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Big Tits

Nikki loved her job at the diner, although the pay was light and the hours heavy. She knew most of her customers by name, and counted most of them as friends. She also knew that their off-color comments, while generally sexual in nature, were delivered with no offense intended. Her breasts were a modest b-cup, and she often wished they were larger, but her ass made up the difference. It was an ass that men’s dreams were made of. High, tight, and ample, it filled her jeans completely, giving the regulars at the diner something to talk and fantasize about.

One day an older, silver-haired man came in that Nikki had never seen. He ordered and ate silently, even though he seemed to know everyone in the diner. The only thing he said dealt with her “peaches”, which surprised her, as he looked her squarely in the eyes and smiled slightly. The smile did it for her. She was enthralled with his demeanor and his physique. He looked and carried himself like an athlete, but without the cocky attitude of one. His air was that of quiet competence and confidence in his ability, whatever that ability might be.

The next time he came in, Nikki made sure to help him with everything, noticing his tan for the first time. “Do you stay outside a lot?” she asked, trying to get him to talk to her.

“Yes. I fish quite a bit since I’ve retired. It’s very relaxing,” he replied, giving her and her only the benefit of that beautiful smile. Nikki’s knees turned to jelly and she felt faint.

Stammering, she said huskily, “I’ll get your tea,” leaving on rather unsteady legs. Knowing she wanted this man more than she had ever wanted anyone, even her boyfriend, she quickly put a plan together. When she returned with a tea pitcher, she spilled a little on the floor. “Clumsy me! Don’t get up; I’ll get a towel,” she said, turning quickly and putting a little more swing into her hips, knowing he was looking. When she came back, she quickly fell to her knees and began cleaning up the spill, turning one way, then the other, making sure he got a good look at her ass and her thong above her jeans’ waistband.

When she stood up, he was looking at her with different eyes. Before, his gaze had been almost fatherly; now, it was like a predator stalking a helpless victim.

Pressing her luck, she asked, “Do you ever take anyone fishing with you?”

“Usually not,” he replied, “although I’m not against the idea, if the right party were to ask.”

“What about me?” she said simply. “I know a little about boats, and I certainly need a break from this place. I grew up on a lake and lost my virginity on a boat.”

Her straightforwardness impressed him, but with some reservation, he said, “I still don’t know. Can you fish?”

Laughing aloud, Nikki said, “Yes, I can fish, but I just need to feel the wind on my face and the sun on my body. I’ll leave the fishing to you. When are we going?”

“Day after tomorrow OK?” he asked, knowing she had to ask to be off work, and wondering just what she had in mind-a boat ride, or maybe a joy ride?

“That’ll be great. I’m scheduled to be off that day. Pick me up at the grocery store at 8:00 AM,” she told him excitedly and went to wait on other customers.

Two days later, still not sure what he had set himself up for, he checked the boat and was waiting in the grocery store lot when he saw her drive in. Her red car was sporty and he really liked the way she looked when she got out. Her white shorts were skin tight, and the matching top looked like a sports bra. The elastic band was tight around her ribs, just under her breasts, giving them a little uplift. For the first time, he realized how fit she was. Not an ounce of fat showed on her body, but her curves were definitely evident. She hopped in the cab of his truck and leaned over to give him a peck on the cheek.

“You look nice,” she said simply, adjusting her seat and looking back at the boat. “That’s a great boat! I can’t wait to work on my tan!” she said eagerly.

He felt a little foolish, a man his age and a woman young enough to be his daughter, embarking on a “fishing trip.” Still, he was pleasantly surprised by her kiss, and was quietly pleased that she liked the boat. He was even more pleased by her outfit. Her b-cup breasts swayed easily underneath the nearly transparent top. Without a bra to hide them, her nipples showed their excitement by trying to punch holes in the fabric. As stimulating as this was, he was totally blown away by her shorts. Like the top, they were scandalously small and her fantastic ass seemed destined to escape its stretchy confinement. Suspecting she wore no panties, he was eying her cameltoe when she caught him staring.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” she asked.

Still unaccustomed to her forwardness, he told her honestly, “Yes, I do. You happen to be one of the sexiest women I know. You have an incredible body, but to me, your sexiness comes from your sincerity and honesty. You genuinely seem to care for people, and that, to me, is sexy.”

