End of the Line

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This story is based on an event which happened to me many years ago.

Soon after I left school, at 18, I got a job working in a newspaper office in Fleet Street — in the days when the world’s news was published there – and made my way there daily in the tube.

It was always crowded in the rush hours and I was always pushed up against the other passengers. By the time the train got to my station in the morning there was never as seat and in the evening again I always stood for most of the journey.

One evening I found myself pressed up against a well-built coloured woman, about 20 or so years my senior. Somehow my hand had got trapped between her and another passenger and was pressing against her firm buttock.

After a minute or two like this she turned to me and stretched to speak into my ear as the noise in the carriage was to loud for whispered conversation.

“Young man,” she said, “You have two options, either you remove your hand from my arse or you leave it there and stay on the train to my stop and come home with me.”

I looked her in the eye and gave her arse a slight squeeze by way of a reply and she smiled.

Gradually the train emptied as we passed gaziemir escort from station to station and soon there was no excuse to be pressed up against her. My station came and went and I asked her how I would get off the train as my ticket wouldn’t be valid any further alone the line. She told me that her station was almost at the end of the track and generally there wasn’t a ticket collector at the barrier.

I had never bee as far along the line as this when we got to her stop and as we left I told her that I should call home and let my parents know that I wouldn’t be back at my usual time and that they shouldn’t worry as I was meeting a friend. Well, it was almost the truth.

I walked the short way to her house with my arm around her shoulders and I could feel her firm body beneath the layers of warm clothing that she wore as it was late November and quite cold out.

We got to her house, a typical three bedroomed, suburban semi, and she ushered me in to her living room and told me that she was going to hang up her coat and put on the kettle for a cup of tea.

It all seemed so domesticated and comfortable and I felt not in the least bit nervous.

I karabağlar escort heard her moving about in the kitchen, filling the kettle, lighting the gas, the rattle of teacups, and then she called me to come in to the kitchen.

What I saw was definitely my cup of tea!

She stood before me, her tan skin set off by a white bra and panties that did little to hide her full, firm body.

“Sugar? Milk?” she asked.

“Er, just milk please.” I replied.

She put two cups on the table and asked me to sit down.

We both drank our tea in this surrealist scene and when we finished she got up and stood behind me and began to stroke my hair and continued down feeling under my shirt.

Soon she was undoing the buttons and eased me out of my clothes, standing me up so that she could remove my shoes, socks and trousers as well.

As soon as I was naked she stood with her back to me and I undid and removed her bra and slid my hands again over her firm arse but this time inside her panties.

As I eased them down she turned around and found my self facing her cunt, the first that I had ever seen one.

My pulse was at about kemalpaşa escort 250 by now and my cock was as long and erect as it had ever been. Instinctively I kissed her hairy mound, burying my nose in her curls and inhaling the most amazing scent that I had ever smelt.

I wanted to explode there and then and she must have heard my moaning and she pulled me to stand up and we kissed, her full, firm breasts pressing into me chest and her round belly pressing against my cock and gently moving and massaging it.

All at once, she broke from me, took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom.

She lay on the bed and spread her legs, inviting me to enter her. I climbed on the bed and she guided me into her wet cunt experiencing for the first time the amazing sensation, which to this day always excites me.

I came very quickly and she said “Now that we’ve got that out of the way we can get down to some serious sex.” And from thereon we proceeded to fuck and suck in every possible position and place in the house.

After about three hours of fucking, playing, teasing, touching and licking we just sat naked, next to each other on the couch in the lounge and relaxed.

She put on some soft music and I was half dozing, next to her with my head on her breast and my hand between her legs when I heard a key in the door.

I jerked up but she pulled me back to her telling me that it was only her daughter and I shouldn’t worry, just to relax and get my energy back.

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