Emotionless Pt. 08

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Customers started to slowly make their way in and order drinks. Lauren felt good being back at work. She was concerned about Jennifer, she never got sick but it didn’t seem to be interfering with work. Jennifer was still making drinks at her normal pace, tonight would be the real test though.

Lauren wondered when Jessie would get to work tonight. She couldn’t wait to hear more of Jessie’s music. Lauren thought about how Harper stood her up earlier today and still couldn’t believe it. Lauren ran her fingers through her hair, pushing the thought out of her head, and went back to work.

Jessie got there about an hour after customers started coming in. She walked past the bar and gave Lauren a devilish grin. She made her way to her stand and set up for the night. People were starting to fill in around the bar, keeping Lauren and Jennifer busy.

“Tripp!” Lauren looked to the other side of the bar to see Matt calling her over.
“Yeah?” Lauren replied, continuing to pour her customer’s martini in their glass.

“We need six Liquid Marijuanas, five Flaming Volcanos, and three Menage a Trois for the V.I.P. section. Go up to their bar and make them. Then come back.” Matt barked across the crowd.

“Isn’t there somebody working that bar already?” Lauren said agitated.

Matt walked behind the bar “They don’t know how to make them and this is a high paying party. I’ll cover here for you while you take care of them.”

Lauren was astonished that Matt offered to cover the main bar. He was a terrible bartender. But Lauren knew Jennifer could handle the mixed drinks while Matt got beers and poured single drinks. “Fine.” Lauren said hesitantly. “Jenn, you okay for a bit?”

Jennifer nodded “Matt I’ll handle the mixed drinks. You handle beer and single alcohol drinks.”

Lauren smiled at Jennifer taking charge. Lauren made her a fine bartender. Matt fumbled around the beer cooler trying to help. She headed up to the V.I.P. section so that she could hurry up and get back before Matt killed the vibe.

When Lauren got behind the bar, she looked around the section at the customers. She could tell these were important people. She told the other bartenders, Sean and Ash, to watch her as she started mixing the drinks. It took her ten minutes to make the entire order. The customers were amazed at Lauren and how quick she was. They thanked her and she headed back to her bar. She made a note to go back over training with Sean and Ash, or at the very least tell them to learn to find a tool to look up how to make drinks.

“That party must be pretty wealthy. One of the guys was wearing a gold Rolex watch. And that was the cheapest I think I saw.” Lauren tapped Matt on the shoulder as he was struggling to pop the top off of a bottle.

He handed the bottle to Lauren, unopened “Yeah they are doctors and lawyers, all in some organization. They paid a shit ton of money to rent the section for the whole night.”

Lauren used her bottle opener and was handing out the beer in seconds before jumping on the next order. She knew they must have made a hefty payment. Normally Matt only rents it out for a few hours to each party, especially on nights like tonight. Matt headed off back to the section to make sure the party was happy.

“I’m glad you’re back. Matt is terrible help. I almost fell behind.” Jennifer passed behind Lauren grabbing for a clean shaker.

“I knew you could handle it.” Lauren smiled. “You learned well Young Padawan.”
Jennifer shook her head “Whatever Tripp. Don’t get cocky.”

Lauren smirked. “Oh yeah, cause you would like it.”

“Yeah right.” Jennifer smiled.

The night seemed to fly by. Once Lauren heard Jessie’s playlist going, it seemed like the entire club got a hundred times busier. It was drink after drink coming in. Lauren could tell Jennifer was starting to get tired and slow down so Lauren picked up the pace. There was no time for breaks. The bar never slowed. Lauren barely had time to talk to Jess when she came in. Jess brought a few friends and they all made their orders with Lauren. Lauren tried to be friendly and pay attention to them talking, but she didn’t have much time. Lauren told Jess to go have a good time with her friends out on the floor. Lauren walked around the bar to hug her sister before getting back to work.

At the end of the night, Lauren and Jennifer were both exhausted. They counted out the tips and split the money. They made triple compared to what they made the night before.

Lauren saw how bad Jennifer looked “Go on and head home Jenn. I’ll clean everything up.”

“Are you sure Tripp?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah istanbul escort I don’t mind. Feel better.”

