a new surge of blood as Sunita swirled her tongue around it. A few seconds later it jerked to a new level of fullness. And then Shom, in his sleep turned toward her offering her the full length of his cock.

Sunita clutched at his buttocks, pulling him in and her head bobbed, her lips stretched and the sides of her mouth betraying the volume inside. She slurped and licked as she moved faster and faster. Uncle Shom was at his full strength now and the urge to fuck to the finish overcame him. More awake now he held her head roughly and moved his hips pistoning her mouth.

Shom looked down at Sunita’s head. He could see sindoor (vermilion red powder signifying her married status) in the parting in her head and felt a twinge of guilt that the woman he was with was someone else’s wife and in fact, young enough to be his daughter. And yet, here he was coaxing her to do what he had previously thought only whores do – mouth him.

“Beti,” he murmured, using the word which means daughter. It was as if he was apologizing. All Sunita heard was the passionate groan of a man who was enjoying the wet, warm sheath formed by her mouth.

“Mmmmmm?” bonus veren siteler she asked, continuing her work as if it were duty. She ran hands up his back and to the front, above her head and stroked his chest, his nipples.

Shom suddenly felt he should not be using Sunita in such a blatant and depraved sexual manner. He raised himself and allowed himself a few quick strokes inside her mouth to overcome the maddening need. Then as control returned he pulled his cock out. It sprang on release from its lair and hit Sunita, smearing her forehead. As she ducked reflexively, the cock continued its jerking and darting, smearing the top of her head causing one of the many stains which Sunita now wanted to wash off.

He put his hands under Sunita’s armpits to haul the girl up. But she was still fixated on his cock. As it reared about, held upward due to its springiness but heaving and waving under its weight, she caught it in her lips, along its length. The position was as if she was eating a corn cob.

But as Shom managed to haul her upwards, the pillar slipped from her lips and beyond the reach of her mouth. Her mouth lay open, hungering for the prey which seemed to have escaped.

Sunita was in ‘woman’ mode – the mode in which she arrived in town. She was just a woman feasting, copulating, sucking, savoring and indulging – all in the unalloyed pursuit of pleasure.

Uncle Shom was in ‘father/ father of friend’ mode – quite different from his original, ‘drunken with desire’ state. He wanted to hold her in his arms, so close that he could not see her in the nude and look at her and talk to her, somewhat reducing the illicitness of their situation. He shouldn’t be doing these things with her. And she shouldn’t be behaving like a slut with a man who till the other day was a traditional father figure in her life.

This however, was a rare occasion in which Uncle Shom and Sunita were on different wavelengths.

As she the felt the cock going out of her mouth’s reach, she lavished her attention on what was at hand. At first, it was his underbelly, where she smelt and savored the dried remnants of their previous fucking on his matted pubic hair. His cock poked and prodded at her slender neck and upper chest, continuing the staining process which would later make Sunita want to take a wash.

Then it was Shom’s stomach which she nuzzled with her face. Uncle Shom reached under to hold her chin and turn her face up but before that she had slathered his belly with tender kisses. The response from his cock was beyond his control as it reared up to a new level of hardness.

Sunita pressed forward and the cock found a warm nestling place between her breasts. With breasts the size of large dumplings, she didn’t have much of a cleavage. Sunita hunched her shoulders to bring the breasts close and watched the cock nestle there. She moved her torso, allowing the cock to slide between her breasts. She watched the skin pull back and the pulsating penis release another quantity of precum.

Uncle Shom felt the pull back cause his cockhead to swell. “Beti!” he wailed to stop her. Sunita formed a cup under breasts with one hand which made a channel between her breasts. This also caressed the sac of Shom’s scrotum.

Shom temporarily suspended thoughts of his new sense of guilt over Sunita. He gave in to the warmth he felt surrounding his cock. The flesh felt incredibly soft – she was so delicate and soft! How had he been so rough in the sex? She was soft, arm, inviting and encompassing. Those breasts! They were divine! Silky! Beautiful! And he felt so snug buried in them. Shom groaned loudly as his natural instincts took over and his hips moved in rhythm.

He looked down to see how it looked and once he saw the top of her head; the same sindoor this time smeared with fresh daubs of precum from him. He closed his eyes shutting out that guilt-provoking vision. He fucked the channel between her breasts luxuriating in the smooth, silken channel Sunita made for him.

On one such lunge, he felt her kiss the cockhead. Then she pulled back and using one nipple as a prod, she toyed the cockhead with her breast, using the mass of her flesh to rotate the cock. Then the other nipple – and she pressed her breast on the cock like it was intended to stab her. The round head pressed into her breast till it slipped on the cum and ran off to one side. Again and again, Sunita teased the cock with her breast and nipple, enjoying the sight of his cock coating her with its outpouring.

