Do Talk To Strangers

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They sat staring at each other from across the train. Liz had always been attracted to other woman but that was a secret she intended to keep all to herself.

She couldn’t pull her eyes away from this beautiful girl though, and was getting red in the face because the girl kept catching her looking at her.

She was so beautiful though, with long red hair, that shined like silk. She had gorgeous baby blue eyes that she couldn’t help but to stare at. It looked like they could see right through her.

The girl was wearing a low cut t-shirt that revealed a great deal of cleavage. Her breast were large, almost too large for her petite frame. Liz blushed again as she realized this girl had caught her staring at her breast and quickly looked towards the window.

She sat looking out the window wondering why she found the girl so appealing, and even considered introducing herself but had changed her mind when she couldn’t think of any good reason to do so.

She removed her sweater and bunched it up against the window before laying her head up against it, thinking maybe a nap would be a pleasant distraction from the thoughts that were going through her head.

As she sat there trying to sleep, she heard the girl get up and say to someone, “Excuse me, excuse me miss.” Liz opened her eyes, realizing the girl had been talking to her.

The girl smiled at Liz, apologized for disturbing her rest, then handed her Liz’s book which had fallen on the floor. Liz thanked her, and before she realized what she had done, had asked the girl to have a seat if she cared to chat.

The girl hardly had time to think before sitting down in the seat across from her. They smiled at each other and began light conversation. Liz asked, “So where are you traveling to?”

The girl was on her way to California to try her hand at a modeling career. Liz couldn’t help think to herself she’d be successful at it, her eyes alone were enough to turn heads and sell a whole warehouse of make-up.

After a couple hours of conversation, the train pulled into a depot where they both would be transferring to different trains. Liz had several hours before her train would arrive, and the girl wouldn’t be boarding again until late that evening, so Liz asked the girl to join her for a bite to eat.

The girl smiled at her and said, “Sure, I’d love the company.” They headed for the exit door discussing what they wanted for dinner. Liz felt herself blush again with the thought of how delicious the girl would be. She looked at the girl hoping she couldn’t read her thoughts and said burgers sounded good to her.

Right across from the train station was a small hamburger grill, so they decided to make things easy and just eat there. While they sat there eating, Liz asked the girl about her love life, if there was someone special in her life.

The girl started telling her how she had split with her lover several şişli bayan escort months earlier and really wanted to give her love life a much needed break. She had been deeply in love with a girl, and for reasons still unclear, the girl had walked away from their lives together.

Liz’s heart leaped, and she started doubting if she had heard the girl correctly. “did she just say girl?”

She wanted to ask her more about it, and realizing she didn’t even know the girl’s name, blushing slightly said, “By the way, my name is Liz.”

They both laughed as the girl told Liz her name was Emma. Emma smiled at her and said, “Well it’s a pleasure meeting you.” She then asked Liz straight out, “Tell me Liz, have you ever been with a woman?”

“You mean sexually?” Replied Liz. “No, I’ve never had a girlfriend, in fact, I’ve only had one boyfriend ever, and he’s not worth even talking about.”

Liz was nervous, not sure where Emma was going with this conversation, and was wishing she hadn’t asked Emma about her love life. Emma then asked her if she’d ever thought about it.

Liz, not wanting to lie, told her, “Sure I have wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl, but I would never have the courage to step out of my little world of normalcy to discover what it was all about.” They had finished their meal and were gathering up their things before heading to the cash register. Liz had thought the subject was closed when Emma asked her if she would like to find out. Liz pretended not to hear and kept walking towards the door as emma stopped to pay for their dinner.

Once outside, Liz took in a deep breath, thinking, “How should she answer her? If she were to be honest, she would have to say yes, then what, would Emma try to kiss her?” Her heart began to race and she realized the whole idea seemed very exciting to her.

Emma came through the door smiling at Liz and said, “We still have 3 hours before your train leaves, want to take a walk with me?” They began to walk before Liz had even told her yes, leaving her no time to say no, not that she would have said no anyhow.

She loved Emma’s company, her essence was so captivating, and her personality was so vivacious. Liz felt herself very drawn to her, and didn’t want their time together to end yet.

They walked several blocks, talking about love, life, and even a bit of philosophy before coming to a small park. Emma said, “Hey look Liz, there’s an old bridge over the creek, let’s sit a minute.” She reached out and grabbed Liz’s hand, half walking half running to get to the bridge.

The moon was bright and the clouds rolled by every now and then hiding the night sky and blocking the light cast by the glow of the nearly full moon. Emma sat down on the small wood framed bridge and motioned for Liz to join her.

Liz sat down, and couldn’t believe how fast her heart was racing, anticipating what Emma had in mind. Emma şişli escort never gave Liz any time to worry about it though as she quickly leaned over to Liz and whispered in her ear, “I wanna kiss you Liz.” Then without waiting for a reply, reached out and pulled Liz’s head real close to her own, and began to kiss her.

