Eager Boy

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Big Tits

The ping on his phone startled him. “Text when here.”

He sat nervously in the back of his Uber, en route to meeting a new Dom for the first time.

He had been daydreaming about their online conversations online that had started about three weeks prior. He recounted the naughty and perverted things he had shared, and his limits he had discussed, and even had sent the requesting man a clear face pic, smiling.

The man knew who the boy was and how kinky he was, yet the boy had never seen the man’s face or heard his voice. The boy only knew of his profile, neatly displaying, “Masculine Man for bitch boy.” The profile had caught the boy’s full attention when he got the initial cruise, in large part due to the anonymous nature.

He had been assured through cunning messages and an assertively dominant writing style that his suitor was an experienced Sir. The boy knew the things to look for, he thought. As a salesman by trade and well-versed in online dating logic, the boy knew he could spot a phony. He trusted his guts, for once.

He knew he needed this. Too long did he suppress his lusty feelings for male attention and discipline. He knew he wanted to be put to the test. He had done his due diligence, and the man had reeled him in slowly, like a big juicy tuna. Plus, the Sir was able to host in a really nice part of town. He was on his way to an experience that would change his life forever.

The boy was excited, but hadn’t played in awhile… He had a fear of going face to face with his reality as a bitch boy, who craved humiliation and name-calling, to say the least. He had always longed to show off his panties to an older well-established man, and to be made vulnerable like a little girl.

The boy checked his texts.

From Sir: “Enter the side gate and side garage door. Strip. Kneel. Blindfold.”

The boy breathed. Or, tried to breathe.

The nerves were taking over and he felt his nipples hardening, wondering what might happen to them. He felt his hands tensing, preparing to lose use of them for the next hour or so. He closed his eyes and tried to meditate to calm down. He felt the Uber driver starting to wonder why his passenger was so flushed and fidgety.

Another text arrived from Sir: “Don’t forget to breathe”

The boy calmed down, and the car arrived. He exited and walked swiftly to the side gate so as to not be seen. He pulled it open with a quiet squeak, enough to alert anyone inside, and let himself into the garage. At long last. He wasn’t going to coward out now. He was here, and he surveyed his surroundings as he shut off his phone.

The two-car garage was empty and clean. There had been a big charcoal Ford F250 in front of the house. It was clear that the man lived alone and liked to work in his garage, given the tool chests, tool closets, work bench, and lighting equipment.

The boy looked to the rafters and saw a series of high beams, equipped with rings and a pull in the center. He knew he had selected a serious Dom, and wondered now if he was ready to be here.

He shuddered, remembered a previous play encounter that a rich man in Chicago had forcibly used an electro scrotum sack, electro anal plug, and insertion sounds on his poor cock and balls. He remembered the immense pain and crushing of his package, and the throbbing of his iron-rod cock, and the tremendous load that followed. He remembered feeling like his Dom had betrayed his trust by sticking things down his cock and literally turning the TENS up to 11. He remembered his squirms, squeals then yells, then sweat. The flashback turned him on, despite that it had its share of trauma.

The power exchange and Dom/sub scene could not keep the boy away, despite his better judgement to simply use his hand and imagination at home. He craved the intensity, the smell of leather, the suspense and anticipation. He settled in to the situation now as he took off his shirt, pants, and socks, folded them up on top of his shoes, and set the pile in a corner.

Last was his underwear, err, panties… He had chosen to wear a black, obviously feminine, pair of see-thru cheeky booty shorts. They were sexy, he thought. They made him feel more submissive and also rode up his ass just perfectly while also supporting his nice shaved package.

His cock, 1.5″ soft and shockingly growing to 6×6″ when fully engorged, was a perfect fit for panties. And for that matter, perfect for being a degraded groveling sub boy that was exquisite fun to play with. In his experience, men loved his athletic hairy chest and strong runners legs coupled with the impressive pulsing girth of his boners.

The boy’s cock shuddered as he remembered telling the Dom about his panty fetish. At the time, Sir laughed it off and called the boy a sissy. The decision to wear panties to todays session was a last minute call – the boy was looking for more reasons to feel submissive, and hoped to please the mysterious Sir.

He chose to keep the panties on. He felt the spandex hood blindfold bursa escort that had been left on the workbench for him. He had one just like it at home, except this had a larger cutout for the mouth and nose. The blackout paneling felt thicker, more durable. The boy slipped it on over his head as he moved to the center of the room.