“That konak escort is so sweet!” she said, leaning over and hugging him. “Nobody’s ever said those things to me. Most men just want to get in my pants. Don’t get me wrong, I like to screw, but I like a little romance too. How about you? You a ‘wham bam, thank you ma’am’ type of guy, or do you like a little loving to heat things up?”

“Oh, I love the feel of a woman’s body, especially a curvy one like you. In fact, I would just love to slip those shorts off your ass and make love all day long,” he told her, realizing she was listening intently and her chest was heaving.

“Well, we’ll just have to see about that. I certainly don’t want to intrude on your fishing time,” she replied coyly, taking a chance and looking at his crotch. She was pleased to see a tent rising in his shorts.

A few miles down the road, he signaled for a turn and pulled into a gas station. “Gotta put gas in the boat,” he said, as he pulled up to the pump.

“I’ll go put my bikini on,” Nikki said as she slid out of the truck.

“I don’t know,” he said. “That’s a grouchy old fart in there and he may not like people changing in the bathroom.”

“Maybe I can convince him with my smile,” she said reaching into the truck and grabbing her beach bag. Turning, she strode purposefully to the door of the store. This gave him an opportunity to watch her asscheeks peeking out from the bottom of the shorts.

As he was checking things on the boat, he glanced into the store occasionally. Not seeing Nikki, he became a little concerned and was about to go check on her when she came out the door. The old grouch looked through the window and gave him a thumbs up. Nikki had a big smile on her face, and a very tiny orange mesh bikini top. Like her shorts, it struggled to contain the flesh within. He also noticed that she had rolled the waistband of her shorts down and the strings of the bikini bottom rode well above it on her hips.

“He was such a pushover,” she said as they got back in the truck. “He liked my ass when I bent over to get a candy bar, and told me I could do anything in the bathroom I wanted. Wonder if he wants to see all of my bikini?”

“While I’m sure he does, we don’t want to get him too excited. He may just have a heart attack as it is!” he laughed and pulled back onto the road.

Soon, they arrived at the lake, and they both got the boat ready to launch. When he started to back down the ramp, Nikki guided him expertly and stopped him at just the right point. Before he got out of the truck, she was nimbly climbing onto the trailer and into the boat, affording him another delightful view if her magnificent ass as she stepped from the trailer to the boat well.

“Once or twice?” she asked.

“Pardon me?’ he replied.

“Do you choke it once or twice before cranking?” she asked patiently.

“Once before and once after it starts,” he said, amazed that she actually knew how to start the boat’s big engine.

Checking to make sure everything was ready, he backed a little further down the ramp. By the time he stopped, Nikki had the engine cranked and was backing the boat off the trailer. Pulling out and parking, he smiled to himself, thinking, “Damn sexy and knows her way around a boat. You lucky dog!”

By the time he had locked the truck and walked to the end of the ramp, she had pulled the boat alongside and told him to jump in. Backing away from the dock easily, she handed him a life jacket while she donned hers, and relinquishing the steering wheel, took her seat beside him. Heading out into the lake, he pushed the boat quickly towards a secluded area, and looked at his passenger. She sat, leaning back, her eyes closed, seemingly enjoying the ride. Soon, he reached a favorite fishing spot and cut the engine. He busied himself getting rods out of the storage compartment, and began rigging them to fish.

For those unacquainted with a modern bass boat, they are usually 16 to 20+ feet in length and divided roughly into three sections. The front and rear sections have flat carpeted decks that are level with the top of the boat’s sides. The center third of the boat is lower and this is where the seats and steering console are located. It is usually twelve to sixteen inches lower than the decks.

Not expecting her to have any interest in fishing, he was quietly surprised when she moved beside him to watch as he prepared rods and lures. “What are you going to fish for?” she asked.

“Bass,” he replied simply, continuing his task.

“I’m not much of a bass fisherman. I really like to catch catfish though,” she said, getting up from the seat and stepping onto the rear platform of the boat.

“Be OK if I use this one?” she asked, picking up a rod and making a couple of false casts.

“Sure,” he replied. “Need any help with anything?”

“Nope. I learned to fish with a baitcaster when I was a little girl,” she said as she launched the lure expertly to manisa escort a likely spot. After two more casts, she caught the first fish of the day and squealed in delight.