“Thank you.” Jennifer picked up her stuff, kissed Lauren on the cheek and headed out.

Lauren got to work cleaning up the bar and restocking. She looked up at the DJ stand, Jessie had already left. Lauren wondered why she didn’t say anything to her. But Lauren had gotten the feeling that Jessie got what she wanted and she was done with her now. Lauren knew how it went, she had pushed off women countless times. She wasn’t proud of it, but Lauren knew that nobody really wanted anything other than sex from her.

“Tripp.” Lauren looked up to see Matt walking up to her.

“I’m almost done restocking then I just have to mop.” Lauren continued to fill the beer cooler.

“Don’t worry about mopping. The cleaning company will take care of it in the morning. You made a damn good impression on the people at that party Tripp.” Matt handed her an envelope.

“What’s this?” Lauren took it, opening it.

“I don’t know. One of the lawyers told me to give it to you.” Matt watched her.

Inside, she saw it was at least $1500 and a business card. “Holy shit. You sure they already paid you for the rental?”

“Yeah why?” Matt looked curiously.

“There’s money in here and a business card?” She took out the card and turned it over.

Someone had written on the back “This tip is for you. If you want to make some extra cash, give me a call. K.T.”

“What’s it say?” Matt looked at her.

“Just that it’s a tip and if I want to make some extra money to call them.” Lauren tucked the card back in with the money and put the envelope in her pocket.

“Well shit Tripp.” Matt walked off.

Lauren finished stocking everything before she grabbed her stuff and headed out. She got on her motorcycle and headed for her apartment. When she got home she took out the envelope and reread the note. Then she counted the money it. She couldn’t believe someone gave it to her for a few drinks. All together for the night, she made almost eight grand. That was unheard of for bartenders, but she was used to bringing in at least a grand or two on a regular basis. Matt built an amazing club and she knew she made a pretty good reputation for the drinks. People drove for up to two hours just to have a good night at that club. Lauren never understood it, she was always fine with a small little bar. But she couldn’t complain. Lauren took her phone out of her pocket and saw she had a text message. It was Harper.

“I am so sorry. I promise I didn’t stand you up. I got stuck assisting in surgeries all day. There was a massive accident. If you are free tomorrow night, we can do dinner.”

Lauren was relieved that Harper didn’t stand her up. She texted her back. “Dinner, your choice, at 7?”

Lauren laid her phone on the couch next to where she sat. She thought about Harper. How she was caring, sweet, and cute. Then Jessie came to her mind. There was an undeniable connection between them but Jessie seemed disinterested lately. Harper was interested, Lauren knew that. And Lauren would be lying if she said she wasn’t attracted to her. But Lauren would also be lying if she said she did not want to be with Jessie. But was Jessie interested? Did Jessie also feel the connection? Lauren had a hard time reading Jessie, but she knew there was something there.

Lauren sat back on the couch and ran her fingers through her hair. She wasn’t sure what to do or if she should do anything at all. She was at a loss. Lauren got up, undressed, and headed for bed.

When she woke up, Lauren stretched. She was relieved that she could finally stretch out and not be in pain from her wounds. There were still scabs healing, but the worst part was finally over. Lauren went to the bathroom and took a hot shower. Afterwards, she looked around her closet for clothes. She decided she would just wear a hoodie and some sweats for now. Lauren got dressed and began picking up her apartment. She straightened a few things and did her laundry. She made herself a sandwich since it was no longer breakfast. As she ate, she thought about tonight with Harper. She wasn’t sure how it was going to go, or how she even wanted it to go. Lauren decided to throw on some clothes and head to her sister’s house for a little.

When Lauren pulled up to Jessica’s house, she saw a car in front. Lauren thought that was weird because Jessica couldn’t afford a car. She always had to set up rides or take cabs. Lauren took off her motorcycle helmet and walked up to the door. She tried to open the door but it was locked so she knocked. halkalı escort A few seconds later Jessica opened the door. “Lauren!!!” Jessica gave her a big hug before letting her in.

“Who’s car? I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Lauren sat her helmet and backpack down.