She pecked her lightly on the lips first first, making sure Liz wasn’t going to stop her. Then kissed her firmly, passionately on the lips, sucking them into her mouth. Emma’s lips were velvet soft, and so tender, and Liz felt her inhibitions float away as Emma continued to kiss her.

Emma reached out and touched Liz’s face, caressing it slowly, teasing her soft skin with her fingertips. All Liz could think about was how wonderful it felt, how sensual and arousing it was. She’d never felt so excited over a kiss before, men sure hadn’t kissed her with such passion.

Emma moved her hand from Liz’s face down to her neck, and then slowly moved her fingers down Liz’s side, leaving a trail of goose bumps where her fingers had been. She kissed Liz’s ear, softly whispering, “Liz hun, do you want me to stop?”

“No emma, please don’t stop, you feel so good.”

Emma slid her hand up under Liz’s shirt, cupping her breast, rubbing her fingertips over her already erect nipples. Liz could hardly breath it felt so exhilarating. She was kissing Emma back now, wanting more only not real certain what she should do.

Emma pulled away from Liz and smiled at her, telling her not to worry, but to just lay back and enjoy the sensations and the pleasure. At that, Liz laid back on the bridge as Emma continued this erotic dance that Liz was feeling so in step with.

Emma kept kissing at Liz’s baby soft skin, licking her flesh, savoring her taste like a fine wine. She slowly moved her hand in between Liz’s thighs, feeling the moisture of her love juices through her tight jeans.

Liz moaned as she felt Emma’s fingers gently brush her clit. She spread her legs wider, inviting Emma to touch her more. Emma reached and undid Liz’s jeans, and tugged them down her legs, pulling them over her ankles, and tossing them on the bridge beside her.

Liz was breathing hard now, so turned on by Emma’s touch that she had to take a couple deep breaths. Emma reached for Liz’s lips again, probing Liz’s mouth with her tongue. She was sucking her tongue into her mouth, teasing her lips with the tip of her tongue.

She kissed her neck, stopped long enough to pull Liz’s t-shirt up over her head. Liz hesitated for a moment remembering they were in a park and that someone might see them, then as quickly as the thought came, it left again. At this point, she no longer cared if the mayor himself strolled on by. She didn’t want to stop, she wanted more, she wanted Emma to show her this new love, this beautiful touch between two woman.

Continuing to kiss Liz, Emma reached down and slid her mecidiyeköy escort hand under Liz’s panties, gently rubbing her swollen clit through the soft pink flesh of her pussy lips. She felt Liz’s clit growing harder, and felt her hips thrusting forward reaching for Emma’s fingers, seeking more of her pleasures.

Emma pulled Liz’s panties off, stopping long enough to undue Liz’s bra as well, then without missing a beat, danced her tongue down to Liz’s breasts. Cupping one breast with her hand, massaging it, tweaking Liz’s nipples with her tongue, she ran her hand over Liz’s body, which was shaking slightly with the excitement and pleasure of it all. She could feel Liz’s heart pounding, and her moans of pleasure were growing louder.

Emma slid her hand down in between Liz’s thighs again, feeling her wetness, it was making her mouth water. Emma wanted to pleasure her, she wanted to let her taste of a woman’s passion.

She wanted to give this experience to this stranger, for passion was a big part of who she was. Even though she had lost interest in allowing her heart to get attached, she still longed for channels to release all the passion needing to escape. There was also her own desire for a woman’s touch, she missed the feel of a womans soft flesh laying next to her own.

She rubbed Liz’s clit until she felt the thrust of Liz’s hips getting stronger, then gently spreading her delicate lips, Emma inserted a finger inside of Liz’s love garden, now dripping and oozing the creamy delights of this beautiful stranger.

She was gentle, finding her way in and out of her well of pleasure, seeking out the pleasure zone that would have her screaming in ecstasy. She picked up the pace, fingering her with great enjoyment, watching Liz’s face for signs of readiness,

“Oh Emma, that feels so good, please don’t stop”

Emma kissed her way down the length of Liz’s belly, then started licking at the wetness that was gathering between her thighs. She kissed Liz’s clit, then circled it with her tongue, slowly at first, building momentum. She was still fingering her, and by now, Liz was ready to explode.

Emma licked faster now, harder, thrusting her finger inside of Liz deeper and deeper, faster and faster, until Liz gasped, breathless, and screamed “Oh yes! yes! Emma yes! please don’t stop!” Liz wrapped her legs tightly around Emma’s neck as she exploded with the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

Emma rested her chin on her palms as she lay there smiling at Liz. It was a few minutes before either of them talked. When they did finally speak, Liz reached out and embraced Emma close, thanking her for such a pleasurable, and unforgettable experience. Emma winked at her and said as she kissed her cheek, “it was my pleasure gorgeous.”

Liz dressed again and they ran back to the train station, laughing at how quickly the time had gone by. They exchanged e-mails and said they would have to keep in touch, then looked long into each others eyes, both knowing that they probably would never see each other again.

Emma kissed Liz again before Liz turned and boarded her train, both still smiling, they said good-bye.

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