Exploring Youth Ch. 2

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Emily woke up naked, her arm half asleep and tucked under David. She could hear Jennifer’s sleep breathing. They were so lovely together, Emily thought, admiring their young sleeping bodies. She sighed. Time to get out.

Mindful of waking the couple, she disentangled herself from David and slipped into the bathroom. She stood before the mirror, sticky and disheveled. She twisted the shower knob, felt the water, then turned the heat up. Steamy coated the top of the mirror as she pulled aside the shower door.

The bathroom door opened. Emily whirled around as Jennifer closed the bathroom door behind her. “Shit, you scared the hell out of me!” Emily breathed.

“Sorry about that,” Jennifer said. She bent toward the mirror, examining herself. “I’m a mess!”

Emily chuckled. “Nah, you’re fine. I’m gonna jump in the shower before I go, if it’s all right.”

“Go?” Jennifer asked as she picked an eyelash out of her eye. “Go where?”

“Back istanbul escort to my room.”


Emily stuck a finger in the shower spray. “I dunno, you guys should have time alone.” She stepped into the shower and started to slide the clear door shut.

“Don’t be silly.” Jennifer blocked the door with her hand, and stepped into the shower stall. “Stay with us. You’re our friend. We want you here, honest.”

“Oh, all right. If you’re cool with it.” Emily leaned back into the spray, allowing the warm water to flow down her long blonde hair and pale body. She sighed at the sensation of the spray over her sensitive skin. She then moved aside as Jennifer took her place beneath the shower head.

“Ah, this is awesome,” Jennifer cooed from beneath the water. As Emily lathered her hair, she watched the water sheet across Jennifer’s pretty face, dark hair, and perfect curves. She threw her shampoo-laden hair over her şirinevler escort back and took the soap bar into her hands, working it into a lather.

“Let me help,” Emily smiled, and massaged the lather across Jennifer’s neck, then her shoulders, then her soft, supple breasts. Her pink nipples stood out against the foam as Emily palmed them and squeezed them.

“Mmm…” Jennifer moaned through closed eyes. She leaned forward and kissed Emily on the lips, lightly but lingering. Emily sighed and put her arms around Jennifer’s waist. Their tongues played as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Emily parted Jennifer’s asscheeks and slid a finger down to her pink, puffy lips. Jennifer moaned into Emily’s neck. She slid her hand from Emily’s tight breast down her stomach to her shaven netherlips. She cupped Emily’s pulsing sex in her hand as Emily slid her hand around her stomach and slid a finger across Jennifer’s taksim escort clit and soft opening.

“Ooh!” Emily gasped as Jennifer rubbed her clit and lips at once with her fingers. Emily took Jennifer’s hard nipple in her mouth and flicked it with her tongue as she begin to rub Jennifer’s hard clit. Jennifer moaned and quickened her pace on Emily, sliding her fingers over her slickening warmth. They moaned, and pressed their wet bodies against each other as they neared climax.

Emily was the first to come – loudly, and with an intensity that made her dizzy. She slumped against the tile, then slid down Jennifer’s body, coming to rest between the pretty brunette’s legs. She parted her thighs, then eagerly licked and sucked at Jennifer’s clit. The young girl moaned at the feeling of Emily’s hot mouth between her legs. Emily ran her tongue over her soft lips, then back to her clit, then darted deep inside her. Jennifer clutched Emily’s blonde head in her hands and came, thrusting herself against Emily’s open, hungry mouth.

Emily stood up, and the two girls embrace each other, kissing deeply. Just then, the shower door flew open. David stood there, grinning.

“What? Am I missing all the fun?”

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