Her fascination with how he looked and felt against her breasts overcame her and she scrambled downward. Gripping his cock her mouth sank on to it soaking it with her saliva. Moving back up now with a sense of purpose Sunita wiped her face on his belly, his chest, kissing his nipples she reached him, face to face.

Shom found himself disappointed. After wanting her to stop teasing him, he now found himself wanting her to put his cock back in all those places bedava bahis where it had been. Now she had him pressed back against his belly, trapped between the two of them.

“Beti,” started Shom, disregarding the incongruousness of his erection. “Have I been right in doing this?” he asked Sunita, regretting the question as he asked it. He actually wanted more of her and less of the guilt. He feared an answer that put a pause to this.

“In doing what?” asked Sunita, her hand roaming his back and her lips kissing him on he neck.

“Being like this,” said Shom, helpless as his cock stayed unrelenting.

“Like this?” asked Sunita, hand reaching between them and gripping his cock.

“Or like this?” she asked, raising a leg and putting it over his hips. Her cunt opened wide and lay over the cockhead.

“Is this what we should not do?” she asked pushing forward and allowing his cock a slight penetration.

What followed was an animal assault as he turned over and came on top of her. Hoisting the leg which she had swung over his hip onto his shoulder, he held her cunt splayed open and fucked her with a vengeance.

“You know exactly what I am asking,” he hissed, each word interspersed with a violent fuck which jolted her. His palm lay on her stomach and he thumbed the top of her pussy.

“Baba!” wailed Sunita.

“What?” asked Shom, sweat dripping from his brow.

“I want you,” sobbed Sunita, cumming on his cock.

“Take me bellowed,” Shom collapsing on her with a huge release.

The thought that she could be his daughter woke him from the next nap. She had pleasured him so intensely it seemed he had done nothing for her in the last few hours. She lay on her stomach, arms closed up in a crouching position. He stroked her ass gently, going down the back of her thighs. She spread her legs a little. Shom stroked her gently, with each move his hands reaching lower and lower under her ass. He used the thumb of his hand to explore the crevice. And suddenly, when he felt the rich, wet slit of her pussy he sank his thumb in.

From this position, his thumb was downward facing, like when a person applies a thumb impression. Under this thumb was her flesh – that portion behind the top of the entrance of the pussy, somewhere behind the clit. Her rotated his thumb, massaging the inner concentration of nerve endings impossible to access from a frontal entrance. Sunita accepted the invasion, spreading her legs wider.

She groaned throatily every time he caressed a particular spot and waited in throbbing anticipation of the thumb to reach that same spot again in its rotation. Shom was kneeling and slowly his cock started dripping on the back of her thigh and knees. Sunita flailed an arm around trying to find Shom’s cock to grip but he was too far behind her.

She bucked her hips as thumb continually hit the same spot, each rotation following smaller circles as Shom focused on what was clearly a special spot for her. Shom leaned forward and gently sank his teeth into Sunita’s ass. He licked, he teased, with his other hand he threatened – to invade places not meant to be penetrated. He swiveled the fingers of the hand of which the thumb was embedded in her and cupped her mons with the four fingers.

Between fingers and thumb Uncle Shom had a mass of vital flesh of Sunita’s under control. His fingers teased and cupped the clit and the pubis; his thumb continued its foray into forbidden depths.

The combination of caresses had the desired effect on Sunita’s sense of control and the storm brewing inside her. She stiffened as her urethra opened up and a stream of amber spewed from her cunt. She thrashed and pounded into the mattress under her as her Uncle Shom plundered her with his thumb and fingers. He sank his teeth into the sumptuous flesh of her rear and she in turn sank her teeth into the mattress; desperately she clutched the sheets as Shom was inaccessible to her.

He had given her a release which was incredibly intense and Sunita lapsed into a worn- out, semi-conscious state of sleep. She could really take no more.

But Uncle Shom was hard and raging now. He needed to hold his Sunita, his beti, his lover embedded in him.

Only Uncle Shom’s powerful shoulders and arms could have lifted the limp and ragged Sunita up. Her eyes rolled in her head as she saw Shom lift her from under the arm pits. Her gaze fell on the battering ram jutting up from his lap, its head cocked and ready to impale her. She opened her mouth but no words came out. She let go herself as Shom pulled her legs around his hips.

Arching backward, he held her cunt to his cock and let her fall on him; he sliced her sore cunt apart and she sank down on him, helpless under her own weight. When their pubic hairs were meshed together and he could feel her pubic bone against his stomach, he let her be.