“All right, Mister Fisher! You’ve got to catch up. In case you didn’t know it, I’m very competitive. You’re in a real fishing contest!” she said, laughing as she pulled in another bass. “One hour. Loser has to grant the winner three wishes!”

“I guess I can live with that,” he said, grinning and pulling in a small bass at the same time.

“OK, Mister. Game on!” Nikki said as she dropped her lure into another likely looking spot and caught another feisty fish. “Two to one,” she said triumphantly. After 30 minutes, she had caught four fish and he only had one. Try as he might, he could not entice any more bites and, when the hour was up, she squealed, jumping up and down. One of her nipples escaped its place and she caught him staring at her bouncing boob.

“Well, well. Look who’s come out to play,” she said, rolling the nipple between her thumb and finger. Looking into his eyes seductively, she asked, “Does it bother you if my nipple wants to say ‘Hello’?”

“Not at all,” he answered truthfully. “In fact, I rather like the idea. Does it have a twin?”

“Sure does,” she said, sliding up the bikini top and baring her chest for him to see, throwing her shoulders back so that her breasts stood out from her chest. “You like my twins?” she asked coyly.

Taking the inevitable leap, he said, “I’d like to get to know them better.”

“OK. That will be my first wish. Get back here and rub suntan lotion on me so I don’t get burned,” she said as she started wriggling her hips out of the skintight shorts. As he began to move to the back of the boat, she stood with her back to him and asked, “Tell me the truth. What do you think of my ass?”

“It’s fucking unbelievable. I have been in love with your ass since the first time I saw you. It’s perfectly round globes, both of them firm and toned, the way it stretches your jeans-it’s absolutely perfect. Like I told you in the truck, I could make love to it all day long,” he answered truthfully, still making his way towards her.

She bent slightly, poking her asscheeks towards him as he approached. The display caused him to draw in his breath. Now her cheeks were spread enough so that he could see the string of her bikini as it crossed her rosebud, and continued downward to her meaty cuntlips, even sliding between them, causing the outer lips to show on either side.

“Nikki, I must say that you possess the most desirable, sexy ass I have ever had the pleasure of looking at, string or no string,” he said sincerely. Each hemisphere of her ass was a perfect circle, tanned, succulent, and begging for a knowing man’s touch. Suddenly, he was aware that he was beginning to get a hardon.

She turned and was positively glowing at the compliment. “There you go saying those sweet things again. I swear I think you’re trying to seduce me!” she told him, and promptly wriggled her ass out of the thong bikini bottom.

When she lay down, she was level with his waist and turned to face his crotch. Coolly, she untied the string holding her bikini top on and slipped it from under her body.

“Now, I won’t get string lines,” she said, again looking lustfully at where his dick had begun to rise.

He was looking at the most desirable woman he had ever seen, naked or clothed. Her fit, tanned, and toned body was enough to turn him on, but her ass just begged for his attention. Taking the bottle of oil, he dribbled some onto her back near the center. Working upwards to her shoulders, he marveled at how smooth her skin was. Even more surprising, he could feel her muscles responding to his massage.

When he began to rub down the sides of her chest, she turned so that he could coat the outsides of her breasts, tempting him, but going no further. When he finished up top, she said lazily, “That feels heavenly. I hope you do as good a job on the lower half.”

Starting at the pool of oil left from earlier, he slid his hands down her back to the tops of her hips, rubbing the warm oil firmly. Now he picked up the bottle and squirted more liquid onto his palms, moving to her feet and working up each calf. Totally amazed at the muscles in her legs, he finally asked, “How in the world do you stay in such fabulous shape?”

“I work out with a personal trainer most days after work,” she replied simply.

“It’s none of my business, but does the diner pay you enough to afford a personal trainer?” he asked.

“Nope. I pay with sex, one day a week.” she answered, matter-of-factly. He was still unaccustomed to her frankness.

“He’s one lucky guy,” he said.

“Oh, it’s not always a guy. Sometimes it’s a girl. I’m an equal opportunity lover!” she quipped.

Having finished her calves, he was about to start oiling her thighs when she turned to look at him. Her gaze fixed on the tent in his shorts, and she menderes escort said sweetly, “Looks like I might have to pay for this fishing trip the same way!”

He straightened up, putting the tent very close to her face. Without a word, she slid her hand up the leg of his shorts and was delighted to find a satiny, smooth pouch holding his balls and cock. “That is so-o-o- sexy!” she exclaimed, cupping his balls and trying to see up the leg of his shorts.