Pausing and taking one last look around, one last breath, he faced the door of the house squarely, he knelt, and covered his eyes into blackness, to wait.

Silence. Quickly assuming his role further, he shifted onto all fours, hands and knees. He arched his back and stuck out his ass, wiggling it a little, feeling his hole growing vulnerable already.

Thirty seconds passed.

Perhaps another minute.

The boy was unsure how long he would wait, until he heard the door pull open briskly. He heard the unmistakable sound of boots hitting the concrete steps.

The boy thought to himself: “Indeed, This was no slipper footed rich-boy, or a sandal wearing saudi prince. This Man is a full bodied Sir. Here we go.”

Sir approached the boy without speaking. He could feel his eyes searching over his new-found property. Above the waiting meat, Sir smiled fully. He was basking in another catch; another boy willingly stripped naked, blindfolded, and trapped in his locked garage.

“Ha! How easy they are”, Sir marveled to himself. Distracted by the hot the boy looked on the floor waiting, he remembered his first priority was to secure the premise. He locked the side door deadbolt and stashed the boy’s clothes and belongings in a locked cabinet. Despite the imminent heavy bondage, he still didn’t want the boy to get any ideas about going anywhere. Here he was now, No Way Out, as the expression goes.

The boy heard his clothes being scooped up and deposited quickly away. He was too afraid to make a sound or object to Sir’s first wish. He knew deep down that he now was stuck for all of Sir’s wills, whims, and wishes. Without his clothes and phone, there was no getting home. Sir was quite aware of the mental effect this would have on the boy, helping him to settle in, accept his place, and obey unconditionally.

Sir returned his focus to the now panting sub boy. He examined the soft skin of his ass and strong shoulders supporting the pup-esque frame. Hairy broad chest was attractive on all accounts, and the boy’s waiting hole seemed to peek out from between his round cheeks from underneath the sheer panty fabric. The panty choice was a bit ‘gay’, thought Sir, but he liked the boy’s commitment to finding his place.

Sir was growing harder by the second, truly licking his lips. He began to speak:

“Welcome to my home, boy.” He continued rather curtly.

“Do not speak unless spoken to, and do not try to escape. When you are here, and you ARE here, yes, you will be my property. Bark once if you understand.”

The boy, baffled, had never discussed pup play with the man. He was expected to answer.

“Yes Sir,” but instead, instinctively a quick and boyish “Woof!” escaped the back of his throat.

“Woah, easy tiger”, chuckled Sir. “Sounds like you were ready for this. I sure hope you are…” his voice left trailing.

The boy was reeling with anticipation and the single dog bark had stirred his cock in his panties.

Sir: “Now I remember explicitly asking you to strip when you arrived. Do you want to explain these panties?”

The boy was jumbled up inside again. Now he wanted answers?!

Boy: “Yes, errr, uhh No I can explain…” Sir grinned. “I wanted to look hot for you, Sir.”

The boy sounded like such a needy slut. He knew how desperate he sounded and how silly he must look on the floor of the strangers garage.

Sir: “You know it’s lucky you look hot in them. I don’t typically arrange meetings with women for a reason. It’s my experience that they seem a little too preoccupied with covering themselves up in costumes and makeup. It’s time you get real, boy”.

A firm bare-handed spank landed *whap!* right on the boy’s left ass cheek. A five-star handprint would form shortly, to Sir’s delight.

The boy was going wild inside. He knew that he wanted to be a naughty boy and sure-quality sub with strength, stamina, and sweaty resilience through devious implements. At the same time, he wanted to be held and caressed, seduced and mind-trained, manhandled and ravaged, the way a woman would be by rich powerful men. The boy was in his head when he realized that Sir was awaiting a response.

“Thank you, Sir. I am glad you like them.”

Sir was quick to fire back: “Oh, I didn’t say I liked them. I said I like you. I like what I see, you fit and frisky boy. You will do well here, based on what I see.

The boy relaxed just a shade.

Sir: “Now, would you like to stand up and take off those panties? Show Sir what he has patiently been waiting to fondle?”