Sunita clung with both arms for dear life in a stupor. She was barely able to keep her eyes open much less work her arms and deneme bonus legs. Fortunately for her, Shom was not looking for any such action. Holding her ass tight in his hands he made sure her groin stayed glued to his. Sunita rested her head on his shoulder and her body went limp. That sag in her body helped open her cunt as wide as it needed to accommodate her Uncle Shom – massive as he was.

Uncle had stayed like that for long, just gently rocking back and forth in extremely small movements. As he did so, he slid a wee bit out and then gently berthed back in, all the while making the enmeshed coupling a bit more intense.

She had no recollection of how long she stayed impaled and still like that. She still had not been able to decipher whether she was unconscious or in slumber.

Uncle Shom went into a meditative repose, his body relaxed, his cock intensely swollen and filling, and his mind focused on the fusion of his body with hers. As the rest of the world receded in his mind, he read every vibration of her cunt along his cock and of his cock in her cunt. The head was in the womb, its size seemingly fluctuating. He felt his thick broad member touch the limit of her womb and maybe she winced when that happened.

As he focused on the single entity which now his cock and her cunt had become, Shom felt a resonance welling up from inside him. It became a wave that moved from the centre of his cock and radiated outward. Without any movement on his part, the waves moved outward till his entire being hummed with intensity. This resonance transmitted onto the walls of the vaginal tunnel which were clinging to the embedded flesh. Every cell in Sunita’s passage picked up the resonance. They were now buzzing together.

Uncle Shom did not come in one explosive orgasm. His cock melted as it gave way under the heat of this fusion. He started spewing cum in such copious quantities that it flooded them and it felt his cock had become liquid and poured into her.

As the intensity of this orgasm rippled through her pussy walls, Sunita felt the energy charge and she awoke in shock. Her fingers dug into Uncle Shom’s back for dear life, drawing lines of blood and her eyes opened wide. She babbled and her mouth flowed with uncontrolled saliva.

Through blood shot large eyes she stared into Uncle Shom’s eyes feeling him pulsate inside her womb.

She yelped as her orgasm wracked her body thrusting her cunt over his cock in wild delight. As she slid down to his base, Shom shot one load of his cum deep in her womb. His cockhead was jutting in there and as the plunge happened, Shom release a hot stream which bathed her insides quite completely.

Sunita wailed out in ecstasy, “Baba! I love you! Take me! Make me yours! Fuck meeeeee!” She ground out those last words, pumping cunt against cock. She shook her hips, her legs pummeled his ass, her fingers drew blood. She clung on for dear life as she rode the roller coaster of their combined orgasms.

“Yes my beti! My dearest, my love, my sweetness, my child,” he murmured soothingly, allowing her to release her fullest and rocking her back and forth – the cock pulled back and shunted in fucking her to the depths of the womb in a series of plunges.

And just as suddenly as she had been electrified by the intense cumming, she passed out, twitching and shuddering as the orgasm continued its waves. Uncle Shom held her as her body fell backward this time. Gently he laid her back, his cock still embedded in her and now pulled downward. Slick with juices and like a lance being pulled back, Sunita’s pussy slid off her Baba’s cock and when she fell of the rounded cockhead, his cock jerked and reared.

She was gone before she hit the mattress below. Ravaged, fucked, plundered, fisted, thumbed, sucked and conquered- today Sunita was sore and consumed.

The woman in her had asked and the man in him had responded like a magnificent beast. He had conquered and he still had appetite to love her more.

Seeing her condition he harnessed that appetite to hold her in his large arms and against his chest as she slept.

And that was why when she awoke from one more nap, she felt the need to freshen up if she wanted any rest. And god knows, she needed rest.

Her body was stained in layers of cum, juices and saliva. Each layer had dried and the next one had been applied. On her thighs, on her head, her face, her breasts, her cunt and from the flow even her anus – she had been anointed by his cock everywhere. Her mouth and cheek had stains of dried cum and precum. His cum, her saliva. Her cum, his saliva. And all combinations of these – Everything was everywhere.

Sunita imagined and went over all these events to recount to herself how she came to be so thoroughly coated in sexual fluids. This allowed her to lie in bed and wait for her muscles to do her bidding.

Finally, she made her first moves out of bed and started to gather her things. She found her shirt but couldn’t find her bra. She got her panties but her trousers were somewhere under the easy chair when she had first gotten on to Uncle’s cock.

She was disoriented and didn’t have much of an idea of where her bags were. She put on her panties and the shirt and staggered to the bathroom

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