“I’ve never felt a man’s balls in sexy underwear,” she said, rubbing them lazily. “Does that feel good to them?”

“Oh, yes. Very good,” he replied, as her massage caused his cock to attain its full stature.

“Damn, that’s a big dick!” she squealed, moving her hand to his shaft and stroking it. “And it feels so good. I can’t wait to see that monster put to use!”

“Are you sure about that?” he asked. “I’m an old man and you’re so young and pretty. I’m not sure I could keep up with you.”

“We’ll go real slow at first,” she said, smiling with half-closed eyelids. “Then we’ll see if you can take it. Let me get some sun first.”

He began rubbing oil onto her marvelous ass, taking time to rub into her crack and down to her pussy lips. His hands were drawn back to her ass and as he massaged each soft, yielding globe, he felt himself getting incredibly hard. He finally removed his hands and concentrated on her asshole and pussy. This elicited a groan, and he realized she was wet already.

“That feels so good,” she said. “Let me lie here for about an hour, then we’ll move this trip along.”

He returned to the front deck and tried to concentrate on fishing, with little success. No matter where he fished, Nikki and her extraordinary body came into view. She noticed him sneaking looks at her and decided to have some fun. She rolled onto her back and told him, “My front needs some oil on it. Can you help me?”

“I’ll try,” he said as he made his way from the front to the back of the boat. Her eyes remained open and, as he poured lotion onto his palms, she looked at him lustfully.

Taking his time, her started at her shoulders and massaged to her breasts quickly. Her nipples, slick with oil, escaped his palms, so he grabbed them with a thumb and forefinger, pulling them slightly, and eliciting an audible moan from Nikki. “You like that?” he asked, increasing the pressure on her now-erect nipples.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she drawled sexily, sliding her hips on her towel, and groaning aloud. “I can’t wait till you get to my pussy.”

He rubbed oil onto her stomach and slowly worked his way lower, watching her expression. When he got past her navel, she closed her eyes and moaned. Deciding to have a little fun, he stopped abruptly and moved to her feet, massaging oil between her toes and on the soles of her feet. As he slid his hands up her calves, she opened her eyes and looked at him, saying, “Having fun?”

“Why, yes. Why do you ask?” he answered smugly.

“You know why; I’m dying here and you’re toying with me! Rub my pussy now!”

“Just let me massage your thighs first,” he said as he slid his hands up the insides of her taut thighs, rubbing the muscles as he approached her pussy. Applying subtle pressure, he opened her legs slowly, and could hear her moist cuntlips separate. Looking at one of the most delectable pussies he had ever seen, he audibly drew in his breath. “Like what you see?” Nikki asked, looking down her body and catching his eye.

“Very much,” he replied as he moved his fingers toward her center. “I’m going to rub it, OK?”

“Time for my second wish!” she said.

“And just what that might be?” he asked, inching his fingers ever closer to Nikki’s dripping cunt.

“I want you to fingerfuck me to climax,” she replied, humping her hips, trying to capture his insistent fingers.

“Like this?” he asked, sliding two fingers deep into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she said, allowing him the freedom to explore her inner depths. “Move your dick where I can get hold of it.”

A slight adjustment put his crotch very near her face, and she quickly reached up the leg of his shorts and began massaging his cock again. “Will you take off your shorts for me? I want to see your sexy undies!”

“Why don’t you do it? My hand is occupied at the moment!” he quipped, beginning to curl his fingers towards her g-spot.

“Ummm, that feels good,” she murmured, as she unfastened his shorts and let them fall in the bottom of the boat. Looking at his cock stretching the fabric of his briefs, she drew in her breath and said, “Now that is one fabulous picture. A big, hard cock, stretching sexy underwear, just waiting for my lips!”

She massaged the shaft for a few strokes, then pulled his briefs down until his cock was hung in the elastic. Giggling like a schoolgirl, she finally freed the eight-inch monster, and held it reverently. Moving her mouth to the head, she licked it, tentatively at first, then with more confidence, until it was coated with saliva. Forming an “O” with her lips, she inserted his cockhead into her mouth and then clamped her lips behind his crown. Using her tongue again, she began to make love to his sensitive glans, sliding back and forth, swirling around it, and finally sucking for all she was worth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32