Boy: “Yes Sir.” He stood quickly and sturdily, feet shoulder width apart and shoulder back. He knew his Sir was bursa escort bayan watching his every move. He perked his ass out a little as a smart after-thought. His thumbs began to tease in his panty waistband. He slowly slid the black cheekies off his hips, over his round ass, and as it caught between his now warm and damp thighs, he knew how sexy it must look to his Sir. A flirty smile came to the boy’s face and he bit his lower lip, licked his upper lip, and left his mouth open as the panties fell to the floor. He stepped forward out of them dutifully and let his hands fall to the side. His cock, now the full focus of his Sir, began to grow semi-hard.

Sir approached the boy and he could feel his warm breath. The boy could now smell Sir’s musk and sense that he had some briny gin previous to the boy’s arrival. The boy felt strong hands grab his shoulders, upper arms, then upper back, slide across his midsection, and then grab firm hold of his ass.

Sir let go and the boy was beginning to relax even more. This fondling from a faceless stranger was only the beginning of his fantasies, but so far he was so pleased with how this was going. He was licking his chops as he got felt up and nipples teased by Sir’s fingers. Lost in the bliss, he moaned when the hands left him.

He was quickly started by a firm *slap!* down onto his now hard cock. His dick bounced and began to shrivel back, as Sir broke the erotic silence: “No getting hard without my permission, boy. If I recall, you have always wanted to try chastity?”

The boy recounted admitting to always wanting to try on a Holy Trainer or a CB6000. He knew he would need a ‘Small’ device, based on his flaccid potential (or lack of potential). He had never tried on a device before, but knew that this fate would await him someday, just based on how frequently he craved it.

“How wrong and weird”, the boy would always remark in lust, “the fantasy thought of losing control of my own cock and balls, erections and orgasms, even the slightest stroke eliminated, has me so goddamn hard.”

He would typically cum quite quickly when stroking to vicious chastity captions featuring Femdom Goddesses and stern straight-laced Masters on tumblr or bdsmlr. He knew most of these images were created by pervs like him, and figured that few very if any people lived in chastity devices.

Again losing focus in his head, the boy remembered was expected to answer, he guessed, despite the question on chastity being obviously rhetorical. He knew he was about to be locked up.

“Yes Sir. It has been on my mind before.”

Sir: “Really? That’s funny. You jerk off to thoughts about not jerking off. That’s cute. My fantasies are a little bit different than that, you might think. In fact, most guys do not wish that their dick was under lock and key of someone else, especially another Man who has obvious physical and financial dominance. You must really be a risk taker, boy!”

The boy danced around nervously and his cock started springing to life again. He was unrestrained but blind and naked. Sir attentively picked up on the restlessness. The boy heard shackles.

Sir: “Have you ever used fuzzy handcuffs on your girlfriends?” he asked genuinely.

Boy: “Yes, um, a couple of times.” He heard the steel banging get closer, and his left arm pulled behind him. The cold steel reached his wrist. “It was fun, usually.”

Sir: “Fun, usually, eh? That’s optimistic. Right wrist, now.”

The boy raised his arm back behind him and felt the other shackle go over his wrist. They were 1″ wide and ¼” thick steel bracelets, secured by a thick three links of chain. There weren’t any locks to be seen on the exterior.

The locks were only undone by a special release pin key – Sir did not own shoddy equipment, no cheap materials of any kind. He had special taste, and had a way for getting what he wanted. He had wanted the boy from the first time he chatted with him online, and now here he was, quivered and handcuffed, waiting further instruction.

He skillfully string the handcuffs upward to a piece of rope hung over the rafter, leaving the boy in a gentle strappado, enough to remind him that he is stuck without setting his shoulders on fire. Sir checked to make sure the blindfold was properly centered and that his new boy was finding the best fun in his own discomfort.

He knew he wanted the boy to feel the exquisite pressure of chastity. He chatted with him about it on more than one occasion, and controlling a younger man’s loins always got his mind thinking deviously.

“This boy deserves it, that wanker,” he affirmed.

He smacked the boy’s growing cock again with his hand and watched the boy go soft, once again. The boy’s breathing intensified.

Sir returned with the clanging of more metal bits, this time smaller. The boy felt cold steel encasing his most private and sensitive parts. He felt a tight sensation as his balls pulled through a loop, then his cock thrust into something that felt like a bucket escort bursa of sand closing in upon his soft penis. It was heavy, supportive, and smooth on his skin.