“It’s my car!!! I got a bonus for finishing my first month and a half” Jessica shined with pride.

“That’s great. I’m sure it was a relief. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you get one.” Lauren felt guilty. She ran her fingers through her hair.

“I wouldn’t have accepted your help. You know that. Are you hungry? I’ve been worried about you.”

“I’m okay. I ate a sandwich. I just figured I’d stop by to see you. I was pretty sick and took some time to myself. So you are still enjoying work?”

“Yeah you look like you haven’t been eating. You aren’t doing that shit again are you?” Jessica gave Lauren an accusing look. They sat on the couch.

“No. I told you I was done. And actually I’ve been eating fairly regular up until the last 2 days.”

“Okay, good. And yes I love my job. Hopefully I’ll get a raise soon. What are you doing tonight?”

“I am meeting a friend for dinner.”

“Nice. I think I’m going to the club for a few drinks. My coworkers like that DJ. She’s pretty awesome at mixing music.”
Lauren felt her ears start to turn red. She tried to push it back. “Yeah she is pretty good. Definitely took the club to a whole new level.”

“She’s cute too.” Jessica smiled.

Lauren felt her ears in flames now. “She’s alright.” She lied. “You want me to hook you up with her?” Lauren smirked.

Jessica grinned. “You know I prefer men.”

“I was messing with you. But you should go out and enjoy the club. I might stop by after dinner.”

“Maybe I won’t be there by then. I might be getting lucky.” Jessica laughed.

Lauren smiled. “Maybe. But I should head back home so I can get ready.”

Lauren stood up and adjusted her jeans. Jessica stood up and gave her another hug. “See you tonight.”

“Most likely.” Lauren picked up her helmet and backpack.

She got on her motorcycle and drove off. Walking up to her apartment she took her phone out and sent Harper a text. “Still on for tonight?”

Lauren headed in, set her stuff down, and went to the bathroom to turn on the water. She heard her phone vibrate. It was Harper “Yeah I can pick you up around 6:30.”

Lauren responded “Sounds good.”

Lauren put her phone on the counter and undressed. She stepped into the warm water. She let it run down her body. The heat felt good to her sore muscles. She washed her hair. As she let the water rinse the soap off, she thought of Jessie. Lauren felt herself get excited. She remembered the other night, Jessie’s warm touch. Lauren ran her fingers through her wet, tangled hair attempting to bring herself back to reality. She quickly finished up and dried herself off. Lauren went to her room to look through her closet for clothes.

She decided a white shirt and khaki jeans would be good enough since it wasn’t a date. Just a dinner between friends. She got dressed and walked back to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth then ran some gel through her hair to give it that messy look she liked. She sprayed on cologne, then went to put on her black Vans.

Shortly after getting ready, she heard the knock on her door. She opened it to see Harper standing there in a light blue dress. “You look nice.” Lauren said as she grabbed her phone, wallet, and keys.

“As do you. Ready to go?” She replied.

Lauren nodded and followed her to her car. They got in and Harper started on to the restaurant. Lauren wondered where they were going, but decided not to ask. “How have you been?”

“It’s been busy. Lot of surgeries going on. How are you feeling?” Harper smiled.

“I’ve been good all things considering. Today is the first day I haven’t had any pain during normal activities. I had a good nurse.” Lauren smirked.

Harper grinned. “You sure did. Have you been back to work yet?”

Lauren nodded. “It was pretty rough at first but I’m pretty much back to normal now.”

“Good. You probably should have waited to go back though.”

“I think so. But I needed money. Plus I apparently made a good impression last night. Someone wants me to call for more work.”

“Oh yeah? They pay well?”

“They did last night. I’m not sure who they are. They gave a note to my boss for me.”

“Well that is good. You like steak?”

Lauren shrugged. “Yeah why?”

“Cause we are going to that new steakhouse.”

“Oh sounds good mecidiyeköy escort to me.” Lauren felt her stomach growl. She forgot she hadn’t eaten much today.

The rest of the drive was silent, except for the music. Luckily, they weren’t far from the restaurant. They went in and were quickly seated thanks to Harper making a reservation. They both ordered the signature steak with a salad. The food was really good. Lauren found it nice to have casual dinner with a friend. She didn’t feel obligated to do anything. Harper didn’t seem to want anything more than talk either. The ticket came and Lauren decided to pay for both of their meals.