Unable to see, he had to wonder what kind of chastity device was being locked on him… he was terrified that it would be something ‘unreal’, like he had read about online in fictional fantasy stories. He always sensed that these successful business type guys had access to unlimited resources, including buying the finest of high-end sex gear. He had the stark feeling this might be the case here, and an even greater thrill reached him when he felt a metal waistband pulling around him.

No cage at all, this was a full on chastity belt. The boy began to gasp. His mouth fell open and he was wanting to beg his Sir for any other option. He knew he wanted this, but he also wanted out so badly. He knew based on the installation of the belt and the precision in which Sir was carrying out, that he would not soon be unlocked.

He sensed that Sir was checking all the hinge-points and the fit of the belt, when he felt a lock slide into the center section. The boy knew the sound he was waiting so closely to hear. *Click* and the key turned, slid out, jingled on what sounded like a dog chain necklace, and was quietly out of sight.

Sir was pleased. “Aha! Now that’s what I’d call a perfect fit. Right?”

The boy agreed with nothing else to say: “Yes Sir. It fits snugly.”

Sir: “Any pain?”

Boy: “Not yet…”

Sir: “Ah, again, a smart boy. Haha. ‘Not yet’, you’re funny boy. You have some spirit. You know what is coming next?”

Boy: “No Sir.” He was struggling to think, as his cock was swelling pointlessly in his cage. Unable to feel the components, he was left to wonder if he would have any room at all to get hard. He shook his waist a little and felt no play or movement in the belt or in his family jewels.

All he felt was solid steel firmly on his waist and a sandbag effectively suffocating his penis entirely. There was no give. The boy felt his ass clench again and the cool air coming off the concrete grazed his smooth hole.

He thought, scared and silly, “so this is what having a pussy must be like…. I feel so… penetrable.”

As if reading his thoughts, Sir piped back in: “Yes, boy, you do look a bit more girly now. The panties were nice but this works better for me. How long would you like to be locked up?”

The boy stammered, wondering if this was a trap… “Ah, um, Sir. Um. Uhh. How about uhh.. 3 days.”

Sir: “Oh silly boy, you’re an aggressive and eager little thing. If I sent you home with that thing on today I have a feeling you would be back here in less than 24 hours, begging to get out. We will have to work you into a routine, slowly, and patiently, if we seek to really train you for chastity. We will train the body and the mind. And lessons start now, with this:

…As you can see, I’ve let you enter into this situation wholly on your own. You got her, stripped, allowed yourself to be cuffed and chastised. When asked about duration, you impressed me, but I want you to know once and for all that you are not the one in control. You are in My control, and my hands. Just like these dice…

…Two dice here, boy. And I will throw them for you, since you are in My control. The 1st roll will represent how long you stay here today, in hours, and in bondage. Again, you have come here willingly for bondage and domination so I must assume you’ve cleared your schedule. The 2nd roll will determine how long you stay in the chastity belt today, also in hours. As you can see, if dice

is bigger than

, you’ll be locked the duration of the day and until I say tomorrow. It’s a dicey play, pun intended” He chuckled at his own joke.


is a bigger roll than

, than lucky you, you’ll get your cock slapped around some more. Here’s the kicker, because I do like to keep things interesting, boy, and I like to consider myself ambivalent, at times. If I roll two 1’s in a row, you will earn an orgasm. It might be fun to see how far you can shoot a load across the room after several hours or mind-numbing cock-edging in the Venus 2000. I don’t want to let that opportunity out of your mind…

…Now, if I am to roll two 6’s in a row, can you guess your punishment?”

The boy was caught off guard, again, his head left spinning. He didn’t want to answer. He didn’t want to know. He had a feeling it would be perverse but didn’t want to over-do it again. He summoned up the best of his imagination and courage to suppose, “Sir, would you make me drink your piss?”

“Haha! You’re too much boy” proclaimed Sir. “You must be thirsty already, thinking about my piss. What a pig you are deep down. Haha.”

The words cut the boy in his core, truer than ever. He was a pig boy, and a slutty sub, and a barking dog, now locked in high-security chastity. His place was becoming more clear.

Sir began again: “No thirsty boy, my piss will be received when and where I want it to be. I would rather these two devious dice rolls be more about you. Do you want to try again?”

Boy, panicking, thought of anything he could: “Um, Sir. Two 6’s means I will have to spend the night in the chastity.”

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