“Thank you.” Harper said. “I will pay next time.”

“Sounds good.” Lauren said, laying out enough cash for dinner and the tip. “You ready?”

Harper nodded and stood up. Lauren followed. Harper parked in front of Lauren’s apartment. “I had fun tonight. But I better get home, work in the morning.”

“I had fun too. We will have to do it again sometime. Thank you.” Lauren got out of the car and headed inside to grab her helmet to head to the club.

When she came back out, Harper was gone. Hopefully Harper truly had a good night and didn’t expect Lauren to invite her in. Lauren liked having a friend she didn’t have to sleep with. She put her helmet on and headed to the club. She saw Jessie’s truck as she pulled up. She parked on the other side of the club, near the back door.

“You come in on your days off now Tripp?” One of the bouncers on break shouted at her as she took her helmet off and walked up to the back door.

“Just hanging out tonight Joe.” Lauren smiled as he held the door open for her.

As she walked in, someone bumped into her causing her to drop her helmet. “Fucking shit.” She stepped back to see who it was as she got ready to bash them with her fist that had been holding the helmet that now rolled on the floor.

“My bad.” Jessie gave her a devilish grin. ”Didn’t see you come in.”

Lauren felt her ears burst in flames. She instantly calmed down. “Better watch out next time.” She said jokingly.

“Jeez Cherry you look like you are about to pop your top.” Jessie laid a hand on Lauren’s balled up fist.

Lauren’s hand went limp. “Sorry. Always on edge lately.”

“No worries. I know you wouldn’t actually hit me.” Jessie smirked at her.

Lauren could feel a grin grow across her face. “Whatever. Want a drink?”

“Sure. Whatever you are getting. I’m going outside for a breath of fresh air.”

“I’ll bring it out to you.”

“I know.” Jessie smiled and headed out of the back door.
Lauren walked behind the bar. Jen was busy with customers so Lauren slipped behind her to put her helmet near Jen’s purse.She walked back around the bar to get Jen to make her drinks for her. “Jen when you get the chance can I get 2 Rum and Dr. Peppers?”

“Yeah give me a second to finish this up.” Jen said helping the final few customers.

“Not too busy tonight. You feeling any better?” Lauren leaned on the bar.

“No it isn’t bad at all tonight. And I don’t feel anywhere as bad as yesterday. Must have ate something bad.” Jen started on Lauren’s drinks.

“Good. If you need something let me know. I was going to hang out for a bit. Jess is supposed to be here.”

“I’ll be okay. Thanks. Yeah she is already here with some friends.”

“Oh really? Thank you. You sure you are okay? You seem very quiet.”

“I’m just tired. I’ll be okay. Have fun.” Jen handed Lauren her drinks.

Lauren nodded and headed to the back of club to take Jessie her drink. When she walked outside, Jessie was sitting on a crate. Lauren handed her the drink and leaned up against the wall.

“Thanks.” Jessie said and sat back to lean against the wall. “Were you just so bored on your off day you came up here?”

“No. My sister came here with her coworkers. She wanted me to spend some time with her. Apparently they think the DJ is pretty good.” Lauren took a sip from her drink trying to hide her smile.

“Oh really?” Jessie grinned. “And what do you think?”

“I told my sister she was alright.” Lauren smirked.

“Just alright?’ Jessie gave a joking scoff. “You said your sister was single right?”

“Yeah but you aren’t really her type.” Lauren ran her fingers through her hair.

“Why not?”

“She likes men. But you can try.”

Jessie looked at Lauren. “Nah, I think I’m good where I’m at.”

Lauren wasn’t sure what to say so she just finished her drink. Jessie did the same.

“I guess I should get back into work. How long are you going to be around tonight?” Jessie stood up to throw away her cup.

“I’m not sure. For a little bit.” Lauren tossed her cup in the trash.

Jessie nodded. “Well if you get some time, come hang out on the stand with me. Help me pass the time.”

“I’ll try.” Lauren held the door open for Jessie.

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